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Happy May everybody! This is a month when the financial picture will come strongly into view and we will be making choices based on earning more, spending and debt or investments. It’s time to walk your talk, to put your money where your heart is, to seek to bring those dreams into manifestation and get them working for you. We have now officially experienced the 4 major shifts of Jupiter, Chiron, Uranus, and Neptune moving into new signs in the first 4 months of the year and hopefully everyone is now settling into these new energy fields and everything they are bringing to (or clearing out of) your life.

May divides itself, with the first two weeks focusing intently on this income field, bringing a New Moon in Taurus on the 3rd that adjusts to Saturn in Libra, Mars moving into Taurus on the 11th, Venus and Mercury moving into Taurus on the 15th and then conjuncting there on the 16th as they sextile Neptune. So the flow is on income, spending, possessions, and what you value most in life. You will see a chance to make new starts in this with the New Moon as you work out any issues with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or deal with a competitor. Then you will feel motivated to really get in there and DO what is necessary to move things along from the 11th or to react to what is brewing with money. You may be dealing with a woman in this by the 15th or see things begin to smooth out a bit as talks, meetings, agreements, and decisions will be made at this time.

The last two weeks of May begin with a Full Moon on the 17th in the shared part of your chart so you can expect a major outside financial matter to be peaking now. This could be a loan being paid off or a bankruptcy coming through, an inheritance settled or taxes wrapped up, an insurance policy being cashed in or a settlement resolved, it is about any outside resource that is shared with an institution or another person. This sign also rules sex, intimacy, reproduction, divorce, and mortality so there may be a culmination in one of these deeply personal arenas as well. Full Moons are a time of achievement and climax or mark the end of things.

The 20th and 21st are stellar days to actively pursue talks, meetings, contracts, or short trips that can bring in income and further career agendas or major goals. The Sun moves into Gemini on the 21st and begins his new 30 day cycle illuminating communications, short trips, involvement with siblings, neighbors or moves, writing projects, and ideas.

In the last week of May every personal planet will take a turn meeting in an adjustment angle to Saturn from the income zone. This means that you will see in this order, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Sun, and Moon exchange energy with Saturn. So note that this last week you will be talking, dealing with agreements, making short trips, looking at how love is affected, expressing passions or anger, motivating to get busy physically, stepping into your own and claiming what is vital to you, while dealing with your emotions, ALL regarding money being earned or spent and that partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or other significant relationship in the picture.

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You have a rebirth where your income is concerned starting as soon as the 3rd of this month. Us this first two week period to do what you can to look for fresh sources of income, to enhance current income, to focus in on what you spend, and tackle anything that lies between you and what you value.

On the 3rd you will want to get real with the other person involved with earning or spending, set some limits, commit to more efforts, work around time frames, and try to structure the responsibilities and how they are shared. If you are carrying all the weight alone you may use this time to reach out towards partners or representatives who could help you reach your aim.

On the 11th your ruling energy gets into the action which means you are going to be quite active now out there making money or going after sources. Don’t discount your physical presence and letting your personality or looks help sway the outcome. You may find that your passions or anger are stirred now as you deal with the financial picture. Today seems to be quite lucky for you where talks, meetings, agreements, or writing are concerned for income.

On the 15th those talks, meetings, agreements, short trips, writing projects, reviews, interviews, pitches, and ideas get kicked up a notch and again the focus in all of this is earning money. Today and the 16th may be pivotal days for a woman coming onto the scene who can help you earn or you may find that objects of beauty, photography, or anything focused on love attracts income or stimulates you to spend. The 16th bodes especially well for any earnings tied to film, music, art, spiritual pursuits, hospitals or other institutions, research, or investigations.

The Full Moon on the 17th brings a very powerful peak emotionally for you around a loan, debt, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance issue, taxes, alimony, child support, settlement, or any other outside financial resource. This may mark a peak with a sexual experience or issue, reproductive matter, divorce, or mortality issue as well. Full Moons bring a climax to ongoing circumstances as we achieve objectives or end the cycle. The most positive aspect today is with Uranus in Aries so change is beneficial now.

