Thursday, December 31, 2009



HAPPY NEW YEAR! You made it through one of the most transformational and challenging years in recent memory and you are here to tell the tale!

We enter 2010 on the wave of a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer. You will be feeling the world around you in terms of home and security needs, comfort and protection. Emotions will be pushing you to make some choices regarding where you want to live, what you should build your foundations upon, who you want to share your space with, how safe you feel in your surroundings and how solid your structures are beneath your feet. Any issues tied to mom, family or early childhood will have been brought to a peak as well so that you could begin the process of nurturing yourself.

The talks you have on the 4-5th of the month will be important fresh starts so think about what you want to say. There is something left unsaid from the past, an idea left unrealized, a meeting with someone you haven’t seen in a while or a money issue that needs resolving from before. This new start begins with agreements or decisions for the future based on settling or involving the past. By the 11th you should have a good idea about what you need for yourself in the realms of love and money. Today you can begin to physically manifest it for yourself.

On the 13th Saturn Retrogrades. Saturn rules work and effort, time and responsibility, limits and duty. He is Retrograding in the sign of Libra so we are going to see these commitments or the work you are putting in time to resolve, slow down via partnerships and with those who represent you. Someone from the past who was older or more established may reappear during this time to help you figure it all out.
The next few months will be about committing to your own personal authority and working through how you want to lead your life forward and still be able to share it with another. It is a time to do your inner work so that you are prepared to connect in a solid, long term way with another up ahead. Venus and the Sun both meet Uranus on the day that Saturn Retrogrades in a positive sextile so expect a few surprises or excitement around love or money.

The 15th hosts 2 important events. First we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. This is about a brand new start in the arena of ambitions, leadership, goals, responsibility, father, fame, and reputation. It will play out in different houses for everyone but the energy will be event oriented and with the ruler of Capricorn freshly Retrograde, it will likely have something from the past attached to the event.

The second event today is Mercury stations Direct. This can be a day of mixed communications or break downs but the energy of information is finally ready to move forward and you are being given the clear sign to begin negotiating, signing contracts, make agreements or decisions.

After a year of Jupiter expanding your connections to friends and aspirations, he is leaving Aquarius and entering Pisces on the 17th. This will be a year-long transit where spiritual ideas, mystical and psychic insights, the arts and film, research and investigations, hospitals and prisons, and time spent behind the scenes working will all bring luck and expansion. Look at where Pisces falls in your chart for clues about what will become bigger than life this year.

From the 18-19th first Venus and then the Sun will enter Aquarius. This will mean that we will be more interested in loving our fellow man, attuned to causes, friendships, group activities, charities, and our aspirations will come from a higher calling.

Between the 22-24th Venus and the Sun will both trine Saturn so you can expect that these days will be very strong for making a lasting connection with love or money. Put yourself into the mix by committing, working, or taking responsibility for best results.

One of 2 tough days this month falls on the 27th when Venus will oppose Mars and the Moon will oppose Pluto. Now, when the personal planets representing the sexes face off, sometimes it is not so much about a fight as it is frictional energy that leads to passion. It could go either way. With the emotions up against the energy of obsession, power and control, you can see that feelings will be intense so tread lightly.

The Full Moon on the 30th is in Leo and will be bringing something to a head around true love, children or a creative project. Since Mars is backtracking through this sign until March 10th you can assume that what is peaking in celebration or an ending is strongly tied to a past person or situation.

The last day of the month is the toughest as Saturn squares Pluto. You have felt this combination before and know that it is about deconstructing something in your life around the structures you have that support you but aren’t really on solid enough ground. Since Saturn is Retrograde this time the challenge this brings will be more about the internal work you must commit to if you are to transform the situation before you.


The very foundations of your world are being shaken a bit, whether that is the home or a property matter, mom or the family ties, your security needs are paramount at this time and the Eclipse of New Years Eve is still strongly urging you to connect with what has peaked and begin to get serious about nurturing yourself here.

Talks and meetings that occur on the 4-5th will help you to begin something new on the career front. Choose your goals wisely and realize that there is something from the past involved here as you negotiate or make your decision. Both love and money will be areas for your ambitions if the past can be tapped. By the 11th you should be right in the middle of this fresh start.

Saturn Retrogrades on the 13th in your house of significant others. This means that any issues of limitation, responsibility, loss, or dealing with authority figures will now slow and begin to process internally for partners, agents, attorneys, or competitors in your life. You may see someone return now who you had strong ties to before based around something ambitious so that you can finish what is between you. Goals are under positive energy today from something surprising that you discover.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 15th is bringing the focus on a career matter in a big, event oriented way. Something you are going after, your reputation, fame, ambition, or leadership is going to get a big new start now. Father could also be in the picture here if you are involved with his needs. Mercury stations Direct today so talks and agreements, decisions and meetings will finally begin to go forward, releasing the thing from the past tied to your career or ambitions.

