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Hello Lovers! The week ahead begins with an emphasis on detail. Make lists, organize, analyze the matter before you, the energy is going to help you make some decisions and find some untried ways to work through the finer points on Monday.

Tuesday the focus turns to those people you are trying to partner with or who are tangled into your dreams by way of representing your interests or opposing you. Although it pushes you to overcome limitations and may bring intense emotions to the surface again, there is positive opportunity to move forward a bit today.

Wednesday is still about how you are balancing your needs with another but there is a great flow around your needs being met and the love or money aligning to this. Somewhere along the line today you will have to make a tough decision about your goal and communicate it to another. Mercury sits with the North Node of Destiny so the talk or agreement is future oriented but the challenge is this squares the Moon in partners, opponents, agents, or attorneys so you will have to overcome an obstacle here as part of the course forward.

Thursday opens with some interesting dreams so pay attention to what came through dreamscape, write it down, look for clues. If you need to deal with a loan, debt, insurance or tax matter, settlement, alimony or child support issue, inheritance, bankruptcy or joint financial matter, today is a GREAT day to tackle it. Intimacy, sex, reproductive issues, and divorce are also influenced by the powerful and positive opportunities to expand so dive in where your heart leads you.

Friday is hosting an adjustment between Jupiter and Saturn that occurred at 3:14 am eastern. It is about expanding regardless of limitations or leading your way forward, remaining ambitious, despite how big something has gotten. You should take some time today to look at where EXACTLY you are in a partnership, with an agent, attorney, or opponent, and then see how you can stretch in a new way towards your artistic, romantic or spiritual dreams. This is not so much event oriented as a very big outer influence that is asking to be addressed. An early morning talk or big of news is going to excite you.


Monday is about lots of work, tasks, errands, service and getting the meetings done, the agreements signed, the communications out there and goals met. There is positive emphasis on ideas and career. You can get a hold of those involved with health or pets and take care of business as well. Watch for any tendency to undo yourself later in the day.

Tuesday the partner, agent, attorney, or opponent is a handful. You are trying to make one thing happen and feel as though they are not cooperating. You may need to adjust your strategy. Your ruler is indicating that doing something with a past creative venture, lover or child is where it’s at today.

Wednesday pulls the friendship or group into line with partnership, representation or dealing with opponents. There is potential for your needs to be met and a love or money matter to go your way through these connections. A talk or agreement to pursue a goal or regarding career is way more challenging, the North Node here suggests that the career idea or ambition needs to break free and move ahead in some new way.

Thursday you wake with dreams that hold inspiration or connection to the muse so pay attention to those images! The artistic project you are networking or forming a group around is under positive stars today so connect with others. Focus on the big financial picture and ways to transform your career, the energy is powerful and expansive.

Friday the things you are doing behind the scenes, in hospitals, connected to film, fantasy, artistry, research, strategy, or spiritual expansion are at a crossroads with one person. You need to seriously think about whether you want to go forward with them or take a different path. Partners, agents, attorneys, or opponents are all representing more work and limitations for you for the next couple years as Saturn tours this part of your chart, so take the time today to weigh the pros and cons. Commit or cut ties? It is not a good day for dealing with major financial matters with friends or groups.


Monday should be rather enjoyable if you put energy into fun, love or creativity. There is good flow for talks or decisions about travel, media, publishing, teaching, studies, publicity, philosophy, and legal matters. The only wild card today is with a friend or group.

Tuesday is about your relationships with people who help you work or take care of your health or pets. You need to deal with some serious matters here and take leadership seriously. There is potential to make something happen at home that benefits you here or to involve home or property in some active manner.

Wednesday is beautiful as far as the way you are coming off on the career front. You shine and can pretty much attract what you want via the public, love or money. Make sure to do the work today so you can see these rewards. Health will also be rewarded. The North Node of Destiny is being triggered in media, publishing, publicity, travel, law, or education through a talk you have, agreement you come to or break, news your hear, or decision you make. This is where future growth is but there is some kind of emotional challenge around the work, co-worker, health, or pet.

Thursday the artistic or romantic muse is triggered and you may wake with dreams that point you in inspired directions. Goals and career are still being flooded with positive vibes here. If you want to partner or seek representation through a friend or group, today is a wonderful day to do so. Your aspirations can take on a new life and powerful changes benefit through the trip, legal, educational, or media steps you take.