The 20th and 21st are especially positive for making strides on the career front or with someone in a position of power or authority. Income is very positively aspected to this so if you need to ask for a raise or launch a business aim for these couple days. You may want to negotiate on the 20th and sign agreements or make decisions about money on the 21st. The Sun moves into Gemini on the 21st and the next 30 day cycle will be all about you standing out in the field of communications, making short trips, in the local arena, writing, taking meetings, and dealing with agreements. You may find that you are looked to by your brother or sister more during this transit or spend more time involved with neighbors.

The last week of May brings a very intensive focus on income or spending and the person involved in this with you. You will need to talk about the money being earned or spent, write, deal with agreements, push the subject forward, get personally or physically involved, and make your needs clear as you deal with the partner, agent, attorney, producer, manager, specialist, advocate, competitor, or opponent. In all of this in the last week remember that adjustments must be consistently made to find accord, settle issues and work through income.

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May brings a New Moon in YOUR SIGN! This is a brand new beginning for you so stop to ask yourself who you want to be, what your most personal desires are that you would like to take steps towards, is there a physical issue that you would like to address, do you want an image overhaul, can you join a gym, change your identity in some way, or do something that brings you closer to your true self? Starting on the 3rd you have 2 strong weeks to make your move. Look at ways to make adjustments with someone significant around responsibilities over the work load, health issues or pets and any money being earned or spent personally.

You will see more action pick up around these themes starting on the 11th as Mars enters this arena. Passions or anger may begin to play a part in motivating you as well. Today you should initiate talks, meetings, agreements, or make decisions based on any institutions you are dealing with, an artistic project, talent or need, spiritual pursuits, research, investigations, a clandestine affair, or dealing with any addictions or self-sabotaging tendencies, there is positive support behind this now.

Between the 15th and 16th your ruling energy, Venus, is getting into the mix in helping you redefine who you are and in attracting what you need personally or physically through love or income. A woman may enter the picture now that is pivotal to this major month of transformation or one may exit opening the door for this shift. By the 16th there is reason to connect socially or to join a group, get active on the internet, introduce yourself to astrology, or just share time with friends.

The Full Moon on the 17th brings one significant relationship to a head in your life. This is about a partnership, someone who represents you such as an agent, attorney, specialist, or advocate, or a competitor or opponent. You will note that at this time there is reason to celebrate as something is achieved together, this person is recognized or you are marking an ending to the relationship or what you were involved in together. Expect sex, intimacy, reproduction, divorce, or shared financial matters to color this high point.

The 20th is a very active day for you to gear things up legally, partake in a ceremony, to travel or make travel plans, to embark on something foreign or tackle import/export matters, to get passionate or angry in politics or religious matters, do something about your education or teaching, or to kick start a media, publishing, marketing, or publicity matter. All of this is under positive stars for talks, meetings, agreements, writing, and actions taken.

The Sun enters Gemini on the 21st and begins his 30 day transit through your income zone. You may find you are more in demand now and if you are seeking new income sources, get out there, you should have an easier time getting the attention you deserve. Your ruling energy is in a positive trine with Pluto today helping you empower financial matters through legal channels, travel, media, marketing, or education.

The last week of May is going to focus completely on your own needs, image, physical actions, decisions, personal charm, and agreements that are taking place. These are going to require adjustments around someone at work, involved with partnering or procuring work, in your employ or an associate, or with someone involved in health, a partner with health issues, or involved with animals. You will need to get serious, set limits or deal with them, commit in the situation or end it.

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The New Moon this month kicks off on the 3rd and is your fresh start in some mystical or magical realm, through spiritual or psychic endeavors, meditation or yoga, retreats or institutions that are isolating to some extent like a hospital, through some romantic or karmic clandestine romance, in film, music, painting, poetry, or any other artistic pursuit, or through research or investigations. There is something in development that could be financially rewarding. Look at one of these arenas for working with someone else making adjustments around the creative aspects or how love or kids are influencing in the weeks ahead.

