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Wowza babies, what a stupendously active and opportunity laden week we have in store!

We start off on Monday with the Moon in Leo and a need to create our vision and show the world what we’re made of. This aligns with Uranus in Aries so we are going to feel like acting on some new course that gets us there or taking a new approach in our current situation, this is a good thing today. Mercury and Venus meet up on the same degree in Aries to bring ideas, income, love, and what we are communicating, writing, or agreeing upon into the actions we take on this new course. All you have to do today to allow for this wonderful and dynamic energy is to let go of preconceived ideas about the end result or your current goals and let this powerful transformation commence.

Tuesday brings something solid into the picture in all of this with a partner or someone who is representing your creative efforts. The aspect is trying to support you so be proactive with those you have a vested interest with in creative projects, kids or love. The only ego basher today is over the income issue, let this motivate you further to succeed. Talks, agreements, writing, meetings, ideas, all fall positively again in the creative field or with love interests.

Wednesday Mars is FINALLY leaving Aries where he has poked and harpooned any anger issues in your world, doing his best to lance the sore and help you release that nasty energy build-up. He is quite good at motivating in his own sign but if you’ve been having to paint that smile on your face to mask that “I really want to just smack you stupid” feeling, you should be able to relax a bit now. Today he moves into Taurus where he is going to begin to really light a fire under you to deal with income or spending issues. This is great motivation to DO SOMETHING and yes, if anger is going to rise it will likely be over income or spending now, and yes, in Taurus he is slowed down and a bit more stubborn. However, today he is making nice with the Moon in Virgo so there is a great alignment with working hard to bring in the money or organizing and getting your service ready for the world. That’s not the only thing going on today! Remember that talk or agreement, decision or writing project that came up on Monday? Today those same two planets, Mercury and Venus, are BOTH going to meet up with the big, expansive, LUCK planet, Jupiter! This means you really want to write, pitch ideas, sign contracts, meet, talk, deal with siblings, neighbors, all in an effort to fulfill something very personal or physical for YOU. This could be great news coming in or something you set in motion today that grows beyond your wildest dreams. Write down your ideas, they could be pure gold.

Thursday Mars is dancing with Neptune which is your big green light to take action on something involving income/spending and the artistic project, spiritual pursuit, hospital or other institution, research project or investigation, clandestine affair, or project you are developing behind closed doors. This is a very positive day to get behind the scenes and work it. The Lights (Sun and Moon) are trining which means harmony between work, health, animal, and money!

Friday…well, come on, you can’t have ALL amazing days, it is Earth after all. The day wakes on a whole lot of adjustment energy emotionally around the work or health efforts and the person you are partnering with, competing against, or that is in the picture as an advocate, specialist or representative. You REALLY need to have a serious talk with this person, you may be on the same page or you may be viewing it all from two completely different planets, the only way to understand where you really stand is to be willing to ask them what is bothering them, what they see going forward, how they are involving themselves in the picture, what they need from you, etc. Only by asking them about how they see it can you be certain you are not just projecting your own issues or desires onto them. It’s better to know what you are working with so open up.

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Monday you need to get it in gear, the stars are favoring you in anything you wish to initiate for yourself and a creative endeavor, a child or your love interest. Talks, meetings, writing, or agreements are opening up so be proactive, pitch ideas, and put yourself out there. The only glitch is being willing to make some adjustments around career goals or an authority figure, bend a bit, you are on a roll.

Tuesday is slamming for you in the creative efforts with a partner or representative, it’s solid and harmonious. You need to deal with income or spending issues here and these may not be totally gelled just yet, talk about what you need. Shared energy with kids or lovers is under positive stars as well, just again watch spending.

Wednesday your ruler moves into Venus’s territory and you are going to feel the drive to really go out there and make something happen financially. This could be a younger male entering the picture financially or just straight up motivation on your part to earn more money. The talks, writing, agreements, meetings, or pitches you put out there today are very lucky. Focus in on your body, image, identity, or personal needs in this and tie this in with women, beauty, love, or branding for best results.

Thursday your ruler Mars is dancing with Neptune which bodes well for you in any efforts you make regarding income and hospitals, film, music or other artistic efforts, spiritual pursuits or retreats, research, investigations, or developing something behind the scenes. You are in a good position today with work, health or pets on a monetary level.

Friday the 13th is about adjusting to a lot of information and anything a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor does. You will want to work around what you can to get the money flowing again and take new routes to get there if you can. Keep the goal in mind and do what you can to balance your needs with the other person you are dealing with here.

