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Love, love, love! Or money ;)~ Venus is active this week so get ready to tango.

Monday the Moon is squaring Venus, connecting to Jupiter and then Venus is squaring Jupiter! So what you want it big and there is a challenge before you in getting it. But when Jupiter is in the mix there is a lot of luck available when you come from your truth so don’t be diverted.

Tuesday is more about what you believe in and how you wish to get your ideas out there. There is a serious note to this in so far as there will be positive rewards for effort extended in this direction but you must make a bit of an adjustment around who you are partnering with or who is representing you, or possibly in how you are dealing with a competitor. Be proactive.

Wednesday Venus is meeting up with Uranus, one of my favorite energy combos because it is electrical, innovative, sudden, and surprising. This is a positive angle here so you may meet someone interesting or magnetic, there can be changes of heart or finances that send you off in a very good direction or you could download some rather ingenious, original masterpiece!

Run, turkey, run! Thursday is Happy Thanksgiving Day and an interesting energy configuration indeed. The goddesses are meeting in positive angle, that is the Moon and Venus are getting together to dream up something powerful, so emotions and love are in a wonderful, deeply connected flow. From this the Moon slips into Void and will stay there until 10:10 pm eastern time. So the day rides on this energy but becomes more internal as you look around at the love and how it is shared in your world. Mercury and Mars have a conversation about doing something and this is really positive as well but realize that not much will come from it unless you initiate a second conversation another day. Think of this as clearing the air. Venus squares Neptune within the void as well which is just a bit of sadness or confusion about how things have shifted or it may be romantic or artistic energy that is just a bit challenging. Once again, the connection is about making you more clear about where you are along the road than to really move anything anywhere. After 10:10pm the emotional energy revs up and you are ready to go out and express your passions.

Friday in the wee hours (so possibly late Thursday night) feelings get amped up in a very intense way. This is Mars emotions meeting up with Pluto and Saturn so watch the passions and the anger levels. Keep goals and significant relationships in perspective. Upon waking or sometime around 8:30 am eastern time the Lights trine so heart and body are one throughout the day as you put yourself first energetically pursuing your higher mind and expansion.


Monday is about a love or money matter with a friend, group or how you network. Look closely at the dream you are working forward here and stretch yourself just a bit more as you reach for your personal aspirations within this circle.

Tuesday puts you in the spotlight through media, travel, education, politics, or law. It is a day with potential opportunity for you in one or more of these realms if you can come to an agreement with a partner, agent, competitor, or attorney. The odds are good if you reach out and are willing to make a bit of an internal adjustment.

Wednesday your ruler is pushing at issues related to love, children and creativity. You want to do something here to get things moving and the only thing really limiting this is your own internal loop. If you feel a bit run down or in need of some rest take it but don’t leave the object of your desire completely outside. Venus is meeting Uranus in what could be a very passionate encounter for you behind closed doors. If not, bring this inspirational energy to your financial issues, look for fresh, original ways to pull in outside resources or deal with debt. Women play a favorable role.

Thursday your feelings are very deep and a bit mystical or spiritual in nature as you connect to your most intimate and powerful companions. A talk about media, travel, legal matters, or education will be about making something happen creatively or with a loved one. This is very positive energy so expect the talk to go well, just don’t count on the action promised just yet, this is about identifying it so that you can build upon it. Look at how you are sharing your love or money with a friend, networking or with a group. There is some challenge here that needs to be processed as well. The evening belongs to you as the Moon moves into our sign.

Friday or late Thursday night emotions are intense regarding goals, career, partners, competitors, and representatives. Dreams will reflect just how you are dealing with all of the significant changes occurring here. The Lights are beautifully aligned today to help you finesse the media, travel, educational, or legal matters with you center stage.


Monday Venus is asking that you take her seriously by stretching towards the love or financial goal you have set before you. A partner, agent, attorney, or opponent figures into this in a big way. If an obstacle appears remain true to your beliefs and don’t give up.

Tuesday you are center stage regarding a major financial matter, sex or intimacy or a divorce or death. There is very positive reinforcement through dedicating yourself to the work at hand in the matter, hiring someone who is an authority in the matter, or in putting in time and effort towards health or pets. Friends and your social circle are important as well today, reach out where media, travel, education, or law are involved.

Wednesday your aspirations are being brought to bear as you talk about the finances needed or going out and then try to do something at home or with the property. Venus and Uranus mix it up so expect some excitement or nice changes involving parties, friends, networking, groups, or in pursuing your aspirations. You could meet a partner or find monetary rewards from a significant contact in this.