Jupiter has been helping to introduce you to a new group of people and an independent, original crowd over the last year in an attempt to open up your world to a new level of expansion. On the 17th he leaves this part of your chart to enter Pisces where he will travel into your hidden, mystical world over the next year. This will be a time when the work you do behind the scenes, the film and fantasy work, research and investigations, time spent in retreat or at hospitals, will all be the doorways to luck and expansion.

You can have spiritual breakthroughs during this time or work with someone in this field for further prosperity. Romance that has a clandestine quality will be beneficial as well, perhaps you just aren’t ready to let the world in on your connection. The only pitfall to this transit for you is that Jupiter expands what it connects with and this house holds self-sabotage through substances, deception and escapist activities so watch that you don’t get drawn into any of these realms.

The 18th-19th Venus and the Sun will move into your house of friendships and aspirations which may bode well for you pursuing something lucrative with a woman. Love and money will be social during this time and you can get serious and commit to something on between the 22-24th with this group or friend. A partnership or representation, or dealing with an opponent are all positive plays now.

The 27th may be a volatile day as your ruler stands in the house of creative projects, true love and children and is in Retrograde motion opposite Venus in the house of friendship and aspirations. If you are up against someone today you may not fare as well as you wish since your ruler is debilitated. If you are involved in passion with someone then it is likely it is someone from the past that you are powerfully reconnecting with. Emotions will be intense around goals and security, home or living situations.

The Full Moon on the 30th is bringing the love affair, matter involving children, or a creative project to a peak. You will be celebrating something amazing or ending something with someone.

The Saturn/Pluto square on the 31st is challenging you to go within and take responsibility for the partnership, agent, attorney, or opponent energy around you as the authority figure or goal is set in obstacle with some kind of deconstruction going on. No matter what you think they have done, the answer lies within the work you need to do within yourself, especially around leadership and responsibility. Meet this now and up ahead the rewards will be great.


The month begins on the energy eminating from the New Years Eve Eclipse. You are going to be thinking about the big news or decision, writing project or issue around a brother or sister and how your security needs are being met. The talks or meetings you have on the 4-5th are very important for making a fresh start in a media or publishing project, travel itenerary, educational matter, or legal issue. By the 11th you should be in the thick of the love or money tied to this topic.

Saturn Retrogrades on the 13th in your house of work assignments, health and pets. This will begin a phase of more internal responsibility and effort to take the lead and commit to the process. You may see someone from the past reappear now who was involved in an ambition or was in some position of authority in one of these realms. Ambitions for new outcomes here will be slow going so focus on what you commited to already and work from there. Venus and the Sun both connect with Uranus today so something exciting and opportunistic may appear for you through publishing, media, a trip, law, or education and a friendship or group.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 15th is opening up a huge new start in a travel agenda, media venture, publishing deal, publicity campaign, class, or legal channel. This will be event oriented and tie into your ambitions or reputation, fame or father. The past is significant in this fresh start. Mercury stations Direct today in this same sector of the zodiac so although news or transportation may be a bit shaky you are now ready to come to agreements, move forward, make decisions and take meetings in these arenas.

Jupiter has spent the last year trying to open doors for you in the career arena. It has made some lucky breaks for you with the goals you set and if a career agenda was not suiting your growth it helped to move you away from it. You found your belief system could color your goals in a stronger way. On the 17th Jupiter moves into Pisces to tour your house of friends, group affiliations, networks, social activities, and aspirations over the next year. This is going to be where the luck and expansion happens for you. Look at areas of spirituality, romance and artistic, poetic or musical expression to open doors and bring prosperity.

On the 18-19th you have a big blast of universal energy entering the career Midheaven so look for women to be helpful now, to find you are attracting love or money, depending on the goal you set, and to see things begin to run more smoothly where ambitions are concerned.

From the 22-24th put your goals into practice by committing time or effort to the work you must do to move them forward or to training your body or tackling a health concern. Some of you will be dealing with animals during this time as well. The more you are willing to work and make the effort, the bigger the payoff.

The 27th may be volatile as Mars and Venus face off between your career agenda or love or monetary goals, and the action going on at home or with property. If this turns sexy then you can expect to take it home. Emotions are intense today around a trip, media, educational, or legal matter.

The Leo Full Moon on the 30th is bringing a home or property matter to a head. You could see a roommate move in or out, buy or sell a home, throw a party at the house to celebrate, move, deal with something involving mom or family, see the remodel or renovation complete, all bringing your creative and loving nature in this to a crescendo. With Mars Retrograding through this sign you can expect the past actions to be involved in this moment.

The 31st looks like a serious day as Saturn and Pluto square again. They are trying to transform your higher mind, the way you travel, find your voice before the world through media or publishing, teach or learn, or deal with legal matters. It is going to push this at you through some limitation or responsibility in the work you do, a health matter or with pets. Since Saturn is Retrograde the internal process and commitment to mastery is important. Tackle whatever comes now so you are positioned to reap the rewards of your labor up ahead.


The month begins on the energy of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of New Years Eve. This has brought an income matter to a peak and brought your emotional energy to focus on how your security needs are being met and how your home and family is involved.

