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What can we expect when a huge new LUCK CYCLE begins for everyone in the Taurus area of their chart, nestled between 2 ECLIPSES in Gemini and Sagittarius?! A month ahead that is sure to set you on vast new horizons in your life, one that will be tied strongly to your evolving sense of values and bold new ways of thinking!

June begins with a SOLAR ECLIPSE in Gemini on the 1st. This will likely be event oriented, through news you hear, something that occurs in your neighborhood, with a move, out locally, on a short trip, or with a vehicle, around a decision or agreement in the works, through a talk or meeting that shifts things for you, around something involving a brother or sister, or with a writing project or idea that you have been focused on. This is a NEW BEGINNING.

The personal planets will move into this arena to spark more on this as follows: 1.)Mercury enters Gemini on the 2nd and pushes you off the fence with the talks, decisions, agreements, siblings, move, neighborhood, short trip, meeting, vehicle, or writing project. 2.) Venus enters Gemini on the 9th amping up any love or income issues tied to what you are dealing with, it may also possibly introduce a woman on the scene. 3.) Mars moves into Gemini on the 20th and the action begins, you are motivating, passionate, angry, or fighting the good fight, it may also bring a young male onto the scene.

Neptune is going to Retrograde on the 3rd at 0 degrees of Pisces. He will take the next 2 months slowly backing over this territory before backing into Aquarius on August 4th. This is giving you time to adjust to what has been happening since Neptune entered Pisces back on April 4th for the first time in your life and to finesse or dream on what you have begun. Use these next 2 months to get as clear as you can on any issues or needs involving addiction, self-sabotage, boundaries, hospitals, prisons, other institutions, water or fluidic issues, retreats, secrets, clandestine affairs, mysteries, fantasy, imagination, film, music, fine art, spiritual pursuits, psychic abilities, yoga, meditation, intuition, research, investigations, or dealing with hidden enemies. You’ve been given a glimpse of what this next 14 year transit is going to look like and this is the universes way of giving you an opening to get a handle on any of the tougher influences now in reprieve before he is back full force next year and to put in the developmental time necessary on those inspired projects.

JUPITER enters his new LUCK CYCLE on the 4th and opens up an entire year ahead for you where you will have more opportunity to expand, find or seek happiness, prosper, and walk through lucky doors of opportunity involving what you value, income, spending, and possessions. This is solid, slow and steady pleasure principal energy that wants you to have more. Doors are going to open in the Taurus placement of your chart to see where this monetary expansion is going to occur in lucky new ways.

As you can see the month of June is starting off with a BANG, we have only looked at the first 4 days and already it is intense! On the 12th Saturn is going to station Direct in the sign of relationship, justice, balance, and equity. This means it is time to go back to work with that partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, competitor, or opponent. Saturn in forward motion is going to ask you to get serious, commit to something or end it. You have had since January 25/26th to do whatever inner work you found necessary to take the reins now and step up one way or another.

The 15th brings a FULL LUNAR ECLIPSE in Sagittarius and a powerful culmination for you in one of the higher minded areas of life. This can mean an achievement or certification at a university or other classroom setting or the end to something educational, a trip abroad, import/export deal, connection with someone at a distance or foreign interest climaxing or ending, a media, publishing, marketing, or publicity matter reaching a peak, a ceremony celebrated or ended, or a legal matter hitting its peak.

The month wraps with Mercury moving into Cancer on the 16th followed by the Sun moving into Cancer on the 21st. Both will spend the next weeks drawing our attention to how grounded or rooted we feel, to what is going on at home, with roommates, moves, renovations, real estate deals, and to what is occurring with family or mom. Expect decisions and energy to flow more naturally to what will make you feel most nurtured here now.

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The SOLAR ECLIPSE that starts this month seems to be ready to bring you some life changing news or information. The 1st and 2nd will be crucial so get clear on what you want and if you have an idea about what news may be about to come in, prepare your response as best you can ahead of time. Eclipses have a way of putting you on completely different courses. This may be about a writing opportunity, contract, move, neighbor, sister, brother, vehicle, short trip, important meeting, or an idea you are developing.

Neptune Retrograding on the 3rd in hard angle to Mercury may mean there is something hidden or disillusioning about the information or agreement so take care with all documents and out on the road today. You may have something shift regarding an institution such as a hospital, with a film, music or other artistic project, or with research, addictions, or investigations. This shift is offering you an opportunity to get inspired over the next few months and bring up imaginative solutions or vibrant masterworks. It may also be about an old opportunity to write or communicate in one of these fields coming back around now.

Jupiter begins a new LUCK CYCLE for you on the 4th in your house of earnings and values. This is a very big opportunity for you over the course of the next year to put yourself in a position to earn more income, to expand current income potentials, to perhaps spend on a large purchase, and to open up your value system in ways that bring luck and happiness into your life. Wedged as this is between 2 eclipses of the mind, it is certain that your thinking is going to play a huge part in what you are able to achieve and any shifts in perspective may benefit your bottom line. It may also mean that something you write or publish, a media or publicity matter, trip or foreign interest, import/export, or something you do legally or with siblings or neighbors could help you to earn more up ahead.

Venus moving into your communications zone on the 9th may bring a beneficial talk, meeting or agreement with a woman or an opportunity over the next few weeks to get that earning potential or love interest going through the writing, meetings or pitches you engage in now. If single this can bring attractions out in the local scene or through introductions from neighbors or siblings.

You have had since Mid January to do any inner work you needed to address regarding relationship. On the 12th you are back in the game, this means you are going to be ready as far as the universe is concerned to step things up, commit, or end something with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or opponent. You may note a shift from them at this time as well as things get serious again.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 15th is bringing a big head to a trip, import/export matter, educational opportunity, media, publishing, marketing, or publicity matter, ceremony, or legal topic. This is about a time of achievement here, celebrations, recognition, or endings.

Expect talks, news, agreements, and decisions to shift focus on the 16th as your home, real estate matters, roommate situation, relationship with mom, family, security issues, and any renovations or moves will now be what is being communicated and worked through. There may be more paperwork at this time or a need to set up a meeting about what is transpiring.

Mars moves into Gemini on the 3rd and your ruler here is going to want to take action through words (passion or anger), and out in your local arena. You may gear up for a short trip now, take a passionate tryst to a nearby town, get into a fight with a neighbor or sibling, or gear up to do something on their behalf, sports or physical activity can amp up now with sibs, neighbors or out locally as well. This may mark the entrance of a younger male on the local scene who brings a lot of dynamic energy into play.