Mars will enter this realm on the 11th and amp up more activity, getting you motivated to race towards the finish line, to bring your passions into the mix or to deal with any anger issues. You should try to pitch ideas, have talks or meetings, write, sign agreements, or get the word out there in a big way through friends, groups, the internet, involving astrology, or charities. Again this could benefit financially. It’s a time to act on your aspirations.

The 15th and 16th bring more talks, decisions, writing, or agreements behind closed doors or focused on one of the New Moon realms of artistry, romance, spirituality, research, hospitals or other institutions, or development. These couple days are all geared up to help you focus in positive ways about the money involved or to bring any love stakes to a higher level. On the 16th the goal is in sight, it may even feel magical.

The Full Moon on the 17th brings a work project to a climax as you wrap it up or gain recognition for achievement or it is about a job you have ending or the quest for work finally wrapping up. It also affects health so any health goals may reach a peak now as you see the results you were working towards or if you have had health issues you’ve been dealing with they could finally end as well. The last area this rules is pets so expect whatever has been going on with your pets or animals in general will be culminating at this time.

The 20th is a very powerful day for you as something is transformed in a shared financial area such as a loan, debt, inheritance, insurance issue, taxes, settlement, alimony or child support, or any other shared resource. The energy is beneficial for taking action behind the scenes or in talks or negotiations with institutions or any artistic or spiritual outlet. There may also be something changing in powerful ways today with divorce, sex, reproduction, or a mortality issue.

The Sun enters your sign on the 21st and lights up your world more or less, bringing you out of this inner sanctum and all that has been going on behind the scenes in previous weeks. You are officially the favored child right now, the spotlight is on you, it’s a great time to step up and be seen, to make new vigorous commitments to yourself, your image, identity, or body. There is still a carry-over from yesterday and again the energy is in positive flow trying to transform a financial, sexual, divorce, or mortality issue under the best possible circumstances.

The last week of the month will bring a lot of activity still going on with the hospital or other institution, film, music or other artistic endeavor, spiritual pursuit, research or investigation, or clandestine affair. You will be in the throes of talks, meetings, agreements, decisions, actions, passion, anger, love, or money modality as you work through all of this in relationship to one other person regarding the love in the picture, children or creative potential. Be willing to make adjustments in all things here this last week as it is a time of shifting and working towards better harmony up ahead.

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How does a New Moon in your social sphere feel dear Cancer? Well, if you think you were busy before brace yourself, the phone is about to ring more, the invitations are going to pour in and you are going to see a fresh new start with groups, the internet, any involvement you have in astrology, social networking or charities, and you may make a few new friends who become important this year in your life. Use this next 2 week window to launch anything in these fields, throw that party, launch the website, or fundraising drive and pursue your aspirations with all that you have. Be willing to work around any home, real estate or living issues you have in the mix.

Expect more action, passions or anger issues to arise beginning on the 11th when Mars moves into this arena. You may have very big news come in today regarding your career or a major goal you have set for yourself. It is a great day to have talks, meetings, pitch ideas, or look at agreements that can forward career or get your name out there.

The 15th and 16th will bring communications involving love or money or more information coming in about a female through friends, regarding friends, with groups, the internet, astrology, charities, social occasions, social networking, or about aspirations now. There is a very good opportunity on the 16th to find media, publishing, legal, travel, or educational solutions or connections in this that will benefit artistically, romantically or spiritually.

The Full Moon on the 17th is bringing a major peak moment with a lover or love interest, a child or something involving children, or with a creative venture you are involved in. You can expect this to either be powerfully intimate or sexual in case of the love climax, or have some influence around divorce or shared financial matters in any of the cases. This is a time when you may have achieved your goal in love, with a child or a creative venture, find that there is recognition for your accomplishments or for your lover, child or the creative venture as a whole, or it will mark a time when you are wrapping things up or ending them.

Note that the 20th is a powerful day of action and ideas involving the friend, group, astrology, internet, or charity. You should be proactive about the talks, news, agreements, and anything you need to do towards big changes that benefit you with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or other significant relationship in the mix.

