Friday, November 3, 2023



Saturn is stopped in the astrological sky, readying his Direct motion tomorrow morning, the Sun sits in balance opposing Jupiter, Venus sits in balance opposing Neptune, and the Cancer Moon is meeting up with 5 different planets today, all in flow! That's a lot of energy impacting us down here on Mother Earth! So, the Saturn thing I talked about on last night's show if you didn't catch it, you can LISTEN HERE: but for today just think of it as holding you in place with the serious stuff that will start to move forward tomorrow and over the months ahead. The Sun opposing Jupiter is upbeat, over the top, and can help you involve another regarding financial matters, the things you value, the things you are purging, intimacy, possessions, purchases, or changes. Venus opposing Neptune is dreamy, surreal, imaginative, loving, inspired, or can bring love, income, beauty, or pleasure into play with someone regarding institutions, research, romance, artistry, spirituality, addictions, or secrets. Cancer Moon keeps us again focused emotionally on our feelings, home, family, history, or anything going on with moves, renovations, real estate deals, parents, or roommates. This is in flow today tying back into all of the above topics, helping us find our momentum or get our needs met. Sweet! It sounds like a good way to wrap up our week.   

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PRAYER TODAY is 'May our collective voices be heard as they cry out for peace and the human family.' Join me in 5 minutes of PRAYER starting at 6-6:05pm Eastern/3-3:05pm Pacific. See you there! 


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