Friday, November 20, 2009



The report is good kids, it looks like the weekend should be a bit more upbeat.

The Sun is going to change signs late evening eastern time around 11:22 pm which means the day is filled with the last critical degree energy of Sun in Scorpio. So expect that any of the triangle issues you have going in romance, business, home or friendships will be hitting its peak today as you work out who’s on top.

The Moon is ambitious until 10:11pm and making wonderful aspects so you can expect to feel like pursuing goals and finding some interesting and innovative opportunities to do so.

Once the Sun and Moon change signs the feel pivots completely. The west coast will probably get to enjoy this a bit more since you can expect that after 8:22pm you are going to want an adventure and feel like embarking upon it with friends. East coast you will have to hook up with the buds after 11:22pm or just expect that this is when the fun begins. It’s a great night for hanging with like-minded folk, debating spiritual and political ideals, expanding ones’ mind and sharing new exciting ideas.

Sunday the energy continues on a supportive flow, yay! Moon and Saturn align for partnering support for our aspirations and serious results from endeavors embarked upon with friends or groups. Moon meets Mercury in the sign of the Sage and all bets are off! It is a brilliant energy around talks and meetings, agreements and ideas in media, publishing, publicity, philosophy, politics, travel, education, and law. Opportunity abounds for those who reach out to their friends.


Focus all of your ambitions for Saturday before the evening moves in. You will have unusual champions and inspiration streaming from behind closed doors as opportunity avails itself. It is ALL about the big financial matter, the sex/intimacy issues/connections or the divorce today as you wrap up the goal or break through the triangle. Once the Lights change signs tonight you are ready to be social, connect with friends and embrace your place in the spotlight, whether that comes through media, teaching or taking a class, publicity, travel, or in a legal matter.

Sunday there is not a lot you can’t accomplish if you enlist your confidants. Reach out to friends, groups, associates, do your networking, attend events or parties, it’s all good. You can expect to find support for aspirations through representatives or partners today and talks or agreements will be about the knowledge or experience of expanding your horizons through media, travel, education, or legal channels.


Make the bulk of your day Saturday about the desire to expand your world in some higher way, be it through travel, media, beliefs, politics, education, or legal channels. There is great opportunity within your social circle so follow up on anything a friend sends your way today. If you need to meet with a business partner, agent or attorney over one of these things, it’s a go. Trips with romantic partners are destined to please. Once the Lights change signs tonight you find yourself in the adventures of intimacy and a spotlight on your financial savvy.

Sunday set a few goals and then expect to open a door or two. There is wonderful support from the universe if you put in the work, make the effort, deal with the chores, get serious about the health, or structure something with the pets. You need to talk about the loan, debt, credit, taxes, insurance, settlement, alimony, child support, royalties, inheritance, bankruptcy, or any other jointly held or outside resource you have. Your goal is in sight if you open up and make some decisions today. Any issues with intimacy, sex, reproduction, or divorce are under these positive influences as well once communicated.


Do your best to pick either your financial state of affairs or your intimate connections to focus on this Saturday. There is very intense energy at work under positive stars so figuring out how to deal with the loans or debt, the joint finances or settlements, the alimony or bankruptcy, any kind of monetary issues besides the paycheck can be addressed today with good result if you are open to some new ideas on the career front or get innovative with your goals. If you decide to focus on intimate connections, sexual issues or divorce, the same goes, be open to new ideas or approaches. The triangle at work, with pets or around a health issue is peaking today. Once the Lights shift tonight you are front and center in a partnership or with representatives, shine on.

Sunday the focus is going to be on your desires around a media venture, travel plans, an educational issue, or legal agenda. There is great promise here if you get serious about the creativity or if you commit time and effort to love, children or lovers. Talks, meetings, agreements or decisions with partners, agents, competitors, or attorneys are under positive stars regarding the media, travel, educational, or legal matter so once again, be open and speak your beliefs.


