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Yikers, what haven’t I gone over involving this weekends’ energy?!! Gear it up for the ARIES sector of your life, gear it up!

Saturday Mars moves into this field to spark you into action, to motivate you on your body, passionate needs and desires, or anger issues. The ego grid is firing on all cylinders, it’s a get out of my way I’m coming through trailing a sword behind me kind of day and it’s just getting started. Mars loves it here, he is unbound, warrior ready, ardent hero on call, here we go! Oh yeah, the PAST is strongly involved as Mercury continues to RETROGRADE through this sector, who is it you want to jump for pleasure or pain? What old idea or project do you want to motivate on today?

The Moon, well, she is in Aries too and she is meeting up with Mars so actions and emotions are all flooding the system in the same direction, go time, go, go. She is going to meet with Uranus here as well, again, in Aries, surprises, shocks, sudden changes, brilliant breakthroughs, shakers, quakers, radical bravado, the road less taken. Feeling angsty? Crass? Pissy? Passions on overdrive? Aries/Mars/Uranus/Pow!

Venus is busy today as well, she is getting into Pluto’s energy for a dance that could well benefit your ambitions, goals, or career standing in a financial way if you work it now. If the goal is romantic she could tip the scales in your favor as well, shwing.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in ARIES. Uh huh, yeah, that’s right, ARIES. So this is the universe handing you all the fuel for the entire year ahead and telling you to use it all up in the next 2 weeks, you are supposed to LAUNCH NEW VENTURES, SEED NEW BEGINNINGS, and it’s ALL UP TO YOU! In Aries it means you take the lead, you forge ahead, you do it for you. Again, your body, image, identity, ego, and the past is highly involved and will play out as per sign below. Mars is fueling the fire, it’s about to blow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read for your Rising as well if you know it and combine the two for the most comprehensive direction.

Today Mars and Uranus do the cha cha cha, it’s a dance, they embrace, Mars is all like, “Come on, let’s do it” and Uranus is all like, “Shake, rattle and roll”, so literal earthquakes, warring, spikes in market, systems, shockers, and turn-abouts are on tap. This can give you the impetus to charge forth on some crazy hair to conquer lord knows what and this may be all good but use this calm before the storm as you are reading this to comprehend the fallout since you won’t be caring much come Sunday. It could bring an amazing opportunity, passionate love or windfall into your life, if so embrace and run with it if you are free to do so. DO batten down the hatches against any of Natures grievances today, Sunday and Monday are the most volatile days, earthquake kits in place, smoke alarms checked, wiring safe, fires out, pipes off, fire and flood protection in place, careful on the roads, and remember the whole world is packing right now, don’t mouth off in strange places :) On another positive note, you are the master of your own fate over the course of this next 2 weeks, look the past right in the eye, take steps that feel right for you, and charge ahead. Saturn is going to make limits or issues with the partner or other significant person felt today, see what you can do to balance it out and move the show where you want it to open!

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Saturday your energy is coming back strong, use it to tackle physical or personal matters. You might have a sudden breakthrough idea or make a change about appearance or body that is surprising, or you could be a bit accident prone today so take care out there. The money you can make doing something behind the scenes or dealing with artistic, spiritual or romantic energy is under positive stars. Items of beauty earn income, you may spend on them as well, and any matters at a hospital can be dealt with in a beneficial way if you put in the time.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in your sign so it’s time to release the Kracken, you always come on stronger than most signs but this is like a triple dose of fire inside ready to launch you forward. You have a 2 week window to start something that is meant to really take you into new territory, have your image or name attached, get you out there on a personal or physical level, and involve someone or something from the past. You may surprise yourself today in how excited you get or the new direction that you suddenly take or how passions resurface when you least expect them or with whom but put it out there, it’s your time. The limits or issues of the partner, representative or competitor do need to be handled and worked through, put in the effort.