The Sun lights up Cancer on the 21st and kicks off a 4 week cycle for you where your living environment will be where you shine and where you find you are pouring most of your vital or physical energy. This is a good time to host events in the home, to move, get out and do something involving real estate, mom, family, or interiors.

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June is opening with a SOLAR ECLIPSE in your income zone and a major turning point for you around your values. Mercury moves into this arena the following day, so the 1st and 2nd are very important for you regarding money. This is a bold new beginning so look for ways to increase earnings, spend on something of value, commit to finding work that aligns with evolving values, or allow for anything that comes from outside of your own doing to direct you towards the best possible fresh start with what you do for a living or how much money you are generating.

Neptune is going to Retrograde on the 3rd in hard angle to Mercury so you may need to watch for any hidden or disillusioning issues around the money and a friend, group affiliation, social occasion, networking event, internet connection, astrology, charity, or aspiration. Make sure you read all fine print before signing documents. This Retrograde is going to give you time to do some internal work over the next few months regarding those dreams you have for your life. You have made some real progress recently and now you get a ‘catch up’ time where your inner imagination and intuition will help you to fall into a natural flow. Again, this has a strong connection to friends, groups, your community at large, charitable works, astrological insights, internet connections, and aspirations.

JUPITER begins a huge new LUCK CYCLE for you on the 4th! This is really big because he is moving into YOUR sign! You have an entire year ahead that is going to bring you more personal opportunities for growth and happiness than you have had in 12 years. If ever there was a year to believe in yourself, to focus in on your needs and take extra care of yourself, this is it. Luck will come through opening up to new horizons with your image, identity, physical body, and allowing for adventure and prosperity to take you out into the world in new ways. It is as if the universe has gifted you with a magic key if you are willing to step out and try it in a few doors. Remember that it will be your personality, looks, athletic or physical abilities, that will help you to reach for the gold so it is not a time to hide away from the world. If you need to have anything done physically this brings more protection.

A woman may enter the picture on the 9th or in the weeks after this to help you with making money or that has an effect on your income or spending. This is a good time to attract more money and any focus you have on photography, objects of beauty, women, or love will aid your quest to earn.

You have had since mid-January to work out any inner issues you were having with a relationship that meant something to the work you do, health issues or pets. On the 12th it is time to again get back in the game and either commit or end something with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor involving work, health or pets. Do you need to search for the right agent to book work, an attorney to deal with work disputes, is a partner sharing the workload, is there a health matter that you need to attend to with a partner or can an advocate help you get the health needs met? You get the idea.

The FULL LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 15th is bringing an intense culmination for you with a divorce, sexual attraction or issue, loan, debt, settlement, alimony or child support issue, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance policy, tax issue, commission check or negotiation, royalty, or with a partners finances. This can be about achievement, recognition or endings.

Thoughts turn to the local scene, short trips, neighbors, siblings, writing, agreements, and meetings on the 16th and you may find you are engaged a lot more in the home with these topics over the course of the next few weeks. Today may brings important news or a decision that helps you to turn a corner regarding home, family or moves.

Mars moves into Gemini on the 20th and you will find you are all charged up to do something about income or spending but that you will likely do this through words, passions or anger getting into the mix or a willingness to fight for what you want. You may write or sign agreements today about income, or a younger male may enter the scene who will influence the money situation in the next couple weeks. This could be the beginning of the new job or an important interview.

By the 21st the Sun moves into Cancer and puts the spotlight firmly on your local activities, brothers or sisters, neighbors, vehicles, moves, writing, agreements, decisions, meetings, and talks. Again, home and issues tied to security will influence what you are thinking and talking about. It’s a good time to nurture yourself and to root yourself in the new growth potential that is all around you.

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June begins with a SOLAR ECLIPSE in your sign! Those of you with birthdays closest to the 1st of June will feel this the most but all Gemini’s are getting a huge new beginning, one that may focus on your personality, looks, identity, image, or physical body. Opportunities that come through for you now are somewhat fated and meant to lead you on a new course. With your ruling energy, Mercury, moving into this field on the 2nd there will be talks, meetings, news, agreements, writing, or short trips involved as well. Communicate your needs, make sure to return calls and invitations now, and say yes to life, it’s about to take you for an interesting ride!

Neptune Retrogrades on the 3rd in hard angle to Mercury so there may be a challenge or something hidden going on regarding career or reputation, fame or an authority figure today. Take care with new agreements that you are tending to the fine print and should anything vanish today, try to look at the bigger picture, there is something better and your spirit guides know it even if you haven’t found it quite yet. On the up side, you have had a chance to get used to this new placement in your career zone, to see how film, music, fine art, spirituality, psychic abilities, institutions, research, or investigations may color your career direction in some profound way in the years ahead. The shift today is going to take you back inside, to help you access your imagination and inspiration and prepare spiritually for that road ahead. You may begin to work on something behind the scenes or in the developmental stages now with an eye on bringing it out to your public up ahead.

JUPITER begins a whole new LUCK CYCLE on the 4th, for the first time in 12 years he is going to open up huge new opportunities for you through film, music, dance, poetry, fine art, spiritual pursuits, psychic abilities, meditation, yoga, retreat, development, strategies, clandestine affairs, secrets, mysteries, intuition, romance, hospitals or other institutions, dealing with addictions, fantasy, imagination, research, or investigations. It is a time to trust your gut, if you follow that inner voice now and show faith in your dreams, the universe should open to you like a magical kingdom over the course of these next 12 months. The more you open your mind and connect through these channels, the more will flow through your world, adventure, prosperity, happiness, come through this most karmic of all placements.

Venus is going to enter the conversations on the 9th which more or less just means a great time to get photos done of yourself, to raise the bar on your beauty routine, get that new hairstyle or wardrobe, and to tie your name, identity or personality to anything related to women, beauty or love. It may be that your personality or image is what helps you to earn money at this time, all of it should flow smoothly and as if a Gemini ever needs help with the charm, this kicks it up a notch, watch out world!

The first part of this year you have had a bit of a reprieve with at least one significant relationship. You’ve been asking yourself if this is a person you can get serious with, make a long term commitment in romance, marriage or business, or if you could count on them to represent your interests as an agent or attorney or partner. It takes two to tango, is it them or are you the one with commitment issues? Do you want them in a ‘forever way’? You may have been mulling over severing ties with someone who is constantly competing with you or worse, an outright opponent. All of this plays out around your creative project, true love or kids. On the 12th Saturn stations Direct and it’s game on, time to put up or shut up, say ‘I do’ or ‘I’m through’, seal the deal or deal ‘em the door. Do you need an agent for your kid, a walk down the aisle with a lover, an attorney for the creative endeavor or competitor? Time to get serious.