Thursday social activities are under positive stars, spend time with friends, enjoy your partner or significant relationships. Intimate talks at home lead to passion. Discuss the money matter as well if you feel the need, just know that talk and action don’t have the right emotions behind them just yet even though it should be positive. Your ruler is meeting up with Neptune as well so love and money comes into some fog or dreamy vibes that challenge the partnership a bit.

Friday or late Thursday night emotions are intense to say the least. This is going to be about a need to retreat and have some internal time up against the travel or need to expand in some other arena. Work and health responsibilities are coming to bear in this as well. You should pay attention to the dreams you had upon waking to see how you are dealing with this. The Lights move into alignment helping you to take the lead in intimate matters, the divorce, the death, or the major financial issue.


Monday Venus is asking that you look at the love or money matter at work, in the work you do, with co-workers or people you hire to work for you, with health or with pets. Whichever the focus for you, a love or money issue here is challenging you to stretch yourself in the media, through travel, with people at a distance, legally, in educational outlets, or through publicity. Think big.

Tuesday who you are in the partnership with is key. How are you being defined by this relationship? There is real potential for solid, committed efforts from you in this arrangement to move forward creatively, in love, or with children. What do you want from it? Make your move by agreeing or putting in the work. How you feel about career or goals is being tested by the situation and you have to work on that.

Wednesday thoughts are on career or goals, reputation or fame, once again. You can talk it out or just spend the time trying to figure it out and come to a decision regarding the partner, competitor, agent or attorney. Venus is meeting Uranus for some sparks flying and innovative breakthroughs on the career front. Women figure positively in this and the work you do, the way you are approaching health, both lead to goals being met in new ways.

Thursday is dreamy, mystical, spiritual, romantic, or artistic for you, pick one or embrace it all. The connection to Venus here means that you can positively approach the work you do towards any of these goals from love. The all day Void helps you internalize your sense of service to others in a special way. Talks with partners about something you would like to do or a passion you want to act upon go well but need some time to process as well. You may be feeling a bit disillusioned about someone at a distance tonight or the thing you believed in and how that is progressing, challenge yourself to find the love in the midst of this.

Friday or late Thursday night feelings are going to be intense. This is going to focus on a friend, social situation or aspiration of yours and how you feel things are going through big changes financially, intimately or how things are shared. Serious energy is around the creative outlet and the loved ones in this. Listen to the dreams you have upon waking as they will have helped you to work through this on some level. The Lights align for the day so that you can shine in partnering with others and connect in positive ways socially.


Monday brings up the most deeply connected energy out there for review. Look at how you are feeling either intimately or over finances and how you can challenge yourself to find solutions by stretching out in these arenas. It will be based on a creative project, lover or child and luck is with those who are willing to believe in themselves today.

Tuesday offers you something real and solid by way of home, living situation, property, family, or mom. You need to do the work, tackle the health issue or deal with what is going on with the pet to see the results you want, don’t be afraid to commit time and effort. The rest of the day focuses on your feelings about a trip, media or publicity matter, teaching or class you want to take, or a legal issue. Powerful partners, agents or attorneys benefit you in this.

Wednesday you need to talk about the work involved and then take action to make some money, possibly decide to commit some of your earnings towards the trip, media, legal, or educational matter. Venus and Uranus are meeting in a way that will bring love and money through creative ventures and media, travel, education or law. You could meet a new love interest today while engaged in any of these arenas and nice surprises await as you expand your vision. Women are favorable to these ventures.

Thursday your feelings are all wrapped up in the nice media, travel, educational, or legal matter at hand. You are in a good position with loved ones here as well as with monetary issues around the creative output. The day unwinds over these feelings as you internalize what is happening. If you have traveled to be with loved ones expect the best. A talk about work and going after income or a talk about spending money on health or pets goes well, just realize the emotions are not caught up to this yet and you will need to allow that to occur up ahead. Neptune is creating a bit of confusion or disillusionment over intimacy or debt later on tonight so don’t push it.

Friday or late Thursday night feelings intensify over career, goals and reputation. There is a challenge here you feel regarding a partner, opponent, agent, or attorney. Responsibilities at home or with family are also feeling a bit like a hindrance. Look at how you have worked through this in dreams upon waking to get clues about where you are in the whole process. The Lights align to help you shine in the work you do and in your health as you reach for your goals and stand out on the career front.


Monday is all about how you feel about a partner, (business or romantic), an agent, attorney, or an enemy. You are going to want to stretch yourself some way in your living situation, or with home or property. Look at how love and money are playing into this and don’t be afraid to be true to your personal beliefs as you face any challenge here.