The Sun moves into Gemini on the 21st and throws his light into the hidden part of your chart for the next 30 days. This means that you will feel like spending most of your vital energy behind the scenes, in retreat and rest or in research, investigations, strategy, working on a film, music or other artistic endeavor, drawing on imagination or fantasy, connecting with a secret lover, tackling addictions, spending time at a retreat or hospital, or taking time for spiritual attunement. These are the areas you will stand out so if you have been developing something, expect that you will start to draw attention to this now. You should be willing to rest during this phase if that is what you need physically. The beneficial energy from yesterday is still with you to connect social and partnership agendas.

The last week of May is all about making adjustments regarding someone significant and where you live, the real estate matter, mom, or security needs. To get to this you will be day in and day out in talks, meetings, brainstorming sessions, taking action, looking at the love in the situation, how income will be affected, and threading this all through your social network, friends, groups, internet outlets, astrology, or charities. The big question is, “What is your dream?” Know this and you should have no trouble getting through these adjustments.

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May is a big new beginning for you on the career Midheaven so you can expect as of the New Moon on the 3rd for things to really be opening up, new ways of earning, potential to increase income or go for a career move that opens up that potential for you, and a time when you can get your name out there, seek recognition for your efforts, and possibly court fame. You will want to have a talk, meeting, or deal with agreements through a partner, agent, attorney, or other important person connected to your career or goal at this New Moon. Be willing to work around any issues.

Mars will move into this zone on the 11th and bring his fighting spirit with him. You may notice more activity in your career now, the need to fight the good fight, motivation to launch the business or deal with a boss, the entry or exit of a younger male authority figure, passions stirred, or more physical activity from yourself on the job. Today is a great day for having that talk or meeting or for looking at the agreement and making decisions that are legal, involving travel, media, marketing, higher education, ceremonies, publishing, or publicity.

The 15th and 16th lend more career focus but this time a woman is likely involved and there will be more talks or decisions made regarding income or spending. The 16th is a very good day for tying this into outside financial resources such as loans or investors, settlements, insurance policies, or commissions.

The Full Moon on the 17th is bringing a climax at home for you so you can expect that you may be celebrating something in the home or about the home or wrapping up a project there. It could be about a real estate deal, move, remodel, renovation, roommate, family or childhood issue, mom, or about your security needs as well. Expect to see things peak here in some shared experience financially or intimately.

The 20th and 21st are powerful days with a lot of promise on the career front or with a major goal. You should look at taking action here, going after the promotion or launching the business, getting your name out there or going after recognition, all through empowering yourself through your work efforts and making changes. Go deep, bring up anything that may be going on beneath the surface and talk about changes you would like to see implemented. The Sun moves into Gemini on the 21st and illuminate your social circle over the next 30 days which puts you in a position to stand out on the internet, social networking, with friends or groups, astrology or charities, and to really push your aspirations forward.

The last week of May is about making adjustments involving any limits or responsibilities you feel for another and you will do this by talking, meeting, looking into agreements, writing, and pitching ideas. Your career figures strongly in everything you are doing here or a major goal is in the picture. Continue to share your ideas, meet, take action, look for ways in attract income or love into the scenario, even look for a certain woman who can help further your aims, adjust all along the way.

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The month ahead is going to really gear you up over any kind of new push you have through travel, media, publishing, marketing, publicity, higher education, ceremonies, or legal means. You will be looking at what you value and how to earn income through one of these areas and the New Moon on the 3rd is the firing shot to begin the race. Be willing to continue to work around current limits financially as you push in these other realms.

Mars will move into this zone on the 11th at which time you may feel more passion to motivate you in travel, media, publishing, marketing, legal matters, or education, or you will find that anger is stirred or you are dealing with a younger male in this. Take time today to have the talk, sign the agreement, meet, deal with siblings or neighbors, or write up whatever it is that will open things up for you in a joint financial matter such as a loan, bankruptcy, inheritance, settlement, insurance claim, tax situation, commission based project, or other outside resource. Jupiter is in the mix to help you expand on this.

