Friday, January 8, 2010


Hello immortal creators of the material realm, how is it in the body this week? Are you doing well with your first jaunts into the New Year? The weekend is interesting as it continues Friday’s Plutonic theme. We are going into deep waters here and cleaning out or cleansing the impurities. It is time to look into any past control or power issues, manipulations or triangles, shared experiences through finances and sexuality, and how we let go, divorce, obsess or in any way need to learn how to remain whole within these connections.

Saturday brings positive opportunity to find resolutions to the love, money or female connections in our lives through these deeply profound channels. You need to look clearly at your goal and make choices that will empower yourself without control or harm to another. The real gift of the Scorpionic experience is when you find this key to sharing while maintaining wholeness each in the other. Meetings of the heart and intimacy should go rather well today. Steps taken to detangle finances or divorce issues as well are looking up.

Sunday the energy is about seeing clearly just how far your aspirations may stretch your finances or intimate connections. You may want to do something with friends or a group but feel the challenge around finances. Once the Moon moves into Sagittarius there is a lifting of energy and potential to enjoy your closest companions. Today is a trigger day for the Eclipse on Friday so watch what occurs for clues as to what this powerful Eclipse has in store.


Saturday gives you the opportunity to reach out for monetary renumeration for the work you have been doing on the career front, to find money for a goal or ambition, to connect with women who can help you in a matter of intimacy, divorce or finance, or to reach a goal of the heart. You are in the spotlight today so do your best. Your ruler is a bit of a challenge in arenas of children, lovers from the past or creative projects, you may have to overcome something here.

Sunday you will do best to continue handling your intimate, divorce or financial matters even though time with friends sounds fun, if you must get away to socialize, put in some time on the more serious issues first. There is opportunity to put in time or effort on a trip with a partner, to begin legal matters with an attorney, partner or agent, to get the media or educational matter going, or to deal with the ceremonial issues. One major goal or career matter is getting a brand new life on Friday with the Eclipse, look at today’s events for clues as to what is to come.


Saturday gives you great energy to do things with or for partnerships or people who represent you. There is some challenge at home or with property, living situations or security needs with the person that you will need to act on. For some this frictional energy will just be about passion on the home front but for most it is about dealing with something here. Once you do the energy opens up around legal matters, trips, teaching or learning, ceremonies, or media matters with this person. You shine in this and can reach out for love, money or a woman in this scenario.

Sunday the partner, agent or attorney is in the picture again but today there is a goal that is somewhat of a stretch. Happiness is within reach here but you may have to stretch yourself a bit more to claim it. Once the Moon enters Sagittarius the energy lightens and connects to serious interests in the work you have before you and health matters. You can put your financial or deep spiritual energy into moving these arenas forward. Today is a trigger day for the Solar Eclipse on Friday so watch for matters around media, travel, education, law, and beliefs for clues as to what the big new beginning is going to be.


Saturday the energy is around the work you can tackle, the health matters before you and your pets. You may have some obstacles to one or more of these areas due to a short trip, sibling or something you have agreed to but once you move through the challenge the day opens up in a wonderful way for these areas. You can connect to a great financial outlet to the work you do or for your health or you can connect intimately to someone as you shine in the most powerful position of the zodiac at present.

Sunday you will still be dealing with the work, health or pets issues but the obstacle today comes from a distance, a trip, media, educational, or legal matter. You may want to expand in one of these ways the work you do or your health but find you have to stretch a bit to achieve it. Once you are past this obstacle the day opens on wonderful opportunity to get serious about a creative venture, lover or children and this is best met through partnership or with an agent or representative. Look at clues today in areas of sex, intimacy, divorce, death, or major finances for clues to what the Solar Eclipse on Friday is bringing.


Saturday is about love, children or creative ventures. You have to deal with making or spending money or taking care of an important possession first but once you do the doors are open wide to opportunities for true love, love with children or someone important to your life, or for money matters to be worked out with a partner, agent or attorney. You shine in this arena of partnership so welcome the lovely vibe.

Sunday you will be still focused on the love or creative matter for the first part of the day. Today that connection is intimate or it is expanding in areas of finances or divorce. This is big energy here so you may have to stretch yourself a bit with this person. Once the Moon moves into Sagittarius you will want to focus on the work before you or a health or pet matter in the home, this is about putting in time and effort and positive results. Look at anything related to partners, agents, opponents, or attorneys today as they hold a clue to what the Solar Eclipse in your opposite sign is bringing on Friday.

Saturday is about home, spending time there and trying to motivate yourself to tackle some things around the house. Mars is pushing you a bit so you may be cranky or you may feel the friction as passion but either way the home front is where it is at. The day opens up to wonderful opportunities to get work done, to take care of health and pets at home or tied to property or living situations. Look for ways to shine in what you do here today and reach out to women, love or money in the mix.

Sunday the home theme continues but today you may want to include a partner, agent or attorney in what you are doing. There is a need to expand around the effect this person is having here and you can do this if you reach for happiness and are willing to stretch yourself. Serious talks or agreements come later in the day and bode well for what you need in areas of true love, with lovers, children, or over creative projects. Look at anything happening with health, work or pets today for clues to what the Solar Eclipse is bringing on Friday, it is a trigger day for the event.


Saturday is all about communications, returning calls, sending emails, catching up on writing projects and agreements, short trips, time with siblings or involvement locally. You will need to attend to something private that may trigger anger or passion but once you have said your piece or spoken your passion, you will see that the communications of the rest of the day are with lovers, children and creative projects in the best possible way. Reach out for the woman, love or money in this and you can’t go wrong.

