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The holiday week is filled to the brim with energy that pushes and sparks and triggers ambitions with the Sun and Venus moving into Capricorn. However, everyone is looking into the past, posting old pictures, digging up old numbers, thinking about the good ole days as we coast into the week on the first few thunders of Mars Retrograde on our way to Mercury Retrograde on Saturday. If they weren’t such good ole days you will be aiming at what bothers you about it to rid yourself of anything that could hold you back up ahead. So set your goals towards a future by beginning to look at the past and healing it or letting it go.

The rare triple conjunction that has colored the background of this entire year comes together in its final meeting on Monday. Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune are super charging the ethers and laying out for you a special place to expand and meet with luck. It will:

Help you to connect to your dreams and imagination.
Heal old wounds and take your empathy and knowledge to a new level of mastery.
Inspire the artists out there with some of their best work in centuries so PLEASE write down all ideas or begin what inspires you.
Bring romantic connections into your life that are fated up ahead.

And all of this is just being seeded now. So write this list down and put it somewhere you will see it because in the year ahead and arching all the way to 2022 these areas of life are flowering in the Aquarian vibration, you were born for what is coming and it is truly going to be glorious :)

We are in for rare treats up ahead as what you are dreaming begins to manifest for the rest of us. Everyone has this potential now so read what areas will best be stimulated by looking at Monday’s forecast for your Sign and your Rising Sign. Aim your energy at the romantic, artistic or spiritual dream and look for ways to expand and teach or heal others. Any step in this direction now leads to unbelievable openings up ahead. When faced with the opposite fallout from the tough Saturn/Pluto deconstruction in your life it is vitally important that you remember just how much potential is about to unfold through these Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune doors.

Tuesday brings some emotional transformations and something that motivates you to make an adjustment to how you are dealing with work, responsibilities or limitations in partnerships or with agents, attorneys, or competitors.

Wednesday actions will be a bit out of sync with the emotional nature which truth be told just wants a bit of time alone or romantically with someone else. The potential for a few brilliant ideas to be shared, a chance meeting that opens up some unexpected doors, or surprising news that pleases arrives mid-day, any changes should lead to good places.

Thursday is emotionally intense and super-charged with energy. It won’t be a mellow Christmas Eve that is for certain. In the spirit of the season do your best to reach out to anyone that may be isolated or feeling that way because today’s energy will be doing that to a lot of folks. On a bright note, if you wanted to really share deeply intimate connections with those you love this day will push you to get to the core of the matter.

Friday Venus moves into Capricorn taking love and money matters into the realm of ambition and leadership, authorities and responsibility. Ego needs are stretched regarding one of these themes as you deal with issues regarding a partner, agent, attorney, or opponent. The best news of the day today is your ability to focus emotionally on your own needs and to motivate towards dealing with that past matter tied to a lover, child or creative project, this energy is supportive.


Monday the rare conjunction that is seeding your future where luck and expansion, prosperity and teaching or healing, the arts, romance and spirituality will flow is happening in your friendship quarter. This means that your friends, associates, group affiliations, networking, and social agenda, as well as your aspirations for yourself will be where the doors to the future open. Reach out to someone today that fits this bill and take a step towards your dream.

Tuesday allows you to strike at your goal from a nice place of hiding, so strategize and fire up the imagination or investigations and then make your move. You have to be willing to adjust a little regarding the work or effort, time or responsibilities of a partner, agent, attorney, or opponent.

Wednesday whatever you are working on behind closed doors or whatever emotions you have that are building up hidden inside will be pushing you to confront a lover, child or creative projects issues today. You will have to tweak something in this. News coming in or meetings you have today about career or goals will bring a breath of fresh air and some brilliant ideas. Be open to new situations.

Thursday is a lock and load kind of day with powerful, intense emotions and ego needs all tied into a goal you have set, your reputation, the career agenda, or issues with father. The partner, agent, attorney, or opponent is going to be pushing on this as well. You are in the spotlight here and deconstructing or transforming should be your guideline.

Friday goals and career should begin to feel a bit easier to tackle as Venus moves into this placement. A female may enter the picture now who will help or is the aim of your goal. You are still dealing with limitations or work around partners, representatives or opponents. Your ruling energy is there to support you through retracing steps in a positive way for you through love affairs, children or creative projects.