The 15th and 16th are bringing more energy into the fields of publishing, marketing, media, travel, education, ceremonies, and legal matters. Again talks or agreements figure prominently but now you may be dealing with a woman, love in the mix, how income is affected, what is being spent, and any involvement with siblings or neighbors. The 16th brings help from a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or in dealing with a competitor that is tied to film, music or other artistic endeavors, spiritual or romantic pursuits, or dealing with institutions.

The Full Moon on the 17th is a climax for you involving an agreement, writing project, a brother or sister, neighbor, move, idea, meeting, or decision. This is a time of great celebration or achievement in these areas or one marking an ending. Your shared financial resources, divorce issues or sexual intimacy needs will likely be coloring what peaks here now.

The 20th is a very active day for you where you will make a move legally, through travel, media, marketing, publishing, education, or ceremonies to transform and empower yourself in creative ventures, with true love or children. The energy flow is very positive today and you will want to talk, motivate, sign documents, make decisions, and go for it.

The 21st the Sun moves into Gemini and lights up your Career Midheaven. This is a 30 day cycle opening up ahead that is all about putting you in the spotlight on the career front. It’s a great time to be seen, to get out there and promote your name and company, to lead the way, to stand out on the career front or with any major goal you have set for yourself. This is where you will likely feel like pouring your vital energy on a personal and physical level. There is still more of yesterdays energy working for you as well so continue to pursue publishing, media, travel, marketing, legal means, education, or ceremonies to reach creative goals or connect with kids or love.

The last week of May is all about adjusting to the circumstances or needs around income and spending. You will need to talk about the legal, travel, media, publishing, or educational matter, look at agreements, make decisions, take action, and work around personal and physical issues as you focus in on limits or responsibilities and what you can do to commit yourself to success here.

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May is going to very strongly focus in on your financial picture Libra. The New Moon on the 3rd is your fresh new beginning in anything involving loans, debt, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, taxes, insurance, alimony, child support, commissions, royalties, or a partners finances. You should look at ways to go after new resources or set things up to benefit from money coming in on the back end, to settle outstanding debt or any shared monetary matter. You may have been living off of some outside resource as your income and this is a new beginning with that as well. This area also rules sex, reproduction, divorce, and intimacy so you are in a period of fresh starts here as well.

Mars enters this part of the chart on the 11th and stirs things up, get your motivated, passionate or angry, as he gears you into doing something about the situation. Again, that situation is financial resources, sex, divorce, or reproduction. A younger male may enter or exit the scene now as well. Today you should do what you can to meet, talk or look at agreements with partners, agents, attorneys, or any other significant person who is involved because the energy wants to help you expand.

The 15th and 16th are all about more energy flooding into your shared experience zone so note that more talks, meetings, women, love issues, and interest in beauty or photography will pick up now tied to that outside financial picture, divorce or sexual attraction/issue. On the 16th there is an opportunity to strut your stuff artistically or romantically at work, through work you perform, with health matters or about pets, and this could as well be beneficial financially or intimately with another.

The Full Moon on the 17th is bringing an income matter to a head. This could mark a time of celebrations and achievement as you earn that big income or land that job, or it could mark the end of one source of revenue. Again the outside resources, partners funds, divorce, or other shared arenas seems to color this for you.

The planets are active again on the 20th under very positive stars for the major financial matter or divorce and what is happening to the home, move, real estate deal, or family matter. You can powerfully transform the situation now through talks, meetings, agreements, and action you take.

The 21st the Sun moves into Gemini and throws a light on you in all media, publishing, marketing, legal matters, traveling, education, and ceremonies for the next 30 days. You should shine in these arenas so step up, take the lead, see and be seen, and put your physical and personal stamp on these topics. Today you should find that again, outside financial matters or divorce are harmonizing with efforts at home, with moves, real estate deals or mom.

