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Oh delight, the Sun moves into Gemini on Saturday and we get our lilt back. I just bet you didn’t know how much you missed your lilt now did you?! Well, you did and it’s back. Gemini brings FLIRTATION, the twins are chatty, light, with a divine interest in learning new things and scattering bits and pieces of the information far and wide. They love to gossip, mastering both sides of any story, they are tricksters, pranking and punking as they go. They rule our brothers and sisters, neighbors and local activities, paperwork and short trips, and they’re going to amp up the communications over the next 30 days to the max, writers get your muse on, here we go.

Saturday not only opens this new conversation but opens an alignment between Venus and Pluto in trine which is egging on something big monetarily in your life, so expect to be talking to someone about the money, writing something to get there, signing contracts, making that short trip, involving siblings, neighbors, or an idea you have so brilliantly set upon.

On Sunday, they are moving into a square with Neptune which can look like one of two things, on the up side it can be inspiration that opens a Pandoras box of imagination and seeds some new artistic endeavor, a romantic, clandestine meeting of fated proportions, following your intuition in research to some remote corner of the cosmos, spiritual union with the other side, dreams that take you down the river Lethe, and fantasy that propels your heart (yeah, sign me up for this side of the aspect). On the downer side, and a square can bring this, it can bring news that saddens or confuses, deception, addiction issues, secrets out into the open, challenging needs to deal with hospitals or other institutions, or escapism and retreat. Money issues may figure into the scenario if you feel the downer side of this aspect. Know you have a great person on your side today, a partner, specialist, advocate, attorney, agent, or other significant being who can give some support, reach out.

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Saturday starts a new 30 day cycle in talks and meetings, writing, pitching ideas, agreements can be reached, you may find you are interacting with brothers or sisters more or involved with a neighbor or local activity that preoccupies your time. Try to set something in motion today involving income and career since powerful change and monetary flow is involved, talk to that person in charge.

Sunday brings potential for communications involving film, music, art, research, hospitals, spiritual topics, or addictions. If you think something is being hidden from you then you are probably right, talk to the friend about the income matter or dig about the internet or through an associate to uncover what is being spent or earned. If you don’t have the money to spend on something social today don’t let it get you down. Your best bet is to partner or reach out to someone who can represent you and to utilize your imagination.

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Saturday opens up talks, meetings, agreements, and ideas about money for you. Put energy into any pitches, interviews, writing, or contracts that need tending that will have an effect on your earnings or spending. You should find you can make powerful moves through travel, legal channels, media, publishing, marketing, ceremonies, or higher education today.

Sunday brings inspiration over the income or spending and the friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity. You can use this energy to promote your needs or image here in some artistic or spiritual realm. The downer side is it may bring up challenges over confusion or feeling sad about something going on here, don’t take everything someone is telling you at face value if your purse strings are involved. There should be someone you can rely on at work or involving work, or with health or pets.

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Saturday the Sun moves into your sign and illuminates your needs, body, image, identity, for the next 30 days. This is like coming out of a cave and finding the Sun shining upon you! Expect to be front and center now. Today brings harmony in love and sexual bonds behind the scenes or in secret, it also favors powerful moves through high financial matters or divorce issues.

Sunday you will either find you are working very intently towards an artistic goal, musical or film career agenda that involves you, or something spiritual or imaginative on the career front. There may be some confusion or deception involved from those in power positions so tread lightly and talk about how you feel regarding the media, publicity, marketing, travel, legal, or educational angle. There is support from someone in love, with or through kids, or in the creative endeavor so lean that way.

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Saturday the Sun glides into the hidden quarters of your chart which may mean you spend the next 30 days retreating to rest or work on something behind the scenes, to develop or use your imagination, to deal with a hospital or addiction, or to pursue a spiritual matter. It’s a great time to let your intuition guide you. Something involving social networking, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities is in powerful transformation with a partner or representative today, all good.

Sunday brings potential to use your imagination on that legal, travel, media, publishing, marketing, or educational matter through your artistic or spiritual persona or what you are doing at a hospital or in research. This can be very inspiring or sad and deceptive or confusing. Talk about the friendship, group, internet, astrology, or charity and how you feel about the massive change going on. You do have someone on your side at home or through family so lean there or find your solace here.

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Saturday the Sun moves into your social sector and amps up communications and meetings with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, and charities over the next 30 days. You should be the social butterfly now. You have positive flow for powerful transformation today involving the work you do and career or fame. Health and pets are also under positive stars.

Sunday all that social exchange, internet or charitable work is going to meet with great and powerful inspiration or challenges that stem from high financial matters, sexual attractions or issues, divorce, or mortality matters. You may want to talk to the person in charge or about what is occurring on the career front as it pertains to a partner or representative. Your support is coming through siblings, local activities or writing.