The FULL LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 15th is bringing one relationship to a very big culmination. Yes, you most likely have a BIG clue as of the 12th which way this is going. An Eclipse is all about emotions climaxing, something reaching its peak, an achievement, celebration or ending. For you this is with or through a romantic, marriage or business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, competitor, or opponent.

Talks, agreements and decisions will move to focus more on income or spending, possessions or values on the 16th as your ruler, Mercury, moves into Cancer. You may want to earn from home or real estate, spend on your renovation or something valuable for the home, or purchase a piece of property. Have the talk or make the decision over the next few weeks.

There is a dynamic shift occurring on the 20th as Mars moves into your sign and gives you a boost of energy. This should fire you up to motivate physically, get in shape or more active out and about, it may bring a new passion into your life or help you to express your own passions with more intensity. It can also make you feel as if you are a walking short fuse so watch your anger. Athletic abilities may be featured now along with surgeries, the only thing to watch for is being a bit more accident prone.

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st and lights up your income zone now for the next 30 days. You are going to find you are in the spotlight now earning money, interviewing, auditioning, pitching ideas, selling, and your image may again be tied to how you earn or what direction it takes. It’s a time to be seen and to put a face on what you are doing.

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June promises to be one of those fated months for you dear Cancer. Much is going to take place in your Karmic house starting off with a New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE on the 1st. This is a huge new beginning for you with something that completely surprises you or with something mystical, magical, involving film, music, the arts, spiritual work, meditation, yoga, psychic abilities, intuition, hospitals, other institutions, dealing with addictions, dreams, research, investigations, or clandestine affairs. With Mercury moving into these fields on the 2nd you can be assured that news coming in, agreements, meetings, writing, talks, short trips, and local activities will highlight these themes as well and are about to set you on a whole new course in your journey.

Neptune Retrogrades on the 3rd and he does this in hard angle to Mercury so there may be some disheartening, confusing or deceptive information coming your way regarding a legal, travel, media, publishing, marketing, publicity, ceremonial, or educational matter today. Something is shifting and if you find you are feeling any of these emotions, realize that the flow is taking you to a better situation and trust that it is for the best. Do not sign documents today on any of these themes unless you absolutely cannot wait and if that is the case, be certain to comb through the fine print. It is likely that someone is going to be talking a story your way and it has very little reality to it. On the plus side, this shift is about to take you on a very inspiring inward journey to your muse and development of something magical in the media, travel, legal, or educational realm. Use the months ahead to forge your vision and call on your muse to create something artistic, spiritual or romantic through one of these vehicles.

Jupiter begins a whole new LUCK CYCLE for you on the 4th that will take you on a prosperous and expansive new journey over the course of the next year! You haven’t had this kind of luck in this part of your chart ever, but the last time it came anywhere close to this was 12 years ago. What it means is you will see doors opening and happiness and resources growing for you through friends, group affiliations, social networking, the internet, social occasions, charities, astrology, and by pursuing your dreams and aspirations! While the rest of this month’s energy is trying to focus your efforts inward and behind the scenes, it will be through your connections and growing bonds that all the luck manifests for you so do yourself a favor and find time to get out and mingle when the invitations present.

Love may enter the picture on the 9th in some secret or private manner, you may meet love while working on that film, music project or other artistic endeavor, or while at the hospital, yoga class, spiritual retreat, or on the investigation. You may find that income opportunities flow more readily in these areas as well or that a woman enters the picture now tied to one of these themes. It is all meant to help you attract and smooth the way.

You have had since mid-January to do whatever inner work was necessary to come to some kind of understanding about where you are living and/or with whom, any renovations, moves, real estate deals, or issues with family/mom, AND the relationships involved (this could be a marriage, romantic or business partner, agent, attorney, or competitor). The question is, is your relationship suffering due to something here, are you feeling trapped by current paradigms, do you need to commit, move, end something, invest in property, what is it about the person representing your interests, competing against them or partnering with you in life that is so serious? On the 12th Saturn stations Direct and you are ready to take on more responsibilities or sever ties on something here.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 15th is a huge emotional peak for you with a job you are doing, at work, with a co-worker, employee, or service you provide, with a health issue, or a pet. This is a very big moment of achievement, celebration or endings in one or more of these areas so you may be wrapping up a job you have put a lot of effort into or find you are recognized for your contributions, you may see the results of a promotion coming through or a job has run its course and ends now. If you have been trying to reach a health goal or if you’ve been under the weather this Eclipse may mark the achievement of your goal or an end to the illness. There may also be something that has been going on with a pet or your involvement with animal rescue or activism culminating at this point.

You will notice more meetings, talks, news, agreements, or writing involvements that are focused in on you starting on the 16th. This is a time over the next few weeks to really talk about your needs, sign up for anything that would tie your name or image to a project or help you achieve a goal with your body or image. You may decide to write your life story now or deal with paperwork that has something to do with a personal goal.

Expect for things to really amp up on the 20th with a hospital, retreat, secret affair, film, music project, artistic endeavor, spiritual pursuit, or research project. Mars is going to light a fire under you so you may feel your passions stir or your anger rise, either way you will be motivated to act so rein in any angst and channel this to make things happen. A younger male may enter the scene at this time to involve himself in one of these arenas.

The Sun moves into your sign on the 21st to mark the coming out of seclusion and into the new world and your new year ahead. This is a 30 day cycle that puts the spotlight on you, you image, identity, physical body, and personal desires. You should get out there, see and be seen, push for anything that gets you into the mix in active, healthy ways, it’s your turn to shine.

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Are you ready for the social whirlwind that June is bound to bring? Starting on June 1st with a SOLAR ECLIPSE in your social sector and followed closely by Mercury’s move into this arena on the 2nd you will see new doors opening with and through friends, group affiliations, social networking, the internet, astrology, charities, and in pursuit of your aspirations. It’s a very big time to write, meet, share ideas, and to highlight you personality and attach your name or image to any big plans going out there. Launch that website or mingle online, this is a wish-fulfillment cycle so dream big.

