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The first weekend of the new year will focus on one theme for you and many different energies playing out around it, piece of cake, right? You are still in the rays of the Eclipse, meaning that choices made or actions taken have bigger than usual consequences. You are still in the back-tracking and rethinking/redoing of the Mercury and Mars Retrogrades, meaning that you will be looking at the new year and questions of this weekend with something of the past all around you. Enjoy the last of your Holiday celebrations and hand it to yourselves that you all came through one of the most transformational years in recent memory intact. You are amazing, really!


Saturday begs the question, in 2010 will I find a way to express my creative talents and still be able to reach career milestones? Can I be successful at the level I am capable of while still creating something that makes my heart sing? Can I enjoy what I do out in the world, can I love it? If love is missing in my life, can I achieve it and how? What is going on with children and how does it align with who I have been as an authority figure to them? Begin by opening up dialogue, picking up the phone, you know who to call.

Sunday these themes continue as you do the work to find your answers. You must deal with a hospital or other institution or something that is occurring in a place of retreat, escapism or self-undoing, did someone throw something at you that you didn’t see coming? Look at your aspirations and how they hold the place of your greatest opportunities and happiness, then how your friendships, networking or social opportunities are involved. There is a place of balance between what you love and what you dream of, protect your joy.


Saturday begs the question, in 2010 will I find a way to enjoy my home, deal with property matters or mom, or find peace with the living situation I am involved in? How do I do this and still be able to travel and broaden my world? How do I do this and put in the time to promote, publish, or pursue the media project? How about getting my education, teaching or make my way through a legal maze? Look at how you want to expand or adventure and how your choice of roots in life is working with this. Look at the love or money involved. Then open up the dialogue or pick up the phone and have the conversation.

Sunday again asks you to look at home or living situations. Can you enjoy a surprise visit from a friend at the house today? Are you going to say yes to the last minute invite to a friend’s party or house? Happiness today lies in finding balance between your home, security needs and feelings of grounded stability and ways to reach your goals, no matter how big they are. Don’t limit what you can achieve because you feel the roots won’t support you, so much can come from trusting that YOU are home.


Saturday asks you to look at what you say, think or write. What kind of decisions do you want to make for 2010 around debts, loans, credit, or any other shared financial matters? How do you want to relate intimately? Can you communicate your sexual side with powerful people and remain true to your needs? How do you want to settle a divorce matter? Is something you are writing going to find the backing it needs? Look at the love or money tied into these themes and then open up the dialogue. Pick up the phone and state your case.

Sunday talks and communications, ideas and decisions continue to hold sway. You are going to have to look at how an original career goal can be met and find ways to make it work, or you may have a surprise coming your way around a goal or ambition that must be fielded. Find a way to balance your desire to expand or adventure, to travel, educate, learn, publish, or deal with media or legal matters, through the way you are communicating, writing or around the ideas you have percolating.


Saturday has you thinking about 2010 and the money you are making or spending. Can you earn a living and be creative? Can you love what you are doing to make money? Is there ever going to be the right partner, agent or attorney in the picture to co-create the income you are looking for? Take a look at what you truly value and what you can do to broaden your income base through the love or money you seek from the significant person in question. Pick up the phone and give them a call or sit down and open up the dialogue with them, you know who.

Sunday income is still the focus, how much are you making or what must you spend right now? There is something legal, travel related, surrounding teaching or taking a class, or involving media or publishing that is going to stretch your view on the income/spending matter. You have to establish a way to balance what you make/spend with what you have coming through credit cards, a partners finances, loans, alimony, inheritance, bankruptcy, or any other outside resource. This simple balance promises happiness.


Saturday has you wondering what 2010 will mean regarding your identity in the work you do. Will there be the kind of money you want and will you be loved for what you are creating on the work front? It also has you wondering about your body, your image and your health. Can you get yourself into the shape you want or meet the level of fitness you desire? Have you substituted something physically to replace the love you miss? What can you do to bring it all together? There is a call you need to make or someone you need to meet with, so what are you waiting for?

Sunday has you still working on your body, image or personal needs but there is a definite influx of energy around the finances or intimacy today. You may need to borrow money or put the gym membership on the credit card, or in some other way reach out for finances to help you meet the physical goal or you may decide that part of the way to feeling better physically is to connect with someone sexually again. There seems to be a partner or trainer, agent or attorney, who can help you to reach your best so reach out to them for motivation.


Saturday has you looking at 2010 from the perspective of the Machiavellian mystic, artist, or romantic, someone who pulls the strings from behind the scenes or has an innate insight into the mechanisms of the play, masterminding the scenes before you. What you have to ask is, are the strategies you are implementing moving your creative venture in the direction you want it to go monetarily? Is the woman involved giving you what you need? Is the love or beauty there? Are you finding some new deeper internal meaning for your own life that is redefining what you seek in a love interest? Where are you on the issue of children? It’s time to take it out of the planning or processing stage and talk about it, make the call.

Sunday you will be continuing the dialogue as you field the surprise or change from the partner, agent or attorney. It’s a run for freedom or a real zinger in response to your position, a spin on the dime or a change of direction. Do your best to remember that you are in the last couple of weeks of big expansion or stretching the limits through the work you do or involving health, this may be where you should truly seek happiness in the midst of these adjustments, there is much still to attend to here.


