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You might remember from the Weekly Astro Show that I told you that Mercury was moving into Sagittarius last Friday, but it would be this Wednesday when we would see peak moments around this transit, so here we are! Today brings news, talks, meetings, sales, writing, short trips, agreements, offers, or decisions about situations at a distance, travel plans, legal needs, educational pursuits, media, marketing ideas, ceremonies, religion, politics, our happiness, prosperity, growth, or sense of adventure. It can be big! We entered into this field of play yesterday but today is the big day. Now, the door is open here with Venus as it was yesterday so we can bring love, income interests, beauty, or pleasure into the story, and involve partners, clients, specialists, representatives, advocates, or other key players. It is still in adjustment mode with Jupiter but now adds Uranus to that adjustment, so we are still being flexible regarding income, purchases, possessions, or products that are part of the story as well, perhaps with some unexpected twist or last-minute change or surprise today. So, doors are open, systems go throughout the entire day/night.

However, as noted in yesterday's post, today we have a square to Neptune that will be engaged up until around 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific. What does that mean? Well, it could be that whatever we are doing up until this point may have something hidden, secretive, addictive, strange, sad, karmic, foggy, about sleep or recuperative needs, or involving water, chemicals, drugs, alcohol, institutions, research, artistic, romantic, or spiritual matters in ways that are not clear. So be cautious or patient around any of this until it peaks or at the least don't push it since you won't see it until it passes. On another note, do you know that since 2011 every single month we go through the Moon in Sagittarius in square to Neptune for a couple days and this continues until 2026?! It's a once in a lifetime push/test for us since once Neptune exits his sign of rulership, Pisces, Jan 26, 2026, he won't return to this sign again until the year 2175! I think it's God's way of pushing us right now to figure out what we believe in, to dissolve away outdated forms, to push ourselves as artists, to meet with and dissolve away many lifetimes worth of karmic matter in romantic arenas, to expose all institutions for anything hidden going on, bring about slow change in arenas such as politics, education, media, law, religion, travel, and really clear the space for the new beginning that occurs when Neptune moves into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, in 2026. He began this round or major chapter the last time he entered Aries back in 1861 so we are wrapping up the beliefs, situations with institutions, politics, media, education, law, artistry, spirituality, romance, institutions, etc, as a collective over the next couple years and kicking into that new story. It's interesting to note that the last story began with a Civil War here in the States so that story is wrapping up over the next couple years. Individually, we should take a moment to look at the bigger picture going on in our lives since then, as well as how this Neptune in Pisces wrap-up since 2011 has been going when it comes to all of these Neptune themes, or if you know about your past lives that fit this larger timeframe, we are truly amazing beings going through a most amazing period in history/ herstory!

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