Neptune Retrogrades on the 3rd in hard angle to Mercury so you may have to deal with some challenging news or decisions regarding outside financial resources, divorce, sex, reproduction, or mortality today. Don’t take anything at face value just yet. As Neptune backs up through these arenas you are going to find you are backtracking over any hidden issues or karmic ties, looking at how your artistry, romantic ideals, spiritual interests, or self-sabotaging tendencies are affecting shared experience. It’s a great time to utilize your imagination and dream about what you would like to see happening here, you can develop your strategy, get into yoga or meditation alone to fine tune your body and spirit so that when this energy is direct again you will feel stronger about connecting with others.

Jupiter enters a new LUCK CYCLE on the 4th that will take you on an expansive, happy, prosperous ride for the next 12 months and is going to have a very strong impact on your career objectives, standing in the community, fame, achievement, recognition, reputation, ambitions, goals, dealings with authority figures, and connection with dad. This is where you can adventure and open your world up to new ideas and where opportunities will tend to find you. If you have had a hard time of it up until now, don’t let that color your feelings about this time period, you are the favored achiever at present and all you have to do is take that first step!

The 9th marks a few week period when female friends or colleagues may be more beneficial, when you can attract love out at social occasions, through introductions from friends, while involved in group dynamics, over the internet, through astrology, or while supporting a charity. You may also see income generated in these same places at this time much more readily.

You have had since mid-January to ponder just what you want from a relationship. You were on an inner journey here, a time to think about any agreements in your life between you and a romantic or marriage partner, within a business partnership, or involving an agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. Was there something about a writing project here that needed to be worked out? Do you feel like committing to this person or ending things? If you have no one in that position, do you need them and what needs to happen to secure them? Is there an issue with a brother or sister, neighbor, vehicle or move involved in this relationship? You may have put a serious question or pitched a serious idea to them back at the first of the year and have been waiting to see what they were going to do about it. On the 12th, Saturn goes Direct and you are going to want your answer, its go time, do they stay or do they go? Work, effort and responsibility are back in the game along with big ambitions for that agreement, writing project, sibling, move, neighbor, vehicle, meeting, talk, or big decision, let them know where you are at present.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 15th is bringing a major climax to a love affair or with a lover, over a child or children’s issue, or involving a creative endeavor. This is a time of really big celebrations or achievement or you will be marking an ending. If dating you could find your heart has fallen for the one or that it’s not working out and it’s time to call it a day. Your lover could receive some kind of recognition or be marking a personal ending on something as well. Your child could be celebrating a milestone at college, in the media or through a trip at this time or you could be publicizing something on behalf of children, or your creative project could be debuting in the media, published, the contracts signed or wrapping up.

You enter a more internal, cerebral cycle on the 16th when your thoughts will lean towards the mystical and spiritual, research and retreat will do your mind good, it’s a time when strategies and development bode well, when you will want to have talks in private or secret, and when your imagination is on overdrive. It’s a great time to write on that film, music or other artistic endeavor or to pen your spiritual manifesto. Love notes and poetry may be another outlet for you. It is also a good time to communicate with any institutions about matters pertinent to you.

Expect one last big push with friends, a party or other social occasion, networking, through the internet, with astrology, charities, or towards your aspiration on the 20th. You will have a few weeks now with more activity here and this may mean your personal drives are just amped up, you are bringing more passion or anger to the mix, or that you are getting more physically involved.

The Sun starts a new 30 day cycle on the 21st which puts you in the spotlight in that mystical arena. This means you may feel like retreating and resting, letting life pass you by a bit while you look back over the last year, or it may just mean that you are pouring your vital energy into a film, music project, artistic outlet, spiritual retreat, hospital or other institution, dealing with an addiction, investigation, or research and development. You will be in your prime in any of these arenas so let your imagination fly.

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June opens with a big New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE in your career Midheaven on the 1st followed by Mercury’s move into this area on the 2nd and you are off to the races! This marks a huge new beginning for you. It’s a time to pursue new career potentials, to ask for that promotion, launch your business, meet with the boss or anyone in a position of authority to help you. Pitch your ideas, write up your proposals or send in your writing project, seek fame, pursue ambitions and goals, and get your name out there. Since Eclipses can be event oriented, if anything at all shakes you off your current course on the career track, take it as a sign from a benevolent universe that this is your time to step up and into something better and then go take proactive steps to secure this.

Neptune Retrogrades on the 3rd in hard angle to Mercury so you may hear some confusing or strange news today from a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor and you would do best to wait a bit before signing any agreements until you have a better idea about what is in the fine print. It’s possible to be deceived under this aspect. It is also possible that you are asked to take on some big artistic or spiritual venture with someone involving career and that it is just challenging because of it’s magnitude. Neptune’s journey into the past is going to take you back over any inner issues you have about boundaries, artistic vision, spiritual ideas, addictions, clandestine romance, or institutions over the next few months. It’s a great time to develop ideas and projects with someone, to strategize and research, and utilize your imagination together.

Jupiter starts a brand new LUCK CYCLE on the 4th. This is the first time in 12 years that you have had this kind of expansive energy working for you to help you find happiness, open up your world, and prosper through media, publishing, marketing, publicity, legal means, travel, import/export, foreign interests, ceremonies, and higher education. Look at ways to open up your world, sign up for a class or sign up students to teach, publish your project or send your project off to publishers, get your media together and make your product or cause something everyone knows about through publicity and marketing, get involved in politics or religion, propose and walk down the aisle, sign up for law school, file your legal documents or lawsuit, or book that trip to an exotic location, it’s all meant to benefit you in some opportune way!

A woman may enter your career world on the 9th or you may note that this few week period is going to focus in more strongly on women, objects of beauty, photography, love, or income and that you are working this through the career or have a major goal involving one of these themes. Venus in this position is trying to help you attract what you need to be confident.

You have had since mid-January to ask yourself the tough questions about someone and your income or spending. It’s been a time of inner work and commitment to build and structure something that could bring in more money with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or in how you deal with a competitor or opponent. You may have been in development or trying to best set things up. If things were bad, this period may have been about how to extricate yourself from someone who is a terrible drain on your resources or who is supposed to be representing or partnering with you but is indeed competing or just absent on that level. On the 12th, Saturn stations Direct and you are ready to make this real. It’s go time and serious, are you going to take on a big responsibility to earn money with or through this person or are you going to sever ties? If there is no one in the picture, you are ready now to take the steps and put things into place to find them.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 15th is bringing a big peak emotionally to your home life. This is a time of major celebration or achievement as you move into your home, purchase or sell that real estate, mark a peak or ending with a roommate, or see a climax with a family member or mom. Full Moon’s always mark high points that we feel as something is reached or we are marking an end to one cycle. The Eclipse will make that even more profound.

