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(Or: Why Does it Feel Like Something’s Going to SNAP?!!)

Astrologers look at patterns, we seek combinations of energy in the course of a day, a year, a life, and we correlate this with our understanding of spiritual pursuit and growth, doing our best to give you insight into what surrounds or approaches. You could say we give the energy weather report.

There is a very big pattern hitting a closing square in the month of November, or I should say the beginning of the closing square since it will be a 3-parter, the next being February 1st, 2010 and the last on August 21st, 2010. The 2 energies involved at 90 degree angle to each other represent the energy of duty, responsibility, structure, leadership, loss, restriction, authority, or ambition, (Saturn), and major upheaval, change, death, transformation, the souls purpose, power, huge finances, oil, reproduction, triangles, obsession or sex, (Pluto). The ‘square’ means a challenge in some combination between them.

These 2 energies began a journey together back in November of 1982. This is when they sat at the same degree in Libra and set off at different speeds to embark on something in your life. For those of you who are too young to have experienced this new beginning, you can start to track this at the first square or opposition or you can also look at what was occurring for your parents at the earlier dates, there is something to the energy preparing your way as well.

At the beginning we were stepping out towards personal mastery and power from a very new, inexperienced point of view, we wanted to empower ourselves. It felt profound and looked like it would lead to position, rule our ambitions and test our powers. We were getting a handle on life and death around this time, new limits or responsibilities, and we were making decisions about what we wanted to become. Because the beginning took place in Libra, how we partnered would play a significant role on the journey, along with fairness, balance, justice, and how we dealt with competitors, enemies, agents, or attorneys.

In March of 1993, Saturn made its first square to Pluto. This was the first big test or obstacle to what you had worked hard towards, what you were trying to empower yourself through, and it was about deconstructing something involving a group or aspiration, power and how you shared it. Saturn was in Aquarius, a placement he is strong within, while Pluto was in his own sign, Scorpio, equally empowered. Major financial matters, reproduction, sexual connections, or issues of control may have come to a peak during this time as well while you tried to bring your vision and ideal into line with harsher realities.

In August of 2001 Saturn opposed Pluto. The opposition always entails something occurring between you and another person. There is a stand-off, something that differs between you, under this combination there would have been some loss, power issue or major upheaval, Saturn was in the sign of Gemini where the way you were thinking or communicating or an idea was being put through its rounds of mastery, ambition and limitations. Pluto was in the sign of Sagittarius where beliefs, religion, ceremonies, legal agreements or cases, long distance travel, foreign people or ideas, education, or media related matters were facing major upheavals or change. You may have broken off a relationship of import during this time as you were forced to look at how your ideas and ideals met up for the overview of your life or someone may have entered the picture to help you deconstruct it.

This month, on November 15th, Saturn will make its closing square to Pluto and the final major pattern between these two intensely important energies begins. Remember this comes in 3 segments so this is not wrapping up until August of 2010. Saturn is freshly into the sign of Libra and partnerships, marriages, open enemies, competitors, agents, attorneys, justice, fairness, and balance, while Pluto stands freshly in the sign of Capricorn and leadership, authority, ambition, the boss, responsibility, and limitations.

At this point on the journey, you get it. You see the pattern, you understand what it was that you were beginning back in 1982, what was challenged in 1993, what opposed you or broke away in 2001, and what is finally showing up as your last hurdle to mastery and power on this life’s journey, this part of it anyway! If you don’t get it, take the time right now to get clear on it, don’t just look for events, look at goals and aspirations, evolvement and the foundations you build upon in life, your relationships and how these are once again shifting.

If you can understand the entire picture for yourself you will be far ahead of the game as you go through this energy pattern.

So… This Sunday, November 15th, as Saturn and Pluto meet up on the same exact degree to square each other for the first of three connections to close, stop and look at what this means in your life, think about how these times thread something cohesive about you and your goals this time around and know that this closing square is really about understanding and making informed decisions through balance and leadership. If you are still trying to figure it out, ask yourself just who or what you are angry or in fear over right now, this should be a good starting point, then ask yourself what you are lacking that is making you feel this way. At the bottom of this article is a list to help you define the way this may play out for you.

ON THE WORLD STAGE: I want to outline America as an example to help you see the pattern, I am not interested in trying to take a political point of view here, just list events, I’m sure there are many more but this is briefly what comes to mind:

Because America is Cancer by sign, we see that this started with her 4th house/Libra as an issue of home and land, security and foundations, (funny how ‘home land security’ has become the moniker), based around fairness, balance, open enemies, partnerships, representatives, and the roots we would build upon back in Libra in 1982. This was in cardinal energy so it was active and about taking the lead. This was the moment that U.S. arms deals to Iraq reached an all time high and Reagan was in the opening years of his leadership with George Bush as Vice President. Who did you set off with then or what steps did you take to move your life forward in a new way so that you could meet who you would partner with? Who fell away from your life that represented roots or security then or who did you move away from? Was there something you were willing to barter to a powerful ally or enemy for a temporary sense of security or for an agenda?