Tuesday a talk with a lover, child or regarding a creative endeavor is set to go very well. There are long term results possible from what is agreed to today, take the lead and commit to the time or work before you. Emotions will focus on intimate connections, reproduction, divorce, death, or major financial matters for the rest of the day. This is going to help you to make the positive change at work or with health.

Wednesday talks with lovers, children or about creative outlets continue as you get your head around the powerful feelings. Mars is going to stimulate you to act on deep energy today and it may push you to stretch again just a bit. Venus and Uranus are aligning for some really interesting events tied to home, living situation, property, and the major finances, sex, intimacy or divorce going on in relationship to this. Exciting insights, new approaches, surprises and change all benefit the love and money in the picture.

Thursday you are emoting from the deepest place once again and this is positively tied to the love and money at home. The connections throughout the day should be profound and love engaged as you internalize how these significant others paint your world. A talk about love or money should help you to express your passions physically, you may come in contact with children or get involved in something creative, all positive. Something lingering about a partner or representative is a bit disillusioning but within the void so up for internal processing.

Friday or late Thursday night emotions are intense around a certain belief system you have, a ceremony, trip, person at a distance, educational matter, media venture, or legal issue. Big changes in work or health and serious talks or limiting written agreements play into the feelings. Look at the dreams you had upon waking for clues to how you are processing this big shift. The Lights align in harmony for the day putting you in the spotlight in a creative venture, with a lover, a child, or doing something recreational, enjoy!


Is it ever anything other than work and health for you dear Virgo?! Monday is a big day for these arenas with feelings intently on how to expand here. You can look at media, travel, import/export, education, or legal ways to make this happen. Luck is with those who stretch themselves and those who are willing to talk about the love or money. Communications with women are important now.

Tuesday puts you in the home or property you need to make some serious money or to commit money to what you are working towards in a stable manner. Emotions are aimed at the partnership, representative or competitor and how you can make positive changes in creative areas with them or through love or children.

Wednesday may bring up challenges with this significant person and what you are expressing about the home or property. Communicate with the idea that you are going to overcome the obstacle here. You may have to take action behind closed doors to deal with it or through research, fantasy, or institutions. Venus and Uranus meet for pretty amazing breakthrough communications and meetings with partners, agents or attorneys. Expect nice surprises and innovative approaches to work.

Thursday the energy is sublimely around your partnership and lovely talks and local activities that revolve around love. If not in a partnership, this energy helps you to process the love through siblings, neighbors, and what you choose to do around the local arena in positive ways. Talks about home, mom, family or property lead to positive action behind closed doors. Passions may be expressed at home. You may feel a bit confused about a work, health or pet matter or just that you wish you could be communicating about it more today but this is within the void of the Moon so processing the artistic energy is more important.

Friday or late Thursday night emotions are going to be very deep or intense. This is about changes or upheavals creatively or with lovers or children. It is also about responsibilities or limitations around making or spending money. How you share is what needs to be looked at if you are to continue to transform the situation. Notice what the dreams were about upon waking for clues about what is developing here. The Lights align harmoniously for the day putting you in the spotlight at home, with family, with property or land issues, or with mom or mother figures.


Monday is all about feelings of love, for a lover, a child, or how you feel about a creative project. Things are big here or you are in the mood to stretch out in these arenas in a big way. Making money or spending your earnings is the challenge and women should play an important role in your efforts to move it forward.

Tuesday the focus is on a serious talk you have, an agreement you make or sign, or something that you have written. There is solid potential here for you to take on more responsibility and lead yourself forward with long term rewards. You may also find this energy connects you to a sibling today or puts you into the neighborhood or on a short trip that is important and serious for you, all good. Work, health or pets take over emotional focus later as you make changes at home or with property to adjust.

Wednesday a talk about work, health or pets challenges and you may take action through networking, a friend, group affiliation, or social event to deal with it. Some may have to make work, health or pet adjustments to attend the social function or meet up with the friend. Venus and Uranus are aligning for some interesting and inspiring energy between income and work, health and pets. Be open to new ideas and meeting interesting people while out in one of these capacities.

Thursday is good vibe time as you feel content around the service you are doing for others or the work you have accomplished or are accomplishing. Health is good and there is a direct link to positive income matters, so making or spending the green today is positive, especially as a show of love. The energy takes hold throughout the void so internalizing how it feels to express love through service is key. A talk leads to doing something with a friend and this is positive although feelings are once again internalized here. You may need to deal with feelings about lovers, children or creative ventures and any energy you are giving to income here as part of the days process.

