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I can’t believe we are nearing the end of January! I've been looking around for an ark builder, will these rains ever end?!!! The week ahead is brimming with oppositions which mean we all have an opportunity to see how much we have learned about playing nice and balancing our needs with those of another. Or better put, you will find yourself facing choices between you and someone else this week, you will put your cards on the table or they will, let it happen and then be fearless in choosing what is right. For some this will mean partnering, for others it will mean moving on.

The first part of the week you will want to talk it out, have your say or share ideas, mid-week will be about security needs, nurturing yourself and home, and by week’s end it will be all about the show, the love, anger or passions that have been karmically awaiting their moment. We are building towards the Leo Full Moon at 10:18 pm Friday night Pacific Time/1:18am Saturday morning Eastern Time. This means matters of the heart and creativity are building and wrapping up as well.
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Monday you hear news or want to talk about the career or goal before you, who has the power and how is it being used. Partners and friendship, representation and opponents, all align with serious effort and helping you shine your light, especially through talks or meetings. Your retrograde ruler is not allowing you to have the creative say you want just yet but you are closer than you think.

Tuesday communications continue to hold sway and again the boss or person in authority is making you adjust or stretch in ways you aren’t totally pleased with, you will do best if you look at this time as a massive learning curve, ESPECIALLY if there doesn’t seem to be anything new you are learning. It’s not about the task but about new ways to handle yourself within the task that once mastered will aid your success.

Tonight or first thing on Wednesday Venus and Mars oppose so you may feel as though a female friend is not doing what you want regarding a past lover, creative project or something regarding a child, or you may have monetary issues here. Go through doors that are open, don’t waste energy on ones that are closed.

Wednesday time spent in retreat at home or working on something behind closed doors involving property or security can bring luck or happiness your way. Emotions will be more intense as the day progresses, especially around goals, career, bosses, power struggles or issues of control, and any feelings of limitation or responsibility tied to partnership or representation. Nurture yourself, connect with friends.

Thursday a talk you have at home with a boss or about a career matter is going to require you do a balancing act. You can say everything you want to say but you will get the most out of it if you validate their position as well. A wonderful surprise or change comes via research, time alone, meditation or psychic moments, film, music, fantasy, hospitals or other institutions.

Friday builds to the Leo Full Moon at 1:18 am Saturday morning on the east coast, 10:18pm Friday night pacific coast. Celebrating something fun, creative or love related may be on the agenda or you may be breaking something off or ending it now. If you have traveled back into time to see if a love or creative project could be revamped, tonight is critical mass, does it go forward or end? For you this is about a big aspiration of yours and you will need to make some concessions to your ambitions if you want your objective to come to fruition.


Making money, work, fame or career spotlight, all come under the energy of the day as you make some major adjustments to power or control involving travel, teaching, taking a class, media, publicity, publishing, or legalities. Slow and steady wins the race, step up and be seen. Whatever is said or decided today leads to action at home or with a living situation and once again it requires adjustment.

Tuesday brings more to be said or agreements to go out, meetings to be had, all based around the trip, education, media, or legal matter. The money involved is important and if you need to negotiate for more expect a few obstacles to your goal. A social engagement or group activity is going to change at the last minute here having a monetary impact, not a good day to lend to friends.

The Mars/Venus opposition is felt late tonight or first thing on Wednesday and will be about the action taken at home, with a living situation, family or mom, security needs or with property. The goal is love, money or a woman and you are going to have to balance these poles if you want to have a happy conclusion. Remember you are being given an opportunity for a do-over here so think before you act.

Wednesday brings some happiness or luck for aspirations of yours and through friends or group affiliations so meet up or talk to those who might help. As the day progresses emotions will grow more profound as any power or control issues emerge involving the travel, media, education, or legal matters and the limitations or responsibilities you have with work, health or pets.

Thursday bring more talks about the travel, media, publishing, teaching, learning, ceremony, or legal matter, once again the way you approach expressing your thoughts plays hugely into the results you get. A friend has a wonderful surprise or change that pleases, perhaps news of something unusual that benefits or a brilliant idea you can share with a group inspires.