The rare conjunction on Monday is occurring in your career Midheaven and better news just couldn’t be had for those of you who are ambitious. This energy is making its last contact in setting up a long arch up ahead that will help you to grow and become known for your artistry, teaching, healing, spirituality, or to reach romantic goals. It is very powerful energy and what you dream for yourself now has wings, put a few nods in today towards what you aspire to and trust that you are on your way. If anything falls away today it is making room for something better.

Tuesday opportunity lies with friends and groups and any big push you want to make in media, publishing, publicity, travel, education, or law. You must make a few adjustments around the work you need to tackle or how you go about it. Take care of health and pets as well.

Wednesday Mars kicks up a fuss around home or property and wants some action here, your friends or group activities may need to adjust to this. There is opportunity to talk or meet about the media, travel, legal, or educational matter with friends that looks really great. Be spontaneous.

Thursday the trip, need to expand, higher ideal, media venture or publishing, legal matter or education is front and center. You are in the spotlight in a powerful way here and there are all kinds of challenges to stretch you. Work through your own mystical or spiritual core and do your best to balance health and esthetics.

Friday Venus enters Capricorn and your ruling energy is going to help smooth things out around travel, media, law, and education. This is where love and money are spent now. Any work, health or pet limitations or responsibilities will need to be dealt with. Mars is in good angle to do something at home or with property that is relaxing or expressive behind closed doors.


Have you been thinking about the law? Dealing with a legal issue or making something legal in a ceremony? How about a media venture, publishing something you’ve written or want to write? Any interest in politics or spiritual beliefs of late? How about teaching a class or taking one? Travel, the travel industry or import/export? Well these are the areas that the rare Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunction are opening up for you in the years to come. Seed something TODAY towards what you want to see come true.

Tuesday brings the opportunity to align goals with a big change to the financial picture, divorce or an intimate connection. Reach out to transform life in one of these areas today. Be willing to adjust to responsibilities or limitations coming through lovers, children or creative outlets.

Wednesday shines a light on your goals. You may have a lot of errands to run first or need to deal with one conversation that is passionate or angry but once you do there is great opportunity in the realm of loans, debt, taxes, insurance, bankruptcy, inheritance, credit, alimony, child support, joint finances, sex, intimacy, or divorce. Go with new approaches and be open to spontaneous ideas.

Thursday is intense. You are in the spotlight either financially, intimately or around a divorce. Big changes and stretching yourself to accommodate a friend or aspiration as well as to deal with any responsibilities to a child, lover or creative project, will test you but you have what it takes to step up.

Friday Venus enters your major financial, sexual and divorce house and will help smooth things out and attract what you need. A woman may become important in dealing with one of these arenas now and you still have to deal with limitations or responsibilities to the child, lover or creative venture today. The good news comes from getting busy locally with a friend or group for fun.


Intimacy and sexual connections are beginning to approach single Cancers, it is deepening for those in relationship, your shell is giving way to allow for a shared experience like nothing before. Major financial matters are opening, the idea of finding backing or taking out a loan, investing or taking steps with a bankruptcy or inheritance, taxes or insurance is growing. For some the divorce is going to be the area of focus. All of these areas are the places that are due to open up doors for you in big lucky ways up ahead and today’s rare triple conjunction is asking that you take a step forward towards one of them.

Tuesday is about an opportunity to transform something in partnership, or with an agent, attorney, or opponent. The way to do this is through legal channels, travel, education, or media. Make adjustments to the limits or responsibilities at home or for mom.

Wednesday Mars is going to spur you to go spend money or to make it in a way that is a bit of a stretch for you. News or agreements, talks or decisions that involve a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor are positive and bring surprising, exciting energy into the legal matter, media or publishing venture, trip, or education.

Thursday puts you in the spotlight in a powerful way. It is going to be about the partnership, representation, or competitor. Things are changing or transforming in a big way. Goals are going to be challenging today as you deal with any limitations or responsibilities to home, mom, or family.

