Sunday, November 8, 2009


Not a bad week shaping up, Monday opens with an opportunity aspect between Venus and Pluto which means you can make some big changes where love or money are concerned if you are willing to go for it.

Tuesday the Sun is squaring Jupiter so you may push yourself physically a bit or feel as though your waist line is expanding and you didn’t see it coming ;)~ It’s probably not the best day to go on a shopping trip for new clothes or to try out a new hair style.

Wednesday Mercury is active so you can expect lots of talks and meeting, news and maybe even an agreement or two. Uranus is in the mix so surprise or something new comes into play, just watch out for Neptune confusing the issues a bit.

Thursday is more about the emotions in the mix, how you are expressing these and how serious you feel about a partner, agent, enemy, or attorney. There seems to be something changing in a big way or something that you would like to change in a big way that challenges a bit today.

Friday you can make things happen and it looks really positive, push at what you love and get it out there, express passions, motivate, and be prepared for big things. Not bad for a Friday the 13th!


Do what you can today to make something happen with the outside financial resources, you can reach goals or make big changes move into place on the career front. Be proactive about the money.

Tuesday the positive energy is all around the work you are doing, the way you are approaching health and the choices you are making with pets. Both goals and finances are aligned to this so go for what you need and once again focus on the money. You may be stretching yourself with a friend over the finances and need to do something about it now.

Wednesday talks about the money, debt, settlement, insurance, taxes, or any other shared resource may be a bit confusing or disillusioning with a friend or group you are affiliated with, just know that there is something you can do behind the scenes or through research that will help you deal with this and you don’t know what that is until you dig a bit today.

Thursday wrap up any last talks or agreements about the finances so you can settle the work, health or pet matter. Then pour your energy into the partner, agent, attorney, or competitor. There is the desire to change something around a goal or to make career headway that is challenging you here.

Friday is a great day for dealings with partners, agents, attorneys or competitors. You have your ruler in the mix helping you to make something happen with the creative project, or launching a passion play in the arena of love. Doing something that involves children is as well positive. By days end the social scene heats up and you can pursue aspirations or just kick it with friends.


Monday brings opportunity with significant relationships and either media ventures, publicity, publishing, travel, education, or legal matters. You can focus with this person on any of these outlets and find ways to really change the financial picture or to express the love.

Tuesday brings positive expression of love and creativity but you are going to have to watch that you are not stretching yourself with a partner, agent, attorney, or enemy as you try to make a goal.

Wednesday talks are with this significant person again but today you are going to be talking or meeting up with them over a surprise or something new or changing around an aspiration of yours. Friends or social events may play into this. Just keep in mind that the goal or career agenda is under a bit of a hazy energy today and you may not see it clearly or understand what is being offered so take it slow.

Thursday talk with the partner, agent or attorney about the creative project, love or children. Once you have an understanding you can shift your focus to the work you need to tackle, a health matter or your pets. You are going to need to challenge yourself with one or more of these areas today if you want to see change with the trip, media venture, education, or legal matter.

Friday is a great day where your work, health and pets are concerned. You can tackle quite a bit at home and make progress here or you can find a way to express your passions at home as well. Goals are achievable today with lucky Jupiter at your disposal in the career Midheaven tied into the work you do now.


Dive into the work and finances on Monday as you can make some things change if you are willing to apply yourself. If you are looking for work, a woman has an opportunity for you that leads to great financial rewards, but this seems to be more like a percentage or commission.

Tuesday put your efforts on the home or property matter or with mom. You can find positive financial solutions as well as get a lot of work done. You may stretch yourself a bit where your health is concerned today as you try to open up in areas of travel, media, education, or law, so take care that you don’t go too far, too fast.

Wednesday talks, meetings or agreements for work lead to surprising results on the career front and these look very positive, be open to new ideas or change as it favors you. Do watch what someone is offering around travel, legal, educational, or media matters, these may be a bit confusing or down right deceptive.

Thursday you are going to want to get really serious with someone important about a creative project, child or love affair. You need responsible approaches and to set some limits if necessary. There is also going to be a big change necessary around sex and intimacy, reproduction, divorce, or a major financial matter with this project or loved one.

Friday you can tackle quite a lot in the routine or neighborhood with this lover, child or creative project. Talks and agreements will be passionate and lead to positive motivation. You can travel, promote, teach, take a class, or deal with the legal matter positively today with this person or project.


Monday brings an opportunity your way and this is going to look like something financial or love related around a creative project, lover or child. Look for ways to express the joy and be proactive where anything lucrative is lurking.

Tuesday you can talk with partners, agents, attorneys, lovers, children, or about creative projects with positive energy behind it. Meetings and agreements are as well favored in these realms. Look at financial matters or love as the topic to broach. Watch that you don’t push yourself to far physically with the creative outlet or loved one and watch the way you are spending on the credit cards.

