Sunday, December 13, 2009


Holy cow kids! If the shadow of the Mars and Mercury Retrograde is any indicator of the confusion and back peddling to come, Miss Zoe is thinking about hiding under the covers for a while! The last couple days go like this:

In trying to set up a camera to the computer it began sending me random video of people I don’t even know- thank goodness they were dressed and no, it’s still not working right

I forgot my cell phone in the car over night and it was so frozen it is now making an alien static sound at random

I was mistaken for a paparazzi by someone I thought was someone else and it gets more confusing from there

And in a way that is even unsettling me a bit, I have begun to manifest in a very random kind of way! I’m not kidding you, in this last week material objects are just showing up in my path that I think about the day before, now if only I knew how to control that one I would be sipping rum on some Island from my lotto winnings! (and yes, you could all come along :)

Anyway, I’m sharing this with you in case these kinds of situations start showing up. It is a wild ride ahead with 2 personal energies Retrograding in overlapping frames: MARS=Dec. 20-March 10, MERCURY=Dec. 26-Jan. 15. We are now on both degrees they will shift upon and are starting to feel it, so slow down, give each other the benefit of the doubt, double check your facts and figures, and play nice :)

Monday may bring a little ego bender as Uranus tosses in some radical element that you must field. If you get past the change or surprise with grace the rest of the day opens up with opportunity. Look at ways to firm things up, build foundations and commit or sever for your better good. There is also a VERY lucky aspect occurring around 7:16pm eastern time that may put you in the right place at the right time, think about something you want to aim for this time frame.

Tuesday is one of those rare days when the flow is all harmonious and it involves some pretty dreamy, romantic, passionate energy. You can use this to pursue your fate whether that is with another person or making strides with the creative project.

Wednesday brings a New Moon in Sagittarius! This is powerful stuff because it breathes a fresh life into what you want to believe in for the next year. Think of ways to expand your world through travel or adventure, higher learning or teaching, media or publicity, publishing or politics, ceremonies or legal avenues. You have 2 strong weeks to initiate or seed your ventures. Once the Moon enters Capricorn today it contacts Pluto so there is a power pow wow on the emotional ambition front that you won’t want to miss.

Thursday brings Venus and Mars into a dance of romance and passion or money and action. It’s harmonious energy so things should be sparking in a nice way between the sexes. Put your desires into play today but with one bit of caution. The Moon squared Saturn in the wee hours this morning so people are going to be vibing emotionally in a more serious, restrictive or limited way. It is ok to take it slow.

Friday gives you the opportunity to make some emotional adjustments around what you acted upon yesterday. It is about getting the serious quality you need aligned with the fun, play and action you desire where romance and passion, or funds and creativity are concerned. You won’t combine them completely just yet but you can move closer towards this goal.


Monday is a power day for you in the spotlight over media ventures, publicity, travel, import/export, politics, ceremonies, higher learning, or legal matters. Not only can you reach some kind of emotional breakthrough with a partner, agent or attorney here but you can find ways to shine that open up huge doors to your aspirations or great opportunities with friends or groups. Whatever surprise or change drops in nip it quickly and continue on with this positive flow.

Tuesday continues this winning streak for you in these same arenas. There is support from a woman, if your goal is love or money through one of these channels it is open to move towards. Opportunity for romance, artistic expression or a spiritual breakthrough comes through friends, networking or group affiliations and the media, travel, legal, or educational outlet. Your ruler is charged up to make the creative project happen, pursue the love interest or tackle the matter with a child.

The New Moon on Wednesday brings a brand new beginning for you in the year ahead. This is about seeding something now that will set your media, publishing, publicity, legal, educational, political, religious, import/export, or travel agendas on fresh courses. Put this time frame to good use and prepare for profound emotions around your ambitions to continue to transform your place in the world.

Thursday your feelings are one thing, your actions and desires are another. The way your ambitions and the significant people in your life are working together may have you feeling somewhat limited or frustrated. On the other hand, your ruler Mars is meeting with Venus today to help you go after what you want to see happen with the lover, creative project or child. Whether love or money is the core issue, travel, media, legal channels, or education will be the place you make it happen.