TAURUS: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday brings a lot of energy to the home or anything you are doing with a real estate deal, renovation, move, roommate, mom, or security need. You are going to need to make some adjustments with a friend in this equation or work around an internet issue or group situation. Any legal, travel, marketing, media, publishing, or educational matters should be worked around as well, things are changing here a bit. The big talk or meeting today is happening in secret or involves something mystical, secret, artistic, spiritual, or has ties to a place of retreat like a hospital, prison or spiritual retreat. Share ideas, write, look at contracts, open up.

Tuesday brings a very solid and satisfactory feeling about the home or property matter and the work efforts, leadership, authority figure, health issues, or pet situation here. You are going to see communications benefit you over that secret issue form yesterday or about the artistic idea, spiritual approach, clandestine affair, or research project tied to home, moves or real estate matters. It’s all in flow for you so get out of your own way, it’s not a good day to let any stubborn ego issues rob you of these benefits.

Wednesday Mars is moving into your sign! This should really wake you up from that internal slumber of late and get you motivating on a physical or personal level. Your passions will be stirred, any physical issues you have been neglecting can be tackled now and if you have been bottling up anger it may now release. The energy ties beautifully to true love, kids and creative projects so pour your vital force here today. The big talks, news, agreements, or meetings will focus in on film, music or other artistic efforts, clandestine romance, secrets, research, hospitals, prisons, spiritual retreats, psychic abilities, or investigations. This is under very expansive, lucky stars for fresh starts with women, love or money here.

Thursday Mars dances with Neptune so find time to get together with friends or groups, to put your image out there on the internet, to get involved in a charity or astrology, to socialize and chase aspirations, it is all looking very dreamy and inspiring. Again you are in flow with love, kids or creative endeavors so take advantage of this alignment.

Friday brings the need to talk through and then act on any adjustments involving work, services, pets, health, and what is going on behind closed doors. Do what you can to balance things with the other person involved and continue to handle the changes presenting on the legal front, through travel, with media or publishing, marketing, ceremonies, or higher education. You may just need to retreat a bit today to gather energy for the next round.

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Monday is a highly communicative day for you so you should feel right in your element! There is news coming in about career or from bosses that will egg you on to finesse your artistic vision or spiritual angle, a surprise or breakthrough coming from a friend, group, the internet, astrology, or charity, and the talks or agreements here could really be the beginning of something big. Do your best to adjust to changes on the shared financial front.

Tuesday those communications stretch out to embrace something serious and positive with a lover, love interest, child, or creative venture. Don’t be afraid to broach those topics today or make decisions. You are also in a lovely alignment with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, and charities again today and should talk about your dreams and aspirations, write, sign agreements, or meet about what you want to achieve.

Wednesday Mars moves into the hidden part of your chart which will give you energy to tackle developmental and strategic issues, film, music or other artistic endeavors, to research or investigate, to share passions in some clandestine or private manner, to act on spiritual beliefs or fight for rights dealing with institutions. You may get involved with a hospital and surgical matter now or get busy physically in some secret work-out quest. All of this is tied in beautifully at home or with property. There is very big news, meetings, talks, agreements, or writing today involving friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or aspirations. This has lucky Jupiter with it so connect with others about your dreams.

Thursday all that action you got started on yesterday with Mars behind the scenes is now linking in an opportunity to your career Midheaven, opening a door for an ambition of yours to see the light of day, grab this moment! The link from home is again very powerful and supportive.

Friday brings all kinds of adjustments with the friends, astrology, group, internet, charity, or aspiration as you refocus on creativity and any connection with love or kids in the mix. Look at the joint financial aspects here and how loans, debt, commissions, or any other outside resource is affecting potential. Continue to morph through the efforts going on in development and what is playing out at home.

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Monday brings energy to your income and what you can do to bring the media, publishing, marketing, publicity, travel, education, or legal aspects into alignment to produce for you. Some excitement or breakthroughs are coming today on the career front so keep the lines of communication open as these could grow by leaps and bounds this week. You need to continue to adjust to the changes involving partners, agents, attorneys, or competitors.

Tuesday that income energy is beneficially playing from home or real estate so see if you can earn from home or home related industries or spend on something that opens this up for you. Talks, news, agreements, or meetings about career or with those in positions of authority are under positive stars as well especially where income is concerned so open up here.

Wednesday Mars moves into your social sphere so you will now have a lot of motivating energy with friends, groups, astrology, the internet, or charities. This can amp up the activities with your soul group and through these channels, help you to bring your passions into the mix but can also be where you may see anger sparked over the next few weeks so take heed with this. Today it is in great angle to talks, writing, meetings, or agreements. There is very big news or agreements today on the career front, this has lucky Jupiter with it so if you need to pitch ideas, write, sign documents, meet, or talk with a boss, do it now.

