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So what’s the big idea? Literally… what idea do you have that you think needs to be pushed out of the nest and into the world? This is the week my friends. You will have time up ahead during the Mercury Retrograde to go back and re-tweak or rework it then but THIS week you need to get it out there in whatever form you have it in even if it is just as much as taking the meeting with so and so and opening up the beginning moves.

For those of you less proactive, it may be news coming in that changes everything. Pluto is in the mix, so it is BIG and it is challenging and it can change your life and it is meant to do just that so you may be a bit scared or a lot scared but such is what the universe is bringing to your door.

Monday is the day you share the idea or get the news. Talk about it, write it down and send it out to friends or the person who can make it happen, set up the meeting, make the decision, speak up I can’t hear you! Wrapped up in all of this is fear regarding partnership or representation. You have to work through this by facing it on some level. Will it take too much time, will you get the work load while they get the glory, will they limit you in some way, who will really have the final say…put it out there and get over it, you need to work through this stuff because the idea is worth it. For some of you it will be an opponent or competitor rather than a partner, agent or attorney, you still need to look at your fears here.

Since Mercury and Pluto are meeting in the wee hours there is every opportunity for you to do some meetings or talks in dreamscape. If you don’t understand or believe this way of communicating, then skip this paragraph. For those of you who are open to it, put it out there before your head hits the pillow Sunday night, all kinds of interesting and progressive connections are going to be made out on the ethers. When you wake Monday do your best to remember and write down what you got, it may give you insights over the next few months if you go back to it when in question.

Tuesday is divided in half energetically. The first half is about coming up with working solutions to the monetary matter. Details are extremely important so write it out, make lists, analyze it. Don’t push the women in your life too hard today. If you aren’t tied up in finances, love may be the issue and critical approaches may be a bit too harsh so take care with the heart. The second half is about focusing on your own needs and looking at how the bigger picture is meeting your expectations. You may need to challenge yourself to get into the trip, media venture, legal aspects, or educational matter.

Wednesday may seem a bit dreamy or just plain ole ‘out there’ but the soft cushion is about helping you to dream a bit through the last of the details as you reach for a way to make them meet your aspirations. You are linking to a soul group in this on some level and it is necessary to critically look at every aspect before tying your star to their wagon or their wagon to your star. Once the Moon enters Libra in the evening emotions will be deeply tied to partners and power issues and looking for ways to transform this axis.

Thursday wakes with a nagging thought that something isn’t worked out just right or something was left unsaid with the partner or representative. You may not be able to completely pin this down but there is something out of sync. Pay attention to this and do your best to figure out what clause needs reworked, what agreement needs solidified, or if you need to meet again to make sure it is totally clear. Check the print, what went out in email, you get the idea. If it’s a competitor you are dealing with, your instinct is right on, follow up. The afternoon is wonderful for dealing with love, money or women, sweet J By evening the Sun/Mars trine helps you to connect physically or passionately to what you want and you motivate, it’s a ‘yes’ to action.

Friday the Moon is going to wrap up her connections through the sign of partnerships and representatives by meeting in positive alignment with lucky, expansive Jupiter and artistic, romantic Neptune. You can connect with these significant people today in this energy but if you need to make something happen that has consequence, do so before the Moon is void just after noon at 12:44 pm eastern time. The rest of the day remains in the void until 11:31 pm so it is perfect for dreaming or artsy expression, romantic interludes and sweet nothings.


So what is the idea on the career front? What’s the big goal? What meeting, talk, decision, or agreement needs to be had to get things moving? There is something involving partnership, opponents, competitors, enemies, agents, or attorneys that have you in some kind of fear. Is it the limitations or responsibility? Is there tough news? Look at your reputation in the mix. You need to open up today and lay the cards on the table.

Tuesday you need to get critical and detail oriented in the work you are doing and in tackling any health or pet issue. A woman is most likely important in the challenge you set before yourself. Making or spending money here may need to be looked at. Is there a trip, media venture, legal matter, or educational issue at stake? Work out the finer points.

Wednesday is wrapping up in the work, health and pet matters while keeping a dreaming eye on your aspirations. Stretch yourself in new ways, make adjustments in areas of romance or artistry, especially where social contacts are concerned. The evening is about the partner, agent, opponent, or attorney and how you want what you want. Power and control, change and the goals here are up for consideration.