Friday requires some emotional tweaking around ambitions and what you are pursuing creatively, through love interests or with children. You do know what you want and are on the right course so push it a bit and then be open to the nice surprise showing up via fantasy, retreat, research, dealings behind closed doors, or hospitals/institutions.


Monday puts you in the spotlight around sexy connections, intimate involvement, divorce issues, or major finances. There is real energy here for you to make some headway through the work you put into the situation or making a commitment to something. Whatever goal or ambition you set for yourself today has a better than average chance of coming to fruition so expand through these connections. You will need to field a surprise or change with a friendship, social event or aspiration first.

Tuesday the energy continues to focus on the passion, seperation or the wallet. It is one of those days that you wait for when everything is lining up. If you need a loan or to settle a debt or credit issue, to negotiate with the divorce settlement, find backing for the artistic outlet, or to reach a romantic goal this energy is supporting you all the way. Mars is pushing sparks at home so make things happen there or build on those passions or actions.

Wednesday the New Moon is opening up a 2 week period for you to begin again in intimate connections, through divorce, or with debt, credit, loans, insurance, taxes, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, or a partners finances. Set the next year on the right course in these powerfully shared areas of life by initiating under this supportive flow. Emotions will be deep around legal matters, travel, media, education, or how things are expanding.

Thursday brings some kind of challenge to work, health or pets and your responsibilities here due to the travel, legal, media, or educational matter. Your ruler Venus is meeting with Mars to spark all kinds of great romantically passionate or financially active energy your way. It is occurring through passions displayed at home or monetary matters connected to what is done with the property or living situation. It’s all good.

Friday gives you drive to do things at home, with the property, tackling any living situations or moves, remodels or selling/buying, it is also good for expressing your passions on the home front. You will need to make some more emotional adjustments around the trip, education, legal matters, or media venture. A nice social occasion or opportunity with a friend or group is in the wings.


Monday finds you in the spotlight with partners, agents, attorneys, or competitors and once you deal with the surprise or change that finds you on the career front, surrounding a goal or regarding reputation, the day unfolds with opportunity for you with these significant people. Getting serious in love, with children or about a creative venture is one opportunity with them, the other is expansion through media, travel, education, or legal channels.

Tuesday the partner, competitor, agent or attorney is once again the focus of your energy and the universe is rolling out the red carpet for you so express your needs about love or money, be open to the travel, person at a distance, media or publicity, legality, or learning experience as it looks golden. It is also a day to express your passions with this person and to get busy in the local scene over what you decide.

Wednesday the New Moon is promising you a fresh start in the year to come with partners, agents, attorneys, and competitors. You have 2 strong weeks to seed what you would like to see grow here or to end a relationship that is no longer serving the two of you in the best possible way. Emotions will be very intense later today and can best be expressed through intimacy or in dealing with any major financial matters or divorce issues.

Thursday feelings about connecting intimately with lovers or over financial or divorce concerns and how that is affecting children, love or creative output will be up front for you. At the same time, Mars and Venus are going to meet up in a wonderful aspect that offers you the chance to talk or meet with partners, agents, attorneys, or competitors. This will be good for you where love and passion are concerned or involving the pursuit of monetary solutions or agreements.

Friday requires that you make some emotional adjustments around the partnership, competition, or representation and then act on the income making possibility or spend on what is necessary. There is a great surprise or change arriving via travel, someone at a distance, media, publicity, education, or legal channels and it goes right to the heart of your feeling positive about the partner, agent, competitor, or attorney.


Monday affords you an opportunity to move forward in the work you have before you, tackle the health matter or deal with the pets. You can put in time, commit or get serious with any of these at home or around a property matter. There is real opportunity to expand your financial picture today as well so put some time aside for dealing with any loans, debt, insurance or taxes. Field the surprise that arrives long distance, tied to media, travel, law, or education.