News comes in, talks amp up, writing and agreements may come your way, starting on the 16th and you can expect them to involve friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or your aspirations. The next few weeks will be all about communications here. It may also see more talks and decisions involving short trips, siblings or neighbors as well.

Expect one last major push on the career front on the 20th as things really heat up. This is a time when you will get more active, express your passions or anger, motivate to make something happen, and you may be more personally or physically driven to achieve a big goal. Whatever you are trying to achieve, expect to have the energy to fight the good fight and to make it happen.

The Sun enters Cancer on the 21st and lights up your social sector for the next 30 days. This puts you in the spotlight here so be ready to shine in all parties and social events, through social networking and the internet, with anything attached to astrology, charities or your aspirations, and note that it is a good time to see and be seen, to tag your name or image to anything you are doing here and make an appearance.

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June kicks off with a sonic new beginning for you through a trip, a media, publishing, marketing or publicity matter, a class you sign up to take or start teaching, a ceremony you are involved in, or through legal matters. This is a New Moon Solar Eclipse so it will likely be event oriented and set you off on powerful new courses. Mercury moves into this same energy field the following day, on the 2nd, and you will see the news coming in, talks or meetings taking shape, a contract or agreement in the mix, something you are writing getting out there, or perhaps a brother, sister or neighbor will come into the process. It’s time to pitch the ideas or send in the manuscript, book the trip, launch the media, get out there!

Neptune Retrogrades on the 3rd in hard angle to Mercury so there may be something challenging around work, with a co-worker, employee, service you are providing, health matter, or pets at this time to deal with. News, agreements, siblings, moves, or talks reflect this. On a positive note, this shift inward with Neptune is gearing up to take you back over your spiritual or psychic expressions, any art related projects such as film, music, painting, or dance, any hospital matters, research or development, and it’s a gift from the universe to spark your imagination, help you fine tune anything that still needs more processing and reach back into the past for people or situations that have something in one of these fields that you still need to connect over. Your masterpiece is not quite ready for the world, put in the time now and reap the rewards up ahead when Neptune turns direct.

Jupiter begins a brand new LUCK CYCLE for you on the 4th as he moves into the shared fields of endeavor. This means that over the course of the next 12 months you can expect more lucky opportunities, an expansion, happiness to express and prosperity, all playing out through shared financial resources such as loans, settlements, commissions, royalties, inheritance, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, tax matters, insurance policies, or another person’s finances. It should be easier to acquire backing or settle financial issues under this influence and it can be reflected in your partner coming into money that benefits you. Besides financial gains, you may experience happiness and luck in your intimate connections, someone steamy and profound may enter the picture to bond with you or a current relationship may go deeper. If you have had issues with reproduction finding the right kind of answers may come now, and lastly, if you are in the process of divorce this transit is going to help you in unforeseen ways. The only thing to watch for under this influence is that you don’t build up too much debt on credit cards since they will likely be easier to obtain now.

A woman may enter the picture in some beneficial way on the 9th or in the weeks thereafter to help you with a travel, media, publishing, publicity, marketing, educational, or legal matter. With Venus in this position, you may just see love and income flowering through these fields in an easier way at this time.

You have had since mid-January to ‘get real’ about yourself and the way you relate. It has been a very serious time to go within, to look at what you think about yourself, how you feel about your body, your image, and your personality, all in the way that it affects your relationships. It has been a time to commit to yourself, to put in the effort and time to build structures around who you are in this world and to take responsibility for what is happening in your life where romantic, marriage or business partners, agents, attorneys, or competitors are concerned. On the 12th Saturn stations Direct and it’s time to come out again with your one-on-one relationships and to step into this flow with your new found sense of command. You are in the most tested time of a 29 year cycle in your life but you are also in the most ambitious, one that demands you take the lead of your own life and connect with others who can reflect this back to you. It’s time, literally, to step forward.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE occurs on the 15th and is a huge emotional peak for you involving communications, siblings, neighbors, short trips, or ideas. This means there may be very big news that comes in now that is reason to celebrate or marks an achievement or ending. It could be about a writing project you have going that garners some recognition or you finally wrap up. It may be that something brewing with a brother or sister hits its stride or you end something you have been doing with them. If you have been in talks or meetings over an idea, this could reach its culmination now or there could be a talk you have with someone about ending things. Vehicles are involved in this area of your chart so there could be an achievement of paying off the car, winning a race or you could say good-bye to said vehicle under this Eclipse. Finally, you may see that a way of thinking has reached a turning point in your life and you are closing down shop on what no longer fits with your evolving sense of beliefs.

Expect to get busy in talks, meetings, writing, with agreements, or ideas that relate to your career on the 16th onward. You are launching into a time that is going to be very ambitious. If you need to talk to the boss or another person in authority, get your service or new business out there, begin communicating that now.

Mars will move into your travel, media, publishing, marketing, educational, ceremonial, and legal zone on the 20th and light a fire under you to make something happen. This is an all out surge so bring your passions, guard against anger (these areas will be where it likely surfaces now), and put things in motion. A younger male may enter the picture in one of these arenas with something to do as well.

The Sun follows Mercury into your arena of ambition, career, goals, reputation, fame, and father on the 21st and puts you in the spotlight now in these areas for the next 30 days. It is your time to shine! Make it count, take the lead on a project, interview, pitch your ideas, attach your name or image to your product, or make your bid for fame, it’s your time to lead the way.

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A New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE on the 1st kicks off the month of June with a bang in the part of your chart that Scorpio naturally rules. This means that you have a super charge of energy behind new beginnings built on outside cash flow that come through loans, settlements, alimony, child support, inheritance, winnings, bankruptcy, insurance policies, taxes, or a partners finances. This area of the chart also rules sex, intimacy, reproduction, and divorce so your major new beginning may be built on one or more of these areas opening up for you. Mercury moves into this territory on the 2nd so talks, meetings, news coming in, declarations, writing projects, paperwork, vehicles, siblings, or agreements will lean towards these themes and amp up as well.

Neptune Retrogrades on the 3rd in hard angle to Mercury which could be a bit tough. This could mean news that challenges you today over a lover or love interest, child or creative project. Something needs more time to incubate romantically, artistically or spiritually, there could be a need to deal with a hospital matter, retreat and ‘space’, or more research or development still needs to occur. Everything in its time. The good news is that this backwards motion is giving you the next few months to go behind closed doors, to get into that incubation and inspiration mode on the artistic project, with the lover or over any issues that need to be cleared for the love to blossom, or with something involving your child or kids in general. It can be a very magical transit when you get in touch with your muse and something magical begins to flower.

