Friday, January 22, 2010


With the Moon in Taurus this weekend we can expect to spend some time examining our values, looking at our finances and hopefully enjoying a nice meal or two. Since this energy equates with the money we earn and how we spend it, we will be getting real about our individual situations.

This should bode well for more money being raised for those suffering in Haiti. And can I say I am just so proud to be part of the human race when I see how many people are banding together to raise funds to help. Yesterday in Ohio they gathered in the pouring rain all day long to create drive-through lines to collect people’s earnings to send overseas. This weekend they are gathering downtown out in the freezing temperatures again to be available for drop-offs. They are texting and emailing and paypaling it in. This is happening in every state across this great nation.

I love you guys, really so amazed by the generosity when we are at an all time record high in unemployment and so many here are facing losing their homes, jobs and are struggling to put food on their own tables. This is one of those harder times to give and yet give you do, the whole world is giving.

And for the fundamentalists who pour it on about the end of the world and some of the terrible things that have been said about Haiti, well for me I say, take a look at what immortal souls do for each other in times of tragedy, look at what the end of the world might look like, the whole world giving what they can to help those going through the worst of it.


Saturday the focus is on making money. You will need to make some adjustments around what is being limited by way of partnership or representation or perhaps you will be wishing for more responsibility from this person. Although the day is challenging you to deal with the income you are looking at with a friend and any actions you need to take with a child, lover or creative endeavor to curb spending or make more money, it is still a good day to talk or meet about career goals.

Sunday brings an opportunity for you to step it up with a friend, group or aspiration of yours. You are in the spotlight here so take the lead and see what you can do to bond or break away under good terms. With Saturn Retrograde in the sign of partners you may be facing the loss of a partnership or added responsibilities but you can maintain the friendship through efforts today. Income takes an upturn through work you do behind the scenes or in private.


The Moon is in your sign this weekend so it is a good time to focus on your needs and take care of your body. On Saturday this can help you to focus on any health issues that may be limiting your ability to function at your highest level. Get serious about what you can do to shift this. A female has a goal in mind for you while the home front is stirred up and both may challenge you. Talks that benefit are about legal matters, trips, ceremonies, beliefs, education, or media ventures and if you need to meet with someone about any of these topics you will make a good impression.

Sunday brings a chance for you to stand out on the career front through the efforts and work you do. If your goal is health oriented, again you shine through what you are willing to give up. It’s a great day for spontaneous fun with friends or sharing ideas that are breakthrough with groups. Get inspired.


You will most likely want to hide out this weekend and to be honest, some time alone or in reflection would be a great thing for you right now. This energy supports working behind the scenes, entering a hospital for treatment or developing something psychic, fantasy or film related, musical or meditative. You should use this time in retreat to deal with loss or limitation you are feeling around love, children or creativity. A woman or money issue with media, legal aspects, educational or travel details will challenge and you may speak out in anger here. The positive support from the universe comes around talks or meetings over sex or intimacy, divorce or major financial matters.

Sunday you are in the driver’s seat with a travel, media, educational, or legal matter. This is aligned to the backtracking around limits or loss with the child, lover or creative project so be brave in letting go or revisiting the past and stand for your beliefs and vision. The effort you are mustering in retreat brings a nice surprise for your career or goals today.


You can devote the weekend to time with friends, networking, involving yourself with a group activity, or pursuing your aspirations. You need to do this while addressing any loss or limitations you are experiencing at home or with living situations. You also need to challenge yourself over the way money is going to be shared or how you are dealing with debt or other outside resources and then push yourself to find ways to earn more. The talks you have today about partnership or representation with a friend are aligned beautifully so open up.

Sunday puts you center stage in an intimate connection with another or dealing with a divorce, or in a major financial matter such as a loan, debt, insurance, taxes, inheritance, settlements, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, or joint finances. There is a way for you to step up here and get responsible about a property matter or home situation. If you need a loan to buy a property or are trying to sell, see what you can do today while this energy so favors you. There is a nice surprise coming from a friend about media, legalities, travel, or education.


Push for your goals or make a splash on the career front this weekend, you can rest later! Saturday will help you have at least one talk or meeting about letting go or dealing with limits or responsibility. It is important to free up your growth and ambitions. Love or money issues with a partner, attorney or agent will challenge you and push you to take more action towards what you really want. The positive support today comes from news about work or health or meetings that lead here and open up more career opportunity.

Sunday you are in the spotlight with the partnership, agency, attorney, or opponent and the energy is very supportive. It is time with a capital T to have the talk with or about the past partner, agent or attorney or the loss or limitation here as well as focus on your personal responsibility in how you relate in these significant relationships. If you are thinking about going back to a past representative pick up the phone and see what they have to say. You have every reason to believe this is going to be positive for your growth today. Nice surprises await in jointly held financial areas and intimate encounters, whichever goal is yours.


