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You made it through the week of adjustments so you know a bit about what that energy felt like. Saturday brings the last major adjustment but one that has a completely different feel. The Sun is going to quinqunx Pluto, that’s an adjustment! The Sun is our ego and Pluto is major change, power, control, financial matters, sexual attractions or issues, or divorce. The Sun is also our body, image and identity. So as you move into Saturday remember that everyone is feeling this need at realign personal or physical needs with a big goal, career matter or ambition and it will be about control, power, finances, divorce, or attraction sexually. You can push them if you like, however if you aren’t willing to give as good as you get, this energy can feel like complete deconstruction, in other words, try not to fight.

Sunday the Moon moves into Taurus and makes nice with Neptune and then Pluto, sigh, now isn’t that better?! This means we are going to refocus towards the things we value, income, spending, artistic outlets, spiritual pursuits, research, and finding our footing with the goal, career or ambition. In shorthand, if you go into Saturday’s energy field with the right mindset, it looks like you get some of what you want by Sunday because this day is all in flow.

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Saturday brings news, a talk, meeting, decision, agreement, writing, paperwork, a short trip, or idea that you are going to feel bent on and it is going to push you to communicate that with a boss, authority figure, dad, or in some way on the career front, towards a major goal, ambition or fame. You need to make some adjustments in how you are thinking or communicating today or figure out a new approach to getting what you want.

Sunday is going to help you with money, put in time on opportunities to earn through artistic outlets such as painting, film, music or such, through spiritual pursuits or retreats, hospitals or other institutions, research, or investigations, or look for ways to spend in beneficial ways in these areas. It seems you can reach money goals today whether these are about earning or spending.

TAURUS: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday focuses your ego or physical energy on earning money or dealing with what is being spent. You need to make some adjustments around a powerful person or issue that is peaking for you with a trip, media, publishing, marketing, or publicity matter, educational issue, or legal matter. Be willing to give a bit as you work through new approaches to making money based on what is happening here or on how you are spending in these fields.

Sunday will focus way more on you and your needs and the energy is lining up to make that a nice thing. You should try to spend time with friends, a group, on the internet, involved in astrology or charities, or pursuing your aspirations today because all of these areas are going to flow artistically, spiritually, romantically for you based on what you are doing. It also seems you get a handle on the trip, media, publishing, legal, or educational matter today if you put in the effort.

GEMINI: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday puts a very strong focus on you and your needs, your image or body, your physical or personal efforts or goals, and the big adjustment you need to make around a powerful change with outside financial resources, divorce or sexual attractions or issues. Be willing to put yourself into this mix in some new way or to find an approach that helps you get closer to what you need while taking that financial matter into account or connecting with that attractive amore. It may be about shifting identity issues due to divorce and if so, again you are in adjustment phase.

Sunday the focus shifts to retreat and fantasy, spiritual pursuits and artistic outlets, time with clandestine affairs or secrets, focusing in on hospitals or other institutions, and really just pulling forth the imagination. There is an opportunity to reach a goal here or to see things flowing in an inspiring way with a boss, father or other authority figure. Your career might benefit from inspirations that find you as well. What you find out today can help you with the financial, sexual or divorce issue as well.

CANCER: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is going to pull you to retreat or work on something behind closed doors, to strategize or develop a project, to get into something artistic, film or music driven, to pursue some spiritual practice, deal with hospital matters, or rest. There is someone significant involved in all of this or the need for someone to represent you and this is where the adjustment is coming in. See what you can do to accommodate the partner, agent, attorney, or specialist, or to deal with the competitor, work out ways to approach from a new angle on any of these subjects.

Sunday the focus becomes more social. You will want to connect with friends, groups, do more on the internet, with astrology, charities, or in pursuit of your aspirations. All of this is aligned beautifully to travel, media, publishing, publicity, marketing, education, ceremonies, or legal matters so find ways to combine in these fields for positive inspiration. It seems that you make the right connection to the partner, representative or competitor as well through these means.

LEO: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday will focus a great deal of your vital energy on a friendship, group affiliation, internet matter, astrology, charity, or aspiration you are pursuing. You may have personal or physical input here but there is an adjustment that is required around the work, service provided, health matter, or animals in the picture. It is best to find ways to work around what is happening here with an eye on how sharing can benefit all.

Sunday the energy shifts to focus on career, goals, ambition, fame, or father. There is a lovely aspect from this that is supporting financial inspiration and backing, intimacy and any help you need with divorce so motivate to achieve what you are after here. There is also positive energy now coming through the work, health and pet field so you may find that your goals here are met today.

VIRGO: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday you are in the spotlight on the career front or in some position of authority and you may well have a very certain goal in mind for the day. There is also a major adjustment tied to this that is coming through a child, love interest or creative endeavor so be ready to work around what is changing here or find a new approach to creative power struggles, triangles, or passion plays that are setting you off center. Any opportunity coming in may be huge if you can work through the transformation.

