Friday, December 18, 2009


The Holidays are upon us and the energy is once again shifting. In the midst of tidal changes in your life, take the time to stop and be grateful for the love and well being of those who make up your world. We all have this great creative force and we are going to be getting reaquainted with it over the next few months :)

Saturday is a day with serious energy but it is really a positive focus. The Moon and Saturn align in a way that helps you to put your connection to friends and groups, social obligations and aspirations front and center. There is good reason to commit your time and effort to these people or situations today.

Around 8:52pm eastern time, Venus and Uranus do a little shock the monkey! Hehe, what can I say, it’s going to be about a surprise or change that will be sudden and unexpected or willful and rebellious. This kind of friction brings sudden lightning bolt attractions or sprints for freedom. Venus brings it around love or money, women and anything relating to learning, travel, media, legal matters, or beliefs. Check your sign to see where it may play out for you.

Sunday Mars Retrogrades. It’s revisiting the past time, going back over actions, passions and anger in areas that are important to your creative spirit, your children or relationship with them, and your lovers, need for love or idea of what that means. A man in your life may bolt now, do a reversal or one from the past may arrive back on the scene. This process is going to be a long one, it is lasting until March 10th, 2010.

So don’t panic. If someone leaves you need to give them this time to get something worked out, bide your time and see what changes mid-March. If you have something you did in the past that you wish to tackle in a new way, this energy is perfect for digging into it and reworking it. Read for your sign to see where this is going to play out.


Saturday is a serious day for connecting with a friend, group, social obligation, or getting out there networking or pursuing your aspiration. You need to continue to lead, take the reigns, don’t let up just yet the universe is supporting the responsibility you show and the ambition you are willing to pour into this arena. Deal with partnerships, representation and competitors now. The surprise or change later today occurs behind closed doors and will revolve around a love, money or woman issue tied to media, travel, legal topics, or education.

Sunday your ruler Retrogrades. You my friend are going to be doing some serious backtracking over the next couple months. This is about your creative projects and reworking how you are putting your energy into it, how you express passion or anger here and revisiting any males you may have worked with or letting a current one go. It is also about lovers and children and revisiting how you are behaving, sharing passions or the actions you are taking or took with them. For you single Aries the next couple months will likely see the return of a past love interest to see if the relationship holds any merit moving forward. There may be some past lifetime karma here to work through or something cut short that is now going to get a chance to move forward. You are going to have to take all of these things slowly.


Saturday is about getting serious about the work before you, the health or the pets. This ties in beautifully to reaching your goals and connecting with friends or a group involved. Put in the effort today. The surprise or change occurring tonight is around a party, friend, group, social obligation, or aspiration of yours. There is either a love and sexual connection in this or financial matter and how it is shared. Watch what you imbibe at the party because this energy could have you in the store room with the co-worker in a flash!

Sunday Mars Retrogrades. This is going to be a slowing down and revisiting past actions, passions or anger regarding home, living situations, property, land, family, or mom. You may have a male leave the home base during this time or one from the past return. Anything you have done with the house may need some reworking or you may need to dive into something you have put off here during this time. The Retrograde will last until March 10th so you can pace yourself in dealing with what is in front of you. You may have an opportunity to buy or sell a house or land that came around in the past resurface now as well and if so this would be a good opportunity. You may need to do something again for mom and if angry feelings have been between you this time will help you to work through it. If you have a financial matter that needs attending today has opportunity for you as well.


Saturday is a serious day for focusing on a creative venture, child or a lover. Your ability to come from a higher perspective and visionary approach is the key here. Put the time and energy into one of these areas and do so through learning, teaching, travel, media, publishing, publicity, ceremonies, or legal channels. The surprise or change that is coming later today is around a goal or career. This is going to involve a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor and will revolve around love, money or a woman.

Sunday Mars Retrogrades. This is going to be an interesting time for you Gemini because this is the energy of action, passion and anger revisiting the past from now until March 10th and it is going to be doing so through your third house of communications, neighborhood, short trips, siblings, and writing. So, you may see a male leave the neighborhood or write you about departing, you may see a male from the past show back up in the local scene, running into him and taking another shot at the relationship. You may revisit any anger issues with brothers or sisters or if you started something before with them but didn’t finish it, you could go back now and get busy on it. Anything that you wrote from anger or passion may be picked back up now and retweeked. You will be hearing from men from the past via emails and calls and the occasional bumping into them in the neighborhood or in short trips. And if you were busy locally making short jaunts here and there but that went away, it can pick back up now. Reach out to partners or representatives today because there is an opportunity in travel, media, education, or law there.


