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Ascension. Heard this word bandied about of late? Some things in the universe are going to move you along regardless of how aware you are or not of the process but it is important to remain open to all information coming in now and it is important to understand that the changes in sleep, the random and strange physical issues that come and go, bouts of dizziness or feeling like you are outside of your body, exhaustion, fatigue, and more psychic moments are all part of this process accelerating presently.

If you are being hit hard by this and have ruled out medical reasons through doctors for anything to pin it on (don’t avoid your doctor if you aren’t certain where you are in the process), know that the entire world is going through different stages of this right now. We just made it through April which was all about the body and all it needed to purge. At the door to this new age and the closing of the old, there are lifetimes of purging going on, you need to continue to honor your body and mind, rest, take care of yourself, and seek ways to recharge spiritually. For some of you this is music, a walk in nature, yoga, meditation, whole foods, whatever feeds your spirit.

Now having said that, we turn this month to another important shift. We will be called upon this month to make a choice based on our values. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the importance of choosing what is of core value to YOU. It is going to come through the energy exchange of money. So get real now as you are reading this and think about where you are in your journey, look at your finances, how you are giving of yourself in certain areas of life and is that energy being reciprocated. Look at what you are choosing to do for a living and if you are finding ways to bring your talents or vision into the world. If you are in a position where you have to take employment to meet the bills you MUST also find an outlet of value where your talents and ideas can grow along side of this daily grind. If you are offered two opportunities this month or see that your road could lead you down two, be VERY CAREFUL that you choose the one that sits with your values, is true and right, do NOT take the road that could compromise your principals, ethics, heart, or soul for a quick buck. This will be a dead end.

In the grounded sign of Taurus you do need to bring those dreams down into earthly reality, you can have the best idea in the world, the biggest gift to share with all of us, but if you cannot support your life and the lives of those who rely on you then this is the time to find ways to bring more energy flow by way of income to what you are doing. Here’s a clue: Value yourself. Here’s another clue: Stop waiting on anyone else to come hand you a prize for your efforts. I’m not saying this can’t happen, it can and will for some but you need to move on this now and the best way to do that is to put the idea in your mind that you are the one who is plowing this field, you will harvest the fruits of your labor up ahead, and again, you have to honor your gifts by planting them in ways that they can grow in the real world (earn money). You are going to begin today to take the steps to cultivate this through money flow.

I’m telling you a lot here but it is THE time to get real about it, put all of your efforts into solving this problem even if solving it is taking the first baby steps this month. What do YOU need to do to bring more earnings flowing your way in line with your highest good? Is your entire business across the country? Move there or set up an internet presence there. Have you sent the book out to 872 publishers and are starving while you pour your last pennies into mailing packages for the next 28? Find a great self-publishing site and put that money into getting your book out there now, then pour your energy into promoting it to the hilt. You get the idea. GET BUSY, STOP WAITING, YOU NEED TO TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.

Monday you get a chance to put this down with a partner, agent, attorney, advocate, or anyone else who has vested interest with you in the money you make. You are going to want to unequivocally state what you are going to do or what you need and then do what is necessary from the issues they throw at you to make up your mind about what YOU are going to do. If this person cannot help you or will not help you for whatever reason or if they are a drain on your income then you need to know where they stand, where you stand, so you can set a new course tomorrow.

Tuesday is the NEW MOON in TAURUS, the income, values, spending, and possessions of life. You have 2 very strong weeks from the universe to seed fresh beginnings here, what are you waiting for?! Again that other person figures into the days energy so you are either having a bit of a problem figuring out how to deal with them or they with you over the money being earned or spent in the situation but know this, you have to get on it, work with and around it, starting today. Because this New Moon is in the wee hours, it will be technically happening just before midnight on the west coast on Monday so you may feel like initiating on Monday but you will do better to begin the process with the other person and start on Tuesday.

Wednesday the Moon moves into Gemini and squares Neptune before making a positive opportunity aspect to Uranus. This means we are turning our attention to the talks we need to have, meetings, pitches, agreements, short trips, writing, siblings, and neighborhood. Communication is key today and that square from Neptune can mean some disillusioning news or decisions that hit you from nowhere or worse, someone promising something they cannot deliver. This is not the day to sign on the dotted line but you can reach into imaginative works, film, music, painting, spiritual endeavors, and that Uranus aspect will hit you like lightning at some point today getting you moving in a new direction on that idea.

