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Wowza! We enter the week on the waves of Poseidon’s exuberance as Jupiter has officially taken up residence in Pisces domain :) Think back to February 8, 1998, that is the last time Jupiter began an adventure akin to this one!

Jupiter is going to stride through the sign of dreams, poetry, film, fantasy, music, art, psychic and mystical attunement, romance, and the place where we retreat and connect with our higher source at a rapid pace, meeting all 30 degrees by June 6th!

From June 6th-September 9th, Jupiter will move into Aries, Retrograde and on September 9th pass back into Pisces. Jupiter will retrace his steps back through 23.30 degrees of Pisces where he will stop and go Direct again on November 19th. Jupiter will remain in Pisces until January 22, 2011.

So, you have from now to June 6th and then from September 9-January 22 to take your artistry to a major new level, to branch out romantically, to open up spiritually, to attract prosperity and luck, adventure and happiness to these realms.

For those of you attending Sundance, I am posting the Zoe Moon Sundance Report to help you maneuver through your meetings with the most universal support possible, look for it on Tuesday!

Monday, Venus is changing signs, moving into Aquarius where love and money will become a social affair with leanings towards the altruistic. Friendships and group affiliations will go more smoothly and this is a great day to meet up and tend to monetary matters or make agreements.

Tuesday the Sun follows suit, entering Aquarius and putting you into a more gregarious state of mind. It is that time of year to follow the beat of your own drummer no matter what. Dare to be the individual, let your originality shine through! Yes, I know most of you and you really don’t need this encouragement from me, lol, but dare I say you may feel even a bit more rebellious and inventive during this month long cycle and that will be a good thing?!

Wednesday is superb for putting yourself out there and striking a cord with others over the money attached or the love in the picture, there is opportunity in this situation if you step in. By the evening the energy changes a bit dramatically and will be intense and a bit dangerous or restrictive. Not the time to be pushing an issue with someone significant.

Thursday or possibly late Wednesday night, you may have a disagreement over the goal or reputation. There is a stumbling block in the way or a major challenge to the goal so ease off if you can. If traveling in the wee hours guard against snafews. By the afternoon the energy increases and the roar of ‘charge’ is heard as good vibes rattle the past connections and creative impulses find wings. Love and children fair well today as well so plan to do something creative or with the one you love.

Friday at 1:07 in the morning eastern, 10:07pm pacific on Thursday, Venus meets Saturn for some real agenda. This is very positive for cementing a financial commitment, for setting up representation or partnership with long term results, for getting serious about what you want and getting it locked down. If you are meeting do it Thursday night or early Friday to take advantage of this great, solid energy. The rest of the day is social and all about the arts, romance or spiritual goals, opportunity beckons, enjoy!


If networking is something you are involved in, use today’s energy to make those significant contacts. Time with friends is going to be a lovely thing now with Venus in this part of your chart, female associates can help you monetarily. Talks about the career or goal or information you discover while doing a bit of investigative work, leads to positive results.

Tuesday puts you in the spotlight with a group or friends, center stage where your aspirations are concerned and all about the underdog, so champion your cause and get your name and body out there in the thick of it, it’s all about being who you really are right now.

Wednesday brings a positive talk or meeting with a group or friend during the day. If you want to put out information about something you are working on this day is beneficial to broadcast. The evening is challenging where a partner, representative or opponent is concerned, limits or intense emotions may arise. The goal should not be pushed at this point.

Thursday or late Wednesday night you may have words about reputation or career. Thoughts are a bit discordant about what is or is not occurring. Remember your ruler is in backwards motion until March 10th so you can try to push forward but it will most likely just wear you out, Mars will still be shrinking into the shadows before you. Use the time instead to focus on reworking something from the past and getting it ready when the energy shifts up ahead.

Friday or late Thursday night you can take advantage of the serious, supportive energy of Venus and Saturn coming together to help you connect something social or aspiration driven with a partner, agent, attorney, or opponent that favors long term results monetarily or where matters of the heart are concerned. Time spent with friends, groups, associates or pursuing aspirations today will open opportunity and help reach artistic, romantic or spiritual goals.


As your ruling energy moves into your career Midheaven on Monday you should feel your drive and ambitions relax a bit and things will start to go more smoothly. Women will be beneficial to your goals, love and beauty will be expressed in the career or around reputation and you should be able to more easily attract the financial rewards you seek in the career. Talks today favor travel, media, publicity, education, or legal matters and you can include a friend or group for best results.