Saturday is about getting serious around the home, with a living situation, taking on some responsibility for mom or the property matter and focusing on your financial picture here. There is great alignment to reach your goals now around what is occurring in any shared financial situation or to connect intimately with someone on the home base. The surprise or change is happening around a trip, person at a distance, media, publishing or publicity matter, teaching or taking a class, or something legal. The work you do will put you in the thick of this or a health or pet matter will contribute. Sudden attractions or reversals are possible.

Sunday Mars Retrogrades. This means that any actions, anger or passions you expressed in the past around income or spending may come back up to be revisited between now and March 10th. You may have a male from the past who offered you a money making opportunity come back around for a second go at it or a current earning situation may dry up or slow down. A male involved currently making money with you may take his leave. Passions and the way you value yourself are up for some reworking and you may return to a type of income making situation that you did before but had let go at some point. What to do with a possession of yours may need some reworking now as well. There is opportunity today major finances so look for ways to find backing or to tackle credit or loans.


Saturday is about getting serious about a writing project, a talk or meeting, an agreement or decision, a short trip or neighborhood activity, or something involving siblings. There is great energy for you in any of these areas through connecting to a partner, agreeing to a partnership, finding representation with an agent or attorney, or approaching a competitor from a new and inspired angle. The surprise or change later today is sexual or financial and comes streaming through a lover, child issue or creative project. It’s lightning bolt stuff and will likely change something around the passions or finances or it may be quite an affair to remember.

Sunday Mars Retrogrades. This is happening in your sign so watch out! You will be returning to the past through who you are, your deeds, your passions and anger and actions, revisiting your old image or identity to revamp what you want to let go or take forward, going back to anything physical going on in the body or passionately reconnecting with a lover from the past. You may act out and leave a situation now or return to an old one, you may decide to reconnect with a child you haven’t seen in a while or a creative project you set aside and now want to make part of the new you. From now til March 10th you can rework anything from who you used to be so that you can move forward up ahead in a clear line. Your vitality may be lessened during this transit so don’t push too hard. If you need surgery now for something that has been bothering you, it is a good time to do it. The connection today between love, children, creativity, partners, and representation is golden so reach out.


Saturday it is all in flow. Get serious around making money or spending on something towards your ambitions or career. There is great support here through connections with your higher mind and soul group and the work you are producing today. If you have health or pet issues that need tackling, be willing to spend here as well. The surprise or change later today is around a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor and will play out over a home or property matter. For some of you this will translate into changes in representation on the property, others in lightning bolt attractions or sudden departures of love interests expressed at home.

Sunday Mars Retrogrades. This is occurring in your hidden part of the chart and will be in influence from now through March 10th. This means you will be back tracking through actions, passions or anger in all work you do behind the scenes, in fantasy, imagination and film work, in artistic expression and clandestine affairs, in research or investigations, and in visiting hospitals or prisons. You may see a male leave now tied to one of these themes or one from the past show back up. Surgery done now on something that bothered you in the past is a good thing to do. Something hidden about your passions or how you express your anger may need some reworking as well. Property and work are aligned today so take advantage of money making scenarios and love here.


I hate to be the one to tell you but Saturday is about getting serious about fun, lol. Really anything you can commit your time and effort to today that is creative or joyous is where it’s at. Time with children or working on something for kids, committing to a lover or doing the work you need to do to put your love life back in gear, and working on your creative projects will reap rewards. The surprise or change originates from work, health or pets and will revolve around a talk, bit of news or meeting you have with a woman or about love or money. A sibling or neighborhood situation may play into the change as well.

Sunday Mars Retrogrades. This means that from now until March 10th you are going to be backtracking actions, passions or anger with friends, groups, aspirations and social events. You may see a male friend leave the scene during this time or have one from the past return, a friendship that shared passion may reaccess again during this transit or a current friend may proclaim their passions. You may leave a group or rejoin one from the past or find yourself at a party with people you once shared experiences with. This is a great time to pick a past aspiration back up and move forward with it, not the best time period to launch a new aspiration. A talk or meeting today brings opportunity for love or creativity so open up.


Saturday brings good energy your way to work hard behind the scenes, to put in the effort where research or investigations are concerned, to get serious about an artistic project or time needed at a hospital or other institution. You will feel much better about your living situation or what is going on at home once you tackle the solid energy of the day. The surprise or change later today is around a lover, child or creative project and involves money. Any sudden attractions you single Scorpions feel may rock your world but challenge your values or your pocket book.

Sunday Mars Retrogrades. This will be a long transit that begins today and takes you through March 10th of next year. This is a time to go back to an old career, take action with an old boss, express passions as a leader in something you did before, or deal with any residual anger issues surrounding your position in the world or ambitions. You may see a male leave the career you are involved in now or you may choose to do so or you may see a boss from the past return during this Retrograde. If you want to launch a past goal or bid for fame, this is the time but starting a new agenda during this transit will be frustrating as things will take longer than you want them to take. An opportunity to make money on the home or spend it there is under lucky stars today.