The talks and decisions that you enter into from the 4-5th will give you a fresh start in areas of shared financial agendas. There will be someone or something from the past tied to this as you look at loans, settlements, outside resources, and joint finances. By the 11th you should be in the thick of the love or money needs with it.

Saturn Retrogrades on the 13th in your house of true love, creative projects and children. This begins a long phase of internal work you will be doing in these areas and a slowing down of new work here. You can pick up something from the past and take it forward now if you lead the way. A karmic love affair may well begin for some Gemini’s during this phase. Look for a surprise to arrive around a goal of yours that excites via love and intimacy or monetary means.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 15th is giving you a big new start in the area of sexuality, intimacy, divorce, or shared or outside financial matters such as loans, credit, debt, taxes, insurance, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlements, alimony, child support, royalties, or joint finances. This will be event oriented and since the ruler of this sign just Retrograded, the past figures in the fresh start. Mercury stations Direct today as well so although talks and transportation may be a bit muddled during the shift, you are now ready to begin to move forward with ideas, agreements, talks, meetings, decisions, and contracts.

On the 17th Jupiter leaves the part of your chart associated with travel, media, publicity, publishing, education, and legal matters where it has done its best to open doors and expand your world. Jupiter will now enter your career Midheaven and spend the next year bringing luck and properity to your career, goals, ambitions, fame, reputation, and matters involving father. Pour your artistic, romantic or spiritual energy into pursuing your ambitions now and expect the best.

From the 18-19th you can really amp it up around a media, travel, educational, or legal matter. This puts you in the spotlight and helps you to attract love or money more easily. From the 22-24th you will want to commit time and effort, getting serious around a creative venture, love affair or child through one of these outlets. The energy is very supportive for solid foundations and long term results.

The 27th will be volatile so whether that is angry or passionate will largely depend on how you respond. Venus and Mars are facing off at the same time that the Moon and Pluto are facing off. This means that sparks fly through communications and information, meetings and talks going on over a distance, about a trip, or regarding media, law or education. Emotions will be intense around powerful pulses on the intimate level or surrounding a major financial issue.

The Full Moon in Leo on the 30th is bringing the communications to a peak. This can be a powerful conversation that makes you feel like celebrating or breaking up. Love and creativity are in the mix and something tied to the past is affecting the outcome. You will be seeing this play out through a talk, meeting, news you hear, a decision, agreement, something you have written, a short trip, something going on locally, or involving a sibling.

The 31st brings a Saturn/Pluto square that is challenging you to transform your deep intimate nature or your major financial outlook. How you share your body or the finances is a big part of the picture as well as any serious or limiting energy around falling in love, children or a creative project. When the light, playful side of life is challenged by the deeply transformational side, you need to decide what is worth working on and what really constitutes love for you. Do the work now to see rewards up ahead. Once again the past plays a part.


The month opens on the powerful New Years Eve Eclipse energy in your sign. You are being redefined from the ground up. How you nurture yourself, your body and image, ego needs and identity are part and parcel with how much security you feel. The talks or agreements you make between the 4th and 5th are going to set you on a fresh course with a partner, agent or attorney and this is very much tied to the past for you. By the 11th you will be in this connection for love or money.

Saturn Retrogrades on the 13th in your home base which means the responsibility or limitations at home, with mom or around property matters will lighten a bit but the work towards nurturing yourself and finding your security measures will become more of an internal process. You need to do the work. A past property deal may return or a karmic relationship may begin to play out on the home front. A surprise trip, media, educational, or legal matter excites with the opportunity in partnership or representation today.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 15th is opening up a big fresh start in partnership, with an agent, attorney, or an opponent. This is event oriented and may be karmic in some way since the ruler of the Eclipse just Retrograded. A past person may be key in this new beginning. Mercury stations Direct today as well in the same area of your chart so news, talks, agreements, decisions, meetings, and contracts can now go forward with this person, just don’t sign for a few days until you are past the big shift today.

For the last year Jupiter has been doing its best to expand your ideals around intimacy and deep and profound connections with others. It has also been opening up the area of the chart associated with loans, debt, credit, taxes, insurance, inheritance, bankruptcy, and joint finances. You may have seen these areas grow or luck come through them. Now Jupiter is moving into your ninth house on the 17th to begin a year-long transit of the media, publishing, publicity, travel, education, and law. You will see luck find you here and prosperity do it’s best to expand through these doors.

From the 18-19th you will get a boost in the area of intimacy and major finances so put yourself out there and connect in new ways regarding love or money. From the 22-24th there are real solid results in these areas from anything you do at home, with property, associated with mom or family, or setting up solid structures to build upon.

The 27th may be a volatile day as the Mars/Venus and Moon/Pluto oppositions become exact. You may be going back to a past income making prospect now or going to a past lover for money, the finances are majorly involved in the passions or actions here. Emotions will run very deeply between you so watch out for power struggles or manners of control or manipulation.

The Full Moon in Leo on the 20th is bringing the income matter to a peak in your world. You will be seeing a reason to celebrate the earnings or one source of income drying up. The past person or situation is part of this moment and you can assume it has to do with something creative or involving children or lovers.

