Friday, November 6, 2009


“Oh baby I love you, just ignore that other number on my cell phone…” Yep, you guessed it, Venus is moving into Scorpio to play in the land of triangles for a bit, you ready?

Saturday Venus heads into the deepest part of the pond, she is going to dive with her love ready right into the murky compulsions and obsessions, manipulations and secrets, dark tie-me-up, tie-me-down, I’m the one in control, this is the most powerful thing I have ever felt, Scorpio.
This is the kind of soul-moving or stalker-inciting energy you will find out there so when tempted, opt for the highest version of Scorpio: transformation. Or if you are determined to go all murky-murk then for goodness sakes be careful! Oh, and remember, play fair, Saturn is watching, meaning you may think you get away with it or even slide by with it temporarily but Saturn will balance the scales and he’s all about the golden rule right now. Translation: you won’t like the lesson up ahead if you’re underhanded now.

Venus also rules money so you can expect that the triangles are going to be in affect here as well, that how you share it and who controls it will be part of the process over the next few weeks.
Women are going to be a little bit more intense as well, what can I say boys, it is what it is!

Sunday Mercury is going to square Jupiter, not the worst kind of challenge but things going over the top a bit where communications and transportation are concerned, watch that you don’t promise the Moon (unless you can get me a big percent) and take care on the roads, accidents may escalate.


Saturday will bring a powerful woman onto the scene or put one into a triangle of sorts with you, look at love and sex, or loans, credit, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, joint finances, alimony, child support, settlements, a death, or divorce, as the catalyst for the intense emotions. If single you are opening to very deep connections with others now that may lead to love.

Sunday brings amazingly positive energy between partnerships and love, partners and children, representatives and creative projects, partners and creative projects, any combination of positive expression of your creative and loving nature with someone significant is going your way today. The talk or news about the sex, death, divorce, or major financial matter on the other hand is challenging. A friend or group is where this stretches you.


Saturday brings that intense and powerful energy around love and money into your partnership and representation zone. This means that the significant people here, such as romantic partners, business partners, agents, attorneys, or competitors, will be where the triangles around love or money will show up and where you can expect to experience the deepest connections as well. You may have a profound encounter now or have something change in an important way.

Sunday the creative juices are flowing at home and there is wonderful support for accomplishing a lot of work here or committing to a health matter. You can do something with the pets as well that looks both loving and serious. Talks with partners or representatives or about them will be challenging as you attempt to expand in the career arena or reach a goal, or deal with fame, reputation or father. Ideas are big, just don’t agree to something more than you can deliver on.


Saturday Venus is moving into your house of health, work and pets. This is going to help you to dig deep and to tackle connections that are important to change here. It may also bring in a woman who is in some way showing up as a third party or in a manipulative way. Attracting the major resources or the income you need from others is possible now towards the work you approach, the health or pets, and this is where intense love may find you as well.

Sunday opens up talks or news about something very positive filled with opportunity in a creative endeavor or with a lover or child. This is serious and has legs so share your feelings and be open to what comes your way. The talk or news about the work, health or pet is more challenging. Look at how travel, media, law, or education needs to stretch more or is over-the-top in connection with the work, health or pet matter.


Ha! They say Cancer’s are moody because of the fluctuation of your ruler, the Moon, through all the signs each month, but I say it’s partly because Scorpio rules your house of true love and creativity! On Saturday Venus moves into this part of your chart and you will be meeting up with a love that might just rock your world or find that the affair has a triangle somewhere in the picture. This is also a time when money becomes available for the creative venture or the children.

Sunday the energy is lovely and creative around making money or spending it on the home, property or mom. There is a serious opportunity in the mix here around the living situation and it stems from love. Talks about love and sex and triangles and happiness or creative projects and the big money and sharing are going way over the top today so watch what you promise (or believe).


Who’s that female on your home turf? Venus is moving into the home base today so you may have a woman moving in or out of the home, find that a love or money matter is now ready to be dealt with here, or that you are now able to attract what you need to build your foundations upon. Watch out for third parties and things gurgling beneath the surface. Property, renovations, remodels, decorating, businesses that work around beauty in the home or women’s needs, are all ready to proceed.

Sunday talks are serious but very beneficial if you can express your needs and look at any matters concerning body or image. A talk at home or news you get here about a partner, agent or attorney is challenging. Look at legal matters, ceremonies, education, media, or travel as the thing that goes over the top.


Saturday brings the love and money into the neighborhood, the routine is running smoother now, there is contact with women here and through communications that go more evenly. Writing projects and agreements are about the love or money and Scorpio energy is coloring all of this with a touch of control, power or third party interests playing out in what you are discussing. Siblings are good for introducing love your way or dealing with finances as well. Schedule your meetings if income or love is on your mind, you’ve got a powerful way with words now.