Friday will build to the Leo Full Moon occurring at 10:18pm Pacific/1:18am on Saturday Eastern. This will be about celebrating a peak moment or ending something and for you it revolves around something from the past tied to the home, property, living situation, or security needs. There may be a lover you lived with or a child at home or a creative project you are working on with the home, whatever is building there your goals are going to be at the opposite side of the zodiac so your ego or needs must come into balance with the actions or anger or you will be more likely to end something. There are more adjustments to travel, legalities, education, or media and the big changes here as well as positive opportunity to work at home in some serious way.


Monday is an important day to talk or think about your needs, especially involving loans, credit, debt, settlements, bankruptcy, inheritance, or joint finances. For some of you this process will be about the other shared experience of intimacy or sexual matters, possibly divorce. Major changes here require something from you to adapt, stretch and take some action locally. There is support in the slow and steady creative arena where you can shine through teaching, travel, media, or legal channels.

Tuesday the talks, meetings or decisions regarding major finances, divorce or sex continue and still it is about you adjusting your needs and physical participation. It may be a tough day as there is some kind of change or surprise that challenges where goals, reputation or career are concerned.

Late tonight or first thing on Wednesday you will experience the build-up between Mars and Venus as they oppose. This means you are going to have a passionate talk about something you want to see happen with a woman involving a media venture, publishing, publicity, travel, legalities, or education. It may be about love or money for you and you can either find perfect balance or be at odds.

Wednesday is about making or spending money you earn. There is a wonderful alignment to career achievement or spreading your reputation or fame through artistic or spiritual influences you express. As the day builds the energy is going to be more intense in dealing with powerful debt, loans or shared financial matters and any limitations or responsibilities in the creative part of the scenario. Love and intimacy may have to be put on hold today while you make money.

Thursday it’s time to make a decision or have a talk about the debt, loan, credit, insurance, taxes, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlement, alimony, child support, or joint financial matter and you have to find a way to balance this against the real income you are generating and how much you can afford to spend. A lovely change or surprise or just a new approach to career and goals is open to you and supports making more money.

Friday will build to the Leo Full Moon occurring at 10:18pm Pacific/1:18am on Saturday Eastern. This will be about celebrating a peak moment or ending something and for you it revolves around talks, meetings, agreements, the neighborhood you are attached to, your siblings, or something you are writing. Make creative adjustments to goals that are growing bigger by the minute. You are in the spotlight today regarding a trip, media, publishing or publicity matter, teaching or taking a class, or legal process. You are going to need to talk passionately about it and put your energy into getting your point of view across here, it is very dynamic. Your ability to stretch and adapt to more changes in jointly held finances is part of this. Saturn steps in to stabilize something with a lover, child or creative project so talks or agreements here can be long term and beneficial for you.


Come out, come out wherever you are? Nope, not yet, there’s still a lot to be researched or tweaked behind the scenes and you need Monday and Tuesday to bring it all in line. Monday is about what can change or how power and finances can be shared with a partner, agent, attorney, or opponent. Do your research. You can find a way to commit to home or property and attract the financial support long term. Talk to the person about what you will do to earn here.

Tuesday talks continue with this person or you may be trying to hammer out an agreement. There is still more investigating or finessing behind the scenes and stretching yourself with this person. Surprise or change is occurring around travel, legal, media, or educational matters that will challenge as well, be as open as possible to new approaches here.

Late Tuesday night or Wednesday the energy is going to be felt between Venus and Mars as they oppose in your monetary zones. This means you may need to act on making or spending money in a way that will bring some kind of balance to debt, joint finances, or any other major financial matter. A woman may be key in this so do your best to find common ground. On another topic, for those of you this pertains to, remember, you really can’t buy love.

Wednesday brings harmony between your needs and a media venture, publishing or publicity matter, trip, class you take or teach, or something legal. Apply your artistry, romance or spirituality for the most luck. The day’s emotions will become rather intense by day’s end as you find a major player lining up and feeling the limitations or responsibilities at home or with a property matter.