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Saturday the Sun moves into your career Midheaven and amps up talks, meetings, agreements, writing, and short trips around your career, goals, ambitions, fame, reputation, or father. You shine in these areas now. Do what you can to empower love, kids or creative endeavors today with an eye on media, publishing, legal agreements or needs, marketing, higher education, or travel.

Sunday brings your position on the career front or the goal you have set for yourself into a motivating or challenging square with a partner, agent, attorney, or opponent. Look at this person and decide if you can push for your artistic inspiration in film, music, fine art, or spiritual depth and motivate change or if this is a case of confusion or deception going on with this person. Talk about legal, publishing, marketing, media, travel, or educational matters with an eye on the work necessary to carry the day. Income is solid through efforts extended.

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Saturday the Sun lights up your house of travel, media, publishing, marketing, legal matters, and education so buckle up, you are about to shine your light in these areas! Expect a lot more talks, agreements and meetings to flow through these themes. Today you have the chance to make powerful headway with a home/real estate/move issue and the financial picture, divorce or intimate connection playing out there.

Sunday is going to either inspire you artistically or spiritually in the work you do, with a health issue or pet, or it is going to challenge you there over confusion or deception or sadness. Again the communications flowing in travel, legal, media, publishing, or educational matters will color this for you. Find ways to talk about the shared financial picture, divorce or sexual matter to realign feelings about love or creativity.

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Saturday the Sun moves into your house of sex, divorce and shared financial matters and lights up your energy here for the next 30 days. This can bring passionate meetings or talks, agreements or issues over loans, settlements or other outside financial matters, and decisions about divorce. Today offers great transformation with one individual so open up with a partner, agent, attorney, or specialist.

Sunday all your energy in the sex, divorce or financial arena is dynamically squared to love, kids or creative ventures so you may feel inspired to motivate in bringing these worlds together in some way or you may feel a bit sad or confused, possibly dealing with deception over the kids, love or creative venture and finances, divorce or intimacy. The home seems to be the playing field for issues with partners or reps so get ready to talk these out as well.

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Saturday the Sun moves into your relationship zone and lights up your energy with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, and competition over the next 30 days. Expect more communication and agreements, writing and ideas to flow. Work and income are aligned in powerful ways today so do what you can to make headway. Spending or earning through health or pets is also favored.

Sunday the relationship you are dealing with through partnering or representation or some other significant person is going to meet with dynamic energy at home, over living situations, roommates, moves, real estate deals, or any other home matter. This could bring artistic or spiritual inspiration, retreat and rest, or secret trysts but it could also invoke deception or confusion, even water damage or addictive issues, talk about the work, health or pet matter. Support is from the internet or a friend.

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Saturday the Sun moves into your work, health and pet zone to throw a spotlight on you in these areas over the next 30 days. It’s a great time to tackle chores, interview, get a leg up on work, hire employees, deal with co-workers, stand out on the job, get your health in gear, and link your image to helping animals. Powerful energy is aligned today for love, kids or creative outlets so put yourself into these areas.

Sunday your health, work or pets are going to be squared by news, meetings, talks, agreements, or decisions coming through that are either going to motivate you in some inspired way to push yourself for the romance, art, spiritual desire, or it can challenge you over something confusing, water/fluid related or deceptive. Your support system is through someone who is older or established, an authority figure who can help, possibly with the income or spending.

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Saturday the Sun moves into your house of true love, kids and creative projects and puts a big ole spotlight on you in these areas for the next 30 days. This amps up communications and meetings and what you do to express yourself. Today there is great energy flow at home, with moves, mom, roommates, or real estate deals and anything you are doing behind closed doors, in research, secret romance, artistic endeavors, or spiritual design.

Sunday the position you are in with a lover, child or creative venture is squared by the income or spending matter. This is going to fuel motivating and inspired choices or it is going to make you sad, confuse or deceive you so do what you can about the home or living situation and open up dialogue here. Your support comes through travel, legal, media, publishing, marketing, or higher education.

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Saturday the Sun moves into your home base and lights up your living situation, real estate deals, moves, roommates, or mom over the next 30 days. This is where you will spend most of your vital energy and want to put your image out there or deal with physical or personal issues. Today you can really make some powerful transformative progress with a friend, group, the internet, astrology, or a charity, write it up, talk, meet, sign the agreement, just open up.

Sunday the home matter meets with a square to your sign so you may feel very motivated on some artistic, spiritual, romantic, or institutional bent at home, with real estate and your own needs or image, or you may feel challenged, sad, confused, or deceived about what is happening to you in context to your home or mom. Talk out what you can, do your research, deal with institutions, there is something solid for you by way of the outside or shared financial resource if you dig deep enough.

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