The last week of the month is all about adjusting to personal or physical limits or responsibilities you are feeling as you enter into talks, meetings, short trips, agreements, and decisions, some involving siblings or neighbors, about the major financial matter, divorce or sexual attraction. Open up communication, take action, put yourself into the mix, but all in a spirit of cooperation and concession.

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May is going to be pretty much all about a partner or other significant relationship. This can mean you will be focusing in on a marriage or business partnership, an agent, attorney, or specialist, a competitor or opponent, or all of the above. The New Moon on the 3rd gives you a universal push to fresh starts with these people or in going after one of these relationships anew. You will want to deal with any adjustments involving hidden or secret limits or responsibilities and keep in mind what is occurring with income or spending.

Mars gets into this mix on the 11th amping up the action. This may spur you to more action in ‘reaction’ to what they do or it may be a time when you see your partner, agent, attorney, or specialist gear it up themselves. Mars brings more passion and anger into the mix as well so watch for this as well as the potential for a younger male to arrive on the scene in one of these guises. Today you can make decisions, have talks, meetings, or agreements that benefit work, health or pets.

The 15th and 16th bring Venus and Mercury into this arena as well so note that women may play a stronger role now in relationship and that attracting income will have more energy behind it with partners, representatives or competitors. You may open up talks or look into agreements now that involve women, income or love as well. The 16th is significant in this as it also opens a door to something artistic, romantic or spiritual involving a creative endeavor, love interest or child, so talk, meet, pitch ideas, write, or sign contracts regarding that relationship with this in mind.

The Full Moon on the 17th is bringing a peak for you in a big way as it occurs in your sign. This is a big moment regarding who you are, your identity, image, body, or a personal need you have reaching its zenith. You could be celebrating something big happening for you or marking an ending to one old identity or body image. In Scorpio the shared financial arenas, divorce or sexual attractions/issues will color this moment for you.

The 20th is going to be an amazing day for going after agreements or writing with others. You should set today as the day to meet, talk, pitch ideas, do something locally, involve siblings or neighbors, short trips, or agreements with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, advocate, or competitor.

The 21st brings more of the same but you can powerfully transform something in this or empower yourself financially, through divorce or sexual connection. Again the connection with the partner, representative or competitor is changing in major ways. The Sun moves into Gemini today and casts his light into your sex, divorce and financially shared arena over the next 30 days. This is where you are going to want to pour your energy and where you will stand out the most so expect to be physically or personally embroiled in these themes now.

The last week of May is all about adjustments you will need to make in talks and agreements, actions, passions or anger over partners, attorneys, agents, and other relationships you are involved in on this level. You must look very closely at what is going on behind the scenes, in secret, through research, investigations, involving film, music or other artistic endeavors, with institutions, and in any clandestine affairs.

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May is going to be a big month for work, health and pet matters for you. This starts as soon as the New Moon on the 3rd that is giving you universal support behind fresh starts and new beginnings in the work you do, with work piling up, involving co-workers or employees, in health issues or new approaches to healthy living, and with pets or other animal activities. You should look at ways to earn or spend through these topics while taking into consideration any limits or responsibilities tied to friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or your own aspirations.

Mars gets into this mix on the 11th so you can expect the arrival or departure of a younger male involved with work, health or pets or to just see things really get active now, more passion, anger, motivation, to really make things happen. There is potential today to have a talk, sign an agreement or make a decision involving true love, kids or creative endeavors that could be very beneficial.

Both Venus and Mercury get into this part of your chart on the 15th bringing women into the picture at work, with health or pets, and opening up talks, agreements, meetings, and writing potential in the same fields. You may have more involvement with brothers or sisters now about work, health or pets, and make more short trips in their regard. On the 16th there is an opportunity in one of these areas tied to home, moves, real estate deals, mom, family, or roommates so be open to this and see if there is a way to involve artistry, romance or spirituality. Hospitals may favor in as well.

The Full Moon on the 17th is bringing a peak for you with a hospital or other place of retreat, with an art project such as music, film or painting, with a spiritual or karmic matter, psychic ability or addiction, research project or investigation, or with a clandestine lover. This is a time of celebrating achievements and recognition or a time of endings. Expect that shared experience financially, sexually or through divorce will as well color this big moment.

