Friday, December 4, 2009


What a week with Tiger loving the ladies and Tigers wife loving him with a gulf club (love and women=Venus, sudden and shocking=Uranus. Do you think she yelled ‘four?!!’ before swinging? Or were there only three?) Meredith Baxter Birney came out loving the ladies and sharing that this was something that suddenly came to her 7 years ago, (love and women=Venus, 7 years=the exact length of a Uranus transit through a sign) And Obama who’s moniker was ‘change’ (Uranus) surprising many by committing to send 30,000 more troops overseas. I’m sure there are more examples but you get the idea.

I would say that Venus leaving Scorpio and entering Sagittarius on the same day as Uranus stationing Direct made for a bit of unpredictable out there as our beliefs (Sagittarius) about Love, War and Women (Venus) were shaken (Uranus). Venus may be the goddess of love but she is equally empowered to war, especially if money or love is in any way threatened.

If it makes you feel better, the weekend will be more about Mercury’s territory with only a mild Venus and Mars chaser :)

Saturday brings a shift in thinking, we stop pondering the belief system and what we can learn and we begin thinking of ways to make our goals a reality. The Moon moves into Leo sparking the creative desires and potential for expressing love. She meets up with Saturn and then Venus in lovely alignments so it looks like you will reap what you sow, so put in the effort, reach out!

Sunday the Lights are in harmony, a good flow for ego and emotional needs being met. Once the Leo Moon meets up with Mars, all of that fire energy is going to foster passions and motivation to spend the love or money on what brings a smile.


Saturday talks and decisions focus on career and important goals. You may hear news today about a goal or your reputation. Love and partnership form an opportunity aspect so connect with significant others for serious fun. This is also positive for creative projects and those you partner with in business or who represent your artistic work. Venus is favoring love or money coming from this through media, travel, education, or legal outlets.

Sunday the Lights are strongly stimulating this axis, in other words, it is working for you regarding the lover, creative project or child, and the media exposure, travel, educational matter, or legal avenue. Mars suggests you act on this right now, your choice whether this is through motivation, action or passion.


Saturday the talks or news will move to travel plans, media, education, or legalities. This is the time to begin making decisions or taking meetings in these areas. There is a great link between home or property and the work you do today or a health or pet issue you attend to there. Venus is promising support through outside resources or intimacy with home/property.

Sunday the Lights are flooding this connection so the home, property, family, land, living situation, or issue with mom is working for you regarding the major financial resource such as a loan, credit, settlement, inheritance, insurance, tax, or joint resource. Intimacy at home or divorce proceedings tied to property are also in harmony for you. Mars is suggesting you take action on the home or property matter now, through passion or action.


Thinking shifts today towards the major financial issue at hand, the divorce or the intimate connection in your life. The next few weeks will be about talks or decisions in these areas. The Leo Moon today is stimulating communications about creative projects, children or love. It’s a good time to commit, put in the work or effort, or to meet someone older who attracts your admiration while out and about locally. Venus is favoring love and money tied to partners, agents or attorneys.

Sunday the Lights continue to put these arenas in the spotlight, in other words the talks with partners, agents or attorneys are working for you especially where creativity and love are concerned. Mars suggests you get active today in the local arena, do something with siblings, take action on your words-follow through, or express your passions when talking out your feelings.


Saturday thoughts will turn towards partners, agents or attorneys. These people will be the focus of talks, agreements or decisions in the weeks ahead. There is positive opportunity today to make or spend money on home or at home, with property, land, or towards a living situation or mom. Venus suggests that love and money flow through the work you do or are best expressed around health or pets needs.

Sunday the Lights are flooding these arenas so the income and work, health or pets tied to it are working for you. So if you can earn in one of these areas today or spend here it should go well for you. Mars is suggesting you take action on the income matter now.


Saturday’s shift brings thinking, news and talks around to the work you need to accomplish and how you are tackling it, the health issues and anything going on with the pets. The Moon moves into your sign strengthening your feelings about what you need and inspiring you to talk about responsibilities. Venus is aligning with you today through lovers, children and creative outlets so shine your light!

