Monday, November 13, 2023



Happy New Moon in Scorpio! It's a doozy. The New Moon kicked in at 4:27am Eastern this morning as the Sun and the Moon both met up on the 20th degree of Scorpio and launched us into 2 weeks of forward momentum in all things pertaining to this sign. This means we can start brand new interests, or we can further the ones we already have in play with more cosmic boost behind it during this period, and that it is strongest at the beginning and wanes the further out we go. It's a doozy because both the Sun and Moon are in opposition to Uranus in Taurus at the onset of this fresh start boost and both will sit with Mars, the Moon today, the Sun on Saturday. This more or less super charges the potential to take action or react, to bring more passion or fighting spirit to the table, and to balance this with the unexpected, suddenly changing, exciting, surprising, innovative, shocking, reinventive, nature of Uranus regarding our income, purchases, possessions, values, friends, groups, online experience, or aspirations in the mix. So, what is it we are launching forward with involving Scorpio? That would be the bigger financial picture; loans, debt, inheritance, taxes, insurance, alimony, child support, a partner's money, or some other outside resource, our sex life, reproductive needs, divorce, deep/profound changes, power, control, or dealing with jealousy, obsession, crime, purging of things, births, deaths, or third-party stories. To me this feels like a long period behind us where we were contemplating our Scorpio needs and now a shot is heard and we are off to the races, making sudden moves or responding to them with this forward thrust. The Moon enters Sagittarius tonight at 9:23pm Eastern and turns our attention to travel, distant, legal, educational, media, ceremonial, religious, or political themes. This is immediately in square to Saturn in Pisces so we may have some hiccup regarding an institution, an authority figure, our goals, the research, recuperative needs, or something artistic, romantic, spiritual, or secretive in the mix to overcome. This peaks around 10:28pm Eastern and we then await the conversation or news tomorrow morning that will really get us going with any of these Sagittarius themes. Again, looking at the New Moon energy kicking off today, on a global level it adds some very volatile energy to the equation as we may see the drive for more action, reaction, collective impact, and profound deconstructive and rebirthing potential out there as the death peddlers rattle their sabers. The interesting thing is, the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon degree is called, 'Obeying his conscience, a soldier resists orders.' This degree is about inner freedom when yoked by a larger, aggressive collective or power. How fitting for our time and possibly something to contemplate in one's own life at this New Moon.

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