The 20th is all about the work you are doing and a very big change in income or spending tied to this, or its about a health issue or pursuit, or something involving animals that again is tied to income or spending in some way. Open up communications, pitch ideas, write, look at agreements, meet about this and take action, it’s all about making big changes for the good.

The 21st is more of the same with equally strong indicators for income and work, health or pets under positive change. The Sun moves into Gemini today and lights up your relationship sector. This means that for the next 30 days you will feel most strongly attracted to pouring your personal and physical energy behind partnering with romantic or business partners, dealing with agents, attorneys or specialists or doing what you can to attract these people. If you are competing with someone else this month will amp that up as well, you will feel as though you are gaining ground.

The last week of May is all about making adjustments with someone over the work, health or pets. You will need to talk, meet, deal with agreements or decisions, siblings or short trips, writing, or actions during this time all the while with an eye on that other person and the friendship, group affiliation, internet interest, astrology, charity, or major aspiration.

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The month of May is going to be about focusing your creative juices and finding outlets for them along with opening up in new ways to love and with children. This starts on the 3rd with the New Moon in Taurus. This gives you 2 strong weeks to begin something creative, get a new start with a child or project involving them, or meet a new love interest or delve into the mysteries of love from a new perspective. Limits or responsibilities on the career front can’t be ignored but must be adjusted to today as you focus in on these important new beginnings.

Mars gets into this mix on the 11th so you can expect the arrival or departure of a younger male on the creative scene or involved with a child or as a love interest. This energy will stir things up, light a fire, motivate, amp passions or anger, and get you going on making things happen creatively or with kids or love. Talks, agreements, writing, or decisions today are about home, real estate, moves, or security and are under positive stars for expansion or protection.

The 15th is when both Venus and Mercury move into your creative and love arena so you could have women play a stronger role in love, with kids or creative projects, beauty or photography to pick up here, for more talks, agreements, siblings involvement, writing, and decisions to take place, and for income or spending to get into the mix as well. On the 16th this combination will open a door for you through a meeting, agreement, talk, or writing so see what you can do towards love, kids or creativity now.

The Full Moon on the 17th is about a peak time with a friendship, party or other social occasion, group affiliation, the internet, astrology, a charity, or a big aspiration of yours. This is about celebrating or feeling big emotions at a peak with these people or things or its about an ending. You can expect that outside finances, sex or divorce will in some way flavor what you are reaching here.

The 20th is a pretty major day for you with a lover, love interest, child, or creative venture. This day has action and passion written all over it along with meetings, talks, decisions, agreements, and a powerful transformation for you personally or physically.

The 21st is more of the same with love or income getting into the powerful change that is opening up for you under positive stars with love, kids or creative ventures. The Sun moves into Gemini and lights up your work, health and pet arena for the next 30 days bringing his life-giving vitality into these arenas and putting you in the spotlight for what you do, your personal or physical energy being best spent on these topics.

The last week of May is going to be about adjustments you make involving the limits or responsibilities you are seeing on the career front or with those in authority. You will want to open up talks, meetings, look at agreements, take action, delve into income opportunities, and deal with your own personal or physical issues all the while remaining true to your new found level with love, children or creative inspiration.

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May is going to be all about where you live and with whom, and what is going on with the home, a move, roommates, mom, family, real estate, or security needs. The New Moon on the 3rd kicks this off for you with a strong 2 week window to make fresh starts in any or all of these areas. Your income will be coloring this time and you will want to make some adjustments around any legal matters involved, travel or marketing that affects this, or your education.

Mars moves into this area of home and real estate on the 11th to amp up the activity, bring passion or anger issues to bear on home or living situations, and to bring a younger male into or out of the situation. Talks, agreements, short trips, writing, and involvement with siblings today should go well and help you with the bigger picture.