Thursday communications still are important. Today you need to talk about what needs to change on the career front or with someone in authority. You can cement something long term with a partner, agent, attorney, or other significant relationship through talks, meetings, agreements, or writing today or you can end things on a positive influence.

Friday is the day to set up for your meetings, writing pitches, short trips, interaction with siblings, neighbors, moves, and sign those contracts! If you are looking at the week then take this day as your day to make your move, the energy is GREAT! If you set things in motion and they come back with any barrier today then you are being protected and guided to something that is better, it is that strongly aspected. The Moon will move into Cancer and make nice with Neptune in Pisces which means there is an amazing spiritual/psychic doorway opening today for you as well, flow with the artistry, your spiritual ideals, home, family, and anything that swells up from your dreams. Carpe Diem!

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Monday you should focus on income needs and the partner, agent, attorney, or competitor. Get real, work on making any adjustments or setting out your terms. Goals and career flow is positively aligned in this if you do the work with that other person.

Tuesday is your NEW MOON in earnings so you have the green light to go after new sources of income, get your product or services out there, spend on something that aids your earning potential, and again, take into account that other person. If they are already in the picture or you see that you need them, either way work on meeting their needs a bit more in serious ways and you could have a winner.

Wednesday brings talks, meetings or agreements about artistic projects, spiritual endeavors, institutions you are dealing with, development or research, and emotional energy around your own needs being met. You may have to work through a challenge here artistically or due to the hospital or other institution involved. You have Uranus working through your sign to bring brilliant innovation so bring new, insightful approaches to your talks or meetings for best results and don’t be afraid to change midstream if you feel you have something brilliant to add.

Thursday the talks, writing, meetings, or agreements continue. Today you will be working around the boss or other authority figure or making more adjustments on the career path but there is a very solid line to that partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, or other significant relationship so open up with them, share ideas, bring them in on what you are doing for support.

Friday is your golden day. Talks match actions and come under very positive, lucky starts, you want to sign the contract today, meet, pitch your idea, talk, send out the writing project, write, put the local agenda into action, deal with siblings, neighbors, moves, or brainstorm on something you can get moving on today. Home and anything artistic or spiritual you are doing are also under tremendous stars, follow your inspiration.

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Monday you need to pull it together on some level, this is personally or physically as you deal with the work, what work you are choosing to do in your life, any issues you have with a co-worker or employee, or any issues you are having with your health now. You need to get serious here, set some boundaries but also make some changes. Anything you do in this tied to legal, educational, marketing/media, or travel matters should transform things positively.

Tuesday is your personal NEW MOON. This is your fresh start for the year ahead and you want to take the next 2 weeks to really do what you can personally, physically, with your image, identity, ego, body, to initiate new beginnings. You may want to spend on yourself or utilize your image or identity to earn money. That person involved with work, health or pets is part of this picture and working through limits or responsibilities with them should be top priority.

Wednesday brings something from a friend, group, the internet, astrology, a charity, or social event into the picture for you financially. Is there something artistic, romantic, or spiritual you are involved in here? If so, tread carefully, all is NOT what it seems today. On a positive note you can open up in these areas personally through what happens and that is entirely based on your willingness to try something new.

Thursday brings more income matters into play. Today you need to deal with legal, travel, media, or educational matters in this and again be willing to work through adjustments. There is a very supportive aspect to that person at work, with health or pets so connect with them over money matters and commit or find positive ways to end things now.

Friday is your golden day for any talks, meetings or contracts involving artistic, spiritual, romantic, or institutional ways to make money. This is big and you can take what is decided and act upon it in big ways. There is also great energy to talk or write, meet or do something local with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities today.

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Monday has you delving into the mystic, retreating to recharge batteries, developing a project, meeting love clandestinely, getting your artistic project, film, music or spiritual event moving. You need to work around issues the other person is having and how this is affecting creative input, children or love. The shared financial picture is very strong for you today as is any divorce matters or sexual chemistry.

Tuesday is the NEW MOON in your mystical part of the chart so you now have a 2 week window to pursue new film projects, music outlets, fine art interests, spiritual pursuits, retreats, hospital matters, investigations, research projects, clandestine affairs, or inner workings you want to get behind. Again this other person and love, kids or creative interests along with the limits or responsibilities there must be dealt with for best results. This is about working around shifting issues and getting real about structures.