Thursday go back and look at what was said or agreed to with the partner, agent, attorney or opponent. You need to keep your eye on the goal but deal with what can be remedied through communications here. The afternoon may bring you a wonderful opportunity to reach the love or money through travel, media, publicity, education, or legal channels with this person. By evening you will be diving in and making it happen in a very positive way. Express your passions to the fullest.

Friday brings inspired connections with the significant people in your life, the partner, the agent, attorney or anyone who is giving you a run for your money. This is about luck and prosperity aligning through your social network, friends, group affiliations, and helping you to connect your aspirations in a big way. Once the void sets in afternoon the day will be filled with this hopeful, dreamy feeling and you can coast in its glory, enjoying where you find yourself.


The idea or talk, decision or agreement that needs to get out there or news that comes in and changes things is going to be based around a trip or travel itinerary, legal matter, media, publishing or publicity, or educational pursuit. The fear in the mix is around limitations or responsibilities to the work, routine, service, health, or pets. Monday is the day to open up about it or deal with the fear.

Tuesday you need to look at the critical factor surrounding the creative project, love affair or child. You need to deal with money that is shared or coming from some outside resource or you need to deal with a reproductive, sexual, intimacy, or divorce matter here. You are going to either be throwing yourself physically into the mix intimately or monetarily as you work through it.

Wednesday wrap up any details about the creative venture or with the lover or children with an eye on what you are dreaming about romantically or artistically. Stretch yourself towards this goal as you work your way through any critical thinking or particulars involved. How you partner with work, health or the pets comes into play by days end as you focus on the changes to travel, media, legalities, or education.

Thursday talk about what you decided or what you want here first thing in the day. If you feel something was left unsaid or needs changed, get in there and deal with it. By the afternoon the money is opening up for you so bringing in some outside resource or spending a bit is on the agenda. A co-worker romance could spark into action as well. Passions soar at home later and for those of you without a love interest, use the great Mars energy to tackle what you will around the house or to move the property.

Friday is just magical energy around health and work and goals and career. You can reach for the stars today where romance and artistry are concerned. Put the moves on before the Moon goes Void after noon. Spend the rest of the day luxuriating in what you are achieving.


Monday is intense. You need to have the talk, make the decision, come to an agreement or take the meeting over the debt, credit cards, insurance, taxes, inheritance, alimony, child support, divorce, sexual matter, bankruptcy, or joint finances. The fear surrounds limitations around creative projects, children or love/lovers. Deal with it, get it on the table.

Tuesday is critical thinking and making lists about the details at home, with living situations, property matters, or mom. You need to look at a female partner, agent, attorney or competitor in this and how to move things along. Is it love or money in the mix? Work on your own stability and security needs first.

Wednesday you can wrap up any last details about the home or property matter, focus on working it out or tackling health or pet matters here. As the day moves on keep an eye on your dreams about media, travel, education, or legal matters and how to stretch your base of operations to include what you are longing for. The evening brings up feelings about partnering in creative outlets or with lovers or children and the massive changes percolating in outside resources and intimacy.

Thursday you may wake with an idea about this or you may feel something was left unsaid or misunderstood, do your best to set this right. The afternoon brings wonderful opportunity for love or money with a partner or through an agent or attorney. Look at the creative project or loved one for fun and opening. The evening has you diving into the partnership or in with the representative passionately to take action locally or to write something up or come to an agreement.

Friday love can open up long distance or through travel, media, legal channels, or education. Creative projects can soar in these arenas as well. Feelings for a child regarding their classes or a trip may peak in happiness too. If you want to initiate in any of these areas do so before the Moon slips Void after noon. As for the rest of the day it is made to bask in these connections.


Oh that talk, or is it an idea, agreement or decision? Whichever it is it will be taking place with a partner or representative, opponent or attorney today. You need to try to change something and it is big. Any fear in the picture is around your sense of security, the foundations you are building upon, the home, property, or mom. Do your best to open the dialogue or move it forward today.

Tuesday feelings about what was said are going to be a bit challenging as you get into the details or critical emotions. Look at any challenges to making money from the work you have before you in this or ways to create more work and thusly more money. If not monetary, it is health related and still you must move to work through the decision or news.

Wednesday you are wrapping up the last of the details about the talk, meeting, decision, or agreement but keep an eye on any dreams you have for attracting the outside financial resource or dealing with what is occurring there. Also keep an eye on any needs you have intimately with someone in this. By evening emotions turn to security and home and how partnership or representatives are affecting you powerfully here.