If you want to take a long trip, connect with someone overseas, teach or take a class, start a legal process or deal with an ongoing one, or immerse yourself in publicity, media or publishing, this is your weekend. The higher mind rules but first on Saturday you will need to address any loss or restrictions around income, challenge yourself with a woman at work or with health issues and then push yourself to get busy on what you can do privately behind closed doors. The talks or meetings that involve children, creative projects or lovers are aligned beautifully for you.

Sunday you are center stage at work, with health matters, or with pets. This energy aligns in a supportive way to making money or spending responsibly. If you want to buy something to help you get healthier or for your pets or just go out and earn money through your work, you should find it fairly easy to achieve. A nice surprise arrives via a partner, agent or attorney regarding the trip, media venture, publicity, education, or legalities.


The weekend will either be steamy and sexy or concerned with financial matters through divorce, bankruptcy, loans, credit cards, insurance, taxes, inheritance, settlements or joint finances. Saturday you need to look seriously at any limitations or loss you are feeling personally and challenge yourself to deal with a woman or money matter tied to a creative project, child or lover. Take care that your anger isn’t triggered with a friend in all of this, drive yourself towards aspirations instead. Talks, agreements, meetings or writing at home bodes well for the intimate or financial picture.

Sunday puts you in the spotlight in a big way with a lover, child or creative venture. This is about aligning your needs with those of the love interest or creative endeavor and stepping up as a leader here or the responsible party. If you are entering into an affair today it may last much longer than you think, the creative project has legs as well. Nice surprises come via the work you do, health or pets.


The weekend is going to be focused on the partner, agent, attorney, or opponent. To that end, you need to deal with loss or responsibility going on at a hospital or prison, through work done in fantasy, film or music, or in time researching or investigating. You also need to challenge yourself with a female or money issue at home and then push yourself towards your goals. The positive energy is around talks or agreements you have with the partner, agent or attorney so open up.

Sunday you are in the spotlight at home, with a property matter, or with family or mom. This is about putting yourself out there through the research or investigation you do, the responsibility you take for retreat or fantasy work, time at the hospital or dealing with the institution involved. It is supportive. A nice surprise comes via a child, lover or creative project.


Focus this weekend on health matters, the work at hand or your pets. To this end you will need to deal with any responsibilities or limitations to a group or friend as well and challenge yourself with at least one conversation with a woman or about money. You will also need to push yourself to motivate about the trip, education, legal matter, or media endeavor. The supportive energy for the work, health or pet comes through news or agreements that bring money into the picture for your efforts.

Sunday you are in the spotlight locally, with siblings, talks, agreements, writing, or short trips. This links beautifully to a connection with a friend from the past and limitations or responsibilities there so step it up. A nice surprise comes via home or property and the work you get done there.


The weekend is going to be fun once you get around a few obstacles. The focus will be on love, children and creativity. You will have to deal with something on the career front on Saturday or regarding a goal from the past with a partner or representative. You will also need to deal with a female about spending or income and take some action on the joint finances or loans, credit or other shared resource. Once you have the talks you have or meetings that occur with loved ones and creative outlets are aligned beautifully.

Sunday puts the spotlight on you as an earner with a major beam to responsibility and leadership on the career front, a great day to make some money on the job or to spend on something to promote yourself or your business. A talk or meeting today comes at you by surprise and should have you feeling pretty great about a lover, child or creative venture.


It’s all about the home or property matter this weekend. You will need to do a few things in regard to this, one being deal with the responsibility or limitations around a legal, ceremonial, travel, media, or educational matter. The other is to deal with love you feel for yourself or money you want to spend on yourself. You may feel some anger towards a partner or representative or just push yourself to take action and this is again about the home or property. Talks that you have behind the scenes are meant to help you with the living situation and meetings that go on at home will have an air of clandestine thrill to them.

Sunday you are in the spotlight, plain and simple. This is about you stepping it up and seeing if you are ready to make the next move in an agreement with someone over a media venture, travel plan, ceremony, legal move, or educational venture. The alignment is supportive and suggests long term benefits to what you do. A nice surprise comes via income or spending today on home or property.


The weekend features all kinds of communications and meetings, agreements and decisions. You will need to deal with limiting or taking responsibility regarding a sexual infatuation or a major financial matter. You will also need to deal with the monetary matters tied to an institution such as a hospital or prison or the issues with a woman that are going on behind the scenes. You will want to push yourself to tackle work or health matters and deal with the animals in the house, communications here may get angry. The talks or agreements that will best support you are those with friends, groups or involving your aspirations.

Sunday you are in the spotlight in the work you are doing behind closed doors, the film, fantasy or musical venture, the research or investigation, or at the hospital or other institution. What you are willing to step up and take responsibility for today will help you to set positive structures around the intimate connections or divorce, or the loans, credit, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, or joint finances. A nice surprise is coming through your body or image and the talks or meetings you have today about your needs.


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