Wednesday brings a challenge around a goal, career matter, father, or authority figure. There is something not quite clear here so see it for what it is but do not choose today to sign contracts as there could be something hidden or down-right deceptive going on. Something spontaneous or infectious could motivate you with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities today, all good.

Thursday brings the need to work around the joint finances or debt, outside financial resources or divorce. There is a powerful transformation ongoing here and you need to do what you can to work with it a bit today. Sexual attractions are as well going through some shifts. Saturn is helping you make real and solid choices today regarding love, lovers, children, and creative projects, focus on what you can build or structure here.

Friday is your golden day for all kinds of big news, talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or social networking. It’s a day to go after your dreams and to put yourself out there socially. There is also a very dreamy flow between income and career that is helping you to follow your intuition on goals and ambitions and gain recognition for your perceptions.

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Monday brings your focus in on your standing with friends, groups, astrology, the internet, charities, or social networking. You are going to want to focus on your identity here and how income is being affected through these avenues. You are also in need of working with limits or serious matters involving home, mom, moves, roommates, or real estate. Your connection with a partner, representative or other significant relationship is under powerful and positive transformational forces in this so allow for change.

Tuesday is the NEW MOON in your social sphere. This gives you a 2 week window from today to initiate new beginnings with internet projects, astrology, group affiliations, parties, friends, social networking, charities, or aspirations. It is a big time to set forth in new endeavors here, meet new people and again, work around that serious issue at home, with a living situation, move, mom, or real estate deal that involves the partner or representative.

Wednesday brings news about something going on behind your back or that you are working on in development. This is going to show you something relating to media, publishing, travel, education, or legal matters and you must really take into account that it is confusing on both ends or outright deceptive at this point. In other words, the spiritual context may be there but it’s not real yet if ever so do not buy into what you hear or sign the contract today if you can wait a few days for clarity. Career on the other hand is going all guns blazing today, a new opportunity may fall in your lap.

Thursday brings more work behind the scenes, in film, music or other art forms, spiritual energy and any dealings with hospitals or research. You need to work around the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist to deal with more changes in this. There is a great support energy flowing from home, roommates, moves, real estate, or mom so look at serious matters here and put in effort.

Friday is your golden day with all kinds of talks, action and lucky breaks on the career front. You should be proactive in meetings, talks, writing, agreements, and actions you take today and again pull on artistic abilities, spiritual insights, romantic ideals, research, and institutions for best results. There is also a great flow for you with media, publishing, marketing, travel, legal matters, or education so open up in these areas today as well.

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Monday gear it up on the career front, it’s not quite time to initiate the new launch yet but there is something you are definitely in line for that requires a conversation, writing, looking at an agreement, or meeting about. See if you can work out something with the competition or deal with limits or responsibilities with the partner, agent, attorney, in getting you out there on a new level. You may need to deal with a siblings issues today as well if they are affecting you strongly.

Tuesday is the NEW MOON in your career Midheaven so mark the next 2 week period as your golden time to launch new business agendas, projects, get your image or identity out in the public eye, go for the promotion, or put interests with an authority figure on a new level. Again communications are key so pitch, write, audition, meet, talk, look at contracts, and deal with the other person over structure, limits, responsibilities, commitments, or endings.

Wednesday brings up feelings with a friend, group, an internet matter, astrology, a charity, or aspiration of yours. This is going to focus in on something confusing or unclear financially, sexually or regarding divorce issues. Don’t sign up for anything or commit today until there is more clarity. You can make some surprising headway in new areas through media, publishing, travel, education, or legal realms in this today if you grab the opportunities as they arise.

Thursday the social vibe is all about transforming something at work, with a service you provide, a health issue, or involving animals, so do what you can with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities to reach goals here and be willing to work around any power issues involved. At least one conversation or agreement looks very solid with this friend, group or internet matter, so focus in here.

Friday is your golden day for the trip, media, publishing, marketing, ceremonial, educational, or legal matter and you will do best in this if there is a social quality to it so reach out to friends, groups, astrology, the internet, or charities for best results. There are big talks and big actions so be proactive. The other positive realm is in that mystical area so delve into the arts, romance, spiritual pursuits, and ways to share intimately or financially.