Sunday The Lights are in harmony through these same areas so this means that you should be centered in a love situation or lovers arms, or in an involvement with a child or children, a creative project or recreational matter. The love and money are flowing here for you so connect with your joy. Mars is asking that you express your passions, motivate and get into the mix.


With your ruling energy changing signs on Saturday, you will undergo a mental shift towards thoughts of love, children and creative projects. These will be the topics of talks and decisions in the next couple weeks and if you are single this energy may bring a meeting of someone special now. Today is a good day to work privately or behind closed doors on making money or researching and strategizing how to spend on something of import. Venus is active around home and property so time spent expressing love or dealing with money here bodes well.

Sunday the Lights are illuminating this area which means that the work done behind closed doors, research, time in retreat, use of the imagination or artistic expression, or recuperation and dealing with institutions ties in harmoniously to what you want at home, with property, in living situations, or through affecting your security needs. Mars is insisting it is the day to take action or show passion behind closed doors, through fantasy or film, artistry or retreat, research or dealing with institutions.


Saturday the mental energy is shifting focus to home, property, living situations, mom, or security issues. The next couple weeks this is where the talks, decisions and meetings will be taking place or focused on. The emotional energy today is all about reconnecting with friends, groups or socializing. This is wonderfully aligned so reach out and communicate your love. These people may have monetary solutions for you as well.

Sunday the Lights are still flooding these arenas so talks and meetings with friends, groups or networks are working for you, open up about what you need. Mars suggests you take action today by either jumping into something with a friend or expressing your passions at a social event or with pals.


Saturday brings the talks and decisions around to what is going on locally, with siblings, neighborhood, a writing project or just the idea of making a decision or choice. The next couple weeks will gear up with conversations, invitations and meetings. The career or goals are important today with an opportunity to do some serious work behind the scenes and to earn or spend money in a positive manner.

Sunday the Lights are in harmony around career, goals, reputation, and income so expect to shine the spotlight on your achievements and to step it up towards earning or spending. Mars is suggesting that you dive in passionately on the career front or pursue a passionate goal with vigor today.


Saturday the energy shifts around talks and decisions with the focus now on income and spending. The next couple weeks will help you figure it all out. You may come to an agreement regarding the pay now or if you are looking for ways to make more money schedule those interviews now. It is a great day for a travel, media, educational, or legal matter with a friend or group. There seems to be love or money in it for you.

Sunday the Lights are configured over this same part of the chart so focus on shining your light through the trip, media or publicity, teaching or class, or legal agreement or pursuit. Mars is suggesting that you act on it today, express your passions and motivate.


Saturday the mental energy shifts as Mercury moves into your sign. No, this doesn’t mean you will be mental, lol! Just that the next couple weeks will be about making decisions or having talks about your needs, body, image, and identity. You may find you are getting a lot more calls and emails during this time as you are the focus of thought. Today is great for major financial matters and career goals as well as time spent behind closed doors focused on love or money.

Sunday the Lights are illuminating the financial and sex house in your chart and this is really working for you behind closed doors so research, strategize or fantasize. Mars is insisting that you take action on the financial matter or sexual connection with mucho gusto, shine that passion and motivate.


Saturday the energy of communication and thoughts goes behind the scenes in your sign. This means that talks and decisions will be worked out behind closed doors or in private or that they will focus on research, fantasy, hospitals or other institutions or retreat. The next couple weeks help you work through these areas. Partners, agents or attorneys are good when it comes to travel, media, education, or legal matters today if you get serious. The money or love flows at social events and with friends.

Sunday the Lights are flooding these connections so the partnership or representation tied to a party, friend, group, or aspiration is shining its light for you. Mars is strongly suggesting you act on the partnership, agent or attorney matter by either motivating or expressing passion.


Saturday begins a few weeks where talks and meetings will be social or involve friends, groups or networking. This is the time to come to some decisions or make agreements. Today the work you get done or begin links to opportunity for outside funds and career. You can express your creative side through work, with pets or towards your own health in beneficial ways. Women are placed to help your career agenda if you reach out.

Sunday the Lights are supporting the work, health or pets goals you set before you and help you to shine in some way. Mars is suggesting that you dive into the work at hand, express your passions when approaching work, that you motivate to tackle health matters and that you get active with the pets, all good.


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