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It’s one of those weekends and here’s why. Late Friday night or early Saturday morning depending on which coast you are on, we have a Full Moon in Leo. Full Moons are emotional. They help us to bring our feelings up to the surface and this upsurge usually motivates us to celebrate or to end something. This energy will be powerful all day Saturday.

Leo is the sign that Mars has been spending an inordinate amount of time in due to his long Retrograde that is ongoing until March 10th so we have been retracing our steps through past creative projects or how we acted out within them so we can learn to take better actions in the future. We are retracing how we love by reopening that little black book or doing the dreaded drunk dial, seeing if there was any reason to reconnect with someone who once held our hearts, if there was a reason to go forward with them or to look at how our actions affected the love relationship so we could act out, share passion or deal with anger in a different way in the future. We are retracing our actions involving children, how our passions create them, what we do to have or not have them, how involved we are with them, if we work creatively with them how our actions affect the outcome of the process. And we are looking at the past to see exactly how our actions create or block real joy in our lives.

So, this weekend is marking a peak point as emotions climax around one or more of these topics or people. We are standing here seeing just how far we have come, what we need to do differently, who we want to take forward and who we want to say good-bye to. We still have until March 10th to do it so if you know but can’t muster the courage one way or the other, let the emotions come and you will find the right time. If you know and want to celebrate, it’s a dramatic, stagey kind of Moon, grab a boa and a great bottle of champagne and enjoy!

But please keep in mind, you must own your own ability to love and create. If you are tempted to aim your emotions at someone locked into this scenario from the past with you, you will miss out on what it can mean for you. Look at how you can do things differently in the future and then let it go, you won’t believe how freeing that can be! Liberate your heart, love and respect yourself, see the past as a way to move into your truth and then trust the process.

Mars is still moving backwards through Leo, if the situation or person portrays this to you by stepping away or moving backwards from you, you really must hold your ground and allow it/them to retreat. There are laws governing energy and you will not do yourself any favors by pursuing that which wants to take its leave.

The other reason it is such a powerful weekend is this, we are undergoing a very tough outer planetary configuration between Saturn and Pluto. The two malefics squared for the first time on November 15, 2009, again on Sunday January 31, 2010, and finally on August 21, 2010. Saturn is about limits, loss, time, responsibility, authority, ambitions, structures, and hard work. Pluto is about death and transformation, our major financial picture involving others or banking institutions, sex and reproduction, and divorce. The square is about a challenge or obstacle. So Sunday is the turning point or mid-ground in the deconstruction of a structure in your life.

This may be something you have a hand in changing or something that is out of your control. Regardless, it is here and it is time for change. This major change will not be complete until the end of summer when the square is making its final exact angle but this weekend should give you a pretty clear idea about what it is going to be about. Interesting how Obama stated at this 2nd Saturn/Pluto square that we would have our troops coming out and an end to war at the end of August (the last Saturn/Pluto square). You can apply the same kind of approach, make up your mind, declare your intention and move towards it between now and August 21st.

The best that I can tell you is this change is not something you can finesse or stop, it is going to happen and your best way forward is to understand that and find new ways to move ahead in your life. If you have felt like something is stagnant or hasn’t moved, this energy can be pretty powerful as you see the dam break and a freeing of energy that had gotten clogged and stuck. Guide your ship as best you can, keep your focus on growth and integrity, and if you can find a way to share love with someone during this weekend, even if that is just baking cookies for an older neighbor and sharing a smile, do it. For those of you who have wholeheartedly embraced change and looked fearlessly into the past love or creativity, you may be celebrating something pretty momentous just now, bravo! For those of you saying good-bye to a lover, child or creative venture, know it aligns with the timing of the universe, at least for now.

Sending love to you my friends, Zoe :)


Saturday is about the lover, creative project, or child and what has come to a peak in your world around this energy. You are going to need to have a talk or make a decision and it is going to require that you adjust a goal a bit and then get innovative behind closed doors. You may be celebrating or ending something today.