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Saturday Mars is stirring those Karmic waters Taurus! Passions may rise involving a secret love interest or you may throw all that physical energy into your film, music project, painting, or other artistic endeavor. It’s good for releasing anger through meditation or yoga, spiritual pursuits or taking it to the strategy board. Mars here may also mean that some of you are heading into the hospital for surgery and if so you are right on target with the flow. Venus, your ruling energy, is dancing with Pluto today opening up opportunity with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities and any travel, media, legal, or educational matters you would like to get involved with. There could be money or love found through these endeavors, a certain woman stands out in all of this.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in your mystical house and a 2 week opening for you to launch new film projects, music projects, fine art, dance, sculpture, poetry, or other artistic endeavors, it’s your time to begin new spiritual ventures, take a retreat, join a yoga class, head out on your grail quest. You again have strong universal support behind dealings with institutions such as hospitals or prisons and fresh starts through what you do here. Research begun now or investigations you launch under this New Moon have strong beginnings as well. Lastly, any addictions, self-sabotaging or escapism can get a fresh boost and help in finding resolution now, be proactive. Surprises or changes come through these matters today. You do need to look at any limits or issues involving another person and work, health or pets.

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Saturday is really stirring things up with a friend, group, party, your social networking, internet projects or interactions, astrology, charities you are involved in, or in the pursuit of your aspirations. Mars is bringing the passion, action or anger up here so you can motivate and move things along. The past is coming back around here as well so pick and choose how you wish to interweave past with future. Venus is actively helping you to reach a goal, work with a woman on a career matter, bring income into the picture, or thread love and passion into your life in some powerful way, so put energy here as well.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in your house of friends, groups, social networking, the internet, astrology, charities, and aspirations. You have a 2 week window to meet new friends, join new groups, get that website launched, start the astrology project, get behind a charity, and go for your dreams in some big new way. You may meet someone now who will become a good friend and benefit your aims up ahead. There is going to be something pretty shocking, exciting or surprising today in all of this, a windfall or personal earthquake involving your social circle or one of these other topics. You do need to work through any limits or issues that are in the mix with a love interest, child or creative venture so put serious thought into what you need to do here.

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Saturday Mars storms into your career Midheaven and you are going to feel like storming the gates or shaking the trees, whatever it takes to make something happen with your career, status, fame, reputation, or major goal in life at present. This energy is stirring passions for those in prominent places, could bring a younger male onto the scene who will stir things up for you, and will also bring in past passions or angers with people or situations involved with career so you can make some decisions about what goes and what stays. Expect something surprising in all of this as you move ahead. Venus is dancing with Pluto doing her best to help you open up doors through a woman far away or travel plans, with media or publishing, marketing or publicity, legal contracts, or higher education. A partnership or representation is in the mix and money should be there to spur you on.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in your career Midheaven, a great 2 week opening for you to launch the business, climb the ladder to success, be discovered, find your reputation building, meet fame, or begin some new venture with or on behalf of dad. Shake-ups, surprises, change, excitement, sudden windfalls and shockers, they’re all possible today in these arenas. Take the road less traveled, get out there in new ways, be proactive. You do need to deal with any limits or issues you have around home, real estate, mom, or family in this.

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Saturday is going to really amp up your mojo in the area of travel, with foreign people or interests, marketing, publicity, media, publishing, ceremonies, higher education, or legal matters. You have the energy of passion, action and anger stirring the waters here, doing his best to motivate you forward. He is sparking all this energy here while Mercury is going into the past so you need to look at who or what from the past is part of the future or needs to be let go so the future can exist under better stars. A sudden trip or visit may be in the cards today or tomorrow. Venus is doing her best to help you attract the right thing financially to settle or balance issues with banks or creditors, and to bring in more work or change that situation for the better. There’s real transformative energy around health as well today.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in these areas so you have a strong 2 week window to get out there on that trip, get your import/export venture set up or handled, connect with a foreign interest, market your product or take a marketing course, get your media venture launched, hire a publicist, send your book out to the publisher or your first query letter, sit down with contracts or an attorney to get legal matters moving, marry that love of your life, plan the ceremony, or sign up for that class to learn more or teach what you know! Again, past people or situations are part of the future so deal with the issues or take that past into new territory. A brother or sister and the issues or limits with them must be taken into consideration at present so deal with this along the way.