The 31st brings the Saturn/Pluto square doing its best to challenge you to deconstruct or transform partnering or representation while dealing with the limits or responsibilities to home, mom or property matters. Something needs to change again and you can do it, step up now and commit the work to reap the benefits up ahead.


January opens with you still vibing on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of New Years Eve and the private, spiritual part of your world peaking in some way. You will have the opportunity to begin talks or take meetings from the 4-5th regarding a work situation, your health or a matter involving pets and this will give you a fresh start. Just realize that the past is tied to this in some way as you move forward. By the 11th you will be in the middle of this new beginning either monetarily or through love.

Saturn Retrogrades on the 13th in your communications zone so you can expect the serious talks and thoughts to lighten a bit and for the real work to begin around the way you are thinking through work and commitment in your life. Excitement and nice surprises are aligned with major finances, divorce matters and intimacy today and are streaming through the work you do, or how you tackle health or pets.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 15th is a brand new, powerful beginning in the work, health and pets arenas and will be event oriented. Put your ambitions to good use in these areas. Mercury stations Direct today as well in this area of life so you are ready to make a new choice or to take the past forward in a new way. You are in the all clear over the next few days to come to terms, sign contracts or state your new position.

Over the last year, Jupiter, the planet of good luck and fortune has been traveling through your house of partners, agents and attorneys. During this time he has been doing his utmost to open up this area of life by either helping you ease away from a bad relationship or introducing a new, generous one into your life. The people who represent you had your best interest at heart and you may have seen prosperous things happening for these significant others.

On the 17th, Jupiter will change signs, moving into the part of your chart associated with sex and intimacy, divorce and major finances. These are the areas that you will find happiness and more opportunity arriving. If you have needed a loan or were waiting on a settlement this transit will aid you in getting it. If you are facing a divorce, this transit will help protect your interests.

From the 18-19th you will feel a lightness and lovely energy flow into the partnership realm of life. This is about you attracting what you need and connecting monetarily more easily with agents or attorneys. The 22-24th offers you real stability with one of these significant people at home or with property or just building on something together that has legs.

The 27th is a volatile day with Mars and Venus opposing at the same time that the Moon and Pluto oppose. You will either balance this and see real passion and deep emotions between you and a partner, agent or attorney, or the energy will manifest as actions that will challenge you through work, health or pets, and this person.

The Full Moon on the 30th is in your sign so you can expect that something very near and dear to you is climaxing. This may be something going on with your body that is wrapping up or an image or identity celebration as something you have been trying to become reaches its summit. Your creativity and loving nature will be part of the package whether this is tipping glasses or good-bye.

Saturn and Pluto square on the 31st ending the month with a major challenge for you to field. What do you want to change about the work you do? Your health? A pets needs? Something is limiting you locally or through a sibling. If it is not a real limit then it is something you are thinking that is holding you in place. Push yourself to do the internal work, take responsibility for your thought process and how you are communicating with others, if you put the effort in now, the rewards up ahead are going to be worth it.


The New Years Eve Eclipse is still reverberating as the month begins and you are feeling the climactic energy around the group affiliations, aspirations, friendships, or social celebrations and how your sense of home it tied to your dreams. From the 4-5th you will have important talks or decisions to make about a lover, child or creative project. This is about a new beginning but you are going to have to give a nod to the past as well. By the 11th you will be in the center of the monetary or love matter with this person or project.

Saturn Retrogrades on the 13th in your house of earnings. This will mean that some of the restrictions you have felt here will lighten a bit and you will begin a process of internal work and commitment around value, possessions and income. If you have been leading an income venture in some way, the shift today means that earning through this prospect will mean slowing and internalizing the efforts in some way. There are some really wonderful opportunities today for surprise or excitement through a partner, agent or attorney that tie in nicely to a love or monetary interest. This will help you with the lover, child or creative venture.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 15th is a big new beginning in the land of true love, with children and in your creative ventures. This will be event oriented and since Mercury is stationing Direct today as well, you can assume you are about to declare something, make a decision, do a turn-about, meet or talk, change your mind, or in some way make your move towards the future after accessing the past over the last few weeks. You are now in the clear to sign on the dotted line or walk away. For single Virgos, this marks the beginning of a year filled with promise for connecting with someone like no one before.

Jupiter has been making his way through your work zone over the last year helping you to open up a broader picture in what kind of work you do or how you approach it. It has also been opening up the health arena to give you some protection to handle anything that has bothered you with your body/spirit connection. On the 17th, Jupiter moves into the house opposite of you and opens up a year-long transit of luck and prosperity coming through partners, agents and attorneys. Anyone you connect to seriously this year will open your world in a generous, happy way, these significant others have your best interests at heart.

From the 18-19th you will find the energy shifts at work and with health or pets issues. There is a lightening up and ease of flow here now, women will be beneficial in these realms and you should find it easier to attract the love or money you need to pursue these lines. From the 22-24th you can get serious and really make some money or spend in a solid fashion to build upon the work, health or pets needs in a way that lasts.