Sunday talks, meetings, agreements and decisions still hold sway as do the neighborhood, sibling or short trips interactions but you are going to have to stretch yourself where the work, health or pets are concerned in this. Once the Moon enters Sagittarius it is all about home or property and getting serious about making or spending money. This is an opportunity to put in the time or effort for positive results so dive in. Look at any lovers, children or creative projects that come up today as they may be clues to what the Solar Eclipse of Friday is going to be giving you a big fresh start with. This is a trigger day for that Eclipse.


Saturday is about the income and you will be challenging yourself on a social level or with friends or groups as you make or spend today. Once you have dealt with what your aspiration truly is here monetarily, the day opens up to some real opportunity for you around the house, with home or property matters, living situations or security needs. You can earn money at home, reach out to women to do something at home that leads to money, or express love at home by spending on something that feels good or shows affection. For those of you who have lost money in the home (and you know who you are) you may stumble upon it today!

Sunday the income matter continues to be the focus but you will be approaching it from a creative angle so look for new creative ways to earn or find happy ways to spend on children or love. Once the Moon enters Sagittarius the energy shifts to communications and writing that bring opportunity for you to get serious and commit yourself to something that really has legs. Put in the time and share your ideas, its positive energy. Look at anything happening around the home, with real estate, living situations, mom, or security needs today as clues to what the Solar Eclipse on Friday will be giving you a fresh start with, today is a trigger date.


Saturday is going to be a day to enjoy yourself, put in energy into things that satisfy your needs, do something about your image or body, and this will best play out locally so going to the beauty shop in the neighborhood, getting a massage locally, going to the gym, shopping for clothes for yourself at the corner boutique, or anything that puts good energy into your goals for yourself. You may feel a bit challenged at first but once you get going you will find that talks, meetings and decisions you make today help you in areas of love, women or money and what you wish for yourself.

Sunday the energy is on you again but you are going to need to challenge yourself at home or with your property matter or living situation. Stretching what you have here is part of it. Once the energy shifts into Sagittarius you can focus on making or spending money on something you are doing behind closed doors, with research or investigations, in fantasy or film or any artistic outlet, or in dealing with hospitals or other institutions. Look for any communications, writing projects, sibling or neighborhood interactions, or short trips to bring clues to what the Solar Eclipse on Friday will be giving you a fresh start in, today is a trigger day for this.


Saturday is about getting behind the scenes and resting or doing some research or fantasy work. For some of you the behind closed doors action will involve a hospital or other institution. You need to deal with motivating on the legal matter, trip, media venture, or educational issue but once you do the time you are spending holed up leads to opportunity to make or spend money with you in the spotlight. Look for women, love or money as the key to what you can achieve through your private time.

Sunday the time alone or working behind closed doors will stretch you to write or to take care of communications tied to the trip, ceremony, media, educational, or legal matter. Once you have this taken care of, the day moves into a much more social agenda for you. It is about serious work or time with a group or friends that is an opportunity for you to shine. Look for anything happening around income, making or spending of money, or a possession today as the clue to what the Solar Eclipse on Friday is offering you a big fresh start with, today is a trigger day.


Saturday is about socializing, networking, pursuing aspirations, or spending time with groups or friends. You have to take action on a major financial matter first or perhaps you have a passionate sexy connection to spend time with first, but one you have expressed your Mars here you can meet up with the friends or get into your networking with much success. Look for women, love or money to be a part of what you are doing with these connections, all in positive form.

Sunday the social energy is still in play but you have to deal with something around making or spending money first. You will have to stretch yourself to get to the time with friends or achieving your aspirations. Once the energy moves into Sagittarius you can make some real headway working behind closed doors or in private on career agendas. Goals are within reach depending on what you are willing to commit to today. Look at anything going on with you, your body, image, identity or personal needs today as they are big clues as to what the Solar Eclipse is opening up for you as a new beginning on Friday. Today is a trigger day to that fresh start.


Saturday is all about your career or an important goal, fame or father. You will need to tackle something going on with the partner, agent or attorney in this and it requires energy from you and something being dealt with from the past but once you do the goals are in sight. You can achieve quite a bit the rest of the day through retreat and research, time spent alone and working behind the scenes, through rest or recuperation or time at a hospital, or through time working in fantasy, imagination, film, or artistry. There is love, money or a tie to women here that is positive for you.

Sunday the career or goal is still the focus and you are finding you need to stretch yourself to fit in the ideal a bit, either physically through working out or doing something with your body or through your image or identity. Once the Moon enters Sagittarius the day turns social and you can reach out to friends at a distance, travel together, do something media or educational together or deal with any legal agreements or issues. Get serious and put in the effort with these areas as they lead to opportunity with friends or groups. Look at anything going on behind the scenes, in private, with hospitals or prisons, with research or investigations, or film or fantasy as clues to what the Solar Eclipse is bringing for you on Friday. Today is a trigger to that new beginning.


Saturday is going to focus on the legal matter, the media, publishing or publicity, the educational topic, or the travel agenda. You have to take care of the work, pets or health first thing by diving in and challenging yourself but once you do the day opens up to much opportunity with friends, groups and pursuing aspirations in these areas of travel, education, law, or media. Look for women, love or money to come through this.

Sunday the travel, education, legal or media matter is still at the forefront but you need to stretch yourself in the research or investigations, work done behind closed doors, film or fantasy work, or in taking time to recharge your batteries. Once the Moon moves into Sagittarius you will have a green light to get serious about the loans, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, credit cards, or any other shared resource that will help you to achieve your goal or reach a career agenda. If you aren’t into the monetary issues tied to career, this energy will help you to reach a sexual or intimate goal or reach some marker in the divorce. Look at anything going on with friends, groups, networking, associates, or aspirations today as it is a clue to what the Solar Eclipse on Friday is bringing you as a new beginning.


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