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Saturday Mars is going to really gear you up over the joint financial matter, you are going to feel quite passionate about what is going on and take action or deal with anger you have here. This means tackling the loan, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlement, alimony, child support, royalties, commissions, insurance, taxes, or other shared resources. Emotions are powerful in this right now as you shake things up. There may be a surprise coming today or tomorrow that really shakes things up here so that could be a sudden influx of money or something happening due to lack of funds, all rather wild at present. Venus is there in the guise of a woman helping you to earn money through partnership or representation and you have creative outlets that can transform the situation through efforts. Love may be in the air with someone significant as well.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in your financial house. This shared energy is about you getting a strong 2 week window to seed new ventures involving outside financial potential and dealing with anyone or any situation from the past that is tied into your shared financial picture in new ways. This New Moon also rules sex, intimacy, reproduction, and divorce so you have a window of opportunity here as well. That Mars/Uranus conjunction today can bring a shocker or excitement, shaking things up with the finances, sex or divorce in ways you were not expecting. You do need to deal with the limits or issues you are having with income today as well, find balance as best you can.

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Saturday Mars is storming into your relationship zone to really kick up the passion, release any anger and motivate you with partners, agents, attorneys, or competitors. You are going to feel a lot coming from these people around you now as they are on fire with all this Mars energy. The past is still strongly involved so reconnecting with past people or situations is important, be proactive, do something about any issues you have or motivate on sharing your passions with that significant other. Something exciting or shocking could shake things up with this person today. Venus is doing her best to help you earn money through your work efforts today and empower you through home or real estate so put energy into home businesses or spending on property.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in your relationship zone and a 2 week window to seed new ventures with partners, representatives or deal in new ways with competitors. You have the past still intertwined strongly in new beginnings and so it is more likely you have someone coming back from the past or you are dealing with past issues to heal them and be able to move forward in new ways together. Big excitement, shock, change, or shake-ups are possible today with this person. You do need to deal with any limits or issues you have with the other person today as Saturn is on the other side of that teeter totter asking for balance.

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Saturday Mars is storming into your health, work and pet zone and bringing all kinds of passion, anger and action onto the scene. This is going to give you lots of motivation to get your health in gear, bring the physical to life for you, it will also help you to release bottled up anger that could be affecting your health and to express your passions with a younger love interest who may be arriving on the scene. For those of you in relationship this could just amp up the current passions. Work is about to take off as well, you could have the hots for a co-worker, feel like arguing with them or see the arrival of a younger male on the scene to help you make things happen. If you are out of work this is your motivator to go for it now. Venus is doing her best today to attract love interests, creative money making opportunities, or something involving kids. In this, talks, writing projects, agreements, short trips, meetings, or sibling interaction is where it’s at for love or money to empower.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in your work, health and pet zone so you have a strong 2 week window to launch new beginnings with work. If you hate your job and it’s time for a new start, try to time it with this period for best results, get out there and interview, put your services out there, ask for a new direction in your current job. It’s also time to start the health regime, join the gym, get to the doctor, have surgery if necessary, tone up, get active. And let’s not forget animals, you can adopt a new pet, do something cool with animal rescue or other animal friendly outlets, or start a pet grooming or walking business. Remember the past is still wrapped up in the new beginning on some level, you need to reconnect or release. Expect shake-ups, surprises, windfalls, excitement, or shockers today with work, health or pets. You also have things to contend with in research, work behind the scenes, art projects, or investigations so put energy here as well today.