Jupiter begins a new LUCK CYCLE on the 4th as he moves into your relationship zone for the first time in 12 years. This is huge. It is about opening up potential for a happy relationship in romance, marriage, business, or through someone who can represent you. You may also find this energy helps you to clear the decks of any relationships that are not going to grow in the same way that you are heading, making room for the right one to enter. It is the best time to reach out to others because going it alone will not bring you the same kind of luck so if you need an agent, attorney or specialist to guide you, a partner to get your business going, or if you are ready to commit to someone romantically, the year ahead is going to help you connect with the someone in all kinds of lucky ways.

A woman may enter the financial, sexual or divorce scene on the 9th as Venus moves into these arenas. This is a time over the next few weeks when you will see more ease with high finances, more romance in sexual or intimate connections and even if you are embroiled in divorce proceedings, this energy should help to smooth out the process and bring you what you need to navigate your course.

You have had since mid-January to do what was necessary on an inner level as far as the relationship was going. This has been a time of tackling things inwardly, behind closed doors, dealing with issues you have had over research, artistry, clandestine affairs, and tackling any self-sabotaging matters around a romantic, marriage or business partner, agent, attorney, or competitor. If someone has been acting behind your back, this time period has been one that you have more or less let it go as you processed your own inner feelings about their moves. On the 12th Saturn stations Direct in this area and these relationships shift forward as do your responses to what has been going on. It is now time to get real, to commit or end things with people involved in romance or secrets, film, music, fine art, spiritual matters, hospitals, retreats, or who are working as hidden enemies behind your back. The next months will be about connecting with those who can help you structure or take on more responsibilities in these fields or in dealing with issues here.

The Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 15th is bringing an income matter to a peak. This is a very powerful emotional moment when you may be celebrating achieving some monetary goal, the bonus comes in, the paycheck arrives, you get the raise, or land that job. It may also be when you see one source of earnings end. The area this is culminating also rules spending so you may note that this Eclipse marks a major purchase you have been considering making or sends you out on a shopping spree. If there is a possession in question between you and another, a house, car, ring, etc, this Eclipse could be something climaxing in achievement or endings now as well.

Starting on the 16th there is going to be more information, news coming in, talks and meetings, decisions, agreements, and short trips going on involving travel, media, publishing, marketing, legal matters, ceremonies, or higher education. Schedule your meetings, pitch the idea, hop a plane to visit a brother or sister, sign legal papers on a vehicle, write something that gets published, market your idea, you get the picture.

Mars moves into your shared 8th house on the 20th which can play out a couple ways. This can be the entry of a younger male onto the scene sexually, intimately or in connection to your divorce or finances, or it can mean that there is a whole lot more motivation, action, passion, or anger going on in these fields. It is definitely going to be charged up and provoke you to do things, aim for the passionate side of the equation!

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st to put a spotlight on travel, media, publishing, marketing, ceremonies, legal matters, and higher education for the next 30 days. This puts you center stage and ready to shine so prepare to step up and take the reins in these areas now, you want to take advantage of the great lighting!

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June is launching you out on new adventures through a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or the way you compete with others and it starts with the New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE on the 1st. This could mean it motivates you by some external factor to seek a partner in business or to set out on a trip or media project with a marriage partner, it could send you down the aisle or into signing legal documents, or it could be about reaching out to someone who can represent your interests. It well may be that something big happens to the partner or agent at this time and that’s what gets things going on a new course. Mercury moving into this arena on the 2nd brings news, talks, agreements, decisions, short trips, meetings, and potential involvement with neighbors or siblings in this.

Neptune Retrogrades on the 3rd in hard angle to Mercury which may mean some issues are popping up at home, regarding a move, real estate deal, roommate, family member-most likely mom, or about something going on with your own sense of security. Broken pipes or flooding are possible issues here with Neptune involved or some sense of confusion over boundaries or deception. The good news is that Neptunes backwards trek through your home base is initiating a cycle over the next few months that will take you back over anything artistic, spiritual, romantic, hospital related, dealing with addictions, boundaries, water issues, or research necessary to get your home base on the right footing for you. It’s a great time to develop something at home or to dream up the interior design, to research any home business or begin building your home studio.

Jupiter begins a new LUCKY CYCLE on the 4th when he moves into the place in your chart associated with work, health and pets. This is the first time in 12 years that he has been here and over the course of the next year he is going to be working to expand and protect, to lead you to happier work situations, help you prosper from your work, open up adventure through work, co-workers, employees, or a service you provide, and he is going to help you to tackle any health issues with a bit more luck. You may adopt more animals during this time or get involved in helping them. Anything that shifts in these 3 areas at the onset of this transit is showing you where you should start focusing, get proactive, there will be more out there for you now than in many years. The only thing to watch during this transit is Jupiter’s desire to expand in your health zone could mean your waistline expands a bit if you aren’t careful!

A woman agent, attorney, specialist, or partner may enter the scene on the 9th who can help you with something or Venus moving into this zone may just smooth things out with a current relationship, or help you attract love or income through this person.

You have had since mid-January to do any inner work around commitment, responsibility, duty, and efforts that are in some way requiring you balance between a friend, group, internet interest, astrology, charity, or big aspiration, and the partnership, representative or competition. Do you need an agent or attorney, a partner or specialist to help you with the group dynamic, internet project or charity? Are you so involved in one of these areas that a partnership is suffering or you have no time for a new relationship that could come along? Whatever internal work you have been doing to get clear on this, come the 12th, Saturn is stationing Direct and game is back on. It’s time to get serious, to structure something, find the right person in the mix or end a bad relationship, commit more or secure that representative, balance within the group, with a friend on some endeavor, through your internet project, or step up with the competition.

The Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 15th is occurring in your sign. This means not only does your ruling energy, Jupiter, enter an entirely new field on the 4th but your sign is reaching some high point on this Eclipse! It’s a big month for you dear Sage. Today will be about marking a personal or physical achievement, recognition for your efforts on something, or ending anything that has been going on with your body, image, identity, or personality on some level. You may give up a bad habit, reach your goal weight, have the final process complete on some new hairstyle or wardrobe tossing out the old, or you may find something very impressive is happening for you now. It’s a time of celebrations and endings.

Expect shared financial matters such as loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, taxes, insurance, or other outside resources, sex, intimacy, divorce, or reproductive matters to become the topic of news, talks, meetings, decisions, or agreements starting on the 16th. This may begin a process of talking about and then signing documents on a loan or settlement, divorce papers, or a meeting that knocks your socks off. Short trips can connect you more to the money or intimacy and you may find there is a divorce or financial matter you are connecting with a brother, sister or neighbor over at this time.