Tuesday the Sun moves into your career Midheaven and puts you front and center stage in the limelight for the next month. This is the time of year when you can really shine, take a step up the career ladder, pursue your goals with recognition or make a change of direction with favorable results.

Wednesday is a great day to be seen so put yourself out there before your public! It’s wonderful for time with women, dealing with money or pursuing something of beauty. What you do behind closed doors is equally important so if that means research, rest or delving into your artistry, expect it to in some way lead to your recognition. The evening is more intense and challenging around work, health, travel, media, education, or legal matters and you may just feel like hiding out for the night.

Thursday or late Wednesday night a talk, news or a meeting will be a bit challenging, once again about the trip, media, publicity, educational or legal matter, and what you are trying to do behind the scenes. Wait for the afternoon and the big push from Mars will have you tackling things at home or with property that go well.

Friday or late Thursday night your ruler meets with Saturn and there is wonderful energy here for you to have a serious meeting over finances on the career front or with a goal and the commitment you make to a work project or your health. Women are in your corner in this, if you need to see a goal about love met, you can commit to the work involved or do something about the health or pet issue to cement it.


Venus enters your ninth house on Monday and makes travel plans run more smoothly, helps with media or legal matters involving women or money, and puts the money there for educational matters as well. If you are seeking love, look to these arenas for it to blossom. You can attract what you need with more ease in any of these expansive realms. Talks or meetings today about loans or other sources of outside finances should go well so open up the dialogue.

Tuesday the Sun moves into the ninth house and you will be center stage over the next month in a media or publicity matter, trip, legal maneuvering, or teaching or taking a class. This is where you shine now so take advantage and push yourself out there in whichever of these attract your interest.

Wednesday your connection to a friend, group or associate is going to be what opens doors for you in the media, travel, educational or legal arenas so reach out and either put your name or face to the project or see what it is you can come to an agreement over regarding love or money in the picture. Take the trip together or get into the media venture, you get the idea. There is real opportunity for you today in this. The evening is more intense and challenging as you will need to look at the way finances are shared with this friend or group and any limitations creatively or in matters of the heart.

Thursday or late Wednesday night a talk or meeting about this will flair up, there is challenge here as well but it is not insurmountable. Look at whether you can find a win/win solution with a bit of compromise. The afternoon opens up to lots of positive energy locally or in communications as Mars gets involved to spur you on with this person.

Friday or late Thursday night you can utilize the solidifying energy of the Venus/Saturn connection to cement something monetary, love oriented or with a female regarding travel, media, education, or law. This is going to give you a real structure to build on creatively. Get serious, commit, or sever ties but know that it is the right time to get in the game or out of it once and for all. Friends and groups are the venue to expressing artistry, romance or spirituality through media, travel, education, or legal channels later today and it all looks good.


Venus moves into the arena associated with major finances, sex and divorce on Monday and will help you to attract the backing you need, settle debt or deal with loans in a much easier way. If you are single this may mark the beginning of a lovely, steamy love interest, and if you are trying to get a fair settlement from the divorce or reconsider the love with this person, now it will flow more smoothly as well. Talks today with a partner or representative are filled with opportunity around media, travel, education, or legal matters so connect while the energy supports!

Tuesday the Sun follows Venus into Aquarius and lights up your house of sex, major finances and divorce. This puts you in the spotlight in these arenas over the next month and you will shine here so ask for the investment, put yourself or your name to the financial matter, get into the intimate encounter body and soul, or separate your identity from another through the divorce.

Wednesday your career or goals take an upturn and you can connect in matters of sharing in a financial matter, sexual intimacy or divorce. Love or money should be on the table here and it is all going to go well for you so be fearless. The evening is way more challenging as emotions are intense around power balances with partners or representatives, opponents or in limitations at home. Don’t push goals tonight.

Thursday or late Wednesday night a talk or meeting is challenging with the partner, opponent, agent, or attorney. Once again, not the best time to try to come to an accord over the career agenda or goal. Once Mars moves into play in the afternoon things get much more positive and active and you can go make some money or spend some on the career or goal in ways that suit.