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Monday brings you out into the light in a travel, media, publishing, marketing, educational, or legal manner. You are going to feel strongly placed here but need to work on the income issue with the partner, agent, attorney, or other significant relationship. You can truly empower creative endeavors through these means today or transform something with kids or love if you invest efforts.

Tuesday is the NEW MOON in your travel, educational, ceremonial, legal, media, publishing, marketing, and publicity areas of life. This gives you the best 2 week opportunity to seed new ventures in these areas now. As you look at ways to get out there or launch in these areas, continue to make adjustments with that other person whether this is a partner, representative, competitor, or opponent, you need to set limits or deal with commitments or endings involving income.

Wednesday the focus shifts to career, leadership, authority figures, ambitions, and reputation. There is something going on with that partner, rep or opponent that is under foggy energy today and this could challenge your aims. Try to wait on any agreements with this person for a few days and do not take what they tell you today as gospel, they could be lacking all the info or trying to deceive you on some level. The positive energy is around joint financial pictures, new ideas or approaches, freeing yourself and brilliant ideas that help career.

Thursday the career or ambitions will meet with the need to make some creative adjustments or accommodate big changes going on with love, lovers or children. The support you are getting from Saturn intimates that you can solidify income issues or make some solid progress towards income today if you persist.

Friday is your golden day for finances that come through outside resources so set up appointments, meet, talk, sign agreements, pitch ideas, write, deal with siblings or short trips, all in pursuit of expanding your financial picture and career objectives. The rest of the energy today is also positive and will allow for social or internet benefits, astrology or charity benefits, and a dreamy, artistic connection with relationships.

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Monday is all about that debt, loan, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, tax issue, insurance policy, commission or royalty payment, or partners financial picture. You are in a strong position here but there is something limiting you that you need to tackle head on today. Look at the physical, personal, image, body, ego, or identity issues and how any limits or responsibilities are falling here. What is changing with home, real estate or moves is very empowering so know that this part of the picture is morphing in positive ways.

Tuesday is the NEW MOON in this financially shared part of the chart. You have a strong 2 week window to initiate new beginnings involving debt, loans, inheritance, insurance, taxes, bankruptcy, alimony, royalties, commissions, or a partners finances. This is also about new beginnings for you with sex, intimacy, reproductive matters, divorce, or mortality issues. Again, the universe is asking that you make personal or physical adjustments, what can you do with your body, image, identity, or ego needs to set limits, take responsibility, commit or end something?

Wednesday brings focus to media, publishing, marketing, travel, education, ceremonies, or legal matters. This has two sides today. On the one side there is something confusing or dishonest going on at work, with health or pets and you need to try to handle your travel, media, legal, or educational matters tied to this with care today so that you wait out some clarity. On the other hand there is wonderful inspiration or fresh new approaches coming through partner, agents, attorneys, or in your approach to competitors that should benefit you.

Thursday is again going to focus on media, travel, education, or legal matters. Today there is some big change at home, with real estate, roommates, or mom tied to this that you will want to deal with. There is also a very supportive energy behind what you need in the matter solidifying so be proactive to get in there and structure things to suit your needs.

Friday is your golden day for talks, meetings, pitches, agreements, writing, short trips, and sibling interactions involving partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competition. The route to open things up here with these people is through media, publishing, marketing, publicity, travel, education, or making it legal. Career and ambitions are also under positive stars today and link with artistic merit at work, spiritual approaches to health or animals, and efforts your put forward.

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Monday is all about what is happening with a partner, agent, attorney, competitor, or other important relationship. You are really in the drivers seat right now with this or you are pouring all of your vital energy into dealing with the relationship issues. Today you need to make some adjustments regarding something hidden or secret, a hospital or other institution, retreat or research, film, music or other artistic matter, spiritual pursuit, or clandestine affair. How can you commit or set limits here? Talks, meetings, or agreements may be powerful with this person today.

Tuesday is the NEW MOON in this relationship axis so you now have 2 strong weeks to initiate your new beginnings with these people or in pursuit of new relationships that better fulfill current needs. Again limits, losses, restrictions, responsibilities, commitments, or endings based on hospitals, institutions, research, secrets, clandestine affairs, spiritual pursuits, film, music or other artistic outlets, must be factored into the mix and adjustments made.