Friday or late Thursday night emotions are going to be very intense. This is about how you feel about a partner, agent, opponent, or attorney and what is going on at home, with family, property or your security needs. Balancing responsibilities and looking at how you feel limited by this person or the lack of this person in your life is part of it. The energy plays out in dreams so pay attention to what you dreamt upon waking for clues. The Lights align in such a way that you can confidently approach talks, meetings, decisions, or agreements with partners, agents or attorneys knowing your needs are going to be heard and addressed.


Monday is about loving yourself and looking at how you spend on yourself or make money in accord with loving yourself. Sounds a bit complicated but it is really about understanding this so you can continue to stretch yourself in lucky ways at home, with property, land, living situations, moves, buying or selling real estate, or dealing with building solid foundations that allow for expansion. Step up to any challenges that arise here today.

Tuesday puts you in the spotlight to earn or spend on anything that is serious and committed going on behind the scenes, through hospitals or other institutions, film or fantasy work, spiritual or psychic work, research or investigations, or time in retreat. Emotions are with the creative project, lover, or child today as you make positive changes through powerful communications or written projects, short trips or neighborhood connections, siblings or routine.

Wednesday the energy is full on in the creative arena, or through recreation, love, or children. Talk about the money, take action towards your goals and expect something very inspiring, original, new, exciting, or surprising to express itself in one or more of these arenas. If you are single you could meet someone very unlike your type but who has much to show you that stimulates. If you are looking for money for the venture, unconventional sources are aligned to help.

Thursday the day unfolds over the positive love and monetary flow that is affecting your sign. This is about entering the Moon void with an internalization about how love and creativity are an important part of who you are and who you are becoming. Talks about income lead to action on the career front or towards important goals, this is positive but you will have to wait for emotions to catch up later. A home or property matter, mom or family issue is up for processing within the void as well, confusion or feeling a bit disillusioned may be part of this effort.

Friday or late Thursday night emotions will be intense around a work, health or pet issue. You are going to be undergoing a powerful change in how you are thinking about this or in a communication about it. You may feel limited or somehow burdened by responsibilities to hospitals, or something that is going on behind the scenes. Look at what your dreams were upon waking as this energy will work itself through your imagery for clues. The Lights align between work, health, pets, and making or spending money today in a very positive way so put yourself into the middle of the monetary stream.


Monday is going to make talks, meetings, decisions, and agreements about artistry, spirituality or romance. You want to expand in something in a big way here and talking it out with women, or communicating about the love or money here will be a challenge but one that has luck on it’s side.

Tuesday the connection between you and a friend or group is very solid and important. There is positive work and real opportunity for long term results between you and them in what is aligned with you as a central figure. Feelings about home, living situations, property, or family come to the fore today as you make some powerful changes in income, whether that is making or spending money.

Wednesday feelings about home and property continue to be at the top of your mind and it is a good thing to push yourself to talk about your needs regardless how challenging this may feel. You will want to take a trip, embark on something media related, take or teach a class, or tackle the legal aspects involved but you are going to need to find ways to handle the property along with this. Venus and Uranus align so expect sparks that please at home behind closed doors. This could be a tryst with a lover at home or something dealing with money or women and the property matter. Be open to new things.

Thursday brings positive feelings at home with a woman, love or money behind closed doors. It is an internalizing energy so you will be processing the feeling of stability or need to express love or you will be focusing on the money involved with the home or property matter, family or mom. A talk or decision you make leads to a trip, media venture, legal action, or educational pursuit, this is positive but you will have to wait for emotions to form around it later. Venus/Neptune may cloud matters in one communication or bit of news you hear later today, once again, its about the internal processing of where you have come in loving yourself.

Friday or late Thursday night feelings are going to be intense and focus on creative projects and the big changes you want to see in income, or on a love or child matter and the money being made or spent around this. Limitations in social activities or responsibilities to groups play into the action as well. Pay attention to your dreams upon waking as this energy will be worked out through the night and give you some idea about what you need. The Lights align positively for the day between you and a creative venture, lover or child, enjoy!


Monday puts the energy spotlight on a group, friendship, network, or social activity and ways to expand your income base. You may be stretching to earn or spend in an effort to be successful monetarily or through love. Women play an important role and there is a challenge that if met will push you further along towards a lucky outcome.

Tuesday you are in the spotlight in the position of strategic researcher or dreamer, working behind the scenes on something is what can lead to real solid results on the career front. Put goals out there and don’t be afraid to commit. Talks and decisions are important today as you make positive, major changes concerning your own needs and the responsibilities you are willing to take on in the career arena.