Sunday focus shifts to travel, media, publishing, marketing, publicity, education, ceremonies, or legal matters. You can get into any of these areas through partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, or you can take on the competition, just bring your inspiration, romance, artistry, and spiritual aplomb. Today the love interest, child or creative endeavor is also in perfect accord.

LIBRA: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday you are going to be in the spotlight with a trip, media, publishing, marketing, or publicity matter, educational topic, ceremony, or legal issue. Something involving home, moves, real estate, roommates, mom, or security is going to be integral to this for you and require a major adjustment where shared financial resources, divorce or intimacy are concerned.

Sunday the focus shifts towards the loan, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlement, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, commissions, divorce, sexual attraction or issue, or a partners finances. The aspects are showing that you can really get a lot of inspired work done here or you can work to reach your goal in one of these areas through your spiritual, artistic or romantic approach. There may be a way to fund the work, health or animal matter you are interested in and the home or real estate matter seems to move into a better flow for you as well.

SCORPIO: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday puts you in the mix in a personal or physical way over your divorce, sexual interests or issues, any life or death scenarios you may be dealing with, or big financial matters like loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, or other outside resources. The communications that are sparked around any of these topics today are going to be big and about making some major adjustments to transform the situation. Try not to get drawn into power struggles or manipulations, keep an eye on positive shifts.

Sunday the energy focus will move to partners, representatives or competitors. The day is very happily aligned with these people and any inspiration you may be feeling through love, kids or creative endeavors. There is also a more powerful and direct line of communication open to them today so meet, talk, write, sign documents, or share ideas and imagination.

SAGITTARIUS: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is about what your personal or physical needs with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. You are going to need to connect with this person or put yourself out there to find them and in all of this there is a need to make some adjustments around your income or spending. Either you need to see if you can find the right person to help you earn more or to help you with spending or you need to work on the spending or earning habits that this person is demonstrating.

Sunday is all about the work, health or animal issue that you want to get into. The day is opening this up at home so you could tackle a great deal of artistic or spiritual work at the house, with the move, a roommate, for mom, or in a real estate deal, or you could be setting up a business here and working it. Health is also in great flow at home so working out there or recuperating is all good. You may do something nice for a pet or sponsor an animal in your home for a bit. The income or spending issue seems to be back in the groove for you today.

CAPRICORN: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday puts your personal or physical needs into your work or focused on your health or pets. One of these areas is where you really need to attend to what you need and what you are doing. There is some kind of major personal transformation occurring in this today so be willing to make some adjustments for where you find yourself personally, physically, with your new body, image or identity evolvement, and what you need in this to work effectively, to have optimum health, or to do what you need to for your animals.

Sunday the energy shifts to fun and this can mean you are doing something creative or spending time with kids or a love interest. The aspects are helping you to talk about romance, artistic inspiration, to write, meet, and share ideas in wonderful ways in this today. You should also see positive personal or physical transformation today as you relate to your lover, child or creative endeavors.

AQUARIUS: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday you are going to be completely connected to your love interest, child or creative endeavor on a personal level or in some physical activity. This in turn is going to spark some major adjustments that are necessary for evolving transformations through time behind closed doors in romance or development, on inspirations, artistic endeavors, spiritual pursuits, dealings with hospitals or addictions, research, or your intuitive approach. What is transpiring is most likely Karmic with old ties to the past and the more you trust your deeper instincts on this the better.

Sunday the energy shifts and focuses on home, move, real estate, roommates, or mom. This is connecting to income in a very positive way so look for outlets to earn from home, spend on artistic or spiritual objects for mom or home, or earn through real estate or roommates. The Karmic energy is in positive alignment to all of this today so expect those powerful transformations on a spiritual, artistic, or romantic level, or in dealings with institutions, development, research, or addictions to unfold beneficially.

PISCES: (Call to schedule your reading with ZOE 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday puts the rays of the Sun on your home, a move, real estate, mom, or roommates and what you need personally here, how you shine in this arena, or what you are doing physically to identify with these grounding areas of life. There is something powerfully transforming through a friendship, group, internet matter, astrology, charity, or aspiration of yours that is tied to this today and requires you make some adjustments.

Sunday will open up the lines of communications for you in very positive ways. This is about news coming in, talks, meetings, short trips, writing, paperwork, or any local activities, neighbor or sibling interaction, or ideas you are pitching. Put yourself into all of this with vigor and follow your hunches. Your artistic or spiritual flow is golden in this and you may also find talks about romance, research or hospitals are beneficial. Today the transformations with friends, groups, internet, astrology, charities, or aspirations are going to align much more harmoniously so connect here as well.


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