Thursday you may need to speak to the partner, agent, attorney or specialist once again or you may hear news from them. The challenge is inherent in this so make sure you left nothing unsaid and double check details. The afternoon is great opportunity for money through work or for health. By the evening you are either diving into the work passionately to make the money or you are spending with enthusiasm towards the health, work or pets.

Friday good feelings flow around security needs, home, property, living situations, or mom. There is wonderful luck and expansion around outside resources, shared finances, and intimacy for you here. If you wish to initiate something do so before the Moon goes Void after noon. The rest of the day is coasting in this lovely flow.


The big talk, decision, news, meeting, agreement or idea is about work, health or pets for you and any powerful change or deconstruction you want to see going on here or that comes to find you. Any fear in the mix surrounds talks or authority figures, siblings or neighborhood, short trips or the written word. Do your best to open up and tackle this today.

Tuesday emotions are wrapped around an income challenge and you are going to want to be very detail oriented as you look at this. A woman, love or money matter is tied to creative projects in this or to a lover or child. You will be stepping into the picture by days end on some level physically so do your best to think through all potentials.

Wednesday wrap up the details about the income or what is spent while keeping an eye on the romantic or artistic desires in a partnership, with an agent or attorney, specialist or opponent. What do you need from this person or what can you express with them that somehow has monetary strings? A talk or meeting about the work, health or pets is on the agenda later and it is going to be intense.

Thursday you wake with remnants of yesterdays talk or news still rolling through your mind. If anything was left unsaid or in disagreement do your best to address it first thing today, whether that is work, health or pet related. The afternoon is made for meeting up with lovers or children or for throwing yourself into a creative venture. Talks or ideas are golden. By the evening passions are in the mix and you are in the thick of it.

Friday emotions are sweet as you feel connected romantically or artistically with the partner or person who is representing your interests. There is luck and expansion in this for you so if you wish to initiate something new do it before noon and the Moon’s move into Void. The rest of the day is all about enjoying this connection.


Monday you will have to have the talk, share or receive the news, make a decision, or take or hold the meeting regarding the creative venture, the lover or the child. This is big. Any fear or limitation is wrapped around earnings or what is being spent. Look it square in the eye and be frank about what has to be changed or shared. If you are on the receiving end of news here then face it with the knowledge that you have the mental capacity to find other solutions.

Tuesday focuses emotional energy on you. You need to do your best not to be uber critical here, you are only human. Do your best to make lists or focus on particulars and then push the monetary matter around security, home, property, or mom in the mix. Women are touchy here, you will likely be as well before the day is through.

Wednesday do any last reworking you need to about your own needs, body or identity in the mix with an eye on the dream you have for the work, health or pets. The earnings or spending may require some changes in how you are approaching the creative side of things or in how you are expressing or sharing love.

Thursday any talks or decisions made about the creative project, lover or child will be on your mind upon waking. Make sure nothing was left unsaid and that any agreements are hashed out thoroughly. Mind to detail! The afternoon brings a great opportunity for the home or property matter or around your sense of security. It will either be love, money or a woman here that opens the door but your feelings about earnings or spending should lighten. Before the day is out you will be in the home or property expressing your passions behind the scenes, closed doors or through some form of fantasy work or research. It is all good! If mom has needed hospital time this bodes well for her today.

Friday emotions are great around income or spending as the work, health or small animal matter is opening up for you. This is where luck and expansion is helping you to make or spend in a way that benefits you. If you need to initiate something new in one of these areas do so before the Moon goes Void after noon. The rest of the day will be about enjoying the process you have started and seeing it flourish.


The big idea, decision, or news coming in, or a talk, meeting or agreement that is making waves on Monday is about home, a property matter, the living situation, something effecting the roots of your world, your security needs or mom. Any fear or limitations involved are wrapped around you, how you see yourself, your identity in the world, physical body or image. This is powerful and what the Pluto transit through Capricorn is asking you to think and connect about today. The key word is change so if something rocks today know it is part of this important process towards empowerment.

Tuesday shows feelings of withdrawal or retreat but this may be about needing to emotionally work behind the scenes on something challenging, calling on your imagination or research abilities or else involving the hospital or some other institution. A female is likely involved in this challenge, you may need to deal with her through short trips or talks even when you don’t feel like showing up.

