Friday, December 25, 2009


If your holiday week was just more than a little intense you will be happy to know that the weekend looks to be a whole lot smoother.

Mercury is going to Retrograde on Saturday so you will be talking to people from your past, hearing from some long lost friend or beau, meeting or running into those you used to hang with, and over the next 3 weeks, backtracking through the part of your chart listed below to rethink something.

You do not want to sign contracts until a few days after Mercury goes Direct on the 15th if you can at all hold off. If you must sign something before that, do your best to set a limit or out-clause since it will not deliver exactly what you expect or something will change.

You do need to be careful during transportation, hold off on purchasing mechanical items, and double check messages and any other form of communications for misunderstandings or things going astray.

Mercury Retrogrades in the sign of Capricorn so your ambitions and how you are leading your own life forward are what you are to be rethinking. You may be meeting with a career offer from the past or a previous boss during this time to see if there is merit moving forward.

Your reputation, fame and standing in your community are part of what you want to tackle as well if there is something you wanted to do that would put you out before the public in some way, retrace now and rework any loose ends.
Father may need something from you during this time, you may hear news about him or want to go back and rephrase something that was said between you.

Let me tell you how important the next 3 weeks are, Capricorn represents the pinnacle of your goals from a solar perspective. Mercury which is your mind, how you think, what you say and write, your ideas, and how you move about your local arena, is asking that you go back, tie up loose ends, settle any past misunderstandings, deal with agreements that are no longer working or seek to pick up a deal from a past opportunity, all based on your goals.

On the day that Mercury is going to station Direct, there is going to be a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the same sign. This is going to be event oriented and big. It will be based around your ambitions, goals, career, or father, so you want to do the meetings and hold the talks now with anyone you have had an ambition with that you feel still holds merit because by the 15th you are moving on in a big way, With or Without them. This 3 weeks gives you the chance to figure out which you would like it to be.

Sunday is a mellow day with the Lights aligning between Taurus and Capricorn. You can enjoy good food, good people, put some effort towards your ambitions, look at your earning potential and what you would like to make in a positive way. Indulge your senses or pursue your goals, you are supported today.


Saturday you begin the 3 week trek backwards through your career path. You may be going back to a career opportunity from the past, meeting up with old bosses or going back to work for them, it is a great time to pick up any old ambition or goal with someone you had thought about pursuing a career agenda with to see if it can get up and running now. If your reputation is in question over anything you have 3 great weeks here to go back and do what is necessary to clean this up. If fame was part of your past, you may see a brief resurgence of that particular fame, this may spark a new desire to stay in the game up ahead so see how you feel about it. Do watch your memos, agreements and talks with bosses, in the public eye or following current career agendas.

Sunday the flow supports you in making money or spending towards career. You can spend the day looking into new ways to earn that should be beneficial or put yourself out there before others to shine your light. If you need to return merchandise from the holidays today should be the best day for that, if you want to spend your gifts this as well is favored.


Mercury Retrogrades in your house of publishing, media, publicity, education, legal matters, and travel on Saturday. You have 3 important weeks to go revisit or rework any past publishing venture or to pick something up that you began writing before and take it forward. A past media job or opportunity may resurface now and would be a good time to go for it, or you may go back to old footage of yourself to recut it into something useful today. Something you were involved with from an old media venture may get a second life now totally outside of your doing and bring attention your way. You may decide to go back to a class you used to take or finish an education, if you taught it could be time to go back to that as well. You may hear from a past teacher or student now who has something important to impart to you. Any legal matters from the past may resurface now to be completed or perhaps you wish to make something legal with someone from the past. You may also travel to a place you used to go or have a visitor from the past from afar. Whatever this 3 weeks brings, know that it is important that you rework, rethink and revisit so you know what you wish to take forward come the 15th.

Sunday the Lights align from your sign to this house of media, travel, education, and law. It therefore is a great day to relax into how well this is going for you, to stand out as an individual or rely on your name or image to make your way through these higher realms.


Mercury Retrogrades on Saturday in your house of shared everything! This means that intimacy, sexual connections or divorce issues, as well as shared money matters such as loans, debt, credit, settlements, inheritance, alimony, child support, insurance, taxes, bankruptcy, or joint finances are all areas that you will potentially be revisiting the past to rework, reconnect or rethink from now until Jan. 15th. Pick up the agreement over the divorce or settlement, get on the phone with the old bankruptcy attorney, go back and look at the insurance policy, pull out the old tax returns, whatever you started before but still has loose ends, do your best to get into the mindset that you are going to tackle it now. You may have a reappearance of an old lover during this time or if you have experienced any past sexual issues they may be tackled now as well. Put in the time to tie it up and make your decisions on who or what from the past goes forward because by the 15th you will be moving on in a big new way.