You should focus your energy on the partnership, agent, attorney, or competitor for the most part on Saturday. The energy is extremely supportive of you in this if you are open to some new ideas or unusual opportunities in media, travel, education, or legally with them. The contract may be a bit out there but it seems to be beneficial. Your creativity or connection to a lover or child is peaking today with the partner or representative, this is your last day in the spotlight dealing with a triangle here of some sort. Since the energy is so favorable you should expect good forward movement. Once the Lights change signs tonight the energy shifts considerably to focus on work, health or pets and a desire to make changes financially or connect to something powerful.

Sunday the energy is all about tackling the finances at home or regarding property. You can set up structure around the way you are attracting outside resources to you at home or make a big push towards buying or selling property, moving, or in some way shifting the living situation in a favorable way. It’s a great day to share passions at home as well. Talks about work, health or pets have opportunity around them, especially where the big money is concerned so say what you have been thinking, make a decision or sign the agreement.


Can there be a day of opportunity around routine, why yes there can. Saturday you should focus on the chores, work before you, co-workers, people you hire to work for you, any health matters, and pets. There is opportunity in them thar hills if you take a unique approach. You can expect that something surprising or new is available tied to one or more of these arenas by way of finances, divorce or intimacy. So, say you want the pet in the divorce, need to settle a payment at the gym, need a loan to get something for work, go for it today. This is the last day putting you in the spotlight at home, with property matters, living situations, or mom and the triangle peaks, expect good things. Once the Lights change signs tonight it is going to be all about the love, the lovers, the children or the creative project and fun.

Sunday the emotional needs are on partners, agents, competitors, or attorneys. You can make some serious strides today in agreements, talks, meetings, or decision making. You need to be committed, take the lead in the communication and discuss ambitions or goals. There is also a lovely aspect connecting talks about love, children, recreation, or creative endeavors with your partner or representative. This is one of those days that a proposal or the idea of marriage may find you.


Saturday is full focus on the creative endeavor, the lover or the child. It is all about some truly interesting or unusual energy from partners, agents or attorneys in the mix here that bring you opportunity so go with the flow or be a bit experimental. This is the last day putting you in the spotlight in communications, as the writer, decision maker, idea man/woman, in the local scene through short trips or neighborhood activities, or in connection to siblings. The triangle that is involved peaks around you under positive influences so speak your mind, make your decision or sign the agreement over the creative project, lover or child. Once the Lights change signs tonight the focus is on home or property and what you can achieve in your space. You may feel like tackling the work before you there or doing something health related or with pets.

Sunday the focus is on your work ethic, you are going to be task oriented today and with really good results for your income. The efforts you make today go a long slow and steady way towards earnings. If you need to spend on the gym or diet plan or anything else health related it is as well favored. Talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions about home, living situations, land, property matters, or mom are due to move your forward in a positive manner.


Saturday the home, living situation or family connections are what it is all about. You are going to see some interesting, surprising or unusual energy at play here around work, workers, health, or pets. It’s a day to go with the changes or surprises and be willing to step outside the box a bit for best results. This is the last day putting you in the spotlight around income as this peaks for you at home, with family, mom or mother figure, or with a property matter. Whatever the triangle involved the energy today is so good you should feel positive about how things climax. Once the Lights shift tonight it is all about communications, talks and local activities, neighbors and brothers and sisters. Look for ways to have fun, be creative and express love.

Sunday the focus is on a creative project, love, a lover, recreation, or children. There is a wonderful flow from your sign and solid, stabilizing energy in any of these expressive arenas for you. Take the lead and let your goals take root. Talks today about creativity, children, love, or recreation are due to go very well with siblings or just in your routine of the day. Short trips are favored. It just doesn’t get much better than this.


You should focus on the talks you need to have today, the meetings you should take, any writing projects or emails you should wrap up, and any short trips or involvements with siblings on the agenda. You are at the center of the stage in all of this and today is the last day that puts the spotlight on you around major finances, intimacy, divorce or triangles in the mix. The energy is very positive so you should reach out in areas of creativity, with lovers or children. Be spontaneous or open to new approaches or surprises. By tonight the energy shifts point you in the direction of income and home or property matters so you may want to earn from home, spend on improvements, buy or sell or in some other way take advantage of the monetary connection to where you hang your hat.

