Friday, January 15, 2010


Saturday is interesting as the Moon is favoring the Aquarian vibe so you will feel like being with friends or doing something unusual. Mars on the other hand is pulling you into the past around your creativity or what or who you love. You may need to balance both but today is the last day for 12 years with the luck and expansion of Jupiter in the sign of Aquarius so you may want to connect with your group or friend, clear something out, do something adventurous, or project that aspiration forward while the propulsion is so positive.

Sunday the Moon and Neptune meet up on the same degree to help you to get in touch with any dreams that hold meaning for you as you wrap up the Jupiter cycle. It will also lend a great amount of artistry or romance to something you are doing socially or wrapped around your aspirations. At 9:10pm eastern/6:10pm pacific Jupiter changes signs, marking new areas of big luck and expansion for everyone as he moves into Pisces!

Expect a year ahead with major growth in the arts, film, music, psychic and mystical expressions, investigations and research, and with hospitals, prisons and other institutions.


Passions or anger are stirred with a child, lover or creative venture. You may be trying to pull this in line with a friend or social event or you may just be feeling pulled between wanting to be with the soul group and take care of the love or creative urge. What have you left undone here? Do it now while the luck is favoring the move.

Saturday feelings about the artistic, romantic or spiritual energy with your friend, group or aspiration is positive and all about getting it going. This evening, Jupiter will shift into the twelfth house in your chart, kicking off a year ahead with luck and expansion finding you in the work you do behind the scenes, in retreat and meditation, spiritual work and artistry, film and fantasy, research and investigations, and at hospitals or dealing with institutions.


Saturday gives you strong feelings about the career and what is happening with goals and reputation. Luck is peaking here now so do whatever you wish to do to expand in this area today. You will feel like doing something at home or with property, or this may be where passions or anger are felt, disperse energy to both quarters for best results.

Sunday Neptune is favoring your career or goals if they are flavored with artistry, romance or spirituality. Dreams remembered upon waking carry interesting directions for you in places usually without boundaries, pay attention. Tonight Jupiter changes signs, moving into a new one year luck cycle and for you this means you are about to enter a new social bracket, find that networking and associates can open big doors for you that you may have thought were shut, that your popularity is going to rise and a new friend or two may enter the scene who will teach you things or walk you through new adventures. Groups you join or form now will as well bring benefits to your life.


That friend or group you are a part of that is all involved in the media, law, education, or travel is pulling on your emotional heartstrings today as you continue to retrace steps through old agreements and things said in the heat of passion. Luck is still with you today but you will need to really look at what you want to agree to moving forward as the seas are shifting.

Sunday feelings should be pretty dreamy around the travel, media, legal or educational matter. Your beliefs are being touched upon here as you find your inspiration. Is there a romantic ideal wrapped up in all of this or an outlet for your artistry? Tonight Jupiter begins his new year long cycle of luck and for you this is going to be peak as he moves into your career sector. Goals, ambitions, fame, career, and father are all areas of prosperity and expansion, get ready!


Saturday is about dealing with the monetary issues at hand. You have this last day of major luck in areas of other people’s money so look at what you can do about the loans, credit cards, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, settlement, or joint finances. You are still retracing steps into past income matters so you may want to connect with a way of earning you took on before to compensate this transition.

Sunday brings some chance to begin something artistic, romantic or spiritual with outside financial resources so dream big and then take steps. Jupiter changes signs tonight, entering a new year long cycle of luck and for you this means anything involving the media, publicity, publishing, travel, import/export, people at a distance, teaching, taking classes, ceremonies, or legal matters!


Saturday asks that you stretch yourself with the partnership, partner, marriage, agent, attorney, or opponent. This area has been expanding and has been the lucky part of your chart for a year. Today is the last day this energy favors the partners and representatives so look at what you can do about diving into your past image or identity and releasing any passions or anger that may be holding you up, the stars are urging growth today.

Sunday the feelings about a partner, agent, attorney, or opponent are connecting with Neptune in a wonderful new beginning so dreams may give you an answer upon waking or you may find that a new start to romance, artistry or spirituality with this person is marked from this day forward. Jupiter enters Pisces kicking off a new year long cycle of luck and for you this is going to be in the area of intimacy and sex, reproduction and divorce, and all things connected to resources that are shared, so: loans, credit, debt, insurance, inheritance, taxes, bankruptcy, settlements, alimony, child support, and joint finances! This is where great expansion and prosperity will play out.