Sunday the 2nd square forms between Saturn and Pluto and you are going to be at that moment where you need to allow for change. The person you are partnering with or want to partner with, the opponent you are dealing with, the agent or attorney in the picture, one of these people are ready to do something different, are retreating or you are needing to look at how responsibility or limitations were experienced here. You need to reframe your goals and ambitions and begin transforming reputation or career. Ask yourself, “How can I change the way I pursue my ambitions?”


Saturday the Full Moon energy is amping up emotions over security, family, home, property matters, or mom. This is a celebratory time or an ending. You need to talk about the legalities, trip, media or publishing venture, or education that is tying in here and you also must try to juggle the social agenda and aspirations that may be changing on you at the last minute.

Sunday is the 2nd Saturn/Pluto square and as such is asking that you look at the work you are doing or want to do, your health picture and anything involving pets. Any limitations or responsibilities need to be faced in these areas. The goal is to change something profoundly through education, legalities, travel, media, ceremony, publishing, publicity, or your basic belief system. Your creativity, involvement with children or love affair should be manifesting some powerful positive feelings that support this change. Ask yourself, “What do I believe in?”


Saturday the Full Moon is bringing a peak celebration or ending in the neighborhood, with siblings, a short trip, a written project, an agreement, talks or meetings, or a decision. Your creativity as well as the past love or creative efforts are part of the picture. You should talk or make a decision today about the divorce, intimacy issues or major financial matter even though it will be a stretch. Something surprising may pop up around goals or career that as well brings an interesting change onto the scene.

Sunday is the 2nd of the Saturn/Pluto squares that will be focusing your attention on the limitations or responsibilities regarding a lover, child or creative venture. There is something from the past resurfacing here or something currently retreating in how you partner or are represented. The powerful change that wants to happen is playing out through sex, intimacy, divorce, loans, credit, settlements, alimony, child support, insurance, taxes, bankruptcy, inheritance, or joint finances. Ask yourself, “What can I transform or how do I share?”


The Full Moon on Saturday is bringing a culmination around the money you make, spend or a possession you own. You will be celebrating what you have or ending something around it. Past creative or love matters are tied into the peak emotional experience and you will be talking or coming to a decision or agreement with the partner, agent or attorney that stretches you. Surprises or changes to media, travel, educational, or legal matters are part of the mix as well.

Sunday the 2nd Saturn/Pluto square is exact and asks you to look at limitations or responsibilities to home, property matters, living situations, or mom and how this is retreating at present or returning to the past. You are transforming your ability to partner, deal with opponents and find representation and this is part of the challenge now to the living situation, with mom or the property matter. What can you do now towards changing the dynamic? Ask yourself, “What is my true reflection?”


A Full Moon in your sign can be a wonderful time when you feel celebrated and can really express yourself. If you want to put an end to some part of your image, body or identity, this is a superb time to embrace it. Talk about work, health or pets to push the boundaries a bit in your favor and remain open to spontaneous intimacy. If you need to make some changes in a joint account or with a financial resource take a unique approach for best results.

Sunday marks the 2nd Saturn/Pluto square that is asking you to look at what you want to transform or deconstruct with the work you do, your health or something involving a pet or small animal. Communications, agreements, the way you think, your neighborhood, siblings or writing project is where limitations, responsibilities, loss, effort or leadership is in this. Challenge yourself to move towards what you really want even if it means letting go. Ask yourself, “What can change in the way I am of service to others?”


The Leo Full Moon will have some strategic or secret matter culminating or perhaps you are dealing with someone going through a substance abuse or self-destructive transition that is climaxing. Some of you will see it play out over the hospital or prison, some through research or investigations, others in film, fantasy, music, or something else artistic. It is a highly retrospective peak for you to go within and find the love.

Sunday brings the 2nd Saturn/Pluto square and this is about looking seriously at limitations or loss, responsibility or leadership around income. This is the fork in the road, you can move towards powerful transformation in your creative endeavors or with children or lovers but will have to challenge yourself to handle the monetary matter involved. Ask yourself over and over again this weekend, “What do I love?”


