Monday, November 20, 2023



We're in a little weird Void until 9:29am Eastern so feel it out, wait to launch after. The Moon then moves into Pisces where it will tour until 12:19pm on Wednesday. Today this is in great flow with Saturn and Jupiter. So, we can focus on Pisces themes; getting inspired, pursuing the arts, our spiritual practices, romance, research, seeking out things that are hidden (yay, I think I have a cat in the basement, lol), resting/dreaming, or dealing with institutions. There is support from Saturn helping us get serious, put in time, be more goal-oriented, or ambitious, as well as potential for growth, happiness or prosperity from Jupiter via ways to make money, make purchases or deal with possessions, gifts or products in the mix. Finally, the Sun is making his last alignment from the sign Scorpio for the year, as he forms an opportunity with Pluto in Capricorn. This helps us step up and get more involved with digging for things, purging, making changes, evolving stories, stepping into our power, focusing on financial, sexual, divorce, mortality, reproduction, or third-party matters, and linking this with the solid, long-term, ambitious energy going on around our goals, career or a boss, parent or other authority figure, doors open. The DECEMBER MONTHLY SHOWS are up now up and man it is a crazy busy month with lots of potential! Show #1 covers the first 1-10 signs, Aries through Capricorn, LISTEN HERE

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PRAYER TODAY is 'May we be at our most powerful today when allowing for kindness and forgiveness.'  Join me in 5 minutes of PRAYER starting at 4:25-4:30pm Eastern/1:25-1:30pm Pacific. See you there!

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