Friday or late Thursday night you can take advantage of the superb connection between Venus and Saturn that wants to help you to tackle a major financial matter, divorce or intimate/sexual topic with a woman or around your love or money ideal. You can get serious here at home or over property matters in ways that have long term results and help you to feel solid about the connection. If you are looking at filing bankruptcy, buying or selling property, or settling over the home, this is the time to do it. Goals are insight.


Venus moves into your seventh house on Monday and smoothes things out with partners, agents, attorneys, or opponents! This is about attracting love or money through these people and finding things going so much easier than they have. If single you may meet someone now who is real partnership material. Talks about work, health or pets go well and should have you feeling good about the major financial picture.

Tuesday the Sun, your ruler, follows Venus into Aquarius and you will be in the spotlight over the next month in all things relating to partnership and representation. This is the time to be seen so if you want to partner in business or marriage, make a grand show of yourself, they won’t be able to take their eyes off of you, if you want to attract an agent or attorney get out and set meetings to impress them.

Wednesday feelings about the media, travel, educational, or legal matter should be pretty dynamic as you see what is occurring with the partner or representative around money or love. This is so positive so once again, get out there. The evening is way more intense as the energy shifts to deal with the challenge around work, health or pets and any news of loss or limitations, responsibility or time involved.

Thursday or late Wednesday night a talk will come up over these things that will challenge you. Once again, not the time to ask for what you want as the answer won’t please, on the other hand, the more inventive you are in overcoming the obstacle to your plans the better. The afternoon is a wonderful shift of energy to getting yourself into the picture. This may mean you hop a plane, get yourself to the travel agent to book the flight, go to take the class or teach it, put yourself in front of the camera or into the media venture, get out to publicize yourself, or go to the courthouse or law office to deal with the legal matter.

Friday or late Thursday night puts you in the right place at the right time to meet or talk, come to an agreement or decision, with a partner, agent, opponent, or attorney, that is going to cement something for you long term. This can be about love or money but expect if you utilize this energy flow you will be structuring something positive. Connections to travel, media, law, or education are positive in this.


Venus is on the move, entering your house of work assignments, co-workers, service, health, and pets on Monday. This means things will flow more smoothly in these areas of life now, women will benefit, you should be able to attract the money or love you want through these channels and spending will likely play out here as well. Talks or meetings with a lover, child or about a creative project today are filled with opportunity to partner or have positive representation.

Tuesday the Sun follows Venus into the work, health and pets arena and you will be in the spotlight in these areas for the next month. This means you can really be seen for the work you do, you can step it up with your body or health routine and get yourself in great shape, and you can do good for animals or find you are noticed when out walking the dog or visiting the vet.

Wednesday gives you an opportunity to see just what you are made of on the job, with health or pets as you will definitely be shining and looking for ways to express this through women, love or money. Major financial matters, divorce or intimacy are part of this spotlight today so step it up. The evening is tough as you deal with challenges to the love affair, creative project or children and any limitations on spending or income.

Thursday or late Wednesday night the talk or decision is all about this, the lover, child or creative project and any issues over intimacy, reproduction, divorce, or major finances. It is challenging so don’t push for something now if you can hold off but do tackle the problem. The afternoon is positive as Mars kicks into gear and helps you to achieve something behind the scenes either through film or fantasy, research or investigations, or hospitals or prisons. Whatever the outlet, the result is smooth sailing financially, intimately or with the divorce.

Friday or late Thursday night brings alignment that favors work and income for you in a very solid, committed way. You can deal with women on the job and commit to the monetary matter, you can put in time making or spending money on a health matter or pets, or you can find that love or money is solidifying through a sense of service or a severing of it, all beneficial so follow your truth. The ability to express artistry on the job or spirituality where health or pets are concerned comes up as well leading to intimacy, financial reward or shared experience.


Your ruler, Venus changes signs on Monday moving into your house of true love, children and creative projects! This is a great time of year for you to attract the love or money you need to create the project or do something fun and loving with children or a love interest. Single Librans may meet a contender for their affections now. Everything in these areas will run more smoothly. A talk about home or property goes well if you center on the work, health or pets involved.

Tuesday the Sun follows Venus into this part of your chart and puts you in the spotlight with love, children and creative projects for the month ahead. This is your time to shine, get out and be seen Libra! You will be attracting lots of interested parties and can launch your hearts desire now.