Friday is a day where you should stop and really look at two different directions occurring in your life: 1. The growth and expansion through friendships, networking, social activities and obligations, group affiliations, associates and aspirations. 2. The responsibilities, limitations, loss or ambitions shared with another in work, health or with pets. You can’t steer your boat in two directions at the same time and you can’t really bring these two together so you need to get real clear about where you want to put your time and how you can support your best life. There is a way to expand in one area and remain responsible to the other but not without really seeing what is going on and knowing what you want from it.


Monday is a good day to talk about the finances or contact your lender to renegotiate fees or interest. It is also a good day where finances are connected with home or property. Goals are changing or there is a surprise in store today on the career front, be open to new ideas.

Tuesday the focus shifts to lovers, children or creative projects. You need to work on ways to stretch your ambitious goals in one of these areas. At the same time you may have to deal with an obstacle on the intimate front or involving divorce or major finances for the project or loved one. Passions come through short trips or shared words and these open up all kinds of possibilities.

Wednesday continues to focus on the lover, child or creative project with a wonderful flow for you to shine in areas of travel, legalities, ceremonies, teaching, learning, media, publishing or publicity involving them. Your needs should be aligned here and there is potential to attract love or money with ease. You are being asked to have one talk or come to a decision that is fated today and may be somewhat challenging. It is about the divorce, major financial matter that is shared, or intimacy, and it is the way forward.

Thursday pay attention to dreams upon waking as the imagery you remember may inspire you through muse and lover, child and creative impulse, beliefs and adventure. It is a lucky day for career and big time goals with rewards stemming from the actual work or service you provide. Finances are available as well for health or pets if you look.

Friday is an opportunity to take a serious look at two areas of life and make some decisions. You have the career and ambitions, reputation and fame arenas opening up and there is great potential to expand here and have lucky breaks find you. On the other hand there are serious limitations or responsibilities going on with true love, children or creative outlets. You may need to commit to one in a way that allows the other to grow or cut your losses in one area to free up the other. Obstacles may present themselves today via travel, media, education, or legalities.


Monday is a great day to talk with a partner or approach someone with the idea of partnership, to meet with an agent or attorney or someone else who would like to represent your interests, to sit down with a specialist for their opinion, or to try to come to a meeting of the minds with an opponent or competitor. There will be something unusual you may need to change in the contract or other legal wrangling or you may need to take another approach with the media, publishing, travel, or educational matter here.

Tuesday the focus is on the home or property matter and how you are going to expand here through legal, educational, media related, or travel arenas. Responsibilities or limitations are involved at home and you will have to deal with changes or power issues with the partner or representative. The good news is you can go make money or earn it at home or through the home today with vigor.

Wednesday brings a positive flow at home and with property matters that relate to major finances or intimate connections there, or in handling it through a divorce. Your needs can be met today in this and love or money should flow positively to you through what you do. Talks or agreements with partners or representatives will continue to challenge you but this is a fated moment where future growth comes from what is said or agreed upon.

Thursday the muse is working for you and you should pay attention to dreams upon waking as yours will be markedly intense and powerful. If you want to put money into remodeling or decorating the home it is favored. Intimate connections at home should be pleasing as well. Look for ways to have fun, be with lovers or children, or embark on something creative today as there is luck attached to the adventure and anything media, travel, educational, or legally structured with it. Partnerships or representatives offer opportunity as well for powerful connections here.

Friday you should take some time to really break down a couple things going on or not going on in your world so you can see what needs to be done. First, there is the area of travel, media ventures, publishing, the higher mind through teaching or studies, and legal agreements or ceremonies. These areas are where you should be trying to expand and where luck is on your side. Then there is the area of where you are living, the property itself, mom, or security needs. These are requiring lots of responsibility or are limiting in some way. What can you do to move forward and still honor both arenas? Finances may need to be looked at as well.


Monday is a great day to make money and do the work, if you need to talk or meet with someone to secure work or income, do it now or if you want to discuss a raise or readjustment of duties on the job, this day supports you. The only wild card today comes through jointly held finances or major financial matters outside of income and what is changing here.

Tuesday the focus is on ideas and talks and what is going on in your local scene. You will want to discuss the loan, debt, settlement, insurance, taxes, credit, or other form of financial responsibility and look at how big this is getting or needs to be. Some of you will be discussing a divorce or intimacy needs as well today with an emphasis on sharing. Although limits or responsibilities may be in place around what you can say to the person involved, you can find a way to talk about the change you want to see at work or regarding health. Mars will help you get active and come from your passions.