Tuesday continues on the same flow and it is so supportive. Put effort into work, health or pets. Look for more ways to make money through shared experience or deal with any outside resources. For some of you there may be an work place attraction that is very dreamy. Mars has your back if you want to spend on a gym or other health related matter, a pet or go out and make more money through your efforts.

Wednesday is the New Moon in your work, health and pet zone. This is about a fresh start in these areas for the next year so put out your hat for new ways to make money, set up situations that favor earning, begin your diet or new health regime today, and adopt those pound puppies and kitties! Emotions are deeply connected tonight over a partner, agent, competitor, or attorney.

Thursday you will want to look at any frustrations you might be having about home and living situations and how they may limit you or require your efforts. This is bothering your feelings about partnering at the moment or something about you and your partner. Venus and Mars are dancing today and it is going to be very positive for you in tackling work and making money or in spending money on health or pets once again. Romance glows in these realms as well so look for sparks at the gym, doing your work or walking the pup!

Friday is about adjusting your feelings for a partnership, representative or competitor so that you can take action on making or spending the money. Look for a wonderful surprise or change coming through travel, a person at a distance, media, publicity, education, or legal channels that bring feelings around quite nicely regarding the partner, agent, attorney, or competitor.


Monday you should shoot for the stars, what you don’t reach today is likely to fall in your lap tomorrow. Consider yourself in the right place at the right time in all things creative, with love and lovers, fun and recreation, and with children. If you have something serious you want to say or blessings in the way you partner, reach out. Attorneys also bring luck if the talk is about breaking it off, support is there. Field the surprise regarding shared finances, divorce or intimacy and the day is yours.

Tuesday continues the supportive energy around love, children and creativity but with no hidden surprises. You can connect over love or money, find romantic or artistic opportunity to partner, or to link with agents or attorneys and in all things come from your personal charisma and passion for positive movement.

Wednesday the New Moon is setting up the next year in fresh ways around love, lovers, children, and creative output. Seed what you wish to see grow in the future during the next 2 weeks. Emotions will be powerful tonight around work, health or pets.

Thursday may require a talk or meeting about the work, health or pets and you need to look at responsibilities or limitations here to move forward. Once you are past this the day is opening on a very wonderful Mars/Venus dance that will play out between you and a lover, child or creative project. This is about nice sparks, romance and passion or money and creative outlets or children, all working for you.

Friday is all about the work, health or pets. You need to kick start your vitality a bit today to get yourself moving but once you do there is great excitement or an unexpected change occurring around intimacy, divorce or major finances.


Monday puts your energy around home, property, foundations, security matters, mom, or living situations. Once you field the change or surprise stemming from a partner, competitor, agent, or attorney, you are going to get a lot done. There is opportunity to get serious about making or spending money here today as well as a chance to stretch out successfully through work you do, your own health or regarding pets.

Tuesday home and property once again is where it’s at and today the energy is completely supportive. Love, money or women play a fresh part in this and there is great opportunity for artistic expression through the work you do here or in connecting romantically with someone you work with or relating to pets. Express your passions in something utilizing your imagination or work behind the scenes.

Wednesday is the New Moon in your home base. This is offering you a fresh start for the year ahead to seed what you would like to see grow around your foundations in life, your security needs, home, property, land, family, mom, and living situations. Emotions will be intense later on regarding a lover, child or creative project.

Thursday you need to adjust your feelings regarding the lover, child or creative project and get serious about the money, either limiting what is spent or working to earn more. Once you cross this hurdle the day opens to amazing Mars/Venus energy which will give you a boost in money dealings behind closed doors or involving a film or fantasy project, hospital need, or research. It will also give you an opening for clandestine or private love and passion if this is your goal.

Friday you will need to adjust how your feelings of love or creativity are in regards to what you are doing behind closed doors, through hidden means, in fantasy or film, research or investigations, or dealings with hospitals, prisons, or other institutions. There is a nice change or surprise available through a partner, agent or attorney aimed at the creative venture, love affair or child.