You will see all kinds of action begin to take place with the partner, agent, attorney, or competitor on the 20th as Mars moves into this zone. He is going to motivate you to act or react, to move things along, and to express your passions or anger within this relationship so watch that things don’t get too wild. You may note the entry of a younger male in one of these relationship positions at this time.

The Sun follows Mercury into your zone of sex, divorce and high financial matters on the 21st and will continue to shine a spotlight on these matters over the next 30 days. This puts you center stage in something deeply shared here so weather that is you showing up at the loan office, in the bankruptcy court, at the divorce attorneys, or in bed with a wonderful intimate connection depends on what else is going on in your personal chart. It is where you will be pouring most of your vital energy over the next month.

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June is opening with a New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE on the 1st that opens up huge new beginnings for you in work, with co-workers, employees, any services you provide, as well as with your health and animals! This may be event oriented and you need to jump on an opportunity or get into the fray and make something happen but it is about seeding new work, new ideas at work, new situations with those you work with, new approaches to health, and you may decide to adopt an animal, enter your pet in a show or sign up to volunteer at a shelter. Mercury moves into this zone on the 2nd so expect news coming in, lots of talks or meetings, short trips, writing, agreements, and possibly some interaction with siblings, neighbors or vehicles on these matters starting now.

Neptune Retrogrades on the 3rd in hard angle to Mercury so there may be one piece of news that is challenging, some issue that is popping up with a writing project, short trip, brother or sister, neighbor, move, agreement, meeting, or something involving water or fluids that you will need to tend to. There can be confusion or deception in this combination so double check facts and if you can wait to sign documents on another day you would do well to do so. The good news is that Neptune’s trip into the past through your communications is going to take you on an inner spiritual journey and help you to understand something that you need to know that seems to be just out of your reach at present. This may be an actual spiritual matter, something you are thinking about yoga or meditation, the meaning of life, your spiritual path or practices, or it could be about artistic inspiration, hidden issues within a romance, dealings with hospitals or addictions, or a shift in your mental outlook regarding rest and retreat. It’s a time of imagination and trusting your intuition.

Jupiter begins a huge new LUCK CYCLE on the 4th that will go on for the next year as he travels through true love, children and creative projects in your life. This is the first time in 12 years you have hosted this giant in this part of your chart and he is doing all he can to open up the doors in these departments so that you can find happiness, prosperity and expansion here. You may meet the love of your life, find your current love moves into an amazing new direction or if current love issues are beyond repair he will help you to extricate yourself to make room for ‘the one’. You will have more luck and opportunities now in any creative endeavor you set out on and should use this to really produce all you can under this aspect and get it out there. You may see your children doing exceedingly well during this time or start something with kids or on behalf of them that blossoms in wonderful ways. It’s a very fun place to host the planet of luck and happiness, open your heart.

You may see a woman enter the work scene, or something tied to health or pets on the 9th as Venus moves into this zone. She should benefit you in these areas, smooth things out and help you to attract love or income through your efforts here.

You have had since mid-January to get a handle on the relationships that are having an affect or being affected by career and ambitions. It has been a time to do any internal work necessary about leadership, limits, commitments, endings, responsibility, ambition, and the partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors in the picture. Do you need someone to partner with to reach your goals? Is the partner your goal? Do you need representation? Can you do something about the competition? Is the person in the picture demanding too much so that it is affecting your career or are you so consumed with career that there is no time for relationship? Does the competition have you down, are you competing fairly, are they? Come the 12th, Saturn stations Direct and you are going to be moving forward again in these dynamics. It is time to get serious, cut the cord or commit, find that person or go for the brass ring alone.

The Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 15th is bringing something involving film, music, the arts, hospitals, prisons, other institutions, retreat, secrets, investigations, research, clandestine affairs, dealing with addictions, or spiritual pursuits to a major emotional peak. This is a time when you are celebrating something being achieved or marking an ending to something that has been going on here. You may see your film open at the festival, wrap it up, finish the musical composition or receive an award for great work, have your gallery showing with your art, complete your commissioned work, get released from the hospital, have the final surgery, or win an award for best nurse, end the secret affair or celebrate it going public, or end a time of retreat from the world.

Expect more talks, meetings, news, agreements, and short trips involving partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or competitors, starting on the 16th. This is a time of heightened communications when it is best to get the advice of those who are experts in their fields or to come to terms with someone you want to partner with or separate from.

Mars moves into the work, health and pets zone on the 20th and this will amp up the action here. You may have a younger male enter the scene now or find that you are going in for surgery for the health issue. It’s a great time to motivate on your health, start a work-out routine or get more work done around the house. You can move mountains in these areas now if you are proactive and passions or anger will likely play out at work, over work piling up, with co-workers, employees, over health, or with pet issues.

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st which puts the spotlight on the partnership, representative or competition over the next 30 days so know that this is where you shine. You will be spending more time with them or focusing more of your vital energy on what they are doing. If you need your own needs met or representation on body or image issues, these experts are where it’s at. You may also be more physically intertwined with a romantic or marriage partner now as well.

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June is opening with a New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE that marks a huge new beginning for you with a lover or love interest, a child or a creative venture. This is huge and will likely be event oriented. IF single this could bring a very attractive suitor onto the playing field. IF you are in a relationship this should amp up the love, bring a child into the picture or send you on some fun, recreational excursion together. You may decide to have a child, find out you are pregnant or decide to adopt now or you could begin a new venture involving kids. It is also GREAT for starting anything creative so let your juices flow. Mercury moves into this field on the 2nd so you will see more news, talks, meetings, agreements, decisions, writing, short trips, and possibly sibling or neighborhood involvement with love, kids and creativity begin now.

Neptune Retrogrades on the 3rd in hard angle to Mercury which may bring some challenge over income or spending. It is not the best day to sign papers or make agreements regarding money. The good news is that you are now embarking on a journey over the next few months that will take you back into the past to reclaim something artistic, spiritual, romantic, or involving hospitals, research or investigations that will have some profound effect on your income up ahead. It is a great time to use your imagination in these realms and to begin developing a project or a strategy to move something in one of these fields forward up ahead.