Wednesday the energy goes deeper emotionally and will focus in on financially shared issues, sex, reproduction, divorce, or mortality. You may feel nostalgic, weepy, confused, lost, or deceived today in something creative or with love or kids in this so do not choose today to come to terms on something here until more clarity arrives in the next couple days. There is very positive energy behind surprises involving work, new approaches to health or something unusual with pets.

Thursday the shared finances again are in focus so loans, debt, settlements, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, inheritance, bankruptcy, joint finances, need to be talked about or you must attend to paper work, writing, agreements, and any adjustments or issues here. Sex and divorce are other contenders for communications and meetings. You can close the doors and attend to a great deal today in structuring something in this so give yourself the time to get serious about what needs attending.

Friday is your golden day for talks, actions, writing, agreements, news, meetings, or short trips that involve work, health or pets. You will see something big opening up here, it could involve a sibling as well. The outside resources are connected to this in positive opportunity so try to find ways to bring in money for your efforts. The other energy at work is benefiting your creative output, kids or love interests and anything you are doing involving the law, travel, media, publishing, or education.

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Monday you are standing out at work or getting into your own health in a big way. There is the need to have your identity or needs tied into the work you are doing, your needs to be met with the way work is handled at home or in your work environment or to really answer personal issues regarding a healthy lifestyle. You need to deal with a friend or group and limits you have here with this so tackle how you feel they are influencing this or contributing. Income is positively flowing for you today so earn or spend in these areas.

Tuesday is the NEW MOON in your work, health and pet zone. This gives you 2 strong weeks to initiate new beginnings at work, with co-workers, employees, in seeking new work, launching a service you provide, in getting a new health regime underway, taking a new approach to health issues, or adopting a pet or doing something new for animals. Again, the friend, group, internet, astrology, charity, social networking, or other social contextual area if part of the picture for you and you need to either work out ways to commit here for work, health or animals, structure things in new ways, or end something.

Wednesday is going to bring focus to a relationship. This could be a partner, agent, attorney, competitor, specialist, or other significant person in your world. It’s a double edged sword today. On the one hand there is something confusing, disillusioning or down-right deceptive going on with home, moves, roommates, mom, or real estate in this and you need to try to wait things out a bit before making a move with living situations and this relationship until there is more clarity. On the other hand there is surprising energy around love, kids or creative ventures with this person and new and spontaneous connections so share love or creative flow.

Thursday the relationship is going to need to focus in on the income or spending and any limits or responsibilities here. Again this could be a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor you are dealing with but you will want to get serious and try to make some changes around the money situation. Today your social circle, the internet, astrology, charities, or group affiliations are supportive and solid.

Friday is your golden day for news, talks, meetings, writing, agreements, or ideas involving creative projects, kids or love/love interests. This is big and action or passion will well up around what is said or agreed upon so open up. The partner, representative or other significant relationship is benefiting from the love or creative involvement as well. The other positive energy today is around something at home or with living situations and the intimacy, sex, divorce, or financially shared matter here.

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Monday is about the kids, the love or a creative need/venture. You are standing out in this department or becoming aware of how much it means to you personally to have this energy with you. You need to make some adjustments on the career front or with an authority figure today relating to this so reach out to whomever is significant on this front and see what you can do. Personal and physical empowerment are aligning with you today through the love, kids or creative ventures so step up.

Tuesday is the NEW MOON in your love, kids and creative sector giving you the 2 week window from today to launch new creative ventures, to make new decisions involving kids or to fall in love or take love to a new level. Again someone you are dealing with over career, reputation, ambitions, authority, leadership, or dad must be dealt with by making some adjustments around time, commitments, limits, or endings so you can open up to love and creative possibilities.

Wednesday is about the work, health or pets for you and there is at least one bit of news, a talk or meeting, agreement or writing project that is going to be a bit confusing or down-right deceptive in this. You need to get a second opinion from a medical practitioner or double check information with the employee or vet today because it can be that information is just clouded or more clarity will come in a few days. If your situation is that you need to act right away do so but try to get all info you can. There may also be issues with fluids, water damage, flu like symptoms, etc, so take it easy. On the positive side, today there is great energy around a surprise or change at home, with moves or a real estate deal that benefits work, health or pets.

Thursday the work, health or pets issues will mean you needing to take it easy on yourself physically or personally, it could also mean you need to do more than you feel capable of today so pace yourself and see if there is a third party who can assist you. There is solid career energy for you in the work you are doing and goals can be met with solid, steady efforts at work or with health and pets.