Thursday Mars dances with Neptune to help you get something going with a friend, group, astrology, charity, or internet project through legal means, media, publishing, marketing, publicity, educational channels, or travel. This is an opportunity for you so open up. It’s a great day to sign documents or come to a decision.

Friday brings the need to adjust to career issues, deal with paper work or agreements, meetings or pitches, to deal with anything effecting home, moves, mom, real estate, or family, and to continue to deal with powerful changes involving partners, agents, attorneys, or competitors.

LEO: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday brings a strong alignment into play for you involving a trip, someone at a distance, an import/export matter, or a media, publishing, marketing, higher education, a ceremony, or legal matter. This is a chance to talk, meet, sign documents, pitch an idea, write, or you may hear news in one of these areas today that sets things off in a new direction. Work with changes coming your way on the shared financial front or with a divorce, be willing to do what it takes to get the work done.

Tuesday is a solid day for contracts or negotiations again and there is opportunity for you personally in any local engagements, short trips or with siblings or neighbors. Again the travel, media, education, or legal arenas are strongly configured on your behalf so do what you can to get around career issues or any issues you have with someone in a power position.

Wednesday Mars enters your career Midheaven amping up the activity here. You have more motivation now to go for that new position or launch the business, you will feel passionate about your ideas and could see more anger surface with authority figures so watch out for this. Today the energy is favoring you so put in efforts to make things happen. There is very big and lucky energy around the talks, writing or agreements going on with the publishing, media, travel, education, ceremony, or legal matter today so whatever you put into play or heard about on Monday, take advantage of pushing it further today.

Thursday the dance begins between Mars and Neptune helping you to motivate on the career front or towards a big goal with the aid of outside financial resources or in handling the divorce or passionately connecting in the sexual attraction. There is also a positive flow between income and career so gear it up in any of these arenas.

Friday is about adjustments you will need to make with the trip, media, ceremony, legality, or education, the income or spending, and the talks, agreements, meetings, or siblings in the mix. Continue to do what you can to transform through work, health or with your pet situation as well, it’s a day to persevere.

VIRGO: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday brings a whole lot of work behind the scenes whether you are developing some project or researching, getting into an artistic outlet or spiritual pursuit, you will be in it with a partner or other significant relationship or dealing with their input, and having an important talk about one of these topics: the financial picture, sex, intimacy, divorce, or how to powerfully change a situation. Take it seriously, it is about to transform your world.

Tuesday the behind the scenes scenario is leading to a solid effort to earn money and you should take advantage of whatever opportunity presents itself in this today. Again, talk about how things are being shared, how loans, debt, settlements, inheritance, taxes, commissions, royalties, insurance, bankruptcy, or any other shared financial matter is playing into what is happening, the energy is beneficial. Intimacy or divorce issues can as well be communicated.

Wednesday Mars moves into your arena of the higher mind which means lots more activity is about to commence with media, publishing, marketing, travel, education, ceremonies, or legal matters. This is where your passions will play out and where any anger will be released. It is also where you will be the most motivated so get going. There is a very supportive influence to you in this today. There will also be more news, talks, agreements, or decisions based on shared financial matters, sex, intimacy, or divorce. This is under very big and lucky stars so open up the lines of communications.

Thursday brings Mars and Neptune together in a dance between the actions you take on the trip, media, publishing, education, ceremony, or legal matter and the partnership, representation or other significant relationship involved in this romantically, artistically or spiritually. This is an opportunity to connect with this person.

Friday is about making adjustments involving income and any shared financial matters. You will want to talk about how things are going to be worked out and what still needs to be done legally, educationally, or with the media, publishing, or travel matters. Continue to let your creative outlets, love life or relationship with children transform you, change is opening up new potential here.

LIBRA: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is about two things, your friends, groups, internet, astrology, or charity interests and a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor. You are in an energy flow here to really work on new approaches to artistic or spiritual work, align your health or deal with animals in this. You will want to make sure to have a talk with this person, to write something to them, look at agreements, or meet today because it is an important new beginning if you are proactive in this.

Tuesday this social connection, be it a friend, group, networking event, internet project, astrological interest, or charitable activity is going to be the place of opportunity for you on some serious level. Again, talk or otherwise communicate with the partner, representative or competition. Your biggest obstacle today is getting out of your own way where power or ego is concerned and sharing in something bigger than yourself without fear of getting lost in the process (you won’t).