Thursday is about talks, meetings or agreements with partners, attorneys or agents. It is important to put the ambitions on the line and see how far you can go with this person. A wonderful surprise or something original and beneficial is awaiting you through travel, media, publishing, teaching, study, or legal channels.

Friday will build to the Leo Full Moon occurring at 10:18pm Pacific/1:18am on Saturday Eastern. This will be about celebrating a peak moment or ending something and for you it revolves around money you earn or spend, or a possession. There is something you are wishing to expand through travel, media, education, or law and you will have to push to make more money or spend to make it happen. The partner, attorney or agent is involved as well again. Step up and be seen in a shared financial matter because today it will lead to action around earnings in a very strong way. Making or spending money is favored based at home or with property, with long term potential.


There is a lot of energy around social activity on Monday and you will be doing some major transformative work through the work you do with these people, if this means adapting in a new way you should do it. Talks are serious with friends or groups and about work or ambitions with you in the spotlight through partnership or representation. Whatever comes up today by way of communications or agreements, act on it now as it moves you closer to your goal.

Tuesday talks about work, health or pets will be on the agenda with a friend or group. You are stretching boundaries a bit but it is necessary. A change or surprise involving the shared or outside financial resources may be a bit of a challenge for you. If you have to negotiate a settlement or bonus from this person you will need to be ready to think on your feet and throw some unique perspectives their way.

Late tonight or on Wednesday you will be feeling the opposition between Mars and Venus in the classic battle of the sexes. For you this will be about you wanting to take action, motivate, express passion or anger regarding a love or money matter with a partner, agent, attorney, or opponent. This can be volatile or about perfect balance.

Wednesday brings the energy into the private part of your world where retreat and work behind closed doors benefits. There is potential to do something artistic, spiritual or romantic in this space that brings happiness or benefits. Intimacy is favored here or dealing with the financial matter or divorce. As the day progresses the emotional energy is going to be intense and can play out over work, health or pets and any limits or responsibilities you hear about or have to engage in locally.

Thursday brings a talk or agreement about work, health or pets that will be about finding some internal balance. If you have been in the hospital the news will be about what is going on here. Positive change or a nice surprise awaits via outside financial resources, divorce or intimacy matters.

Friday will build to the Leo Full Moon occurring at 10:18pm Pacific/1:18am on Saturday Eastern. This will be about celebrating a peak moment or ending something and for you that revolves around who you are, your body, physicality, ego needs, image or identity. You will be pushing at spending a large amount of money or trying to expand through outside resources as well as transforming your health or work matters. Step up and be seen for who you really are in the relationship or with the representative today, it will lead to dynamic action. Talks and agreements are serious and about effort or commitment, ambitions or limits, there is opportunity for you in what comes up.


Ambitious much? Monday is about you dealing with any major changes or power issues around creativity or with loved ones. There is very supportive energy around your goals and the long term income if you step up your profile through the work you do and tackle any health matters so you shine here. Talks with the lover or child lead to time alone or in private with them that requires some adaptation. Talks or agreements regarding a creative venture lead to lots of action behind the scenes.

Tuesday ambitions continue to be on high as you talk or make a decision creatively. If your goal is love you need to adjust something you are thinking. A partner or representative is going to change something on you at the last minute and you will need to challenge yourself to deal with it in the moment.

Later tonight or on Wednesday you will be feeling the Mars/Venus opposition that is going to be spurring you to motivate behind the scenes. You will be pushed to action in fantasy or imagination, music or film, romance or spirituality, retreat or meditation, research or investigation, or hospitals or other institutions. Venus is bringing up love or money issues around health or work so you may be dealing with a woman’s health issues here or how you are finding the money to tackle health or work.

Wednesday takes a more social vibe and you will find that pursuing aspirations will go well if you involve a partner, agent or attorney. If single you could meet someone romantic through a friend or at a networking event. Emotions will be more profound later in the day over major changes you want through creative projects, with children or lovers, and any limitations or responsibilities you have around income.