Friday is your golden day when there will be quite a bit of action, writing, agreements, meetings, talks, ideas, all around home, real estate, mom, moves, or siblings. This is under very expansive, lucky stars and will tie into good feelings about work, health or pets. The other positive energy today involves what a partner, specialist or representative has to say to you. This could be very dreamy and romantic, artistic, or have something to do with that fluid/water/flu energy that makes you feel better.

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Monday you are going to be all amped up at home or over a move or real estate matter. You are in the spotlight here and will need to be on your toes regarding the adjustments you should make legally, with a trip, over media, publishing or marketing, a ceremony, or educational matter here. Set limits, commit or end things, work through the partner or agent/attorney in the matter, but all with an eye on your home base.

Tuesday is the NEW MOON in the home arena so you being given a strong 2 week window to initiate new living situations, moves, renovations, roommates, real estate deals, home improvements, dealings with mom or family, fresh starts over childhood issues or security needs, all a time of seeding new opportunities. Again you must deal with the significant person involved legally, publicity or marketing of it, through education issues that influence it, or over travel that is affecting your situation.

Wednesday the focus shifts to creative ventures, true love or kids and you will want to spend energy here. There is something confusing or deceptive going on with the income or spending tied to your creative projects, love interest or child so be careful with money and what you do here today. There is a chance to have a surprising talk or meeting that is beneficial for creative ideas, true love or kids so open up, get out in the local scene if single, and share or pitch ideas.

Thursday is again about the love, children or creative ventures but today there is something morphing behind the scenes on this. This could be a powerful transformation occurring in secret, through the arts or spiritual pursuits, with a clandestine affair, research, or investigations. Be willing to work around the changes that are coming here. You can find solid support through signing legal contracts, travel, committing to further education, or through media outlets.

Friday is your golden day for meeting or talks with a lover, meeting a new love interest, writing something about love, signing love agreements, communicating with a sibling or meeting with them over love, or for talks or decisions about kids or your creative projects. All contracts or ideas that flower today in these areas are under positive stars. Luck is in the mix, even a ‘no’ today would be about protection and opening things up on a better ground for you. The other positive energy is with income and work, health or pets so earn or spend here.

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Monday may feel a bit like a mind bender since so much is going on in the communications realm for you but you are standing out here so expect to speak, write, come to terms, make short trips, or have something going on with a sibling or neighbor that is significant. In this it is important that you put your needs or image out there and get real about any limits, efforts, time, or commitments with another involving sex, divorce, mortality, or high financial issues. Whether it’s a partner or representative who is connected to the loan, debt, settlement, etc or intimately/divorce scenarios, you must be willing to talk about your needs. Transformation comes through a friend, group, the internet, astrology, or a charity today.

Tuesday is the NEW MOON in your communications zone and you officially have your 2 week window to initiate new beginnings with a writing project, meetings or talks you want to put into play, auditions, speaking engagements, agreements, short trips, or anything involving brothers, sisters or neighbors. Again looking at the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor and the outside financial resource, sex, reproduction, divorce, or mortality issue is essential. Get real, make commitments or mark endings, structure and adjust your position to accommodate solid growth.

Wednesday the focus shifts to home, real estate, moves, mom, security, or roommates. You are in some kind of confusion, nostalgia, weepy feeling, or deception here so tread lightly, try to hold off on agreements for a few days until there is more clarity and if you are sad about what is happening here know that this feeling passes shortly. The positive energy is around earning or spending on home, through home business or enterprise, with mom, or a roommate so see what you can do here.

Thursday brings more focus on home, real estate, mom, or roommates. Today there is something powerfully changing with a friend, group, charity, social occasion, astrological pursuit, or internet matter and you will want to make some adjustments at home, real estate or with moves around this. You have solid support today through dealing with outside financial matters tied to home or how the divorce or sexual interest is playing out here.

Friday is your golden day for talks, news, meeting, auditions, speaking parts, writing, or agreements that involve income. You should really pitch those ideas or interview today. Siblings or neighbors may be helpful in this. There could be something tied to the home again in earning money or you may decide to spend in a big way for the home or real estate matter, mom or the roommate. There is also a great flow between true love, kids or creative projects and yourself now so open up in these areas of the heart, let love in.

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