At the first square in 1993 we found ourselves dealing with the first attack on American soil as the explosion from the car bomb at the World Trade Center occurred killing 5 and trapping tens of thousands in the building, ideals and power challenged, (this same month the 4 terrorists are tried and convicted of the bombing). This is in fixed energy so there is something unswerving about it (the beliefs of the perpetrators, the swift conclusion to the trial). This was also the time that illnesses from Desert Storm were coming to light rather intensely from our service men and women. What were the first cracks in the fabric that were showing up in your quest? Who tried to get inside your foundations and rock the structure at this time? What part of your belief system took a hit? What did you change?

At the opposition of 2001 we had preparation and follow through in the severe attacks on American shores as the house of hidden enemies was opposed by the sign of religious beliefs in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. This was in mutable energy so there were two distinct sides, perhaps some deception or the issue of truthfulness involved between you and another. What came out of nowhere and completely brought the towers down in your world? What did you get sure of in the center as the chaos or fear swirled around you? What could no longer be hidden?

We can expect this month to show us the opening gambit of where we have come in this journey as once again, Saturn finds himself back in Libra, the sign of balance and partnership, open enemies and fairness, with Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of leadership and ambition. For America this means land, security, properties, or home challenged by partners, allies, enemies, or representatives. Will Obama find Osama? Will the terrorists attempt another attack? Will matters escalate or will there be a pulling out and back? Watch leadership on both sides as presidents and kings are pivotal now. What changes around oil and banks, land and the leaders, the solids involved? We are back in cardinal energy again so it will be event or action oriented, taking the lead forward.

Due to the slow moving nature of these bodies, as with the other events you can expect to give a leeway of a few weeks on either side of November 15th. It is my hope that this journey has enlightened both sides and that this closing square will be about bringing the ordeal to a close through transformation and soul progression rather than destruction. We shall see.

When you read for your sign and Rising sign this month, pay special attention to the choices you make at this all important square, you have had an amazing 27 year journey here between these strong, challenging, powerful planetary energies and you have made it to where you are by meeting each challenge and allowing it to transform you. If you think about what stands out in your life at these junctures you will see that they are markers of change and mastery in your life. The choices of this fall or the way you choose to react to events occurring lead you forward over the next 10 years of close to this chapter before the next empowerment cycle begins in all new ways in 2020.

THIS IS THE FINAL TURNING POINT for you in redefining how and why you partner to empower, who leads, what is fear based, what ambition is soul-driven and how you define that, where soul growth comes from in close proximity to another, and the point of the ENTIRE journey has been to transform the way you saw this since 1982 to now. Whatever comes up for you at this square is about how far you have come on this road and what you are willing to do now to bring it home. Or in the words of Saturn and Pluto, how much WORK are you willing to do to CHANGE it? Here is how the energy plays out for you, read for your sign and your rising sign:

SATURN= Restriction, loss, responsibility, leadership, ambitions, work, effort, time

PLUTO=Destruction, power, major finances, sex, triangles, death, transformation, change



SATURN-Partners, enemies, agents, attorneys, balance, justice, fairness

PLUTO- Career, reputation, fame, goals, ambition, father, leadership


SATURN-Work, co-workers, people you hire to work for you, health, pets, service

PLUTO-Travel, people at a distance, foreign ideas, import/export, education (teaching or taking a class), media, publishing, publicity, politics, beliefs, ceremonies, legal matters


SATURN-Lovers, children, creative projects, recreation, speculation

PLUTO-Loans, settlements, debt, credit, inheritance, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, royalties, bankruptcy, sex, intimacy, divorce, or death


SATURN-Home, property, living situation, real estate, foundations, security, mom

PLUTO-Partners, enemies, agents, attorneys,

SATURN-Communications, writing projects, neighborhood, siblings, short trips

PLUTO-work, co-workers, people you hire to work for you, health, pets, service

SATURN-Income, possessions, values

PLUTO-True love, affairs, lovers, children, creative projects, recreation, speculation

SATURN-you, your body, image, identity, ego needs

PLUTO-home, living situation, property, real estate, security, mom

SATURN-hidden agendas, self-sabotaging, research, investigations, imagination, fantasy, hospitals, prisons, film, spirituality, secrets

PLUTO-communications, neighborhood, short trips, writing projects, agreements, siblings

SATURN-Friends, social functions, group affiliations, networking, aspirations

PLUTO-Income, possessions, values

SATURN-Career, reputation, fame, father, goals, ambitions, leadership

PLUTO-you, your body, ego, image, identity

SATURN-Travel, foreign ideas, import/export, people at a distance, education (teaching or taking a class), media, publishing, publicity, politics, beliefs, law

PLUTO- hidden agendas, self-sabotaging, research, investigations, imagination, fantasy, hospitals, prisons, film, spirituality, secrets

SATURN-loans, debt, credit, settlements, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, joint finances, sex, intimacy, reproduction, divorce, death

PLUTO-Friends, social functions, group affiliations, networking, aspirations

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