Jupiter begins a new LUCK CYCLE on the 4th in your home base and this is the first time he has been here in 12 years! This will be a year-long transit that is going to do it’s best to open up your home in some way, to bring happiness and prosperity through what is going on at home, with moves, roommates, mom, family, real estate deals, renovation, remodels, or your own sense of security. You may relocate at this time or find that what is occurring in your residence is truly opening your world in ways you could not have imagined. Home based businesses and studies will fare well at this time and any space you clear for spiritual practice will benefit you mind and soul. It’s a great time to take on interior design or invest in real estate if all other factors indicate in your chart.

A woman may enter the picture around the 9th through the energy of love, kids or creativity and this person would be beneficial to your pursuits of love, your creative process or outcome and the children’s projects you have going. This may also begin a smoother time with these realms and an easier ability to attract love or money through your efforts here.

You have had since mid-January to try to do your inner work on relationship dynamic through the way you were dealing with distance or travel, legalities or ceremonies, media or publishing, marketing or publicity, higher education or beliefs. It’s been a time to ask yourself how you felt about the romantic, marriage or business partnership here or if you needed this kind of person in the picture to reach what you wanted in these other realms. It’s been about listening to your intuition about responsibilities and balance between you. On the 12th Saturn stations Direct and you are ready to get serious, to commit or end something with the partner, representative or competition, to put in the efforts with the travel, media, education, or legal matter, or to draw a line in the sand.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on the 15th is bringing a major emotional peak for you with a friend, group, internet project or interest, astrological interest, charity, or aspiration. You may celebrate something with your friend or group, receive recognition within this dynamic, achieve a goal with them or over the internet, with astrology or charities, or you may end something now or have it ended for you. It’s a high point that will be pretty final so keep that in mind if you feel things going south with someone close.

More talks, news, agreements, and meetings kick in for work, health or pets starting on the 16th. You may be making more short trips to work or for a health issue, writing for work, signing documents for your health club membership or a pet adoption, news could come in about a job opportunity, you could tackle more paperwork, or meet someone important while out walking the dog. It’s a great time to interview or pitch ideas at work.

Mars moves into Gemini on the 20th at which time you are going to see something take off with a lover or love interest, child or creative project. This is lighting a fire under these areas so you will be more motivated or see them motivating. Passions and anger that is ready to burst through will play out with and through these lovers, kids or projects so watch for fireworks.

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st for a 30 tour through your work, health and pets. This brings the spotlight onto you here and helps you to stand out for a job well done, get noticed on the interview, with the service you provide, for your health and physical well being and any efforts you wish to pursue here, and noted for your efforts with animals. It’s a great time to see and be seen in these areas and to pour your vital energy into what you can achieve here.

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June is going to be all about the home for you and it starts with a New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE here on the 1st. This is a huge new beginning for you at home, with moves, real estate, roommates, mom, family, foundations, restaurants, or security issues. You will likely see something event oriented set you off on this new course. Mercury moves into this sector on the 2nd and brings news, talks, meetings, agreements, short trips, and possibly interactions with neighborhood and siblings. It’s time to make your move on the property or with what you are building upon.

Neptune Retrogrades on the 3rd in hard angle to Mercury which may be a bit challenging for you personally or physically as news or decisions test you. This is your ruling energy in the picture shifting in your sign so pay attention to your own well being and if you feel confused or a bit lost, know that this will pass with the transit. It is not the best day to make any profound personal or physical decisions if you can wait, if you must act today reach out to someone you trust for advice. The good news is that you are now embarking on an inner journey to reclaim some part of you that seems to have been squashed a bit by recent events. It’s a time of spiritual questioning and questing, reconnecting with your artistic abilities, possibly looking at hospitals or other institutions, research or investigations as outlets for your personal or physical needs, and for tuning into your intuition. Take the time seriously as this final puzzle piece is significant and once claimed is going to help you feel more connected to yourself up ahead.

Jupiter begins a huge new LUCKY CYCLE on the 4th in your communications zone. This is the first time in 12 years he has bestowed his lucky energy in this part of your chart which means you now have more opportunities, happiness, luck and prosperous moments ahead in anything you do locally, through moves, neighbors, brothers, sisters, writing, agreements, talks and meetings, speaking engagements, and brilliant ideas that may hit you like a locomotive! Write down your ideas and be open to learning new things during this transit. Get out of the house because luck is waiting at the local grocery, post office, or pub. You might decide to start something with a sibling or neighbor that opens doors or brings happiness and something you write could find its way out to the masses.

A woman is likely to appear on the scene on the 9th to help with the home, real estate, move, mom, family, security needs, or as a roommate. Venus is moving into this realm and she is going to help you smooth things out and attract love or income through efforts in these areas.

You have had since mid-January to do any internal work necessary about issues involving partnership, representation or competition and the financial picture in your life, sexual attractions or issues, or divorce issues. It’s been an important time to ask yourself what it is you need these people for, why are you sharing your body with the partner, do you need a partner due to debt or bankruptcy, can an attorney or agent help you? What is it that is out of balance in this scenario and is either limiting your ability to connect strongly with another or putting you under the gun when you do? On the 12th Saturn stations Direct and you are ready to get serious. It’s go time with connecting with this person to commit to the intimacy, divorce or any financial matter pertinent to you, or its time to end the situation.

The FULL MOON LUNAR ECLPISE is bringing a major emotional peak around your career, a goal or ambition, your reputation, fame, or with an authority figure, boss or father. You could be celebrating the promotion or launch of the business, a major deal coming through or some form of recognition for your efforts, if you are in the fame game, there could be that moment of reaching for the stars and capturing them, something big could be happening with dad, the boss or some other authority figure, or you could be wrapping up something on the career front, saying good-bye to the boss or ending a business.

News, meetings, talks, writing, and agreements pick up in the area of love, kids and creative projects starting on the 16th as Mercury moves into this arena. This may bring a new love interest while out in the local scene or help you have important talks with a lover, it could mean news you’ve been waiting on involving your child or a creative project arrives, or you see movement with the creative writing or pitching that golden idea.

Mars moves into your home arena on the 20th and amps up the energy here in very dynamic ways. This will motivate you to do more at home, with a move, real estate, roommates, mom, family, or towards your own security needs. It may mark the arrival of a younger male on the scene at home or with any real estate matters you are involved in. And lastly, it will spark passions or anger at home or over real estate, mom, family, or moves.

The Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st to throw a spotlight on the love, kids and creative projects for the next 30 days. This is your place to shine and it is now where you will find you are spending most of your vital energy. Step up and put yourself out there in a quest for love or to bond with a current lover, do things with the kids, attach your name, image or efforts to kids projects, and pour your own personality into your creative endeavors. You should have no problem being noticed now.

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