Wednesday gives you a chance to put this to the test as you are center stage in a creative venture or love matter and find that the emotional energy is favoring partnership or representation for you! If you need to attract love or money connect with the partner, agent or attorney now. The evening is challenging as emotions are intense and involve change or power issues at home and any limitations put on you in dealing with the partner, agent, opponent or attorney.

Thursday or late Wednesday night a talk, email, meeting or decision will be involved with this person at home and once again, it is challenging so don’t push the issue just now if you can help it. The afternoon amps up in a positive way with friends or groups, get out and connect with those like-minded individuals. If you need to express a passionate aspiration do it now.

Friday or late Thursday night brings a harmonious aspect between your ruler, Venus, and Saturn. This means you can cement something between yourself and a lover, child or creative venture. Love or money will be in the mix and long term, stable results come from what you agree to or sever, it’s all good. Find ways to express your romantic, artistic or spiritual nature creatively as there will be outlets for this with someone significant.


Venus moves into the home arena on Monday which may indicate a woman moving in or out, a time of beautifying the home or property or a time when love and money flow more easily through this part of your world. Talks or decisions today lead to great feelings about a creative venture, lover or child so open up and share.

Tuesday the Sun follows Venus into Aquarius illuminating your place in the home, with property, in living situations, with family and mom. If you want to move or buy or sell real estate, find a roommate or step it up on the home front, you will find you are center stage and attracting what you need to make it happen.

Wednesday gives you the opportunity to see what you can do with the home, mom or security needs as you are front and center here doing the work, tackling a health matter or dealing with pets. Look for the love or money or the help of a female to make it all work. Evening is tough as emotions intensify around information or talks and what is being limited or added to responsibilities in retreat, at hospital or prison, in film or fantasy, or through investigations. Don’t push the work, health or pet matter now.

Thursday or late Wednesday night brings a talk or decision about one of these things that will challenge you. Whether it is news about a health issue or work, or the pet has a problem, you can find solutions, just don’t push for something just yet. The afternoon is much better as action on the career front takes over or you find you are motivated to pursue a goal. The past is involved so if you need to go back to an old boss or authority figure it looks good.

Friday or later Thursday night Venus and Saturn meet up to help you to solidify something you have been working on behind closed doors, an issue involving the hospital or prison, a film, music or other artistic outlet, or something involving investigations. The love or money for the home or mom is going to benefit here so commit, agree or sever knowing that the energy is beneficial and solid. Feelings about work, health or pets will lighten as opportunity at home or with mom opens up.


Venus enters your third house on Monday and brings with her the ability to attract the love or money through what you say, the meeting or agreements you make, what you do locally in the neighborhood, with your involvement with siblings and through short trips. Writing projects can attract monetary rewards now and over all things will run more smoothly in all of these communications and transportations zones. Talks or decisions about income go well regarding the home or living situation.

Tuesday the Sun follows Venus into the same arena putting you in the spotlight in writing, talks, meetings, decisions, agreements, moves or neighborhood activities, with siblings and short trips for the month ahead. You shine in all of these arenas so put yourself into the mix!

Wednesday you get a chance to illustrate this in connection with a lover, child or creative project that should be filled with opportunity for you to shine, express yourself, and attract love or money. The evening is not so easy as emotions become intense around income or spending and any limitations or responsibilities you have to a group or friend. It may feel as though there is no fun coming your way, just do your best to tackle the obstacle and don’t push it too hard just yet.

Thursday or late Wednesday night you will be hearing news about or having a talk or meeting regarding income or spending and this is likely to push buttons emotionally so once again, pace yourself. The afternoon is much more positive as Mars kicks in and you are busy doing the travel, media, educational or legal matter. It’s a good time to get it done.

Friday or late Thursday night brings a wonderful connection between the love or money talk or agreement that will solidfy something of an aspiration of yours or that is group oriented or tied to a friend. You can commit or break away under this influence but know that it is positive and will have long term results you can build upon. The evening is promising lots of fun with creative outlets or loved ones so enjoy yourself.


Venus changes signs on Monday taking her ability to attract love and money into your earnings zone! This is great news for you as you should be able to make money a lot easier now and find that you spend on things that help you to earn or that are possessions of value. Talks or agreements made today benefit you with opportunity so listen to that inner voice and then connect with whomever it is you need to, to make it happen.