Saturday resonates with the Leo Full Moon and a celebration or ending involving a friend, group, party, networking event, or aspiration. The past creative or love interest is in some way making itself known in this and you will need to have a talk at home or about something going on there that stretches you a bit. Something involving the pet, work or health is due to give you a shock or catch you by surprise as well so be ready to react in the moment.

Sunday brings the 2nd of the Saturn/Pluto square and Saturn is in your sign so you will really need to look seriously at personal responsibility, any limitations or loss you feel around your needs being met, your body or image and what you want for yourself. Major changes are in the works at home, with the living situation, a property matter, or your security issues and this weekend will help you to see more clearly where this may be heading. Ask yourself, “How solid is the ground I am building upon?”


Saturday the Leo Full Moon will flood the day with ambition and celebratory energy around what is peaking on the career front, with a special goal being reached, fame or something involving father. Communications are important in all of this as you convey or agree to something that requires some adjustment. Contracts may need to be tweaked as well. Look for some creative inspiration or surprises via lovers or children.

Sunday is the 2nd Saturn/Pluto square and a turning point with limitations or responsibilities that are secret, dealing with substance abuse or self-destructive behavior, with hospitals or prisons, retreat or meditation, research or investigations, film, fantasy, or music, or anything clandestine or strategic. Look at ways to transform or change the situation through talks, meetings, agreements, short trips, siblings, neighbors, or something written. Ask yourself, “How is my thinking evolving?”


The Leo Full Moon will fill the day with emotional peaks around travel, media, publishing, legalities, education, ceremony, or beliefs. You will need to talk about it or come to an agreement that requires some adjustments. Surprises or change at home will play into the celebrations or endings.

Sunday brings the 2nd Saturn/Pluto square that is the turning point where limitations or responsibilities to a group, friend, social function, or aspiration are being challenged. The major transformation or change you are looking for is to income so ask yourself, “What is it I truly value?”


Saturday is about the Leo Full Moon energy peaking emotionally for you through intimate or sexual connections, a divorce or a major financial matter such as a loan, credit, debt, insurance, taxes, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlements, alimony, child support, or joint finances. You need to be heard in this on some level and will have to push for this, expect some surprises or radically different approaches.

Sunday is about the 2nd Saturn/Pluto square that is asking you to seriously look at limitations or responsibilities and ambitions on the career front and how to completely transform or change who you are by overcoming the obstacle or challenge before you. A partner from the past may be involved in this or you may be trying to release anything that didn’t work through partnership or representation. Ask yourself, “What am I willing to do to achieve my goal.”


The Leo Full Moon is cresting in your house of partners, opponents, agents, specialists, or attorneys. This means that something is coming to an emotional peak with one of these people and you will be celebrating the love or creativity here or wrapping it up and seeing an ending. A secret may get out now that must be dealt with or you may need to adjust to what is being said behind closed doors or in a hospital. Surprise accommodations to values that are changing may be part of the day as well.

Sunday brings the 2nd Saturn/Pluto square and will bring up the limitation or responsibility that is playing out in your world around a ceremony, legal matter, media or publishing venture, education, or travel. Something is changing with the secret or hidden agenda, the self-destructive behavior or hospital, with the film, fantasy work or world, music or artistry, with research or investigations or time spent behind the scenes. Ask yourself, “What do I believe in and what am I willing to keep hidden?”


Saturday is about the Leo Full Moon bringing a work situation, health issue or pet matter to a climax. A lover, child or creative expression may be key in this issue and you will be celebrating the culmination or ending something. Talks with a friend or group are required and will bring some different ideas into the mix that you should try to incorporate. You are going to feel like bolting or acting out at some point.

Sunday brings the Saturn/Pluto square and a turning point around loss, limitations, or responsibilities relating to a loan, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, credit, debt, settlement, alimony, child support, joint finances, divorce, or sexual or intimate matter. How are your aspirations changing, can you deconstruct something involving a friend or group in this? You need to get real and move towards what you really want the most. Ask yourself, “What do I truly aspire to?”


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