Wednesday Mars enters your house of sex, divorce and other people’s money. This is going to amp up the passions and may bring a younger, ardent amore onto the scene. It will motivate you to tackle the debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, settlement, alimony, child support, royalty or commission agreement, mortgage, loan, or other shared financial matter. It will also gear things up with any divorce issues or proceedings. These areas can also be the place of release of anger so watch for this. Today you should be able to move things along in a positive way. The talk or agreement you have with the partner, representative or competitor today is huge, under very lucky stars and should help you to expand on some level with them.

Thursday Mars and Neptune dance bringing the actions on divorce, sex or financials into alignment with work, health or pets so if you need to go after the money for a health related issue, work or service you provide, or to help animals, do so today. You may also see a passionate spark kick up with someone at work, while pursuing healthy lifestyle choices, at the doctors, or while out walking the dog!

Friday is about adjusting personally or physically to information you receive about or from a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. The financials, sex or divorce are coloring what you choose to do in this and you will want to continue to take into account whatever ongoing big issues are going on at home, with moves, renovations, mom, or real estate.

SCORPIO: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is about news, talks, writing, or agreements that focus in on work, health or pets. You are going to be amped up on the career front or with a big goal, dealing with someone who can help you or mentor you o something and in a process that will require some artistic adjustments as you share powerful ideas.

Tuesday there is a solid opportunity for you on this career endeavor or with the big goal through imagination, fantasy, film, music, artistic output, spiritual interests, research, investigation, institutions, or development behind the scenes. Write, sign agreements, talk, meet, do the work, communicate about health or pets, all good. The only challenge today is in partnership or with competitiveness.

Wednesday Mars moves into your relationship sector which may stir up new passions with a partner, motivate you to move things along with a current partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor, or bring up anger issues with any of these individuals. Today this is aligning with positive social vibes, internet projects, astrology, charities, or your most cherished aspirations. The talk today is hugely lucky for you regarding a work assignment, health matter or animals. This could also be about a writing project, meeting, pitch, news you hear, or something that transpires with a short trip, neighbor, or sibling in work, health or with pets.

Thursday Mars dances with Neptune opening up a door with that partner, agent, attorney, or other significant relationship in a big creative opportunity, with romance and love, or involving kids. Be proactive with your involvements, go for what you are passionate about here.

Friday is about adjustments going on behind the scenes or in secret, with the artistic project, hospital, research, or in retreat and recuperation. You will be dealing with changes or new ideas at work, with health or pets in this and more energy with that significant person. Continue to change and empower through writing and communications.

SAGITTARIUS: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is about what you can deal with through travel, long distance, media, publishing, marketing, education, ceremonies, or law and there is a very big talks or agreement in the mix here involving a creative project, child or love interest. Open up lines of communication, write, look at agreements, meet, but put your mind to what you want here because the week ahead opens up in this area in a major way. You will want to also keep a sharp eye on what needs to be done about income or spending and home or moves.

Tuesday the travel, media, publishing, legal, ceremonial, or educational matter is again in the spotlight for you but today there is a solid opportunity for you with a friend, group, the internet, astrology, or a charity in this. Talk about or with the lover, love, child, or creative interest as this is beneficial. Be willing to deal with any personal or physical issues that involve health, work or pets.

Wednesday Mars moves into your work, health or pet zone and kicks up the energy a notch. This is about motivating you to get busy, do something about what is going on or what you want to happen, it will help you to bring your passions into the mix and may also stir anger in these areas. Today there is a great tie to career or goals so set things in motion now. The talk, writing, news, meeting, or agreement today involving love, a lover, love interest, child, or creative project is big, really big, huge! This has lucky Jupiter in the mix so whatever opens up is for your benefit here.

Thursday Mars dances with Neptune to get things going with the work at home, a health matter at home or pets here. This can be very inspired energy to motivate action. Goals are reachable today.

Friday is about adjustments you will want to make with friends, group affiliations, the internet, astrology, charities, or your social obligations and whatever is going on creatively, with the love interest or child. Do what you can to motivate on the work, health or pets but know that the money being earned or spent today is under an aspect of change and motivation.

CAPRICORN: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is a powerful day when you can really get into something heavy financially involving the home, a move, a real estate deal, mom, or with roommates. There is potential for something exciting or new to occur here and any talks, ideas, news, agreements, writing, or meetings you embark on in this will open doors this week ahead so get in there and see what you can uncover. You need to be cognizant of any personal or physical issues you are having today as you work around these negotiations or information.