Thursday a talk or agreement with a lover, child or involving a creative project will push your goals to the forefront. You have to find a way to get what you want in balance with their needs or you may be standing at opposite poles. Look for some nice surprises from or new way of approaching a partnership, agent or attorney.

Friday will build to the Leo Full Moon occurring at 10:18pm Pacific/1:18am on Saturday Eastern. This will be about celebrating a peak moment or ending something and for you it revolves around what you are working on behind the scenes, a research or investigative process, film, fantasy, imagination, music, meditation, retreat, psychic ability, time at a hospital or prison, or dealing with an addiction. The expansion to the partnership issues requires more adjustments and the child, love or creativity quotient is powerful and requires more effort behind closed doors as well. You are going to want to step up and be counted today regarding your work, health or with your pet. Whichever it is, it leads to more action behind closed doors in the land of fantasy and research and an opportunity to earn through steady effort and leadership.


What can you learn or teach? Monday will put you in the position to expand your higher mind in areas of media or publishing, travel, education, or legal matters. There is major change you are stretching towards at the house in this and if you are committed and steady you will shine creatively and through the love of others today. Talks or agreements about home or property lead to action with a friend.

Tuesday has you deciding something about home or writing at home as you adapt to changing media, legal, educational, or travel matters. Work, health or pets will be the arenas where a surprise or shock, change or unusual incident pops up to challenge you.

Late tonight or on Wednesday you will feel the push/pull of Mars with your ruler, Venus. This means that you will have motivating forces around a friend, party, or group but need to balance that with money or love coming through a creative project, lover or child.

Wednesday ambitions take off and you are going to see some artistic or spiritual work align with this or if health is your goal this energy helps you to align spiritually to reach it. It’s also a great morning with pets. Emotions will become more intense as the day progresses and be focused on home or security changes and any limitations or burdens you are personally feeling.

Thursday brings a talk or decision about this but you will need to make sure you are balancing needs with ambitions or you could find someone opposing you. A wonderful surprise or change comes through work, health or pets helping you reach goals!

Friday will build to the Leo Full Moon occurring at 10:18pm Pacific/1:18am on Saturday Eastern. This will be about celebrating a peak moment or ending something and for you it revolves around friends, groups, networking, a party or social event, or an aspiration. It’s a social day for you so put in some time on a work, pet or health matter with this person even if you are stretching on something big. Allow for more powerful change at home in this as well. Step up in the spotlight with the creative endeavor and then take action with the friend, group, networking, or attending something social. The leadership you show wins the day.


Who holds the purse strings? How are you sharing finances or intimacy? Talks today will be powerful and about stretching a bit more towards change involving loans, credit, debt, joint finances, settlements, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, inheritance, or bankruptcy. If it’s not about the money then the focus is the sex or the divorce. You can make headway through serious research and what you are willing to step up to at home or with property. Talks or agreements will push you to motivate on goals.

Tuesday again brings up finances, divorce or intimacy and talks reflect what needs to happen if there is going to ever be an accord. The creative project, lover or child is where surprise and change becomes a challenge today so think on your feet.

Later tonight or on Wednesday you will be experiencing the Venus/Mars opposition. This is about actions or anger in pursuing your goals, the career front, where ambitions lie, or around reputation. It is also about the woman, love or money at home or with a property matter. You need to go into your past actions for the answer.

Wednesday brings a beautiful alignment for you around what you want legally, or through travel, media, or education. It will help you to express your romantic or artistic nature through lovers, children or creative projects. As the day progresses the emotional energy is going to get very intense as you are hearing about or talking about something profound and dealing with any limitations or responsibilities from the work you are doing behind closed doors or tied to hospitals or other institutions in this.

Thursday continues talks or agreements around travel, media, law, or education and the key is to find a balance between their needs and yours. A nice surprise or change will find you in this involving a lover, child or the creative output.