Wednesday brings the last of the working behind the scenes energy, dealing with detail and critical moments. Look at the film or fantasy, artistry or research as stretching you towards something dreamy or creative in your own goals but as yet not really part of this picture. In other words the effort is worth it. The evening puts you back into the major emotional energy around the home or property, security needs or mom and how you are partnering with the changes here.

Thursday if you wake feeling like something was left unsaid or you wish to correct words that flew or agreements discussed, do so in the morning. By afternoon the energy picks up and you will find that opportunity for money, love or time with a female is golden. This will involve a talk or meeting, short trip or neighborhood, sibling or something written. By evening time with friends, a group, networking, a party or social event, all beckon and look like you will be very pleased with the activity or what is promised.

Friday is one of those really lovely days and for you it is all about feeling strong within yourself and connected in the right way to a creative project, a lover or something involving children. This is all about luck and expansion, happiness and protection, it could be romantic or artistic but it is all good. If you are trying to initiate something new put it into play before the Moon goes Void after noon. The rest of the day is about basking in this energy you set in motion.


Monday it is all about the very deep, intense talk, meeting or decision. You may be getting news that is powerful or coming to an agreement about something that will change things completely. Whatever the mental process or information coming in, it is about the first steps towards the Pluto in Capricorn process of empowerment. Look at any fear surrounding hospitals or prisons, film or fantasy life, artistry or retreat, as well as research, investigations, substance abuse or escapist tendencies. Keeping something partially hidden may not be the way to go.

Tuesday you will be dealing with feelings about a friendship, group affiliation, networking or social event, or an important aspiration of yours. A female is likely involved where earnings or spending is concerned and you need to challenge yourself to find solutions here throwing yourself into the mix by days end.

Wednesday any critical thinking or details that need to be worked through regarding the social obligation, friendship or group should be dealt with. Stretch yourself towards romantic or artistic needs at home or with property. By the second part of the day you will be focusing on a need to retreat or work in private behind the scenes as you wrestle with a major decision or news. Some of you may be emotionally charged over a hospital or other institution today as well.

Thursday do your best to talk, meet or come to a decision about the feelings you are having about the writing project, what was said, the sibling matter, or neighborhood issue in the morning. By afternoon the energy picks up in a great way and invites an earning or spending opportunity. Before the day ends you will be in the thick of it making or spending money and taking action or expressing passion on the career front or towards an important goal, all good!

Friday is just a lovely day to retreat at home in something romantic or artistic, work behind the scenes on something that reinforces your security needs, spend time at a hospital with mom, or to work in some private manner on a property issue, all of which are under lucky and expansive energy. If you need to initiate something new do so before the Moon goes Void after noon. The rest of the day is sitting with this lovely, dreamy energy and enjoying where you are at.


The big decision, news, talk, meeting, or agreement on Monday is about earnings or spending. This is powerful stuff and marks a pivotal moment in the new Pluto process towards empowerment through goals. Look at any fear associated with this around group involvement, friendships, or how you pursue your aspirations as you meet the idea head on.

Tuesday is all about the career or goals you have before you. Emotions will be wrapped around achievement and reputation as you look at a female who is with you or a money or love matter tied to who you are and what you need. You are going to have to push yourself forward on this front before the day is out, the details are important.

Wednesday wrap up any talks, decisions or meetings you have about the goal or career matter. You will be stretching yourself either romantically or artistically in this but it is part of the process. The second part of the day is about a social matter or friendship, group affiliation or networking. There is big change pushing you around income or spending here as well.

Thursday if you wake feeling something was not agreed to yet or left unsaid, mind the communication with the friend or group about the income or spending making sure to cover every bit of what you think needs covering. The afternoon is great energy as it shifts towards an opportunity with friends, groups or socially in a way that draws money, love or a female to you. By the days end you are personally in the mix by taking action on a trip, media or publicity venture, legal agreement, or something involving higher learning and whichever it is, it looks totally positive.

Friday is a day to bask in where you are with the group or friendship, to talk about artistic ideals or romantic inspiration, poetic energy is all over the connections socially and there is luck and expansion in the mix. If you need to initiate anything new put it into play before the Moon goes Void after noon, the rest of the day is just enjoyment.


Monday is a powerful day for you as a talk, news, meeting, decision, or agreement is going to change things and it looks like you are the one doing this. If you don’t initiate this then it is going to be about you, your image, needs, identity or body. Change is in the air and this is a big moment on the steps through the Pluto in Capricorn era. Look at any fear around career, reputation, fame, goals, or father as you decide or speak your needs.