The 15th brings Venus and Mercury into the picture so women become more important at home, with moves, real estate, or security, or you will see that income or love are pivotal in decisions you are making here, agreements you are signing, and talks you enter into now. The 16th will open a door for you with income or spending tied to home or moves that looks like an opportunity in something artistic, spiritual, romantic, or involving research or institutions.

The Full Moon on the 17th is about a peak moment on the career front or with a major goal you have been pursuing. This is about an achievement or celebration as something is reached or about an ending. Your shared financial picture, divorce or sexual attractions/issues will color this peak moment.

The 20th is going to be a powerful day for you at home, with moves, roommates, real estate, mom, family, or security. Mars is bringing the passion, anger or action and there is something very intense going on behind closed doors sexually, with the divorce or finances here. Look at fantasy and artistry to hospitals and research to color this.

The 21st brings more of the same but today love or income is in the mix with more powerful changes under way at home, with real estate, moves or roommates and what is transpiring behind closed doors. The Sun moves into Gemini to light up your house of true love, children and creative projects and this puts you in the spotlight in these areas for the next 30 days. It’s a great time to fall in love with someone, you will be noticed more now in this way, or you can pour your personal or physical energy into love, efforts on behalf of children, or into your creative work.

The last week of May is all about adjustments. You are going to be continually adjusting to the home situation, move, real estate deal, mom, family, or security issues. In this you must keep an eye on limits or responsibilities that are legal, about travel, marketing, media, ceremonies, or education. Open up talks, meetings, agreements, get active, earn or spend money here, express love, and put yourself strongly into what you want for your living situation.

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May is all about your mental state, how you communicate, what you write, your agreements, decisions, meetings, ideas, involvement with brothers or sisters, neighbors, and short trips. You get a New Moon in these areas on the 3rd to kick things off so take the next 2 weeks to launch new beginnings in these areas. Do what you can to adjust in this to any shared or outside financial resources, divorce, mortality issues, or sexual attractions/issues.

Mars moves into this realm on the 11th to amp up the action, passion, anger, and motivate you with siblings, moves, writing, agreements, neighbors, decisions, and talks. You will fight for your ideas now and your communications will show this. A younger male may enter or exit the local scene or through agreements or meetings now who is important. There is an opportunity today to say something, meet, write, sign contracts, or pitch ideas that earn money so follow through.

Venus and Mercury move into this area on the 15th adding women into the mix, more talks and meetings about income or spending, more opportunity to pursue this locally or through neighbors or siblings, and helping to smooth things out in any negotiations or pitches you are giving. You have an opportunity in these talks or negotiations, meetings, or agreements, to stand for something artistic in film, music or other outlets, to step up for a hospital or other institution, research or investigation, or in a clandestine affair today. This looks positive.

The Full Moon on the 17th is bringing a peak moment with a trip, someone foreign or far away, a media, marketing or publishing venture, your education or something you are teaching, a ceremony, or through legal channels. This is a big moment for you of celebration and achievement or endings. Your shared financial resources, divorce or sexual interests will in some way color this time powerfully.

The 20th is a big day for doing something locally or bringing passions to talks, agreements, or decisions that transform an aspiration of yours, a friendship, group affiliation, internet activity, astrological interest, charity, or social networking matter. Short trips, writing, siblings, or meetings may figure in as well. It is powerful for change and communicating what you want.

The 21st brings more of this under similar positive stars for change but today love, women or income can figure into the outcome so again communication with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or siblings is important. The Sun moves into Gemini to shine his light on your home, moves, roommates, real estate matters, mom, and security needs over the next 30 days. This is where you will feel like pouring your physical and personal energy and where you will stand out in what you do.

The last week of May is all about making adjustments around the limits or responsibilities that are in the shared financial arena such as loans, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, joint finances, settlements, alimony, child support, or other resources, or with sex, intimacy, reproduction, divorce, or a mortality issue. You will be in all or some of these focused in on talks, writing, decisions, agreements, moves, short trips, sibling or neighbor interaction, and processing. Get out locally to see who you meet, what income energy you can stir, and what actions you can take on your own behalf.

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