The 27th is volatile in so much as Venus and Mars as well as the Moon and Pluto oppose each other. This will play out over a love or money matter tied to work, health or pets (think an affair with a co-worker, money spent on the work or health, a woman you meet at the hospital or doctors, love met while out with the pets, etc). You will feel like expressing passions behind closed doors or airing anger there, motivations are stemming from the past and all areas of retreat, hospitals, prisons, artistry, fuel the spark. Emotions will run deep where creativity or love is intertwined.

The Full Moon on the 30th is in your hidden part of the chart bringing something you have been working on creatively behind the scenes to a peak. It could be a film or fantasy project, time at a hospital or prison, research you have been doing, or a clandestine or secret love interest. It hits maximum velocity now. This will be a celebration or an ending around creative or love energy.

Saturn and Pluto square on the 31st bringing another big fork in the road around the way you are trying to power through or transform a creative project, something with a lover or a matter tied to children. You will need to deal with any limitations or responsibilities monetarily in this. Show up and do the work, commit or sever the situation, bring the leadership, the rewards up ahead are great if you do.


The Lunar Eclipse on New Years is still ringing in your energy field as the month begins and you feel your way through the career matter or goal that peaked in a big way. Talks you have on the 4-5th are important because they are all about seeding a new beginning with a home, property or real estate matter, living situation, moms needs, or a security need of your own. Someone or situation from the past is involved in this fresh start and you should focus on a woman, love or money matter regarding the house. By the 11th you are in the middle of it and ready to see what the solution will be.

Saturn Retrogrades on the 13th in your sign. This should help lighten the load you have been under, the restrictions and limitations will momentarily lift so that you can get a second wind. Do not be fooled that you are in the clear where lack, loss or responsibilities are concerned, this breather is all about you doing some internal work to figure out the best solution so that when Saturn goes Direct up ahead and things tighten up again you are ready. Look for ways to lead yourself forward, you have a few months now to get it together. A nice surprise or excitement streams through the work, health or pets energy playing out at home or with property. Love or money is the opportunity here.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 15th is giving you a brand new beginning in a big way with the home, living situation, roommate, renovation, move, property or real estate, or issues with mom. This will be event oriented and will have something of the past moving forward as well. Mercury stations Direct today so you are in the clear to make up your mind about what you want at home, where you want to live and with whom, how to handle a real estate matter, or what you are now ready to leave behind. Wait a day or two before signing contracts.

For the last year you have had Jupiter bringing his luck and expansion into your house of creativity, recreation, love, and children. This has been a time that was meant to help you find your joy again and open up the floodgates to what you want to create or how you go about it. On the 17th, Jupiter will move into your arena of work assignments, bringing the luck and prosperity to what you decide to work on. You may take on bigger jobs now or find that the work opens doors that previously were closed. This is also the area of health and pets. If you have any health issues when entering this phase, the year ahead will help you to find the right answers and get the care you need. It is a great time to adopt a pet or get involved with animal rights, if a pet leaves your circle during this transit trust that the benevolence of this influence is there to protect and guide.

From the 18-19th the energy shifts and there is going to be real potential for true love, something involving children, or a creative project to flower. Between the 22-24th the energy gets very supportive and serious and you can build structures, commit, solidify, and generally turn what is so inspiring to you into something long term.

The 27th is volatile with 2 oppositions, the Mars/Venus and the Moon/Pluto. It’s a battle of the sexes kind of day so you can see this play out as full-on passion or anger peaking. An aspiration or friend from the past is where the action is while love or money around a creative project, lover or child is where the attraction is. Emotions will run deep at home or with a property matter. Careful that no one storms out of the house and that lines between friendship and love aren’t crossed.

The Full Moon on the 30th is bringing something with a friend, group or aspiration to a peak. You may be celebrating at a party or other social event, seeing your friend reach a zenith of some sort, or there could be an end to the friendship as one of you leaves, relocates or the connection changes in some way. You could be celebrating the group’s endeavors or deciding to end your affiliation with them now. Love and creativity will be felt at its height.

Saturn and Pluto square on the 31st so you can be prepared for the next turning point around a living situation, home or property matter, move, roommate coming in or going out, renovation, remodel, buying or selling of the space, or something intensely tied to your sense of security rocking again. You are feeling the limits personally but this time Saturn is Retrograde so you should be able to handle the challenge by looking within and taking the reigns. Do the work now so the rewards ahead are something to be proud of.


The Lunar Eclipse on New Years is still resonating as the month begins and you are feeling the peak experience around the trip, media venture, education, or legal issue. Talks or meetings you have from the 4-5th are set to open new doors or mark a fresh start for you, put the focus on writing projects, agreements, decisions, short trips, transportation, siblings, or neighborhood. By the 11th you should be in the thick of it where love or money is concerned.

