Tuesday, November 7, 2023



We put our hands to something today, fix it, firm it up, organize it, work on it, move it forward with positive alignments, find our groove. It is Virgo Moon energy today, great for health and animals, our job or projects, seeking work, cleaning, hiring help, working with others, or paperwork. The details matter, simplifying counts, purifying where need be, it isn't the sign of the virgin for nothing. All of the above is in flow with expansion and beliefs, travel or educational pursuits, legal or media channels, earning, purchasing or possessions, or our values today. It is also aligned in flow with how we are showing up and what we are doing about loans, debt, inheritance, taxes, insurance, or other resources in the mix, or with our sexuality, divorce needs, or third-party influences in the story. Sounds good to me!

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PRAYER TODAY is 'May we paint the big picture through tending to the details.' Join me in 5 minutes of PRAYER starting at 3:40-3:45pm Eastern/12:40-12:45pm Pacific. See you there! 

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