Saturday, November 4, 2023



Can you feel it?! Saturn has gone Direct!!! We now have the greenlight to start moving things forward again after a long holding pattern or reassessment period that we've been through since mid-June. So, we should now have the motivation to get to it as well as see things starting to move forward around us regarding time, effort, responsibilities, rules, regulations, authority figures, endings, commitments, goals, status, and/or ambitions. This is playing out in Karmic areas of life, with our dreams and imagination, with art, film, music, painting, or other muse-driven arenas, with romance, with spirituality, with coming out of isolation or sadness, moving recuperative needs ahead, with psychic abilities, institutions, tackling addictions or bad habits, secrets or deceptions, investigations, or research. The heavy feeling or feeling more drained that has led up to this in our week behind us should start to lift as well. The next 3 weeks will be about picking up steam with this energy to get back into our groove. Mercury brings news or talks of financial matters or may focus on sexual interests, divorce, reproductive needs, death, birth, or third-party stories today. This may bring some excitement or surprise involving another or some last-minute change on the books, a focus on the income, purchases, possessions, or values, or what is going on with friends, groups, the internet, or gatherings in the mix so stay in the moment for this one. Leo Moon kicks in this afternoon and we start to focus more on our creative side or what's going on with the kids or our love life, a lover, speculative ventures, or recreational pursuits. Will we enjoy the happy tides in these areas of life, or will dramas abound? Well, I guess it depends on how things are going with the purchases, possessions, gifts, income, or travel plans, distant situations, legal needs, educational pursuits, media ventures, ceremonies, religion, or politics in the mix for you. I'm thinking it should be big, over the top and all about going the extra mile for happiness, prosperity or adventure, in other words let's make this all about the good stuff!  

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