Saturn Retrogrades on the 13th in your house of the mystical and hidden agendas. This means that responsibilities or limitations around fantasy work, artistic output, film or music, retreat, research, investigations, or dealing with hospitals or other institutions will lighten a bit. You will be doing more internal work on how you access your leadership in these areas now. If you have been fighting feelings of depression or isolation this will lift for the next few months and you should be ambitious about how you wish to tackle what is at the root of the issue now.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 15th and Mercury’s station Direct are both occurring in your house of communications, writing, short trips, siblings, and neighborhood. This means something event oriented is on the agenda that marks a grand new beginning for you. You are now ready to move forward with what you have decided after carefully thinking through the past. Watch for news or agreements that begin now to really move you forward in ambitious ways. Wait a few days to sign on the dotted line.

For the last year Jupiter has been moving through your living situation in an effort to open up your world to bigger opportunities. This could mean you moved, bought or sold property, had a roommate move in or out, renovated, expanded your security egg or family, or did something big with mom. On the 17th, Jupiter will change signs, moving into your house of true love, children and creative projects. This begins a year-long cycle where luck and prosperity will be working their magic for you. You may meet the love of your life if single or see a current affair open up in new adventurous ways, something big could happen for your child or you could conceive if you are trying, or you could finally get the green light for that project!

From the 18-19th the energy will shift at home, with mom, around property matters, and security issues. This is a freer, more light energy here now that will be more social and focus on putting you in the center of the buzz where love or money are concerned here. From the 22-24th you can really get serious about what you are working on behind the scenes in relation to the home or mom, bringing some long term results that please.

The 27th will likely be volatile as Mars opposes Venus and the Moon opposes Pluto. Past goals or reputation will be playing out against a woman, love or money issue at home, with property or mom. For some this could mean an old property comes back around for you or a past affair sparks on the home front. Emotions are going to be intense where sexuality, divorce or major finances are concerned.

The Full Moon on the 30th is bringing a goal, career, ambition, fame, reputation, or something to do with father to a peak in your world. Look at how the expression of creativity or love is playing into this celebration or ending.

The 31st is a challenge as Saturn squares Pluto. What major decision or talk, neighborhood or sibling deconstruction, big change to a writing project, or local move are you faced with? You need to take responsibility for what you do behind the scenes or in secret, look at the work on imaginative projects, any limitations from hospitals or prisons, any self-undoing or machiavellian strategies, or any way you are restricted through research or investigations, then take the lead and do the work to see yourself around this corner. What you commit your efforts to now pays off up ahead in big ways.


You are moving into the month of January on the peak emotions of the New Years Eve Lunar Eclipse that brought a major financial matter to a climax or an intimate connection to be celebrated in a major way. For some of you the divorce is where the culmination occurred. The talks or meetings you have from the 4-5th will set the tone for new beginnings in income you can make or any you would like to spend on something you are interested in. By the 11th you will be right in the middle of making it or spending it, a female may play a big part.

Saturn Retrogrades on the 13th in your house of friendships, groups and aspirations. This means that the responsibilities or limitations you have been feeling here should lighten a bit and the work now will be an internal process of embracing your own leadership when it comes to social situations. You may be returning to a responsible position within a group from the past as well. Cultivating inner ambitions now will lead to more rewards up ahead. A nice surprise or bit of excitement comes your way around home or property and income today.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 15th as well as the station of Mercury to Direct motion are occurring in your income zone. This means something event oriented is happening around a new money making venture, a possession or something you want to spend on. You are ready to make decisions, commit, sign agreements, move forward after thinking through and revisiting the past. Just wait a few days to ink the contracts.

For the last year, your ruler has been touring your house of communications, siblings, neighborhood, and ideas. This has been trying to open up opportunities to expand your world through the way you think, what you say, the things you write, agreements you make, the neighborhood you live in, and your connection with your brothers and sisters. On the 17th, Jupiter moves into your home base and will be traveling through this area for the next year. This will be a lucky and prosperous time to buy or sell a home, delve into real estate or land agreements, set up a home with someone, you may see someone move in or out during this time as a means of opening up your home life, the world could become your home as travel takes you away more, you could see generosity from mom or decide to do something big for her as well, and some of you may decide to start a family during this transit.

From the 18-19th the energy will shift focus to talks, agreements, writing projects, short trips, neighborhood activities, or siblings. This is going to put you in the center of what is happening in a light and positive way. Love, money or a woman will be key in what you are doing here. From the 22-24th you can really cement something long-term in agreements with friends or groups, or in pursuing your aspirations through writing or talks.

The 27th may be volatile as the Mars/Venus and Moon/Pluto oppositions are exact. Things could heat up between the sexes or over a money matter, this is about anger or passion and will be playing out over words or agreements and travel, media, education, or legalities. Emotions are intense around the finances here and how things are shared.

The Full Moon on the 30th is bringing a trip, travel plans, something involving someone at a distance, a media, publishing or publicity matter, teaching experience or class you are taking, or legal issue to a culmination. Whatever is being celebrated or ended now will have a flavor of love or creativity around it.

