Tuesday, November 14, 2023



Sagittarius Moon meets with Mercury, opportunes Venus, while adjusting to Jupiter. This begins early this morning and is in play through tomorrow night so let's take a look at this two-day influence, shall we?! Sage Moon is optimistic, expansive, even happy or prosperous, or it points out the big areas of life where we don't have these things because it wants us to do something about it, so we do have these things. Besides focusing on our happiness, prosperity or growth, it may get us focused on travel plans, distant situations, import/export, or foreign interests, it may focus on legal needs, educational pursuits, media, or marketing ideas, or ceremonies, or it may bring our religious, political, or philosophical interests into these two days. This is merging with Mercury so there can be news about it, big news, or it can be about big talks, meetings, sales, writing, agreements, or decisions to make about it. It could involve siblings, neighbors, moves, vehicles, or electronics as well. This is aligned in opportunity with Venus in Libra so it can help with the love or money in the story through partners, clients, specialists, agents, attorneys, or other significant relationships. It could also open opportunities with these folks regarding beauty or pleasures. The adjustment to Jupiter in Taurus means that as far as the growth, happiness, prosperity, or adventure goes it is tied to income, purchases, possessions, or products in this story, and we should be flexible or will be asked to be flexible. So, there you have it. Today this is a straight shot, tomorrow it continues to be but will involve a square from Neptune which can cloud things for a bit, we'll talk more about that in tomorrow's post.

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