Wednesday is great for talks or agreements with partners, opponents, agents, or attorneys. Your needs can be met and you should find that you are attracting love or money through this connection. Continue to challenge yourself to talk or make decisions about the work, health or pets as there is a fated energy at play in what you convey here, the North Node of Destiny says this is the way forward.

Thursday may find you waking with a lover or just in a very dreamy state from dreams that inspire and enlighten. Talks continue to be positive with your partners or representatives. There is huge luck and expansion today in areas related to finances, divorce or intimacy and how that plays out at home, in living situations, or with property matters. You can make positive changes through the work you do here today that are pretty powerful.

Friday you should look at where you are in the matters of shared experience, so that means look at loans, credit, insurance, debt, taxes, settlements, alimony, child support, divorce, inheritance, bankruptcy, sexual or intimate connections, or reproduction. This is where luck and expansion are working for you and you will want to stretch out. At the same time you must be responsible to or deal with limits in talks, meetings, ideas, agreements, decisions, writing projects, short trips, neighbors or neighborhood, and with siblings. This day marks a point where things will begin to have to change so take the time to see what it is you really want and how to make it all work. Partners and reps are challenging you over home or living situations now.


Monday is an open channel for talks and decisions in the creative realm as well as with lover or children or regarding anything involving them. Your needs are aligned here so open up, make or break agreements, meet and share the ideas. A partner, opponent or competitor, specialist, agent or attorney is where the wild card is today so watch for sudden changes in direction or unusual ideas or actions here.

Tuesday the focus is on the money you earn, how you spend it and any possessions in question. The expansion going on in the partnership and representatives arena will require you to stretch the pocket book a bit to accommodate what is growing. You need to look seriously at any responsibilities or limitations around funds and then challenge yourself to transform or change something involving the creative project, lover or child. Mars is giving you a great passion or motivated push behind the scenes or in anything involving artistic or spiritual work, film or fantasy, research or investigations, hospitals or prisons today, this is where the money is at.

Wednesday brings a lovely flow between the way you are shining in the work you do, your health and the income that is being generated from or spent towards these arenas. You should be able to meet your needs today and attract the love or money you need through your efforts. A fated talk or meeting awaits involving a challenge with a creative venture, lover or child and the money being earned or spent. It is the road forward.

Thursday you should pay attention to your dreams upon waking as there may be an artistic solution to a work, pet or health issue painted into the images you remember. It’s a good day for income and a great day for talks, meetings, decisions or agreements with partners, attorneys, agents or specialists. There is luck and expansion here as well as a powerful opportunity to change something for the better with a lover, child or creative venture.

Friday you need to take some time and look seriously at two different arenas in your life. One, there is potential to expand in the realms of partners and with people who represent your interests. This is where luck is evolving for you so there may be someone entering the picture or someone leaving to make room for this better connection. Two, there are heavy responsibilities or limitations going on around your income, either you are spending in a way that has limited you or you are taking on more responsibility to earn. These forces are with you this whole year and you are at a point where you should consciously try to find ways to deal with both areas. Put some thought into options. It is not the best day to talk about work, health or pets.


Monday is a great day to do some snooping at home or to spend time to research property matters or secrets that affect your foundations or security. Talks with mom or over living situations or home should go well although you will likely be keeping it close to the vest. Expect a change or shocker over work, pets or health at some point.

Tuesday is about you and your needs as you do your darnedest to expand the work you have, your health or your connections to pets. It may be a bit of a challenging day in the first part as there are either more responsibilities on your plate or you are feeling limited or burdened in some way. Power struggles or changes that challenge occur at home or with roommates. Mars will help you connect with a friend for something invigorating or motivated and fun.

Wednesday brings a lovely flow to the energy surrounding you and your needs and your connections to a lover, child or creative venture. You are shining in one or more of these areas today and should be able to attract love or money your way via your winning ways. Talks at home or news about a living situation will continue to challenge but are aligned with the North Node of Destiny so there is something future oriented involved in what is said or agreed to today.

Thursday pay attention to dreams upon waking as the artistic and romantic energy is aligned directly into your aura, you may find a pearl of inspiration or just wake in the arms of a loved one. It is just a great day for making money, spending on work, health or pets and for dealing with the issue of possession in these arenas. It’s lucky, expansive and open with powerful potential to change something positively at home or with a living situation.