Wednesday is a busy day for talks, meetings, agreements, or ideas. You are going to be connecting over creative ventures as well as talking with lovers or children. Trips, media ventures, legal matters, or education are all areas where you can find that things are changing in a good way. Don’t get disillusioned over the debt or credit today, you aren’t seeing the big picture under these stars.

Thursday wrap up the talks or agreements over the creative outlet, or with the lover or child. You will want to focus on home, property or mom for the rest of the day. There is a need to get serious, set limits, or be the responsible party here. An agent, attorney or partner is going to have a powerful affect on change here today.

Friday you can really make things happen with finances that should have you feeling pretty great about home or mom. Making or spending money is on the agenda with an opportunity finding you. There is also more expansion through outside resources as well that are favored.


Monday is about an opportunity for love or money and change. You can look at home, property, mom, and the work you do, a health matter, or pets as the venues for this powerful opportunity. Be proactive.

Tuesday making or spending money or dealing with an important possession is on the agenda. There is positive support from the universe here so tackle the work, deal with the health, and continue to shine a light on property or living situations, mom or home as you meet the opportunities of the day. Whatever you are doing physically with home or mom, the partner, agent, attorney or competitor is stretching you here in some kind of challenge.

Wednesday is about talks, meetings, agreements and ideas about home, property, living situations, or mom. There is an unexpected shift in the arena of outside resources that favors you so if you are trying to sell real estate you may get your price today. Watch out that the agent, attorney or partner in the mix is being above board or clear in the matter.

Thursday wrap up the talks or agreements about home and the money. Then pour your focus into writing, neighborhood routine, talks, meetings, short trips, or siblings. You want to make some powerful changes in work, health or with pets today along the way.

Friday is a great day for passionately conveying your ideas, talking or meeting in the neighborhood, making things happen, and having something happy or expansive with partners, agents or attorneys come out of what is said.


Monday amps up the communications around positive change where love or money is concerned. This is powerful and you should be proactive in talking or meeting over creative ventures, or connecting with lovers or children. Single Virgos could meet someone special while out and about in the neighborhood, through siblings or something communication related.

Tuesday has you feeling the positive energy flowing around who you are in relation to this creative project, lover or child. There is a wonderful talk or agreement that can be had, most likely with a female, focus on love or money once again. You must watch that you don’t over exert yourself doing your routine today as there is a sense of going too far by way of health or work.

Wednesday communications are on the agenda in a big way, this time there is some nice surprise or new approach from a partner, agent or attorney, be open to fresh ideas or unique individuals. You may find that a talk about work, health or pets is a bit confusing or unclear today, leave decisions for later.

Thursday is the day to get serious about an income matter. You will be deciding something important about what you earn or spend, or about a possession in question. Set limits if need be, especially as you deal with the creative venture, lover or child.

Friday the focus is income again but today there is wonderful energy to help you make something happen through what you are doing involving imagination, retreat, research, or in dealing with a hospital or prison. Work is expanding under this influence and you can see lucky energy lining up between income and work.


Monday is about making money or spending it, this is coming in powerfully around home, property, living situations, or mom. So be proactive in working from home, buying or selling real estate, spending on renovations or remodels, or supplementing income through taking in a roommate.

Tuesday there is wonderful supportive energy around anything you do that utilizes the imagination or research. There is a strong opportunity link from this to making money. Women are favorable in your pursuit of loot as well today. Make changes at home for best results. Watch that you don’t over-extend yourself on a lover, child or creative project.

Wednesday brings good talks, meetings or agreements over income and something new or changing in a positive way around the work, health or pets. You can talk about the money tied to the lover, child or creative project but there is something unclear or deceptive here today so wait til you can see the whole picture a bit better.

Thursday brings positive imaginative energy around making money and you will do well working behind the scenes. Once the Moon enters your sign the energy shifts to focus on you and your needs, especially where changes at home are concerned.

Friday is a great day, one where you should be putting yourself out there networking, with friends, socializing, and pursuing your aspirations. Motivating energy will help you unlock some doors that were closed before. Love or creative endeavors are expanding under these stars today if you put yourself in the mix.


Schedule talks and meetings for Monday when you can see your needs being met and doors opening. This is powerful energy and if you are proactive you have every reason to believe you can see some progress around agreements, writing projects, speaking engagements, short trips, any involving siblings, or neighborhood activities. Love or money is what is on the line.

Tuesday the energy is working for you with friends, socializing, networking and pursuing aspirations. You can have a powerful talk or agreement now or find opportunity to spend on yourself in a positive way. Watch that whatever is going on at home, with property or living situation, or mom, doesn’t put you physically over the top too much.

Wednesday is another strong day for communications. Today it should be about a creative project, love interest or child. There is something new and exciting here and for single Scorpios, this could mean meeting a new love interest today while involved in the routine or through something communications related. Talks about home matters or mom are still a bit confusing or disillusioning, wait til the fog clears.

Thursday you need to get serious about something you are working on behind the scenes, with the imagination or research, retreat or mediation, or in dealing with an institution such as a hospital or prison. Set limitations, commit or sever ties. A powerful talk is changing everything.