The Saturn/Pluto square on the 31st is another big challenge for you as you are put in a situation to change or deconstruct an income making proposition while dealing with any limitations or responsibilities to a group, friend, social event, or where the pursuits of your own aspirations are involved. Take leadership by looking at what work you need to do within the parameters of this group or in taking the reigns towards your aspirations.


You enter the month of January on the high emotional energy of the Lunar Eclipse of New Years Eve. This means that a partnership or connection with someone who represents you has taken you to new peak experiences and the celebration or ending will be working its way through these days. On the 4-5th you are set to have a talk or meeting, agreement or decision that is going to be very personal with someone. The focus has to be you, what you need, who you are, or about your body, image or identity. This is a fresh start where love or money are concerned for you and by the 11th you will be in the middle of decisions made today.

Saturn, your ruling energy, is Retrograding on the 13th in your career and ambition house. This means that all the added responsibility and limitations you have been tackling here will ease a bit over the next few months and for some of you this may mark the return of an older male or authority figure you are dealing with on the career front. It is now time to work on your inner view of leadership and ambition to master another level while things are smoothing out a bit. This is not the best time to launch a new business but a good time to work on a past one. A nice surprise or something exciting comes via communications today or a meeting you weren’t expecting, go with what appears since opportunity for you is in the mix.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 15th as well as Mercury stationing Direct will spark an event for you personally. They are both happening in your sign and will be not only be giving you a huge new beginning on a dream that is near and dear to your heart, a physical improvement, image makeover, identity change, or ego need manifesting, but you are now ready to make a decision, sign the agreement, have the important talk or meeting after assessing the past and knowing what you want to take forward with you from that point. Just wait a few days to sign on the dotted line.

For the last year Jupiter has been working its way through income zone, helping you to expand your money making potential and spend on income making prospects. This energy has been a lucky guardian to your value system and helping you earn more or leave a bad earning situation for something bigger. On the 17th, Jupiter will move into your communications zone which will begin opening up big ideas into your world, helping you make contracts work and be prosperous, bring luck into the local realm and through siblings, and really making the way you communicate or write bring you more happiness and luck. If you’ve thought about penning a novel, begin it now.

From the 18-19th the energy shifts its focus to making money and friends may be part of this or a social occasion. You will find you are in the center of the activity, love, women and money will work when you are free and independent of thought and action. From the 22-24th you can make big progress in the income making venture and find that you are building something solid and long term where career or reputation are concerned. Do the work and reap the rewards.

The 27th looks volatile between the sexes or in pursuing money. Mars and Venus face off as well as the Moon and Pluto. This will play out over finances and/or intimacy and emotions will be intense between you and a significant other. With this energy you are looking at anger or passion, it could go either way. Something sexual, divorce related, or around a loan, settlement, tax, insurance, credit card, or other shared resource, will be playing out through a past action to spark this so expect a past triangle, lover, financial matter, or the break-up to return for review or exit stage left.

The Full Moon on the 30th is in your house of intimacy, divorce and major finances. This means you may be celebrating on a sexual level with someone intensely or breaking if off, the divorce may reach its peak or end because you decide to go another way, or the debt or loan may wrap up. Its celebration or ending time around what you love or create here.

The 31st is the Saturn/Pluto square challenging you once again in a major way to deconstruct something about your identity, body, image, ego, or personal needs. This is about challenging yourself to step it up again as you deal with any limitations or responsibilities on the career front, in leadership, around reputation, fame, or father. Put in the work now so you can reap the rewards later.


The Lunar Eclipse on New Year’s Eve in your work, health and pets zone is still reverberating as the month begins. So emotions are still vibing around this peak experience. The talks or decisions you make from the 4-5th are important where women, love or money are concerned and a fresh start in areas of film or fantasy, music or artistry, research or investigations, hospital or prisons, a retreat or mystical experience is in the offering. By the 11th you will be in the heart of what you decide now, with love or money in the mix.

On the 13th, Saturn will Retrograde in travel, media, publishing, education, legal matters, politics, beliefs, and ceremonies. Any added responsibilities or limitations you have been enduring in these arenas will ease a bit now and you may see someone older or in a position of authority from the past show back up during this time. Ambitions in these arenas will slow and you will begin an internal process of working on finding your mastery or leadership through these doors. Spending or making money on something unique comes your way today.

On the 15th the New Moon Solar Eclipse is occurring in your house of hidden agendas, mysticism, research and investigations, clandestine affairs and retreat, fantasy and film, artistic expression and psychic abilities. Mercury stations Direct from this house as well today. So you can expect something event oriented to give you a big boost forward in a new beginning through one of these areas. You have revisited the past over the last couple weeks in one of these ways and are ready to make a decision based on what you want going forward. Just don’t sign for a couple more days.

For the last year Jupiter has been traveling through your sign. This has been one of the best years in a 12 year cycle to help you expand in new ways that will be beneficial to you. The luck and happiness was yours if you got in the game. If you experienced any weight gain during this year, one of the only challenging side-effects, you will see it begins to come off now that Jupiter is changing signs. On the 17th, the planet of luck and prosperity is going to enter your earnings zone. This begins a year-long cycle with potential to earn much more money than you have in a while and to possible spend on something big. Your possessions are protected now as well. Put the positive support to good use by getting out there and earning more.

