Thursday, November 2, 2023



Tonight's Show will be looking at Saturn going Direct in Pisces, a big deal for getting our ambitions moving forward again, and Venus moving into the relationship energy of Libra in our week ahead, be sure to tune in! 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific. Today looks so darn promising. We have the Moon in Cancer, so we are more focused on our emotional needs, the home, family, history, or any moves, renovations, real estate deals, parental needs, or what's going on with roommates. This is in flow with the Sun, Mars and Mercury in Scorpio, giving us harmonic potential to show up for any financial, sexual, intimate, reproductive, deeply changing or evolving, purging, divorce, or third-party influences in the mix, to get into talks, meetings, sales, writing, short trips, or decisions about it (into tomorrow as well), and/or take action, work out anger or find your passion about it. Examples could be an active day to find your passion intimately with someone at home, or to get the bills paid and off the desk at home, or to hammer out the divorce needs within the family dynamic or let go of the anger about a family third-party situation, you get the idea, look at the combinations. There is also opportunity in the mix aligned to Jupiter in Taurus. This opens up doors regarding going bigger, finding happiness, prosperity, or growth through travel, distant, legal, educational, ceremonial, religious, political, or media influences and what's going on with income, purchases, or possessions. Examples could be signing documents to purchase a home or pulling out photos of a trip with the family that brings happy memories, or purchasing an item that helps you learn or teach something from home or about home, or income opportunities involving media or marketing ideas and a family business or home business, you get the idea, look at those combinations!  

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