Friday is the green light on all things you are working on behind closed doors, in film or fantasy, research or investigations, or in dealing with hospitals or prisons. You can really make some things happen on the career front from these arenas as well as make the goal you tackle today. Home or living situations are under lucky stars as well.


Monday is about time behind closed doors taking an opportunity to express love in a very powerful way or to tackle an earnings issue that changes things for the better. A female is likely to play a part in this, be open to transformations.

Tuesday focus on career or goals as you see the positive energy pouring out here. There is a powerful link to making or spending money that enhances career or helps you to reach goals. There is also the opportunity to achieve through work behind the scenes, retreat, time spent in using the imagination or research, or in dealing with institutions. You may find that your strength or health is feeling a bit stretched from what you have been doing behind closed doors or at a hospital, talks about this seem to stretch you as well.

Wednesday brings great energy to bear around the talks you have in private or the information you gather through some investigation or research. Focus this on home or living situations and new approaches to how you are handling this for best results. Neptune is confusing something a bit in the way you are able to share information today so make sure you are understood or are hearing what the other person is saying.

Thursday is a day to focus on friends, networking, group activities, or aspirations. This is serious energy here so you want to put in work, commit, show effort or in some way structure something with this person or group. Powerful change is in the loop here around money you make or spend.

Friday the social energy is still strong and there is so much positive push to travel, pursue something in the media, educate, or make it legal with this group or friend. Talks are happy and connections lucky under these stars.


Monday is about an opportunity with a friend, group, through networking, a social function, or in pursuing an aspiration. This is very powerful energy and you should focus on love or money and something that can change everything, be proactive. If a friend offers to set you up on a blind date, yes is the answer.

Tuesday is about travel, media, legal matters, or education. You want to continue to empower yourself through one of these channels as well as take an opportunity with a friend or group to involve yourself in one of these outlets. There is a connection to love or money once again available if you do.

Wednesday talks with friends, groups, at social functions, or networking lead to something surprising and positive. Meeting out for something in the neighborhood with a buddy looks like it brings something very unique. Choose another day to discuss income with a friend or group as there will be something unclear or even deceptive in the mix now.

Thursday shift the focus to career or goals, reputation or father. You need to get serious, commit time and effort, set limitations, take responsibility, and lead yourself forward here. There is a bit of a challenge as you are being asked to transform something personal in your life through the effort.

Friday is wonderful energy around career and goals, fame or father, so set off after the outside financial resource or tackle the debt, credit, inheritance, insurance, tax, or any other major money matter tied to your goals. Income is expanding in positive ways today so spend towards career or make more through efforts.


Monday is about an opportunity in the arena of love or money. You will find that this can be pursued or embraced in the career arena or by focusing on an important goal and then putting in time to change something behind the scenes. Investigate or research, use your imagination, or deal with hospitals or other institutions.

Tuesday the focus is on a major financial matter, divorce or intimacy. Once again what you do behind closed doors has positive transformative affects on this. Career and goals are in flow so you can make an effort with women or towards love or money here today. Watch that you don’t over extend yourself physically in pursuing goals or on the career front.

Wednesday is about talks on the career front that lead to positive change in income. If out of work, send out resumes or schedule interviews for today. Neptune is a bit out of alignment around your image so take care that you match your socks and aren’t physically out of sorts.

Thursday you should focus on the trip, media or publishing matter, publicity, foreign matter, education, or legality. You need to get serious, commit or set limits, lead and take responsibility. There is something changing behind the scenes or at an institution that is challenging you to find better solutions.

Friday the energy is wonderful for the travel, education, media or legal matter. You can take action with a partner, competitor, agent or attorney in a positive way. Passions may rise. There is something very lucky or happy for you in all of this so go for it.


Monday is about a powerful friend or group helping you to change something involving love or money and a legal matter, media venture, educational prospect, or trip. This is big so be proactive.

Tuesday focus on partners, agents or attorneys. There is opportunity through them to travel, deal with the legal matter, do something in the media, or in higher education. Social functions, groups and friends are in flow and have a powerful affect on your connections as well today. You may be stretching yourself physically over the trip, education, legal matter, or media venture so take it easy.

Wednesday talks, meetings, news, agreements, and ideas take center stage as the communications amp up around the legal matter, media venture, education, or travel plans. There is a nice surprise for you in this mix so be ready. You may be feeling a bit out of sync with what you believe or imagine, if you run into a piece of information while digging around behind closed doors, wait to see what this means at a later time.

Thursday the focus is on sex, intimacy, major finances, or divorce. You need to get serious here, commit or sever ties, deal with it in an authoritative way, and lead yourself forward. There is a challenge to a friendship in all of this or something you are trying to change around a social situation.

Friday the energy is wonderful around the intimate, financial or divorce matter. You can dive into work, tackle health and pet issues, all with positive results. The luck is in what you are doing behind the scenes, using imagination or research, or attached to hospitals, prisons or other institutions.


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