Tuesday is again about the big financial picture. Today this has very positive ties to solid goals being reached or a career aim met. Those in positions of authority can help and talks or agreements involving home or real estate are again positively aligned in this. Intimacy or sex, divorce or the shared financials may hit a snag on a romantic/love level today or if you are dealing with a kids issues here or a creative project in this, so look for ways to get around feelings you are having here.

Wednesday Mars moves into your house of true love, children and creative projects. This will kick things up here, bring more action, motivation, possibly a younger male onto the scenes, passions into play, and any anger you experience will play out here. Today this is in positive alignment to travel, media, publishing, legal matters, or education so take action. A very big decision, piece of news, talk, writing project, agreement, meeting, or sibling matter is going to come through today involving home, real estate, moves, roommates, or mom. This is big and lucky so open up.

Thursday Mars dances with Neptune to bring action to the love interest, with the child or through creative ventures, this will bring you an opportunity to write, meet, pitch an idea, make a short trip, sign an agreement, or do something with a sibling that is beneficial. Again the trip, legality, media/publishing, or education is aligned supportively.

Friday is about adjustments you will be making on the career front or with a goal and with the home, real estate, mom, move, or roommate. Do what you can to act on the creative project, with the child or love interest, and to continue your process of personal or physical transformation without stressing yourself too much.

AQUARIUS: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is about someone you are dealing with in partnership, as a representative or in competition and a major talk, bit of news, writing, agreement, decision, short trip or sibling issue that is involved here. You will want to do what you can to work with any income or spending issues that may be self-sabotaging or that you feel need work in the artistic, magical, spiritual, or hospital/institutional areas of life.

Tuesday brings an opportunity for something serious with the partner, representative or competitor involving legalities, ceremonies, travel, education, media, publishing, marketing, or publicity. This is beneficial and supportive or a chance to commit or end things through these channels in positive ways. Open up lines of communications, write, sign agreements, make decisions, involving this person today and be willing to handle whatever challenges come your way at home, with a move, real estate deal, roommate, or mom.

Wednesday Mars moves into Taurus and amps up the action at home, with a move, mom, real estate, or roommates. This could be a younger male entering the picture here or more action, passion or anger stirred up, any or all motivating you in these arenas. Today this is aligning positively with sex, intimacy, divorce, and shared financial matters. The talk, meeting, agreement, writing, short trip, news, or sibling issue that comes up today is big and lucky, it is about expanding your world in some way through love or money so open up.

Thursday Mars dances with Neptune to motivate action at home or with moves, mom, roommates, or real estate and income or spending. You are again in positive alignment in the shared arena at home so look for more intimacy, positive divorce affects on living situations or shared financial aspects to benefit.

Friday is about adjustments you can make legally, in media or marketing, publishing or education, in ceremonies or travel and you will want to do this by talking things out, dealing with agreements, siblings, neighbors, writing things up, or making a few short trips out into the neighborhood.

PISCES: (call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Monday is all about the work effort or co-worker, service you provide, health, or pets, and the income or spending here. You can make some positive changes or set them in motion today, talk it out, pitch ideas, write, sign agreements, or involve siblings or women in your efforts. Continue to adjust to the transformations occurring with friendships, groups, charities, astrology, or the internet in this.

Tuesday brings a solid and positive opportunity for you in dealing with outside financial matters, divorce, mortality issues, or sex and you should feel good about your work efforts, income talks, agreements, health, and any efforts you are making for animals. Again, the money you earn or spend is under positive stars in all of this so keep the focus here.

Wednesday Mars moves into your communications zone which will make you more motivated locally, with siblings, neighbors, writing, with agreements, making decisions, and in your talks or meetings. This will stir passions in all of this and may tweak anger as well so watch how you use your words. Today this is positively aligned to help you with a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor. There is also a very big talk, bit of news, agreement, writing opportunity, meeting, or idea that is focusing in on income or spending for you today and this is under very lucky stars so expand, go interview, send out resumes, pitch ideas, audition, sign the contract!

Thursday Mars and Neptune dance which brings more action into the local scene, with agreements or writing, news or siblings, neighbors, or meetings, all with a focus on you, your image, identity, ego, body, anything personal or physical that could get you moving in some new way. You should feel pretty good about the partner, agent, attorney, or other relationship today.

Friday is about adjustments you will need to make with the big financial matter, sex or sexual issue, divorce, or mortality issue. The money being made or spent is key in this and talks or agreements, short trips, sibling or neighbor interaction will require action. Continue to transform your aspirations for yourself and deal with the changing sea in friendship, internet, astrology, charity, or group connections.

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