Tuesday emotions shift towards the legal contracts, trip, media or publicity, or higher eductation. You must deal with a female and something going on behind closed doors or at a hospital, or you must deal with something love or money related that is playing out in the fantasy realm, through research or investigations, or in private.

Wednesday you will be minding the details and any critical focus on the trip, education, legal matter, or media. Do your best to stretch towards your dreams for earnings without getting disillusioned about the reality of a spending need. Career and personal transformation comes back into play the second part of the day in a big way as you look at those you partner with or who represent you and how your needs are being met.

Thursday if you wake with anything still needing tending on the career front regarding your needs or identity in the mix, do so. Agreements and decisions must be worked through diligently so you are on the best possible ground here. The afternoon brings wonderful opportunity to work behind the scenes or in private to reach a monetary goal. A woman is likely a part of this and career opportunity is in the mix. You will be diving in to the joint financial matter or an intimate connection by days end with gusto.

Friday the energy is grand and all wrapped around your positive feelings about the career, goals or ambitions and what is happening to expand and shine luck into the income arena. If you need to initiate something new do so before the Moon goes Void after noon. The rest of the day is all about basking in what is happening monetarily that expands your goals in a positive way.


Monday brings the thing that is going on behind closed doors to a peak through talks, meetings, news, decisions, or agreements. This is powerful and about change. Look at research, fantasy and film, artistry and retreat, investigation and substance abuse, hospitals or prisons, self-sabotaging or escapist activities, mediation or spirituality as the topic. You should address any fear tied to travel, media, publicity, politics, law, or education.

Tuesday the focus shifts to the deeper energies around how you share financially or intimately. This could put the focus on loans or other forms of outside resources or on intimacy or divorce. A female friend is important in dealing with the days energy and money or love may come up thematically.

Wednesday you will want to mind the details about the major financial matter or intimate connection. If you are working through a loan or divorce as an example, the tiniest things matter so be diligent. Stretch yourself all day towards your dream of who you want to become as you process this. The evening turns towards the media, travel, educational, or legal aspects again and what you can do in private to make for change.

Thursday if you wake feeling you still need to talk about what is happening behind closed doors or with the research, hospital or fantasy work, then do so. Your feelings about the trip, media matter, education, or legalities are in the mix and how you partner or are represented matters. The afternoon brings wonderful energy into play as an opportunity to socialize with a female or to find money for an aspiration opens up. This will raise feelings about the trip, media, educational, or legal matter. You will be in the middle of the social matter by days end and making a move towards partners, agents, attorneys or a specialist, making things happen or expressing passions.

Friday is a lovely day all about the potential for luck and expansion for you personally stemming from the trip, media venture, education, or legal agreement. Think about initiating the first part of the day and then just going with this happy flow and the benefits it brings the rest of the day.


The news, talk, meeting, decision, or agreement on Monday involves a friend, group affiliation, social event, or aspiration of yours. It is big and has the potential to change everything. Look at any fear you have around loans, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, or joint finances as you open up. If it's not financial it may be about sexual or intimacy issues or divorce fears.

Tuesday you need to mind the details and get thorough with a partner, agent or attorney as you deal with a career matter or goal. A woman and possibly your reputation are in the mix here and you are going to need to put yourself firmly into the mix.

Wednesday continues in dealing with any critical issues or details involving partners, agents or attorneys and this time you need to stretch yourself. Self-sabotaging tendencies, things going on behind closed doors or from a hidden enemy, retreat or research, fantasy or film, hospitals or institutions are all topics where a bit of foggy energy may be pulling you or you may need to reach for artistry here. The rest of the day is about how you feel about the intimacy or shared financial matter and the big changes brewing with groups, friends or aspirations.

Thursday if you wake feeling as though you still need to talk to the friend or group or that something has been left undone, then continue the dialogue. Feelings about shared experience, finances and intimacy still play here. The afternoon is wonderful as a career opportunity arrives. Goals open up and a woman is key in making it happen. Reach for love or money. The pour yourself into the career or goal with gusto and tackle the work at hand or the health matter with passion, it’s all good.

Friday is a lovely day as feelings rise around intimacy, the finances or divorce. There is luck and expansion occurring through retreat, film or fantasy, research or investigation, working behind closed doors, or dealing with institutions. If you need to initiate something new do so before the Moon goes Void after noon, the rest of the day is for basking in what is flowing so well for you.


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