Friday Venus moves into the partnership and representatives zone so things will smooth out a bit. Love and money are going to be spent on these connections and women are important here as well. Your ego needs in the partnership or with the agent, attorney or opponent will need to allow for whatever restrictions at home or with mom are occurring. Mars is going to help you to spend or make money on a goal or to actively enjoy a possession today.


Who do you want to partner with and why? Is there something romantic or artistic you could partner with? Can you find representation for an artistic idea or your romantic needs? How about learning to deal with a competitor or opponent from a spiritual angle? The rare Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunction is pouring into these significant connections for you and opening up doors from what you seed now to flower up ahead in hugely positive, lucky ways. Monday is about taking a step in that direction.

Tuesday the major finances, sex or divorce will be front and center as you make some positive changes in the work you do, with a health issue or with pets. Do your best to convey any responsibilities or limitations when talking about it today as some adjustments will need to be made.

Wednesday is all about the same topics but you will be motivated to take action. Passions and anger are possible outlets for this action but drive yourself to push the issue as best you can. Talks about the work, health or pets will open opportunity to connect monetarily or intimately. There are a few surprises but they are positive.

Thursday is very intense. You are in the spotlight in some kind of work, with a health issue, or with the pets. It is time to change something and to come from your personal sense of power. There are challenges to this from travel, media, law, or education and you will need to once again convey your mind seriously and with commitment to what is necessary.

Friday Venus changes signs entering the work, health and pet zone so you can expect things to run more smoothly here, that women will be key, and that you will now spend love and money in these areas. Talks or news may be challenging around these subjects. Do your best to put yourself out there on a trip, through media, legal channels, or education, this area is positive today.


The huge area of life that is stepping up in a big way and opening up ahead to bring luck and prosperity is through the work you are doing, the service you are providing, the way you are approaching health, and the connection you have with pets. You can take bigger steps, stretch yourself, come from artistry and spirituality to share your knowledge with others or heal what ails. Monday’s rare conjunction is about the step towards one or all of these realms to seed the future in a bright new light.

Tuesday the focus is on how you are partnering or utilizing representation to make powerful changes to transform a creative endeavor, a love affair or something involving children. This is positive energy so make the necessary adjustments around monetary issues with responsibility to either empower or deconstruct.

Wednesday you will have the drive to dive into something artistic, romantically hidden, or spiritual behind the scenes stretching yourself in partnership to do so. The talk you have about love, children or the creative venture is going to be exciting or surprising and is aligned to better how you feel about the partnership, agent, attorney, or competition.

Thursday puts you in the spotlight in a very powerful, intense way around creative projects, lovers or children. The gauntlet is thrown via intimacy or major financial matters, for some of you with divorce. You will need to step it up. This may be a turning point for you when you decide to get engaged or break it off (now or New Years Eve). For those of you questioning should you or shouldn’t you, know that the entanglements now are more restrictive in some way but can last, those that enter the picture next year are due to pretty much set your world on fire. Choose accordingly.

Friday Venus enters your house of true love, children and creative projects helping things to go more smoothly, attracting what you need. This is where you will spend love or money now although today the challenge to limitations in the income house will test this. Mars is offering you a passionate retreat with someone intimate or a way to deeply connect on a profound level behind closed doors. If you are still focused on the finances, research and working on your own best tackles the issue.


Monday brings the 3rd and last rare conjunction between Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in your house of true love, children and creative projects. This is huge as it has been seeding luck and expansion, healing and artistry, romance and spirituality in a big way around these themes. You may not see the fruit of this tree yet but it is coming in a very major way up ahead due to the protection and faith you show here. Take a step again today towards your desire and see just what the universe has in store for you in the next few years.

Tuesday you should put the focus on a work assignment or tasks at hand. Health is another area you could do well to transform as either of these can be tackled at home or by doing something with a property matter. You may be asked to do something to help an animal today as well and this is positive. You may feel a bit burdened by the stretch you need to make today but you can do it.

Wednesday looks like there is a lot of work before you once again or you are in deep with the health or pets issue. You will have to get to this while your friends want you as well. A talk today about the home, mom, living situation, move, buying or selling of real estate, property matter, or security issues is set to excite, change or surprise you in a positive way so open up.