Sunday what you do behind the scenes can lead to income and this looks not only like a great opportunity but very solid and real. Let your creative side come out in this. The talk you have about the idea, writing project, with a brother or sister, or about a short trip or neighborhood matter will stretch you a bit. There is something you want to make bigger or that is too big now in the work, health or pets arena. Take care not to promise too much.


Saturday Venus moves into your income house and helps you to smooth things out by attracting an income making prospect or getting things to run a bit more seamlessly making money where you are at. Women are important now to earning but watch for third party interests and any issues of control or sharing here, you should be able to have it your way but don’t kid yourself that there isn’t something else going on as well. If you need to buy or sell a possession or come up for money for one, this energy should help you as well.

Sunday begins with lovely connections to friends, groups and any social activity you can engage in, since this is such early morning energy you may have had a great night out last night with friends. Look at ways to be creative and express love but still be modest with your investment, you can have a great time and potentially make a connection that is important long term for you through this friend. Talks later today about an income matter are challenging and involve something growing too fast or not big enough with a creative project, love relationship or child.


Oh, yeah, Saturday the goddess energy comes sailing into your sign and you should truly find that your needs are being met in areas of love or money. If not, this is the time to step up and out, let the world see you and hear what you need, you can attract a powerful amount of attention at this point and there is no time like the present to take advantage of it! Women will be central for you today and important over the next few weeks. If you get into a love affair now just be cautious until you are sure there is not a third party in the mix.

Sunday you should wake feeling your goals were met, this is wonderful energy around love and creativity here. There is a link to you solidifying something important behind the scenes or through some hidden agenda and this seems to have legs so work your magic. A talk later in the day that you initiate is a bit challenging and aimed at what is going on at home or perhaps a long trip there, or legal matters involved in property or a living situation. The energy is just a bit over the top but still under the protection of Jupiter.


Venus is moving into the mystical, private part of your chart on Saturday and will be going deep here to connect you through love or money to your spiritual, romantic or artistic nature. You can focus on love or money through fantasy or imagination, through retreat and time in private, research or dealing with institutions. Women are going to be focal in these arenas. Just watch for how power, control, major finances, sex, and third parties play into the love or monetary matters now, it will be easy to make as well as spend here now.

Sunday feelings are high as love and creativity is being expressed through travel, media, publishing, ceremonies, education, or legal matters. There is a positive opportunity for you to express this with friends, groups or to solidify an aspiration now. A talk about what has been going on behind the scenes or a conversation that occurs in private is a bit challenging about the huge amount of energy playing out in the routine or neighborhood today, with siblings or in the added communications or transportations. Jupiter is protecting so you will find a solution.


Saturday begins a transit that should please you as Venus enters into the friendship and group, networking and aspirations zone of your chart. This means a female friend may show up on the scene now or that women you network will be good for you. Social events and time with friends will go more smoothly and be more powerful. Look at love or money matters now playing out through this circle and watch for triangles in the mix, as well as sex and outside resources to contend with.

Sunday the energy is very powerful around all shared or outside financial resources, sex, intimacy, divorce, or death. There is very positive potential to solidify a goal or reach a career aim stemming from one of these arenas, the focus should be about coming from love, expressing creativity and getting serious or committing to something long term. You need to have a talk with a friend, group or associate today that may be challenging, either the income is not growing big enough or it has gone over the top in some way.


Saturday brings Venus into your career Midheaven where you will find that reaching love or money goals becomes easier. Career, ambition, reputation, fame, and anything going on with father are places that you can now attract love or money. Women are more important now to goals as well. If you need to spend on any of these aims, this placement should bode well for it. Keep an eye out for third party issues, power or financial matters and how this is controlled.

Sunday the energy is wonderful with partners, agents or attorneys and any serious work or commitment you want to do through travel, media, publishing, publicity, education, ceremonies, or legal channels. Express your love or creativity in this and go for it. A talk today about career, goals, father or reputation may stretch you a bit but there is a need of yours that should be addressed.


Venus is moving into your house of travel, media, publishing, publicity, higher education, and legal matters on Saturday. This is great news for smoother sailing around love and money matters in these arenas. This is a great time to get away for an intimate encounter or to work on getting your image out there. This transit enhances your allure in these areas so if you are trying to land something in the media this should help. Women are positive in media, travel, education and legal matters as well. Watch for third party involvement.

Sunday the flow is wonderful around getting work done related to a major financial matter or for taking a healthy approach to love and creativity through your intimate connection with another. Saturn is offering you a financial solution if you are willing to commit yourself in some way. A talk today about the trip, media matter or publicity, education, ceremony, or legal matter is challenging as you stretch yourself behind closed doors, in retreat, at a hospital, or in some fantasy or film outlet.


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