Saturday is all about what you want to do when you grow up, well, ok you are probably all grown up already but DO ask yourself what your aspirations really are for the year ahead. Is there part of your social circle that can lend itself towards helping you reach your creative or love needs? Somehow, the social occasion, friendships or group affiliations are playing a major role this weekend. In all of this comes the question about home, property, living situation, security needs, roommates, and how you are going to meet the love or money issues here. Confused? What do you really want? Get clear on it from the start of the year, then pick up the phone or sit down and open up the conversation, it all begins with the talk you have today.

Sunday the friends, groups or social occasions can lead to some surprising directions in the work you do or want to attract. If you are looking for employment or another gig, reach out to these people. Be willing to try new things. Keep an eye on your health while out and about with your circle as well. At the end of the day, what you are doing in this social scene or with your friends is leading to a new balance towards happiness and expansion on the creative front, in true love or with children in your life.


Saturday pours the energy into career, goals and ambitions all based in the creative realm. As you feel the drive you will be asking yourself what it is you want to see achieved in 2010. What can you do with the way you communicate? How about the writing project or great idea you have? Is there something involving a brother or sister or neighbor you can work on now? Look at ways to talk about love or money that help you to achieve your aim. Then pick up the phone or sit down and open up.

Sunday the career or goals still motivate but you need to find a new way to express the creativity or change something about how you are expressing the project. Ask yourself if there is a love matter you are trying to achieve that you can approach in a new and original way. Your home, living situation or security needs are in need of balancing and the sooner you communicate what it is you truly want the sooner your new year can get on its way.


Saturday brings up feelings about the media matter, travel plans, education, or legal agenda. You will be wondering what 2010 has in store for you through these doors and looking at ways to make a living tied to them. Can you get more education to increase salary or can you teach to earn more money? Will you travel more to earn money or is there a media or publishing venture you would like to put some earnings into in the attempt to earn more up ahead. Are legal contracts involved or is there something in the field of law that attracts you towards earning potential? You need to meet or talk to someone today about it, get cracking!

Sunday the focus is still on these expansive areas of life but you are going to be dealing with a move or home situation, a roommate or property matter and any changes you need to deal with here to accommodate the expansion. Your ideas are where the happiness is waiting, find the higher means to unlock what you have to share with the rest of us, begin now.


Saturday can be about the sex and intimacy in your life, connecting deeply with another and finding ways to express who you are in this connection and what your needs are as you are setting out into the year 2010. If this doesn’t sound like your current situation, the energy also favors the shared experience of finance or divorce. You can ask how you wish to bring your world into a better position through handling loans, credit, debt, or any other form of major finance, or you can tackle the great divide of divorce as you strive towards reclaiming your own identity. In any of these profound places of seeing who you are becoming, there is something that must be said or decided, pick up the phone or sit down with them and speak your truth.

Sunday continues in the deeply shared arenas in life, it is that kind of profound weekend for Capricorns. You can speak about something regarding independence, original approaches, unconventional ideas or new ways of doing things. In all of this expression of sex, major finances or divorce there is an arrow pointing towards your value system or what you want to see happening with the money you earn or spend. Finding balance here brings happiness.


Saturday will be asking you to think about how you feel about a partnership in your life and just what you are willing to keep secret or do behind closed doors. There can be an element of excitement to what remains clandestine but it can also begin to feel like you are hiding part of yourself. Just where are you in this mix? If this is not about a partner then who represents your needs or speaks for you? Is it an agent, advocate, attorney, or specialist? What are they doing behind the scenes or attached to a film or fantasy project, research or investigation, hospital or prison? Look at how love or money needs are being met and then you need to pick up the phone or sit down and talk about where you are at.

Sunday the interest in what is happening with partners, agents, attorneys or any other representative or specialist remains focal. You will be fielding energy around money you make or what you spend in relation to this person. Changes or new ways of approaching it come forward. This may sound obvious, but you have a couple more weeks with the planet of luck and expansion in your sign and how you balance with this significant person in your life is really trying to help you find your personal happiness. You have to look seriously at what makes YOU happy and be responsible for making this a reality in your life, they will respond to how well you take care of you.


Saturday will have you asking what work you can do to reach your creative peak, how the work you do is meeting your creative needs and if there is anything else you should be doing for work in 2010 that suits your creative talents best. It will have you looking at your health and how your physical well-being correlates with love in your life and your relationship with children. In all of these work and health connections, you are in need of a careful look at what your true aspirations are for your life. You have to look at a particular female friend tied to the work or health matter you need to connect with. Something needs to be talked out or agreed upon, pick up the phone or sit down and get it wrapped up.

Sunday you will continue to tackle health, work and pet matters. It will go well for you if you find some interesting or unusual new ways to throw yourself into the work-out or work, take the dogs on a different walk, hike in a new place, enlist some friends to tackle the work, there is something surprising waiting for you if you approach it all differently today. In all of this, the long-term expansion you have been undergoing through the mystical house of retreat and research, fantasy and psychic abilities finds a new balance, you are learning to face your hidden fears or tendencies towards escapism and it is setting you free. If you have health issues that have led you to a hospital, today that balance will help you to turn a corner.


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