Thursday put the spotlight on you in the home, around a living situation, your security needs, or mom. This is big. You are going to need to step it up and embrace your personal power. Do your best to challenge yourself where an attorney, agent or partner is concerned. Remember with Saturn in your sign taking leadership, responsibility, limiting over-indulgence, and doing the work is what is called for.

Friday Venus enters the home base which could mean a woman coming into the home or just that things will become smoother here. You will be focused on spending for the home or making money here and Venus will help you attract what you need. Your personal limitations are showing today as you face the home matter so whether that means you need to work or are feeling the burden, don’t let it bring you too far down. The great energy today is with activities with friends or at a social event so go!


Are you thinking about moving? Selling or buying property? Making your house a home? Is the focus your security needs, foundations you are building or family? Monday brings the last conjunction of Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron around these themes to help expand and bring luck and healing here. This part of the chart rules the end of all matters as well so something that wraps up now will open bigger doors up ahead for you. Take a step in the direction you would like to manifest at home base today to seed something powerful up ahead.

Tuesday the emphasis is on creative projects, children or lovers as you find ways to make powerful, positive changes through talks, meetings, neighborhood or sibling influence or in writing. Whatever you are feeling limited by behind closed doors, this energy is pushing you to step it up.

Wednesday once again focuses on the love, children or creativity with a big push from Mars to try to reach some part of a goal today. Don’t strain yourself as you will have to balance both. Talks and meetings, news and decisions, are electrical and can bring a breath of fresh air to these themes in your life. If single, you could meet someone quite surprising out in the neighborhood or communicating on line.

Thursday is a very intense day for everyone but for you it falls in the arena of the talks you initiate, something that puts you in the spotlight through communications, news that changes something about who you are or what you need, an agreement that powerfully alters your direction, or a writing project you are closely tied to. Again, step it up and do what you must to deal with work, health or pets and what is going on in retreat or behind closed doors.

Friday Venus moves into the communications zone which should help you to get your point across in a more minable way. Love and money will be topics of conversation and agreements and things should go well with writing projects and meeting attractive love interests in the local scene. There is great energy behind tackling the goal or getting something moving on the career front, think past people or situations in this.


The last of 3 rare conjunctions between your ruler, Jupiter, and Neptune and Chiron occurs on Monday. This is about luck and expansion, artistry and romance, healing and the potential to share your knowledge through communications. So open up today to heal with words, teach, write something you want out there or begin it now, meetings and short trips are part of this as well as connections with siblings. What you seed now grows to something major up ahead.

Tuesday is about the house, living situation, mom or security needs. There is great energy tied to making or spending money here that can help to transform the situation in a positive way. Do your best to stretch your responsibilities to a friend or group in this.

Wednesday the home or foundations are once again the focus but you will need to adjust to actions around travel, a person at a distance, legal matters, media, education, or beliefs in this. Talks today about the income or spending around home or property matters are very exciting and positive.

Thursday puts you in a very powerful position in the earnings zone. This is about you stepping it up and taking the spotlight. You may spend a large sum now or earn it or you may be dealing with a very important possession that has to do with your identity (a ring?). The challenge here is to your feelings about a lover, child or creative project and any limitations to social connection or friends.

Friday Venus moves into the earnings sector so things will run a bit more smoothly. You will be able to attract the income you need but you may also find you have more of a taste for lavish items you want to spend on. There is an issue with a friend or group or a party today that you will need to challenge yourself monetarily over but once you do the energy shifts to a happy time with loved ones or creatively. Take the trip, make it legal, dive into the media venture, or share the knowledge.


Monday brings the last of the rare conjunctions between Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron in your house of earnings. This is big for you because what you set in motion now has the potential to truly expand and bring prosperity to your life up ahead. Look at ways to heal, teach, utilize your artistic, romantic, or spiritual nature and then make it big. Whether you are spending or setting it up to earn today, take a step in the right direction.

Tuesday the emphasis is on talks, meetings, agreements, short trips, brothers and sisters, or what you write. This is very powerful for you personally so step up and allow for transformation and change through what you say or agree to do. You will need to speak about any limits or responsibilities on the career front in this and this part of the conversation will be a bit of a stretch, make sure you know who is boss.