Saturday is a serious day about something social, taking time with friends, commitments you have with a group, working on networking, or putting in the time towards an aspiration. Talks and meetings are important in this, getting busy locally or connecting with a sibling. The energy is very positive so put in the effort. The change or surprise on the agenda later in the day revolves around something going on at home or with mom or property. It will push you to do something from a monetary or loving position. Wild attractions or changes of heart occur on your home turf.

Sunday Mars Retrogrades. This means the vital energy of action, passion and anger is going to retrace steps you’ve taken through travel, media, education, or law. You may be taking a trip into the past quite literally or hear from a male from a far away place, you may see someone leave the scene to move far away or you may decide you need to do something different where travel is concerned. You may go back to a past media venture or pick up something you once tried to publish and give it another go. If you are currently at a publishing house you may decide to leave now or see a male from the past reappear. Your anger may be sparked to tackle a legal action that you let go before or you may decide to do something about a contract that is current. You may also decide to get yourself back into classes you left before or to stop attending during this time. If you taught in the past you may go back to it now or quit a teaching job you are currently in. You could see a male leave the teaching profession around you or one from the past return. This begins now and takes you through March 10th, a time when the past is stronger in these areas than launching something brand new.


Saturday is a serious day to solidify career goals and make money, to spend on an ambition or goal, to put in the work and time towards what you want to achieve and to connect with like minded souls to stabilize your earnings sector. Put in the extra effort today because the universe will support it. The change or surprise later in the day comes from a call or news you hear, a meeting or something written, a sibling or something in the neighborhood. You won’t see it coming and if you are single expect that the local haunts are the best bets for sudden electrical attractions.

Sunday Mars Retrogrades. Mars is the energy of action and motivation as well as passion and anger. Mars is going to be taking that energy backwards through your house of sex, divorce and major finances from now until March 10th. This means you may have a past lover show back up during this time as you see if there is still reason to move forward with them, you may see a current lover withdraw or the passion ebb a bit during this time. Don’t panic, just reason that you need the time to focus your attention elsewhere for a couple months. You may need to look at actions you took in the past sexually or how your intimate passions affected something. You may need to go back into the divorce for some reason and deal with the past here or you may have a change of direction if currently embroiled in a divorce or just teetering on the edge. All loans, debt, credit, insurance, alimony, child support, taxes, inheritance, royalties, commissions, bankruptcies, or joint finances will be up for a reworking, those males who were involved may reappear or a current one may leave. More secret contact with the woman today leads to opportunity to earn.


Saturday is a great day to put in time or effort on a media venture, a trip, a class you are taking or teaching, or the legal matter you are working on. This bodes well for you getting what you want or expressing your best nature and long term results are there for those who dedicate time, commit, make it real and do the work. The change or surprise coming later in the day is about income or how or why you make your money. It can be about what you spend or a possession as well. A friend, group or social obligation will be a central in this. If you are single parties or friends will be where you may meet someone unlike any you’ve known before, just watch the cost of this affair.

Sunday Mars Retrogrades. This means that anger, action, motivation, and passions will be backtracking through the partnerships, representatives and competitors arena. You may see a current male leave one of these arenas or you may have a man from the past show back up. You can use this time to address any actions that occurred with a partner, agent, attorney, or enemy and rework the situation. You can also see if you still feel passionate about any of these people if that is where it is going for you. You have from today through March 10th to reconnect and work through the balance. Although this is a great time to reconnect with the past or meet up with a past life partner to pick something back up and run with it, it is not the best time to partner with someone new as the slowing of energy here will make things slow going and frustrating. The connection with a friend, party or group later today has opportunity for you written all over it.


Saturday is a positive day to get serious about the work you need to do or the time you need to put in on a major financial matter. Look at the bankruptcy, loan, debt, credit, taxes, insurance or other shared resources and what you can focus on here in private to work things out. Put in time in research or use your imagination to come up with an alternative solution. If you are not focusing on the monetary picture then this energy can represent getting serious intimately with someone older behind closed doors. It’s all good. The surprise or change coming later in the day is a love or money issue on the career front or around a goal and how you react to this in the moment. Changes of heart and sudden attractions rule.

Sunday Mars Retrogrades. This is going to be a time to backtrack through your actions, passions or anger from now through March 10th and it is going to play out through work, health or pets. So, you may leave a current type of work or pick up a past job you used to do. You may see a male from the past reappear while working or a current one take their leave. You may decide to tackle a past health issue during this time and surgery to take care of something left undone before is favored now. You may have a pet that ran away show back up during this time or decide to tackle some past issue with your pet now. Goals and career matters are aligning with expansion you are undertaking in secret or behind closed doors today. Look at love or money here.


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