Sunday the Lights are in harmony between time spent behind closed doors with an intimate partner or time spent in private working on research, investigations, aritistic pursuits, or spiritual agendas. Enjoy the flow.


Mercury Retrogrades in your house of past partners, agents, attorneys, and opponents on Saturday. This means that you are very likely to see one or more of these people returning to rework something between you. It is a time to revisit the past here and see what still needs to be said or agreed to, if you need to rework a past agreement that is no longer working, or if there is any reason for you to pick something back up with this person to move forward together in a new way. If you had thought about partnering with someone in the past but it hadn’t quite jelled, you may be able to go back now and give it another go. You may need to meet with an attorney who did work for you in the past to rework something in the agreement or an agent from the past may contact you with work for you. Take your time with these significant connections over the next 3 weeks because the event of the 15th will be putting you forward on new ground and you will want to be fully decided and settled with your past.

Sunday the Lights align harmoniously between social connections and aspirations with the way you are partnering or being represented. It is a great day to connect with friends or partners, to enjoy the company of like-minded souls, eat, drink and be merry.


Mercury is going to Retrograde in your house of work assignments, health and pets on Saturday and over the next 3 weeks you are going to be revisiting these arenas. You may have a past work situation resurface with an offer for you now or you may run into a past co-worker to catch up or see if there is something for you to work on together, you may leave or be let go of a current work situation or see someone you work with leave. You could have a past health issue resurface to be tackled during this time once and for all or you may decide to get your health back to a past level of fitness. This is a good time to go get another opinion for a health issue or to reschedule work you put off. If a pet wandered off, it may turn back up now or something of a past issue with a pet may resurface to be reworked. Whatever it is during this 3 week period, make sure you put thought into who and what you want going forward because by the 15th you are moving on in a big way.

Sunday the Lights are in harmony between work, health, pets, and any goal or career agenda you have. Put it out there, enjoy being in the spotlight for what you do and the health that you are embracing, time with pets is lovely and your goals should be easily met today.


Mercury Retrogrades on Saturday in your house of true love, children and creative projects. This is an important 3 week period for you as you will be backtracking through past love affairs or matters of the heart, meeting up with a past lover or rethinking who you love or why, even if it really is love in a current situation or if there could still be love in a past one. You may rethink your past stance on children or deal with the past issue involving a child, your children may be doing something that takes you back into the past or you may decide to look up a child you gave up for adoption. A creative project from the past may show back up to be reworked or you may pick up an idea you had for something creative but didn’t follow through on before and decide it has merit now. A current creative project may hit a snag or slow to a snails pace as past issues take precedence or you have to go back and pick something up again to get it moving forward. Take the time to revisit these areas and tie up lose ends so that by the 15th you are ready to move on in a new way with parts of the past with you or laid to rest.

Sunday the Lights align in a harmonious manner putting you in the spotlight in affairs of the heart, with children or in creative projects. You can feel good about the travel, legalities, media attention or involvement, or what is being learned here as you move with the flow.


Mercury Retrogrades on Saturday in your home base and will be backtracking over the next 3 weeks through the past here. You may have someone from the past show up at the home or a past real estate offer return, you could have someone currently in the home take their leave, you could revisit any contracts you have over the living situation or with a purchase of a property, or decide to move back to an old place of yours. Words spoken between you and mom or something in writing from her may be revisited during this time as you are rethinking how you set up your foundations and take care of your security needs. An issue between you and someone in the living situation from the past may resurface to be straightened out or involve something in writing. Small appliances in the home will be the most likely outlet for the mechanical breakdowns, double check your smoke alarms and don’t lock yourself out of the home! Take your time in rethinking and revisiting any living situations and home matters now because by the 15th you are moving forward in a big new direction.

Sunday the Lights are harmoniously aligned between what you are doing in the home and how things are going either intimately with someone there or regarding the divorce or shared monetary experience. Enjoy the solid feel as you begin the trek backwards.


Mercury Retrogrades in your communications zone on Saturday and this is a rather challenging position to host the retrograde as it is the house of Mercury. You will be backtracking on all talks, meetings, agreements, issues with neighbors, issues with what is going on in the neighborhood, issues with brothers or sisters, and any past writing projects or ideas. You may pick up where you left off with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long while to settle what was left unsaid or any disagreements between you, you could pick up the contract and rework it, something you wrote a while back but didn’t finish will draw your interest now as you move forward with it, or you may see something you are currently writing or trying to come to terms on slow to a snails pace or terminate. You want to be extra careful driving locally and with all of your communications as you will be the most likely to be misunderstood or to have your emails go to the wrong box or the check get lost in the mail. Look at how your thinking has changed where ambitions are concerned so that by the 15th you will be ready to move forward.