So much of this week is about communications for you in a very good way and it starts on Monday. Look at writing projects, agreements, contracts, meetings, talks, local activities, short trips and anything involving siblings as place to commit your time and effort with serious results today. There is opportunity that one of these will lead to something lucky in the area of true love, children or creative projects. You need to deal with a surprise change to a work, health or pet situation at some point through communications but don’t let it side track you from the rest of this opportunity.

Tuesday is more of the same openings without the surprise thrown in. You can connect with women, love or money through communications, short trips, writing, and find more opportunity in the area of love, children and creative projects. Act on invitations to be with friends, groups, networking, or to attend social functions today.

Wednesday the New Moon is opening up a brand new year ahead for you in everything communication related. This gives you 2 strong weeks ahead to seed what you want to see grow in writing projects, agreements, neighborhood, with siblings, short trips, talks, speaking engagements, and any great ideas you have. Emotions will be intense around home, property, mom, or those who live with you later today.

Thursday asks you to deal with any feelings you have about your living situation or property matter as it pertains to your own personal responsibilities or limitations. Once you do the day opens into a great aspect your ruler, Venus, is having with Mars. This puts the action for you in the local scene or through communications with friends, parties, social

occasions, groups, and networking. Look for smooth sailing in matters of love and passion or money and creative output.

Friday asks you make some emotional adjustments to what is going on at home, with roommates, moves, property issues or mom and then get yourself out there with your friends or group activities. There is a nice surprise or change coming through work, health or pets that will have you feeling better.


Monday is all about making or spending money and the universe is giving you great support here once you field the surprise or change with the creative project, lover or child. You can get serious about what you are doing behind closed doors, pursue research or work that involves the imagination or artistry. If you need to spend on a hospital stay or deal with monetary matters and another institution this supports you. There is luck around home, property and living situations monetarily.

Tuesday income continues as the theme with wonderful connections to Venus so look for women to be helpful or to want to spend on love. The opportunity comes again to do something romantic or artistic at home or with property that puts you in the spotlight, make it or spend it! Mars is spurring you towards goal achievement in a great way as well.

Wednesday brings the New Moon in your earnings zone. This means that what you seed over the next 2 weeks has universal support to grow over the next year in a new way for you. So use this time to pursue money making needs as well as deciding what you want to spend in certain areas and how you wish to deal with any possessions you have. A conversation or bit of news later today will be intense.

Thursday you need to deal with emotional feelings about what you are doing behind the scenes, with a hospital or other institution, or through retreat and research. Look at how responsibilities or limitations are playing out here. Once you do the day opens on major active energy around making or spending money towards a goal, career agenda, ambition, reputation, fame, or father. Some of you may spend on something for your loved one while some may make more money today through expression of their passions.

Friday adjusting your feelings over talks or agreements will help you to pursue your goals more clearly. There is a nice surprise opening up for you via a love interest, creative project or children later today, look to the local scene or something you put into play through talks or agreements to open these doors.


Monday is about focusing energy on yourself. Take this wonderful put yourself first by getting serious in something involving friends or a group and then be open to some great luck or opportunity through writing, talks, agreements, the neighborhood, siblings, or short trips. You do need to field a surprise or change at home or with property first but the rest of the day is great.

Tuesday you are focusing on yourself again with a great benefit from Venus so women, love and money should be around you as you reach out for more opportunity to express romance in the local arena or artistry through writing or communications. Mars is pushing you to make something legal, travel, do something about a media matter, or dive into teaching or learning something.

Wednesday the New Moon in your sign is a brand new start for you for the year ahead. Take the next 2 weeks to make choices and plant seeds that you wish to see grow regarding your image, body, identity, and personal needs. Emotions will be intense later today around income or spending.

Thursday is about getting your feelings around the monetary matter as you deal with responsibilities or limitations you are experiencing with a group, friend or social occasion. Once you do the day opens on a lovely Mars/Venus dance that will bring a spark to travel, media, educational, or legal matters you involve yourself in passionately. If you are single and looking for love these are the places to go.

Friday income or spending takes priority again as you look at where you are at and then dive into the trip, legalities, media venture, or education. There is a nice surprise or change coming your way via the home or property matter, mom or security needs. Whatever it is should make you feel a bit better about the money.