Friday you need to take some time to think about a couple areas of life and how they are diverging. On the one hand, the universe is bringing luck and opportunity to you through what is expanding in areas of work, health and pets. This means you can find new avenues, get lucky breaks or stretch yourself in healthier ways with cosmic support. On the other hand, with Saturn in your sign you may be feeling over burdened, in fear of change, stagnant, depressed, limited or with more responsibilities than normal. You need to make some conscious choices about what you want to do to move forward. This is not the best day to try to make money from the creative project or to over spend on a child or lover.


Monday is a great day to connect with friends or meet up for a good time. The social vibe will benefit you in any networking you are doing as well. Writers should pursue openings today with ambitions blazing. The wild card comes from a lover, child or creative venture where change or unusual ideas will be the theme of the day.

Tuesday is about taking some time to recharge your batteries or work behind closed doors, to head off to a hospital or other institution, or to dive into fantasy or artistic work. You need to focus on how you can stretch yourself in the creative realm through this or deal with the departure of a lover or child. It’s a time of serious reflection or commitment to attunement with your inner voice and you may find it hard to project that out to others in a way they can grasp easily but try. Mars is helping you to go after ambitions or tackle career agendas in a positive way.

Wednesday whatever you are working on behind the scenes is under amazing aspects that mean you should be finding your needs are met at home or over property or security matters. Attracting love or money here is favored and women are beneficial. One talk or bit of news will challenge you but you seem to have the support you need to commit your ideas. The North Node of Destiny is involved so what you say or agree upon or who you meet locally has a strong effect on future moves.

Thursday pay attention to dreams upon waking because they may be magical and trace to the root of your reason for being here this time around. The energy between you and a lover, child or your involvement with a creative venture are golden today. There is luck and expansion and some major talks or decisions that have powerful ramifications for change involved. Major financial potential is here or the ability to connect intimately in what is said.

Friday you need to stop and take a serious look at where you are in two distinctly different arenas. First you have the creative venture, love affair or child and what is growing and expanding for you. This is where luck and adventure are beckoning. Second you have limitations or responsibilities that are tied to retreat, rest, time alone or working behind the scenes, in film, music or artistic pursuits, in research or investigations, or with hospitals, prisons or other institutions. You need to see what you can come up with that is going to make this all work better up ahead. Home may be a bit challenging tonight.


Monday is a great day for meetings or decisions over income and for progressing along with career goals and ambitions. If you have written something you want to sell try sending it out today. The wild card comes at home or with a roommate as a surprise or change.

Tuesday the focus is going to be on the group or friend and how you can accommodate them as well as deal with the expansions occurring at home or with the property matter. You are going to need to be responsible with them and challenge yourself to spend a large amount or do what you can to change what is happening with your income. Mars is helping you to motivate through education, media, travel, or legal matters and what you do in one of these areas should help.

Wednesday is wonderful energy around your friendships, group affiliations and aspirations. You are central in talks or decisions here, with meetings and ideas and possibly with agreements, all good. Your needs should be met and you will find you can attract what you need by way of love or money through your connections with them. Money issues may still be challenging you to communicate about but it is conjuncting the North Node of Destiny so you must talk about it to move forward.

Thursday may inspire you greatly through the dreams you remember upon waking, especially if you are a writer. There are wonderful channels of energy flow to friends and groups again and shared ideas that are artistic or spiritual. You can expand a great deal at home or with a property matter today as well with luck on your side in what you do behind closed doors. Income may get a positive spike up in a big way as well, see what you can find through research.

Friday you should take some time to think about two different areas of life and what you can do to make them both work. There is a big stretching out or expanding where home, property matters, roommates or living situations or mom are involved. This is where luck and prosperity are going to find you. On the other hand you have responsibilities or limitations to a friend, group, aspiration, or social calendar that must be dealt with. What can you do to move it all forward cohesively? Watch what you say today as secrets will have a tendency to spill out at the least expected moments.


What can you do to expand your idea of yourself through travel, media, publishing, publicity, education, or legal channels? Look for agreements or decisions in one or more of these areas to benefit you today. There is a wild card coming in through a neighbor, siblings or short trip so watch yourself on the roads and do your best to field the surprise when it pops up.

Tuesday the focus is on career and goals. You will want to talk about some way of expanding or stretching yourself here but you will need to be mindful of responsibilities or limitations in the mix as well. It’s one of those challenging days where you are feeling the Plutonic push to change and empower yourself. Mars is going to help you motivate to go after the loan or other outside financial resource to help you achieve your goal, this looks positive. Passions may ignite with a lover as well under this firey configuration!