Wednesday the talks, meetings and agreements continue but today you will be either expressing passions in a way that stretches you or you will be tackling the major finances involved in the agreement or in spending on the credit cards locally. Talks about your needs and what you want to see happen are under some pretty sparkly energy so expect a bit of excitement and interesting moments.

Thursday is a BIG day. The Sun sits with Pluto in your sign. You are going to be a power house and your needs and identity in the situation are going to be intense. Since there is a lot of frictional energy in the air watch that you don’t power over mom or something having to do with home or property and above all watch out for the real limits or responsibilities on the career front as you step up to take the spotlight.

Friday Venus enters your sign and things should get ever so much better for you. You will find lots of love coming at you and things will run more smoothly. Your ability to attract love and money improves and spending should be on things for yourself at this time. You will once again need to tackle a burden on the career front or deal with any limits in ambitions you perceive. Once you do the rest of the day opens to passion with an intimate encounter at home or to a great burst of energy towards tackling the major finances around a property matter. Remember the past figures in these actions prominently.


You have to be ready to rocket launch on out of here or something to that affect! Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron are making their last rare conjunction together on Monday and it is all about bringing luck and expansion, prosperity and artistry, romance and healing into your life. It is happening in your sign so your body, identity, image, or ego needs are set to begin flowering in new and wonderful ways. Take a step towards your own interests today and watch it grow.

Tuesday is about a powerful opportunity to spend or make money on something mystical, romantic, artistic or hidden. You may want to spend at a hospital to transform something powerfully as well. It is all about changing something on a deep level. The trip, media venture, education, or legal matter is a bit of a stretch today as you may feel like limiting it or the burden or responsibilities are taxing. Spend accordingly.

Wednesday the monetary theme is still big and you will push yourself either with passion, actions or anger where partners, agents or attorneys are concerned. A talk you have behind closed doors or a clandestine meeting is looking very exciting and all about the money you make or spend or a possession that you value.

Thursday is a powerful day to step into your own spotlight behind the scenes. You may be hiding out and find that you are changing something about yourself in a big way or you may be delving into the mystical or occult, an artistic project or research, or dealing with the hospital to make a big change. Any communications or agreements may be challenging today and the trip, legal, media or educational matter may feel limiting again.

Friday Venus moves into the hidden part of your chart and you will see that the time behind closed doors begins to flow more smoothly. You will attract love and money to things that are hidden or clandestine affairs. The trip, media, education, or legal matter may still be challenging your sense of limits as you take time for yourself alone to contemplate. The communication that happens later in the day will bring a smile to your face regarding a partnership, agent or attorney and you will be expressing actions or passions here.


The years last rare conjunction of Jupiter, your ruler Neptune, and Chiron occurs on Monday. This is very positive, lucky energy coming together to help you to expand and heal through artistry, mystical knowledge, retreat and time alone, work done behind the scenes, research and investigations, hospital stays or dealings with institutions, and any self-undoing tendencies you have harbored up until now. Take a step towards anything here today as it is what wants to flower up ahead for you.

Tuesday a powerful connection with a friend, group, or aspiration is opening up for you. Do your best to remain open to opportunities to connect with a transformative experience here. Your limits are being stretched around a loan or other major financial matter or through a divorce or intimate issue, maintain your personal focus in this.

Wednesday will push you to tackle the work or the work-out, a health matter or something involving pets. Once you get this behind you the day opens on some wonderful talks or meetings with friends, groups, or social occasions. There is a bit of electricity in the air around you so some very interesting things could occur.

Thursday is powerful as the Sun and Pluto connect in your house of friends and groups. You are taking the spotlight today in this crowd or being introduced to a new circle that will hold powerful energy around you up ahead. Step it up. Finances are a big issue today for you as you look at income and how you feel about earning a living as well as the outside resources that are somewhat limiting right now.

Friday Venus moves into your friendship zone so a female may enter the picture now who becomes a friend and love and money will now be spent in the social sphere. Attracting what you need can come most easily through your friends or group affiliations so connect with others. Your identity is being challenged over money shared with someone or a bank today and you will need to deal with this but once you do Mars kicks in to help you motivate to do the work to make the money.


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