Sunday the Lights are aligned in harmony between significant others and the things you want to convey. It is a great day to partner up and share ideas or declare feelings, looking into the past as you do so. It is also positive for reconnecting with an attorney, agent or opponent from the past to speak about what went down.


Mercury is going to Retrograde in your house of income on Saturday. This means you will have the next 3 weeks to revisit past spending decisions to rework agreements on how the money would be placed, to revisit past income making situations or people who were significant to your earning potential. You can decide to spend on something you saw a while back but didn’t buy, now you will, or you can decide to take a job that you had considered in the past to make more money now. A current income situation may wrap up now or slow down considerably or someone tied to your earnings may take their leave. You may also go back to reclaim a past possession of yours or be one of the signs more likely to lose a possession out of confusion or being scattered during this Retrograde. Watch your paychecks and bank statements/credit cards for mistakes and keep valued possessions in safe places during this time period. Whatever you revisit during this period around money will be ready to move forward again come the 15th of January.

Sunday the lights are aligned beautifully between how you are spending money on yourself or making it through your image or personality. The work before you is going well today and health is aligned so spending on something for your health is favored as well as anything for pets. If you want to make money today, just put in the effort.


Mercury is Retrograding in your sign on Saturday and you are about to go backtracking into the past in a big way over the next 3 weeks. Who you are, the way you look or keep your image, your identity in the world, and what you really need for yourself, as well as how your personality manifests itself, will all be meeting up with the past. You will go back to past people and situations that help you to learn about who you were then and who you are becoming, as well as to see if you feel this person or situation can fit into the growth spurt up ahead going forward. You will be representing past issues for many people during this time so expect to have all kinds of reactions from folks as they sort out who you were to them and how they wish to connect to you ahead. Take your time revisiting because you are about to launch forward again in another big way come the 15th and you will want to leave part of who you think you are now in the past once you see what that past really was, you will want to take part of it with you into a new future, a big time for you.

Sunday the Lights align in the most amazing way for you as the flow between you and the lover in your life, you and your children, and you and your creative projects, all work together harmoniously. You can just decide to enjoy the day, the experiences and connect with what brings you delights.


Mercury is Retrograding on Saturday in the hidden part of your chart to back track over the next 3 weeks. This means you will be going back to a past retreat or taking time away from the world to recharge your batteries with someone from the past. You may be revisiting old issues at a hospital during this time to take care of them or you may have someone you met at an institution in the past resurface. This time period could see you going back to a past fantasy to rework it or picking up a past film or artistic project you were involved with but didn’t finish. A spiritual idea or something involving psychic abilities or the occult could reawaken in you and you decide to look back into it or you could be going back to a clandestine affair and seeing what it still has to offer you. Research or investigations you did before are other areas that may revamp during this time. Watch out for any self-sabotaging tendencies such as substance abuse or escapist activities to resurface if you have been keeping on the straight and narrow for a while. Whatever you go back to work through behind closed doors will be ready to move forward by the 15th in a big way so look at how your artistic, romantic or spiritual private life is really working for you and rethink your way forward.

Sunday the Lights align between what you are doing behind closed doors and home in a most harmonious way. This is great for enjoying hidden pleasures with someone alone or for hiding out at a home or other property. You know the past is somehow involved here as you work your way into the sensual or monetary delights of the day. For any Aquarius feeling under the weather at all, hole up at home and treat yourself well because the day will help to heal you through rest and privacy.


Mercury Retrogrades on Saturday in your house of friendship, group affiliations, networking, parties and social events, and aspirations. This means that over the next 3 weeks you will be backtracking through these important connections to rework or revisit anything that was said or agreed to, or how you think about your closest connections. This time will mark the reappearance of friends or groups you once belonged to from the past and you might pick back up with these people to move forward on something you set aside long ago. You may decide to leave a group that no longer suits your needs now or see a current friend take their leave of you for any number of reasons. An aspiration you once held dear may resurface during this Retrograde or you may let go of a current aspiration. All in all you are reworking your connections and what it is you really want out of life and your circle of friends and group affiliations will be morphing to best support that new direction. Any old buddies that show up now take the time to investigate the connection because by the 15th you are moving forward again with or without them but in a new way.

Sunday the Lights are aligned between the way you are shining in a social setting or with friends or groups and the talks you are having, the meetings you attend, the agreements you work through, all based on something from the past. This is very harmonious and supportive so enjoy the interaction with others and open up about what you really want.


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