Friday will build to the Leo Full Moon occurring at 10:18pm Pacific/1:18am on Saturday Eastern. This will be about celebrating a peak moment or ending something and for you it revolves around career, goals, ambition, reputation, fame, or father. Be ambitious and stretch yourself where matters of the heart or creative expression are concerned. There is another important talk or decision that needs to be made but you aren’t all the way there yet, let your words reflect this. Step up at home or with a property matter as you will shine in this arena and find that it leads you to act on goals or career ambitions. Some of you may decide to move for a career opportunity or to turn one down based on location. The research you do and the effort you put into imagination leads to solid goal attainment.


Partners and agents or attorneys will be part of the mix on Monday as you take on major changes to the monetary picture or deal with expenditures going to them. There is a great alignment to aspirations being met long term and to solid social or group dynamics if you step up and are counted and make your decisions based on your needs. Agreements now look good. Talks about making or spending money lead to travel, media, educational or legal actions that stretch you.

Tuesday brings more money talks with partners, agents or attorneys and you will be dealing with the need to wing it with home and property matters as something pops up on the radar screen you weren’t expecting.

Later tonight or on Wednesday you will feel the Mars/Venus opposition that will motivate you to travel, do something media or publishing related, to teach or take a class or to make it legal. The woman you talk to this about is going to have a different idea about it than you do so you will need to find a way to balance love or money issues here.

Wednesday harmonizes what is going on at home or with property matters with the bigger financial picture or the way you are intimately expressing yourself. However, as the day progresses emotions will run deep regarding any major changes on the income front and the amount of responsibilities or limitations you have to deal with in a group or regarding your personal aspirations.

Thursday the talk or agreement is financial and you will either bring about a balance between you and another or you and an institution or you will find that you are at complete odds. The nice change or surprise today comes through home, living situations or property matters and the nice affect it has on your shared resources.

Friday will build to the Leo Full Moon occurring at 10:18pm Pacific/1:18am on Saturday Eastern. This will be about celebrating a peak moment or ending something and for you it revolves around travel, foreign people or ideas, import/export, media, publishing, publicity, politics, philosophy, beliefs, education, or a legal agenda. You are going to need to stretch more at home or with the move as well as deal again with the major changes to earnings but the commitment to the group or the serious energy around a social occasion is aligning beautifully to support one of these arenas for you. Step it up through your ideas, an agreement, something you write, doing something to put yourself into a neighborhood or with siblings. You can dive into the travel, media, education, or legalities from this.


Work and health and pets, oh my! Monday you can pick one and then step it up around your own personal power as you stretch a bit here. You are the favored child today for slow but steady authority and mastery on the career front and with goals if you put yourself out there to earn. A talk or decision you make today will lead to action on jointly held finances or outside financial resources. If not financial it will be about leading to action through divorce or intimacy. Either way it is going to push you a bit.

Tuesday you need to talk about your needs if you are to find a way to work through the health matter or what is going on in the equal dispersion of work or handling of pets. At least one person is not going to say or agree to what you suggest, or you can expect to hear something surprising about one of these things that you will need to act on.

Later today or on Wednesday you will feel the Venus/Mars opposition as it does the push/pull between what you earn/spend and the major finances involving banks or other people’s money. Some kind of action is necessary here or will occur and it will either play out as motivation, anger or passion between you and another.

Wednesday you will want to focus on the partnership or deal with the attorney or agent. There is good opportunity to express romantic or artistic needs with this person that is beneficial but as the day progresses emotions will grow more intense around them and any major changes you are undergoing or want to undergo. Your ambitions or career responsibilities are part of the challenge here.

Thursday you will talk, meet, make a decision or sign an agreement with this person. Make sure everything you want is out there and in the fine print. Some of you will break it off. The good news is something said that changes everything for the better.

Friday will build to the Leo Full Moon occurring at 10:18pm Pacific/1:18am on Saturday Eastern. This will be about celebrating a peak moment or ending something and for you it revolves around major finances such as loans, insurance, credit, debt, taxes, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlements, alimony, child support, or joint finances, or divorce, intimacy, reproduction, or sexuality. Talks and meetings expand these topics but will require some adjustments and you will need to be adaptive where your needs are concerned just a bit, especially where issues of power or control are concerned. Step up in the position of earner or deciding to spend some of your earnings because it will lead to actions in jointly held financial areas, through intimacy or in dealing with the divorce. Solid goals can be met through responsibility.