Sunday the focus is on home, living situation, real estate, land, family, or mom. This is a great energy day as well with potential for retreat and time spent alone that benefits or efforts focused at home on research, investigations, imagination, film or artistry, spirituality, or dealing with hospitals. Talk, meet, sign agreements or make decisions about the income tied to home, property or mom. There is opportunity here for you if you communicate and decide.


Saturday focuses on income, either making it or spending it. It also focuses on your possessions. The energy is very favorable with nice surprises or opportunity for change in this tied to home or property. So be open to new ways of doing things at home or with the real estate or living situation. It is the last day putting you in the spotlight in a retreat or hidden way. It is a peak in a triangle of sorts here for you as well. Look at ways to wrap up the monetary matter tied to the retreat, time behind closed doors, research, fantasy or film work, time at a hospital or other institution, or psychic or intuitive abilities tied to income today. Once the Lights shift tonight the energy is going to be all about you, adventure, learning curves, ideas about expanding your world, travel, media, law, or education and how you can communicate this.

Sunday communications rule. You are going to want to talk to friends, network, socialize, open up about ideas and desires with a group, come to agreements, make decisions, meet up and get serious. Commit to what you want. Talks about your own needs, your image, identity, or ego are slated to go well also so keep the lines open.


The bulk of Saturday is focusing on you and your needs. You can have unusual talks or meetings, or changes you initiate through talks you have. You can make interesting choices today with the support of the universe, do new things locally, or hear something wild from a brother or sister or agree to something innovative to do with them. This is the last day that puts you in the spotlight in a friendship or group with something peaking that involves a triangle, intimacy or major finances. The energy is so positive that you should be happy with forward movement. Once the Lights shift signs tonight you will be retreating a bit or starting to work behind the scenes or in research or strategy sessions with an aim at income.

Sunday the focus is on making or spending the income. The energy is wonderful and favors time and effort, commitment and leadership, slow and steady structuring around goals and career agenda. Income spent on this is favored as long as it is measured and has a long term viewpoint. There is potential to earn here in the long run. Talks going on behind closed doors or information you uncover through research opens doors of opportunity in earnings as well. If you need to spend on hosptial or other institutions, this is a good day.


You will do best today if you can work behind the scenes, retreat and rest or strategize, research and utilize the imagination. Fantasy and film, artistry and psychic abilities are emphasized as well. There is a strong opportunity here to make or spend money through unconventional channels or unique individuals. You are in the spotlight on the career front or with an important goal today as something is peaking around major finances, intimacy, divorce or triangles. This is the last day here so expect goals to come into sight. The evening brings a shift of the Lights and a move into social territory that should please. Look at ways to be with friends, groups, parties or to pursue your aspirations.

Sunday you should focus on yourself as much as possible because the energy is so amazing. This means that what you need, your body, image, identity and ego are all up for focus. If you get serious, commit, put in the work, time or energy with travel, media, publicity, publishing, teaching, taking a class, or something legal you will see positive support that is stable and long term. This is a great time to get your name out there, to push your image out or expand who you are through higher learning or teaching, travel, or sharing your beliefs. Talks, meetings, agreements, and decisions with friends, groups or aspirations are in opportunity aspect so open up.


You should put your energy into a friendship, networking, a group, with associates, or towards a cherished aspiration on Saturday. There is opportunity for you to stand out in some unique, individual way here that is beneficial. Be true to who you are and watch the doors open. This is the last day of putting you in the spotlight in something legal, media, educational, or travel related so push your needs or image forward here now as it peaks. A major financial matter, intimacy, divorce, or triangle is at play in this and the way you connect in your social circle or your dreams for your life are due to move forward as it does. Once the Lights shift tonight you are stepping into the spotlight on the career front, a month-long cycle.

Sunday you can retreat and rest or there is work behind the scenes, film or fantasy, research or strategy, or dealing with institutions that will benefit your goals. There is a very positive, stabilizing energy aligned with how you step up in areas of major finances, loans, settlements, bankruptcy, inheritance, royalties, taxes, insurance, back-end payouts, child support, alimony, credit, debt, or any other joint financial matter. If you need to research ways to fund your goal this day could be stellar. Clandestine affairs with older individuals seem beneficial as well if this sounds like you. Talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions reached today are positive where career or goals are concerned.


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