Wednesday continue to talk or meet about what you are dreaming up behind closed doors. Research is challenging but necessary at the moment. You are going to want to do something about the debt or loan today or any other form of financial prospect that is outside of earnings. Some of you are going to have a conversation or make a decision to pursue your passionate desires today and that is ok but there is something not quite aligned just yet, you may not get exactly what you want. Venus and Uranus are bringing nice surprises for you in talks with friends, group connections and invitations to parties or other social activities. Say yes.

Thursday is a great day for socializing and friendship. Women are important in this and there is going to be an all day internalization of the feelings you have over a conversation or agreement you are working on with this person. A talk that you have in secret later in the day about a passion of yours or a financial matter is under positive stars as well but the emotions are not at all in the mix yet so tread carefully. You may have a bit of a confused energy around the monetary matter and the friend later or there could be some deception involved around this, so not the day to sign with them.

Friday or late Thursday night emotions are intense. This is going to focus on home, property, living situations, family, or mom. You are going to be in the position of transforming your own needs in relation to this and looking at how any responsibilities or limitations on the career front are playing into the scenario. Look at your dreams upon waking as this energy has worked itself through the night, it will help you figure out what you really want. The Lights align to help you make progress on the home or property matter through efforts done behind closed doors.


Monday is really about pushing you to stretch yourself towards a love or money goal. Career is important today and you could really reach a goal if you are willing to step up and believe in yourself. Women are significant to this.

Tuesday allows you to solidify or commit to a travel, media, legal, or educational matter with a friends, a group or for a social event. This is an opportunity to make a solid move forward so step up. Feelings about income take over the rest of the day as you make some big changes behind the scenes, at a hospital, through research, or in a fantasy or artistic endeavor.

Wednesday focus on the income again and talk with the friend or group about what you need. You are going to need to do something where the partner, agent or attorney is concerned and this is going to motivate you. Venus and Uranus align for amazing flow between career and income. Look for exciting opportunities or unusual ways to go about pursuing your money, spending on innovative goals or unusual love interests.

Thursday the entire day is in positive flow around the income and career energy. This is a day of internalizing the love and processing just what you are doing with your greatest ambitions. A talk or meeting with a friend or group today leads to positive action with a partner, attorney or agent. You will have to wait for emotions around this to take shape later on. You may feel a bit confused over how your image or identity is going to play out romantically, artistically or spiritually and need to focus on who you are in the quest for love or money.

Friday or late Thursday night emotions are going to be intense. This is about a talk or idea that comes up passionately and some kind of big change occurring in retreat or with a hospital or other institution, film or fantasy work, research or investigation, hidden enemy or agenda. Responsibilities or limitations in the arenas of travel, media, education, or law play a part as well. Look at your dreams upon waking for clues to how you are processing all of this for yourself. The Lights align in positive formation for the day to help you connect with friends, groups and to pursue your aspirations.


Monday is about a love or money matter tied to media, travel, education, or law. You are going to want to stretch yourself in some strategic way here, working behind closed doors, researching or applying your imagination. You may need to retreat or deal with a hospital or other institution in this. Whatever the internal process there is luck in reaching your goal if you come from your truth. Women are important in the mix.

Tuesday your goal can be achieved or a career marker met by committing to or investing work or effort in a big financial matter such as a loan, taxes, insurance, bankruptcy, inheritance, or joint finances. For some of you the goal is reached by the commitment of an older individual who you are intimate with. More major transformations are underway with friendships and aspirations, these are all good.

\Wednesday is about focusing emotions on yourself and your needs. Talk or meet about your career or goals as part of this process even if it is challenging. You will want to tackle work at hand, your health and matters concerning the pets along side of taking care of yourself. Venus and Uranus are aligning to spark positive energy around travel, media, education, ceremonies, politics, and legal matters. Expect the unexpected, to the extent that there may be a proposal or two out there for some of you under this influence.

Thursday the feeling of the day is gorgeous as you sit with and internalize the love or money around the media, travel, legal, ceremonial, or educational matter. The day unfolds around this so you can go within and move with it. Talks about goals or career lead to action in work or with health. Just take it in stride until emotions can form around what is being promised. You may feel as though there is something confusing or being hidden from you still around the love or money but this is going to clear up ahead.

Friday or late Thursday night emotions are going to be intense regarding income. You are going to feel powerful challenges where aspirations or friendships are concerned and somehow the limitations or responsibilities with the finances or intimate connection play into this. Look at your dreams upon waking for clues to where you are in the process as this energy works itself through the night. The Lights align beautifully between income and career or goals for the day, putting you in the spotlight towards putting yourself out there.


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