From the 18-19th, Venus and the Sun move into your sign. This is going to shine a light on you, your body, your image or identity, and anything you really truly want for yourself. It will help you to attract what you need more easily and you will find you are the object of love and money intentions for the next few weeks. From the 22-24th you can get really serious and commit to something legal, involving a trip, a media or publicity venture, publishing, or teaching or taking a class and see long term, solid results.

The 27th is volatile as 2 oppositions play out, one between Mars and Venus, the other between the Moon and Pluto. For you this may be about a fight that sends a partner in the other direction, a partner from the past showing back up and passions heating up, or a combination of past and present in partnership, with agents, attorneys, or opponents. It will be anger or passion and emotions will be intense with something needing to be hidden or threatening to come out of hiding at this time.

The Full Moon on the 30th is bringing a partnership matter or something between you and an agent, attorney or competitor to a peak. This is emotionally charged around love or money and will be a cause for celebration with this person as your relationship hits a high or an ending as you decide to call it quits.

The Saturn/Pluto square on the 31st is a big challenge for everyone and for you it is playing out over the powerful transformations going on in secret, behind closed doors, on things you are working on in private, through film or fantasy, research or hospitals, and around the limits or responsibilities you are feeling around a travel, legal, ceremonial, educational, or media matter. You have to embrace change again and do the work in the areas of the higher mind and see it pay off up ahead.


The month begins emotionally charged as you are still resonating from the New Years Eve Eclipse in your house of true love, children and creative projects. This brought something to a peak in one of these areas that will be felt for a while. On the 4-5th you can open talks or come to agreements with a friend, group, social obligation, or around in important aspiration of yours. The past will figure into this so you may be going back to some type of circle of people you haven’t been around in a while. By the 11th you are in the middle of this group for love or money.

Saturn Retrogrades on the 13th in your house of debt, loans, credit, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, and joint finances. This area also rules sex, intimacy and divorce. So you will feel the burdens lighten over the next few months here and you may see an older lover or person of authority from the past return in one of these shared arenas. You are now embarking on an internalization of mastery and taking the lead in your life to find financial freedom, the work you do is important over the next few months to free you. Nice surprises come today via a female friend or money coming through a group or friend.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 15th aligns with Mercury stationing Direct, both in your zone of friendships, groups, aspirations, associations, and social functions. This means that something event oriented is taking off here and you are now ready to make a decision based on your trip into the past with a friend or group. You will now move forward with a big new start socially or as part of a new group but you are taking something from the past to do so. Wait to sign the contracts until a few days have passed for best results.

For the last year has been traveling through the hidden, mystical, self-undoing part of your chart. This is the planet of luck and expansion so it has been trying to help you get a handle on any self-sabotaging or escapist activities, to expand your world through research and investigation, time at hospitals or other institutions, through fantasy, film, music, the arts, and clandestine romances. On the 17th, Jupiter will enter your sign and kick off a year-long luck cycle that you have not experienced in 12 years. This year you have the midas touch, you can put your dreams out there and if you are willing to show faith in yourself you have quite the green light from the universe to see them manifest. You will find that doors open in areas of artistic expression, romance and spirituality. Focus on your image, your body, your ego and the way you express who you are through your identity, you can make a name for yourself in the next 12 months if you believe.

From the 18-19th you will begin to express your energy in something behind the scenes, through film or fantasy, research or retreat, or at a hospital or prison. The energy is light and about love or money and a group you connect with. From the 22-24th you will have a real opportunity to make some serious inroads from here into a major financial matter or an intimate connection with another. The solid structures you build now will last as will the work and effort you pour into connecting on a deep level.

The 27th could have you diving into a past health or work situation as you are facing locked in with another person in something fantasy or film related, or that you are doing behind closed doors or in a hospital. This is about passion or anger and the action is going to be accompanied by intense and deeply felt emotions that put your aspirations into a transformational summit, connect you to a group or friendship, and pull on your creativity or love nature to its most extreme. Yes, it is going to be quite the day.

The Full Moon on the 30th is bringing a work, health or pet matter to a culmination. You may be wrapping up a job you have been a part of or celebrating something ultimate in the work you are doing at present, you may see a health matter finally resolve itself or if you have been under the weather it could peak now and you will start to feel better. If you have had an issue with a pet it as well will climax at this Full Moon. Love, creativity or children will have a place in the energy as well.

The 31st is a challenge as Saturn squares Pluto. Pluto is deconstructing or transforming an aspiration of yours and asking that you surround yourself with powerful friends, groups, or in some way change the way you socialize and connect. Saturn is adding responsibilities or limitations around an intimate affair, divorce or major financial matter. You have to work on leading yourself forward and finding solutions to deal here while allowing for changes and transformation in your life in these areas. The work you are willing to do internally around mastery will equate to bigger rewards up ahead. Do not doubt your path, these challenges are pushing you to greatness.


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