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Saturday Mars is moving into your house of true love, children and creative endeavors. This is really going to kick up the passions, get things moving and help you to release any anger that may be there as well as motivate on anything you want to have happen here! There could be a love interest entering the picture now or a past love coming back around to help you heal or reconnect. Expect all kinds of shocks, surprises, excitement, and change to spring up around love, kids and your projects today and tomorrow. Venus is working on your behalf at home, with real estate, mom, or family, so you can push for love or income here or see a woman benefiting your life in this area, most likely in positive changes to income.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in the house of true love, kids and creative ventures so you have a 2 week window to launch the new creative project, fall in love or do something cool and new with a lover, or to launch some new venture with your kids or decide to have a child now. The past again is figuring prominently so past passions, anger or deeds will come back now to be reconnected with or released, people or situations then that may have some bearing on your new direction will appear for revisiting. Expect one such surprise today. Saturn is going to be asking you to look at limits or issues with friends, a group, the internet, astrology, or a charity today, put efforts in work here as well.

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Saturday Mars is moving into the home, mom and property arena so expect lots of action to kick in here, for a younger male to enter the scene, for passions or anger to be released here and to find yourself greatly motivated to make things happen. The past is figuring into all this movement so there could be a past person or situation at home, with real estate, mom, or family that is kicking in to be revisited or released so you can move forward. Venus is locking into your communications zone to help you with contracts, meetings, siblings, writing, and anything local you are engaged in to make money or attract love. This is very empowering so open up and talk it through.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in your home, real estate, mom, and family arena so you are now in your 2 week window for huge new beginnings here. Gear it up, look at what you want to do at home, with moves, roommates, renovations, remodels, real estate deals, mom, childhood issues, or family and seed your new beginnings now. Again the past is somehow involved in the new beginning so people or situations are showing up tied to these themes to help you figure it all out. Expect more shake-ups, surprises, excitement, shocks, and changes to play out here today. Also, Saturn is asking for you to get real about any limits or issues on the career front or with authority figures or dad and to balance this as best you can.

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Saturday Mars moves into your communications zone to stir up passionate talks, meetings, agreements, and bring passion into short trips you might take. This is also about helping you to release any anger through talks, writing, short trips, involving siblings, neighbors, or agreements, so take care in these areas with your words. You will be motivated now locally and with siblings, to write or express yourself in words. The past is figuring prominently in this so past people or situations may run into you out in the local scene or through emails or phone calls, communications are taking you forward and backwards at the same time! Watch for accidents out on the road, it is higher for you right now. Venus is working on your behalf today to help you with income and the more you put in behind the scenes the better the outcome.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in this communications zone so you now have your 2 week window to launch new writing projects, to meet, pitch ideas, have fresh talks, start something with a brother or sister, neighbor or involving short trips. You have the past still strongly here so revisiting past actions, passions, anger, agreements, and reconnecting or releasing as you go forth into new territory. Expect sudden, shocking, surprising, exciting, or changing moments today, again out on the road and in the local scene take care for accidents, this could bring sudden meetings out of the blue that are passion filled and exciting or windfalls that happen through siblings or neighbors, it can go either way. Saturn is asking you to look at any limits or issues that are legal, media or marketing related, involving travel or foreign interests, or higher education today and to find some way to balance this with everything else going on.

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Saturday Mars is storming into your income zone to stir things up. He is the great motivator so if you need to earn more he will bring the fire to get you out there looking, he is passion and anger as well so he may rile up your feelings over the money you are earning or spending or over a possession you are dealing with. The past is figuring into the money matter since Mercury is taking you back into past agreements, people and situations to reconnect or release so you may need to look at that as you figure out what to do. Venus is working to help you share love or find money making solutions through a friend, group, social occasion, networking events, the internet, astrology, or charitable outlets. You should be proactive here.

Sunday is the NEW MOON in your income zone so you now have your 2 week window to really seed those new endeavors. Ask for the raise, look for new income, launch the service, or spend on that item you are thinking about. The past again is prominent in this so past people or situations will come back up for you to see if there is any part of that that will work for you going forward by way of earning a living or spending. Expect some excitement, shock, shake-ups, surprises, or changes today around the money you earn or spend as well. Saturn is asking you look seriously at any debt, insurance, taxes, settlements, bankruptcy, inheritance, alimony, or any other outside or jointly held money and deal with limits or issues you have here. Divorce or sexual attractions could be another arena that need attention.

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