Wednesday brings a wonderful flow between ambitions and career and the money you are able to earn. You should be center stage in this scenario and finding that you can attract what you need monetarily. Women will benefit you here as well. Talks about your image, body or identity may be challenging but are meeting up with the North Node of Destiny so this is future oriented and you should do your best to be open.

Thursday pay attention to dreams upon waking as they may hold clues to inspired ways to make more money. The flow continues to support your earnings and career agenda today. There is also wonderful flow between you and a friend or group and the talks or agreements you have. There is luck and expansion here so open up, meeting with your friends just for fun will go well and at some point today, you may have a real transformative experience related to this friend or group.

Friday you need to stop and take a look at a couple areas of life and get serious about what you are doing. Your ideas are where the luck is, the way you convey them in talks or decisions and any agreements you have. Your siblings, neighbors, writing projects, and short trips are also areas where expansion and luck are working for you. On the other hand you have responsibilities or limitations on the career front, with goals and ambitions, and you must find a way to continue forward dealing with both arenas to the best of your ability. This is not the best day to deal with earnings with a friend or group.


Monday is a great day to have that secret sexy talk or meeting with someone you are passionate about. It is good for addressing issues behind closed doors especially relating to finances or divorce. You will need to watch out for a surprise or change involving income or possessions today but it is the only wild card.

Tuesday the focus is on the trip, media venture, education, or legal matter. Look at what it is going to cost you or how you can expand your earnings through one of these arenas and try to stretch as much as you feel comfortable with. There will be limits or responsibilities attached and you need to look at what needs to change that is private or hidden. Mars is in positive alignment to help you to go after a partnership here or find good representation.

Wednesday the flow is magical around the travel, media, educational or legal matter and your needs should be fulfilled. There is an ability to attract love or money to yourself through one of these channels. Women are beneficial here as well. A talk about a secret or something that involves fantasy, film, artistry, music, retreat, hospitals, research, or hidden agendas is very important today. It will relate to the media, travel, educational, or legal issue and it will challenge you a bit but it is with the North Node of Destiny so it is the future.

Thursday pay attention to your dreams upon waking as they may inspire you artistically or romantically in some way. The flow continues to benefit travel, law, education, and media. There is major luck in your ability to earn money today or to expand in an ambitious venture that draws in more money. Powerful transformations are open in the film and fantasy, secret and hidden, research and investigation, hospital and other institutions arenas.

Friday you need to stop and take a real look at two areas of life. First, take a look at the luck and expansion going on with income and possessions. You can make more money now with big doors opening up to you but you may also find you are spending more of your earnings. Secondly, there is a responsibility or limitation in place around travel, legal matters, media, or education and you must decide how you can work through both of these areas to move your life forward in the best way. This may be a challenging day for you emotionally.


Monday brings a positive talk or news from a friend or group. This should have you feeling better about the partnership or how you are being represented. There is a wild card in the mix and as usual with Uranus in your sign, it is you. This means you may decide your independence is more important than the partnership or act out in some radical way.

Tuesday the focus is on the major financial matter, divorce or sexual partner. You are under Jupiter’s lucky protection and will want to look at ways to expand your needs in one of these areas by stretching a bit more today. Look at the limitations or responsibilities seriously and how you can deal with changes or transformations occurring with your aspirations here. Mars will help you to go do the work necessary, tackle your health or deal with your pets.

Wednesday is very positive where your needs to retreat and recharge your batteries with an intimate partner or to research your financial options are concerned. Your needs should be met here and you can attract love or money to yourself through these private, hidden means more easily. Women will benefit you as well. A talk with a friend or group associated with your finances or intimate matters will challenge but it conjuncts the North Node of Destiny so what is said or heard is part of the pathway forward.

Thursday intimacy continues to flow in positive ways behind closed doors and there are inroads into the major financial matter or divorce. Pay attention to dreams upon waking as they may hold a clue through their imagery. It is a great day for any travel, media or publicity, legal matters, or educational efforts. You can expand, find lucky doors opening, and have a major transformative experience with a friend or group in this.

Friday is about taking some time to look seriously at two different areas of life and how they are operating for you. Jupiter is working to protect and open you up. This means your image and identity can change in big ways, you can put yourself out there and find lucky doors opening and your body can go through major lucky changes as well. On the other hand Saturn is limiting or asking you to take your responsibilities seriously regarding loans, debt, credit, insurance, taxes, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlements, child support, alimony, joint finances, divorce, sex, reproduction, or intimacy. You need to think on this and see what you can figure out about how you want to proceed. Do your best not to fall into depression today as the Sun is in the mood to hide out squaring emotions.


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