Saturday has you doing something passionate or motivated behind the scenes. You may be acting or directing, researching or investigating, taking care of something at a hospital or prison, or just retracing steps to catch up on something. The luck and expansion on the work and health front is still with you today so pour your energy here as well, connect with associates or comrades who are invested.

Sunday the work, health or pets will be a great place to express your artistic, romantic or spiritual vision. Something is peaking here and dreams you remember upon waking may give clues to what this is. Jupiter changes signs tonight moving into your opposite sign, Pisces, kicking off a year-long luck cycle with partners, agents, opponents, and attorneys. These people will be good for you now, open doors and anyone exiting the picture at this juncture is making way for someone who will bring happiness or prosperity onto the scene.


Saturday has you retracing steps with a friend or group while balancing this with the creative project, lover or child. Your lucky year of expansion through creativity is peaking now and you should do your best to share your passions about aspirations with those closest to you today and early tomorrow.

Sunday Neptune steps in to key you in on some dreams about love, children or creative projects so pay attention to your gut, your intuition, signs along the way and dreams you remember upon waking. Whatever you are working on creatively right now has potential so push it today. Jupiter enters Pisces tonight and kicks off a new year-long luck cycle that will play out in your work assignments, with co-workers, people you hire to work for you, your health and with pets!


Saturday will be about balancing the home or property needs with the career and goals you are retracing and motivating on. Your luck and expansion on the home front, with roommates, property matters and mom is peaking now so push towards what you want with this in mind.
Sunday check in with your dreams upon waking as the Moon/Neptune conjunction will be giving you some guidance about home and living situations. Any artistry, romance or spiritual calling you can pursue at home today is putting things on the right foot forward. Jupiter changes signs moving into Pisces and your house of true love, children and creative projects. This is the beginning of a year-long luck and expansion cycle for you! Put it out there.


Saturday may bring news or a talk, decision or agreement about a media matter, trip, with someone at a distance, an educational issue or legal matter. You are retracing something from the past here and still have luck in your ability to communicate your needs and have them heard so speak up. Writing projects should be pushed today as well. If you are involved with one of these areas with a sibling, handle the issue today.

Sunday dreams bring clues to what it is you really want, think about the symbols you receive. Talks, meetings and agreements today are new beginnings in areas of artistry, romance or spirituality. Jupiter moves into Pisces tonight beginning a new year-long luck cycle in the area of home and property. This means moves, buying and selling, roommates and other living situations will be where the expansion and benefits find you.


Saturday is about the finances, making and spending money on aspirations and with groups or friends, and retracing any past actions involving loans or other outside financial resources. Luck and expansion is peaking here now so tackle what must be and do your best to balance the books.

Sunday dreams are about what you value so when you wake take notice of what the symbols represented and write it down, it may come in handy in figuring out a certain situation. Earning in areas of artistry, romance or spirituality are favored. Jupiter moves into Pisces tonight and kicks off a year-long luck cycle in your communications zone. This means talks, meetings, decisions, and agreements will protect or favor you, neighborhood, short trips and siblings are covered here as well so expansion may come through connection here. Writers, this is a pinnacle year, get to it!


You have had luck and expansion in your sign for a year and have been the favored child for benefiting from grace. Today this is peaking for you as you retrace something with a partner, agent, opponent or attorney. Balance is key as well as remembering how happy you deserve to be while moving through your world.

Sunday the romantic, artistic or spiritual wish is in your lap. Your dreams will be filled with inspired imagery and you can start afresh on one of these roads just by believing in yourself. Jupiter changes signs tonight, entering Pisces and your income zone for the next year. This is where luck and prosperity will play out so expand your horizons, you could earn a huge sum if you show faith.


Saturday the energy of Retrograde Mars is pushing your to retrace steps with a work assignment or co-worker from the past or a past health or pet issue. The time alone or working behind the scenes still holds luck but it is peaking this weekend, if you need to research or investigate do it now. If you need to get to the hospital or put final touches on the fantasy project, again, do it now.

Sunday your ruler, Neptune, connects with the Moon helping you to process through dreams just what you have been working on through the subconscious this last year so pay special attention to what you remember upon waking. Any artistic, romantic or spiritual starts done in private or behind closed doors are favored today. Jupiter ends his tour through Aquarius and moves into your sign tonight! This marks a year-long luck cycle that will be about you, your body, image, identity and ego needs, helping to protect and free you to be who you are meant to be, trust the process!


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