You may feel like retreating, resting, researching, amping up the imagination for something artistic, or taking some time for a hospital visit. Monday there is opportunity to do something serious towards your goals or career if you do. There is also some luck and expansion promised either through making money from this or spending on it. You will have to deal with one surprising bit of news that may throw you today but don’t let it sidetrack your efforts.

Tuesday the behind the scenes work, retreat, research, fantasy or film work, hospital or other institution you are dealing with moves into ever greater influences. Love or money finds you here, females are positive in these situations, opportunity to earn more or spend productively arrives and you will want to take action on the loan, joint financial matter, debt, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, or other outside resource. If it’s not financial, dive into the divorce or sexual passions with as much gusto.

Wednesday the New Moon is opening up this hidden area of your chart with a brand new start in the year ahead. Plant seeds over the next 2 weeks in what you would like to see reach fruition up ahead in all things artistic, romantic, spiritual, research or investigative, film or fantasy, or with institutions such as hospitals. Emotions will be intense tonight about your needs and body.

Thursday is about dealing with any emotions you have regarding limitations or responsibilities on the career front and your own place in the situation. Once you get a handle on this the Mars/Venus dance begins and you will see that you can either engage in passions behind closed doors or tackle the big finances in private or through research or institutions.

Friday is about tackling the passions, divorce or major finances and today it means making some personal concessions emotionally with your own needs. Once you do a nice surprise or change awaits through a call, meeting, email, short trip, sibling, or agreement.


If you can get past the need to make money or what you have to spend today, there is great energy around everything social you do with friends, groups, networking or in pursuing your aspirations. Getting serious about a trip, media venture, making it legal, or learning something new is part of the opportunity with them and you are going to see some real luck in what you want for yourself manifesting now.

Tuesday the friends and groups continue to be where it’s at as you find ways to express love or attract money together. Opportunity is once again here for you to expand your artistic or romantic agenda or to connect through something spiritual together. Act on partnering with them or in some way connecting through representation.

The New Moon on Wednesday is all about the fresh start with a friend, group, network, social agenda, or aspiration. You can seed what you would like to see grow over the next year in the 2 weeks ahead by connecting and putting it out there. Emotions will be intense later today regarding the need to retreat and recouperate.

Thursday take some time to recharge if you can but you are going to need to deal with responsibilities around a legal matter, trip, media or publicity matter, or education. Once you Mars and Venus are getting together which bodes very well for connecting with a female friend to partner or represent. Look for love or money coming from this connection.

Friday whatever you are working on behind closed doors or whatever you are keeping secret will need some emotional adjustment as you take action towards the partner, agent, competitor, or attorney. There is a nice surprise or change coming your way around making or spending income.


Career, goals, ambition, reputation, fame, father, these are your keywords this week and it starts on Monday with opportunity to do something serious about the loan, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, or other outside financial matter. If your goal is intimate today helps you get serious with this person as well. There is luck in all you approach behind closed doors, through film or fantasy, research or hospitals.

Tuesday career and goals, fame and father are still the focus and the energy is super charged to support you with women, love and money coming into range here as well as more opportunity to express your artistic or romantic side behind closed doors or through imagination. Mars is charging you up to go do the work or tackle health and pets issues.

Wednesday brings the New Moon in your career Midheaven. This is a fresh start for you so seed what you want to see grow over the next year in the 2 weeks up ahead. If you need to get a resume out, interview, launch your business, or in any other way be seen out in the public eye this is the time. Emotions are running deep around friends, groups or aspirations.

Thursday emotions are serious as you look at the limitations or responsibilities you have with the major financial matter, sexual connection or divorce. Once you deal with challenges here the day opens onto a wonderful Mars/Venus dance. This is about expressing passions and love through the work you do and the goals you aim for. It is also about pursuing money through the work you do and health goals. Looking for love? Get to the gym or walk the dog!

Friday aspirations are adjusting as you put your energy into the health, pets or work before you. Social occasions or time with friends calls and you can expect a nice surprise or change coming from your own desires to bring about something lovely within your circle.


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