Friday, December 11, 2009


There are a couple themes to the weekend: Change. Sex. Dealing with the money.

If you have to choose one day over the other to get what you want, Saturday bodes much better than Sunday. When you get into the deeper side of this theme you will be looking at how empowered you are feeling, how connected to others and outside resources you are, and what you are willing to do to change anything that is not suiting your needs at this time.

Saturday you can make a big difference by talks you have, meetings you take, information you share, ideas you write down, decisions you make, and agreements you come to or terminate.

Sunday you will be dealing with the emotions around these areas and having to push harder to make things happen. There is more action in the day and less talking. The good news today is around a nice surprise that finds you when you least expect it.


Saturday is an important day on the career front or in pursuing an important goal. You can make a big difference or change if you talk or meet about the finances, intimacy, divorce, or power balance in the situation.

Sunday the changes you want, the sexual connection or financial matter, are going to require more creative or loving energy from you. They are also going to mean stretching yourself to connect with groups, friends or extend your networking in some way. What occurs behind closed doors brings the best energy into the day. It may be something you dig up through researching or come to through your imagination while retreating a bit, either way it is a brain child and part of the solution.


Saturday gives you a big boost when it comes to negotiations, talks or meetings about the travel arrangements, media or publishing venture, legal matter, or educational issue. Change can happen tied to finances or intimacy here if you are proactive. Feelings are positive with the partner, agent or attorney in this.

Sunday will concentrate your feelings on the partnership or representative. You are going to have to push for action on the home or living situation and realize that you are stretching your goals or career boundaries to the max right now. If you aren’t the issue is that you are feeling that space in a big way. Friends and groups hold the keys to positive input today.


The profound talks or meetings or sharing of ideas today are about transforming a financial matter, going deep, tackling the divorce, or connecting intimately. This is going to come through the work you do, a service your provide or how you approach a health or pet matter. Expect it to go well.

Sunday work or health will remain the focus of your emotional energy but there is going to be more need to actively push in the local arena, to come from your passions verbally, to do your best to help expand belief systems and teach on some level. The positive surprise or interesting person arrives via the career front.


Saturday should be pretty powerful for Cancers out there. Talks, meetings and sharing of information is profound and positive and playing out through significant others, partners, agents, or attorneys. All of this points to opportunity for fun, creativity, true love, or something involving children. The financial or intimate landscape transforms due to some combination here.

Sunday emotions are intense around the creative process, the love interest or children. You are in a position to need to push the envelope where earnings are concerned and will need to stretch yourself as best you can to handle credit, debt, loans, or any other form of outside resource, as well as any intimacy issues. The positive surprise to the day comes from travel, media, law, education, or someone from a distance.


Powerful talks or meetings about the work you need done or with the person who you are hiring to do it around the home, on the property, or regarding the living situation or mom will be the focus on Saturday. Changes are going to be good and you can transform the situation through what you discuss. Health matters or pets are also home topics that can be broached positively.

Sunday emotions are still on home or property but you will need to take a hands-on approach, getting into the mix physically. Partners, agents or attorneys will be a challenge a bit as well since expansion is at odds a bit with the days energy. The nice surprise comes via the major finances here or through intimacy or divorce proceedings.


You can get things further along today or get people to agree to your changes regarding the creative project. You are trying to transform a situation here in a rather profound way and talks, meetings, ideas, and agreements are in your court so be proactive. If you are focusing on a lover or child under this energy, you have support to make positive changes here as well.

Sunday emotions are going to be a bit intense as obstacles appear. You’re going to need to dive into the action behind the scenes and tackle what is occurring there as well as stretch yourself in areas of work and health. Even dealing with small animals is a stretch today. The good energy arrives via a surprise from a partner, agent or attorney or finding some unique way this person can help you.


Saturday is powerful and positive in its support of changes you wish to talk about at home, regarding property, living situation, security needs, or mom. You can open up negotiations or come to agreements here that involve a positive spin on earnings. You can decide to spend on the property today or make your living at the home or from the home, it is all powerful and all working for you.

Sunday income, the making and spending of it, is topical. You will need to push actively to network or connect with friends or groups today and this may be a bit of a monetary challenge. It’s not the best day to lend to a friend or try to get paid back. You will also need to stretch yourself creatively or with lovers or children. The nice surprise or positive new approach to work, health or involving pets is waiting for you today.


Saturday may play out a few different ways but the energy is very positive and supportive of you and your needs. There is a focus on talks, meetings, news, agreements, decisions, or ideas and they are powerful. You can change something through what you say, around a written project, with a sibling, something going on in the neighborhood, or through a short trip. Major finances, intimacy or the divorce are the backdrop for the transformation.

Sunday the focus is on you and your needs, your image, body or identity. You will need to dive in physically on the career front or lend your image or name to the goal or ambition and this is challenging on some level. You may feel the need to defend your reputation today. The expansion at home is challenging as well. The positive energy finds you through true love, children or creative projects in surprising ways.


Behind closed doors. Saturday you have permission to retreat and recharge your batteries. If you want to do some research or involve your imagination in some artistic work or if you need to deal with a hospital or other institution the energy supports this as well. There is opportunity from this to talk, meet or come to an agreement regarding earnings that is powerful and changes things for the better.

Sunday you are still in the secret or retreative mode but today you are going to have to dive into the travel, media or publicity, ceremony, teaching or learning , or legal agenda and tackle any challenge here. You will also need to push the communications a bit, possibly with a sibling or just out in the local scene. The positive surprise comes at home or tied to living situations or property.


So, what is it you want today? You can choose between an aspiration that is dear to you, a friend, a group you are involved with or want to belong to, networking, or a social event. Once you decide open up the talks, meetings, come to an agreement, make the decision, connect, because this is powerfully going to change something for the better by way of major finances or intimacy.
Sunday the friend, group, network, aspiration, or social event is still the priority but today the energy shifts and you have to dive in and begin to make things happen. This means tackling the loan, credit, debt, insurance, taxes, or any other major financial matter in the picture. You may be feeling like your income is not instantly expanding the way you wish for or that you are having to put a bit much out of pocket up front but this is part of a bigger picture. The positive surprise comes through the conversation, news, agreement or idea shared with the friend.


Saturday is the day to talk, meet, come to an agreement or prepare for good news that is focused on something artistic, spiritual or romantic. This is going to be playing out in the work done behind closed doors, film or fantasy, research or investigations, hospitals or prisons, psychic abilities or retreat. You can change something on a profound level so make the move, your goal is in sight.

Sunday goals, ambition, career, fame, reputation, or father is the focus. You will need to dive in and tackle what is necessary in the partnership or with the agent or attorney and this may be a bit of a challenge. Your own personal agenda is on your mind and stretching yourself today is part of what you can expect. The nice surprise comes via income, so expect to get paid from something unusual or to spend on something unique.


Saturday is a very powerful and positive opportunity to talk, meet, come to an agreement, share or hear news, or make a decision regarding a friend, group, aspiration or social event. This conversation can change many things for good so connect with your buddies today. Focus on media, travel or friends at a distance, legalities, or education in this connection.

Sunday all attention is on the media or publicity matter, learning or teaching, travel or dealing with someone far away, import/export, ceremonies, or a legal matter. Pick one. You need to push yourself to do the work, to physically dive in and tackle what needs doing or to get motivated about the health or pets so you can clear the decks. Your sense of independence and liberation are the positive gift of the day as you find something surprising befalls you by way of adventure.


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