Creative projects, a lover or something involving children, these are the arenas of interest to you on Monday and will lead you behind closed doors in some intensely powerful ways requiring some adaptation. Your slow and steady approach to travel, media, beliefs, ceremonies, education, or legal matters is favoring this love or creativity today and helping you to step up in the spotlight as the favored one. The talk you have behind closed doors today leads to action with a partner, attorney or agent that stretches.

Tuesday brings another talk behind the scenes or in secret about the adjustments that need to be made for love or a lover, a child or the creative venture. What it is going to cost or how possessions are dealt with is rather surprising or the change is going to be a challenge.

Later tonight or on Wednesday the Mars/Venus opposition is going to be felt as it plays out between you and a partner, agent, opponent, or attorney. This one on one tug of war can be about passions and love and a balance that peaks or it can be about anger and actions that oppose over love or money.

Wednesday the focus shifts to work, health or pets and you can earn or spend on these areas with lovely results. Expressing your romantic or artistic light is supported here. As the day progresses the energy will grow more intense emotionally regarding the work, health or pets and it will push you over powerful secrets or changes occurring behind closed doors as well as challenge you over any limitations or responsibilities in legal matters, travel, media, or education.

Thursday brings another talk or decision about what is going on in private that affects work, health or pets. A nice surprise comes via a way to make money in an unusual way or to spend on something unique.

Friday will build to the Leo Full Moon occurring at 10:18pm Pacific/1:18am on Saturday Eastern. This will be about celebrating a peak moment or ending something and for you it revolves around partners, agents, opponents, or attorneys. Stretch yourself to make or spend more and to accommodate the powerful energy going on behind closed doors. You are going to step up and be seen for who you are today in the partnership or with an agent, opponent or attorney and this is going to lead to actions that are either passionate, motivating or angry. There is opportunity for the connection to find a solid legal solution that benefits you.


Monday will focus on your home or other property matters as you adapt to changes in aspirations, group affiliations or friendships. There is solid potential for you today with the home or property through serious effort you make around the major financial matter pertaining to it. This will best come through stepping up your identity through research you do or work you put in behind the scenes or through film/fantasy/institutions. A talk with a friend or group is going to lead you to make some adjustments to the work you do, a health matter or with your pet.

Tuesday more talks or agreements with friends will help you to deal with the property issues but you will be feeling a bit rebellious or independent in your approach to home or property and it may become a challenge on some level.

Later tonight or on Wednesday you will feel the Mars/Venus opposition as the actions you take to work or find work, for your health or with pets, is opposed by what is going on behind the scenes, through film or fantasy, music or mystical interests, hospitals or other institutions, research or investigations. This is push/pull so you may see a woman, love or money matter work against you here or it will be heightened through passions behind closed doors.

Wednesday brings wonderful alignment for true love, time with children or putting you in the creative process, all lead to harmonious expression of artistry or romantic ideals. As the day progresses however, the energy becomes way more intense around the changes or power issues in aspirations or with friends or groups and any limitations or responsibilities you feel regarding major financial matters, sexuality or divorce.

Thursday the talk you have about the aspiration or with a friend or group will help you to understand or wrap your feelings around creative or love needs. A lovely surprise or change blows in that favors your unique individuality and the potential for love, connection with children or ability to express your creativity.

Friday will build to the Leo Full Moon occurring at 10:18pm Pacific/1:18am on Saturday Eastern. This will be about celebrating a peak moment or ending something and for you it revolves around work, co-workers, someone you hire to work for you, a service you provide, health or pets. You are trying to grow here and there may be some growing pains today if you wish to reach the next level. Allow aspirations to morph and changes to friendships to evolve. Step up in the work you are doing behind closed doors, through your artistry or research or by putting yourself in the hospital for the procedure. The action that comes from this will lead to dynamics in health, work or with pets that push things forward. There is serious potential for doing something positive with outside resources or through intimate connections.


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