Tuesday the Sun follows Venus into the earnings zone putting you in the spotlight for a full month! This means you will be the go-to person, you have every reason to believe you can land the monetary rewards and if you need to find new ways of making money, get yourself out there in person, few will be able to resist your charms.

Wednesday gives you a chance to put this to the test as you wheel and deal your way through the earnings sector and this is paying off handsomely if you work from home, sell real estate or want to spend to remodel or decorate the home or property. The evening is tough as the energy becomes intense around a home or property matter and changes you may have to deal with or limitations or responsibilities on the career front.

Thursday or late Wednesday night the talk you have or news you hear again focuses on the challenge around home or property and what you need from the scenario, it is tough but you can look for ways to work around it, just don’t push for all or nothing. The afternoon is much more dynamic as Mars helps you to go after the lending institution, loan, to deal with the insurance, taxes, bankruptcy, settlement, inheritance, or any other major financial matter pertaining to the home or property in a positive way.

Friday or late Thursday night Venus and your ruler, Saturn, meet up in a harmonious angle to help you to make or spend the money you want and solidify a career agenda in a way that has long term results. This is very favorable for getting hired or for spending the money to start up or launch a new business, or setting up something that continues to earn you money over time. The home or property matters are linked beautifully to income again today so express yourself by earning or spending in this area.


Venus moves into your sign on Monday, oh happy day! This is about gifting you with the spark of beauty, helping make you the favored child of the zodiac for a while and to attract the love or money you need to redefine your look, image, identity or body. Women are beneficial to your aims at this time and talks today about something you could do behind the scenes or in secret show promise financially.

Tuesday the Sun follows Venus into your sign and put you in the spotlight, literally, it’s all about YOU. This trend lasts a month so whatever it is you really, really want, make a stab at it now, the universe is pushing you and others will take notice. This is a great time to revamp your look or body as well.

Wednesday you get a chance to see just what you can do as one particular talk or agreement shows you the power you have in matters of the heart or financially. The evening is not so easy as emotions will be intense and possibly focused on powerful secrets and limitations around travel, legal matters, ceremonies, education, or media ventures.

Thursday or late Wednesday night a talk or news comes about focused on the secret or what is going on behind closed doors and it is challenging as well. It’s not the best time to push for your agenda but you can put your mind to a solution and begin working on that. The afternoon is positive as you jump into action with the partner, agent or attorney and get the agreement or talks under way.

Friday or late Thursday night Venus and Saturn meet up to bring strong bonds between you and a media venture, legal contract, travel plan, or educational matter. This is about you pulling in more money or love to yourself through what you agree to now and it has staying power. If you need to sever ties over one of these topics it as well will be under positive stars and be in place long term. Talks or agreements today let you express your artistry, romantic ideals or spirituality to the fullest!


Venus enters the mystical part of your chart on Monday helping things to go more smoothly around retreat, artistic outlets, spiritual pursuits, work done behind the scenes, research, hospitals, and secret agendas. You can attract love or money in these private, inner spaces. A talk with a friend goes well today.

Tuesday the Sun follows Venus into this hidden part of the chart and puts you in the spotlight for the next month behind the scenes, in research and investigations, film, music and artistry, hospitals or prisons, and working in private. This is a time to rest and recharge your batteries, wrap up the year behind you and prepare for the next chapter and to shine in artistic or spiritual avenues. If you need something done, get to the hospital now.

Wednesday gives you a chance to put some of this mystical energy to use to shine and attract money to what you are doing or to spend it positively in one of these areas. The evening is more challenging as emotions get intense around changes or powerful energy around aspirations or friendships and restrictions involving finances, divorce or intimacy. Don’t push it too hard now.

Thursday or late Wednesday night brings a talk or news about the aspiration or friend and the monetary situation that again is challenging for you. Don’t push at this door but do put in some thought about what your next move should be. The afternoon takes off under the positive action of Mars helping you get the work done, take care of your health or deal with the pets. Any of these things will help you to feel better about the money.

Friday or late Thursday night you can take advantage of Venus and Saturn are aligning to help you to do something behind the scenes or in secret that help you to deal with the love or money matter. This can bring long term results in areas of loans, insurance, taxes, bankruptcy, inheritance, credit, or any other outside financial resource or you will find you are committing or severing ties once and for all with someone older involved in an intimate connection or through divorce. Whatever way it works out for you the energy is positive and helping you cement a better way forward.


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