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If you missed the RADIO SHOW, here is the link: I talked in more detail about each sign and how this WEEKEND FULL MOON would affect you as well as the current MERCURY RETROGRADE affect. Click on the 4/14 show, refresh your page if you don't see it!

Oh Kitties!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wild weekend this is going to be.

Libra Moon is active on Saturday (as she is amping up to be full on Sunday). She will oppose Uranus and Mars today, square Pluto and conjunct Saturn. Can you say, “Shock, surprise, excitement, change, passion, anger, intense desires or ambitions, more change, taking action, and finality?!” Well expect that Saturday will show you which relationship dynamic is about to be celebrated to the max, change forever, committed to long term, or ended once and for all.

Sunday that Full Moon culminates bringing the relationship to a peak. It does this opposing Mercury Retrograde and Jupiter so the relationship you are having with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or yourself is going to involve past decisions, ideas, issues, agreements, writing, or talks, and they are going to be big, big, BIG! Finally, the Moon adjusts to Venus in Pisces so making some concession to a woman, love issue or income matter is part of the day, Pisces could mean retreat and recuperation or taking things behind closed doors for romance, artistry, spirituality, or dealing with institutions.

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Saturday is putting you into the driver’s seat with someone significant, do you want to do something with them, about them, for them? Is change needed, is something exciting or passionate in the mix? What goal or career ambition are they a part of with you? Are they competing for your spot? Supporting your drive? You need to get real with this person today, get real. Is it yes or no? Commit or walk away.

Sunday the Full Moon brings the climax with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor or other significant relationship dynamic playing out. Today you have the big talk, make the big decision, write something that is over the top, come to a happy agreement or prosperous understanding. Do what is right for YOU. Be willing to make some adjustments around the research, artwork, film, music, or other artistic outlet, spiritual pursuit, hospital, or other institution involved. Do this by looking at the money or love in the picture.

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Saturday is about whatever is going on with the work and all that hiding out or developing and strategizing, delving into the art or film world, getting into the music or other secret space, calling down the muse, and acting on originality and unique passions in the situation. If health is an issue today then hospitals or retreat is likely in the picture as well. What is up with the changes in travel, media, publicity, publishing, education, or legal realms? What can you get real about today? Can you commit to work or health or do you need to end something here.

Sunday the Full Moon peaks and there is a celebration or ending involved with someone over work, health or pets. Talks or news is big and focuses in on film, music, the arts, spiritual pursuits, secrets, research, hospitals or other institutions, or retreat. Look at how you can stretch out or deal with this in balance with the work, health or pet matter. A female friend is significant today, do what you can to adjust to her needs or to bring her into the picture.

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Saturday is amping up babe, get ready, you are going to be on fire over a friend, something social, a party or group activity, the internet, astrology, a charity, or some aspiration that you are making a move on. Change is in the air, surprises and genius is in the mix, and ALL of this is balancing against that matter that is building with someone significant in your love life or a creative venture or involved with a child. What is the big issue regarding shared financial resources, sex or divorce in this? What needs to change? You need to get real, get serious, commit or end something.

Sunday is the Full Moon in this arena and you reach the zenith with the lover, love interest, child, speculative venture, recreational outlet, or creative project. The person who is significant in this is in the picture big time today and you are going to see talks, meetings, agreements, or decisions open up about friends, groups, aspirations, charities, astrology, or the internet that somehow tie in or must be balanced against the other. You are likely celebrating or ending something today and friends may be the best ones to involve either way.

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Saturday emotions are going to be major regarding home, moves, mom, real estate, roommates, or your own security needs. Things are building with someone around one or more of these themes and you are going to feel like a fire is lit beneath you to pursue change and goals, career agendas and unusual or interesting opportunities. What is going on with the partner, agent, attorney, competitor, or other representative today? How can a powerful change here affect all the rest of this? You need to get real today about the living situation, mom or property matter, commit to something or end it.

Sunday this peaks, it’s big, home, mom, real estate, moves, something is climaxing and a relationship is key in this reaching it’s celebratory state or ending. Talks or agreements today about career or goals will be off the charts and tie into this picture in an intimate way. What do you want to do? Be willing to tackle something with finesse that involves travel, media, legal matters, or education, there could be love or money at stake here.

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Saturday that question is hanging in the air, that major decision, the thing that was said and needs answering, written and needs heard, the agreement that must be reached, and the entire weekend hinges on which way it goes. One important relationship is in the mix, this and you will feel all charged up over the legalities, ceremony, trip, media or publishing aspect, publicity, or educational influence. It’s time to get real. Do you commit or end it? A brother, sister or neighbor may play an important part as well as a short trip.

Sunday the Libra Full Moon culminates around the decision, question, talk, agreement, meeting, writing project, short trip, sibling, or neighborhood and that partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or other significant person. Are you celebrating or marking an ending? This is big, it’s BIG. Adjustments are called for and they focus on sex, reproduction, divorce, or major financial issues.

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Saturday brings an escalation around the money being earned, spent or the quest for this income. You are going to be driven to take all kinds of interesting twists and turns regarding outside resources and shared financial matters to move this issue forward. Powerful changes are focusing in on a big creative project or something involving a love interest or child. You need to get real about the earning potential and what you can spend, commit efforts here or draw a line.

Sunday the Full Moon brings a peak around that income situation for you as you celebrate reaching a goal or note the end of one source of earnings. Someone significant is part of this picture for you, a partner, agent, attorney, or competitor and talks or agreements are really big today about that outside financial matter. Open up about loans, debt, credit, inheritance, insurance, taxes, alimony, child support, settlements, bankruptcy, royalties, commissions, or your partners finances, talk, meet, look at agreements. Be willing to make some concessions around the other persons needs in love or income.

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Saturday you should start to feel the build-up emotionally as your sign is being activated towards tomorrow’s Full Moon. It’s all about you babe! What do you want for yourself? Is your image, body, identity in the world in some way reaching a peak now, are you done with one version of yourself and ready to mark an ending and begin a rebirthing process? It may be a time of recognition and celebration or wrapping up one personal or physical phase for you. Today that means really pushing with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. You need to surmount a major challenge involving home, roommates, moves, real estate deals, or mom.

Sunday brings your peak moment as the Full Moon kicks in. You have reached a certain level and are ready for major talks, meetings, decisions, or agreements involving that partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. Be willing to make some concessions with a woman at work or involving co-workers, employees or a service you provide. Do the same regarding a woman and any health issues or matters involving pets.

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Saturday emotions are peaking about something going on behind closed doors, a film, music project or other artistic outlet, retreat and time you need to rest and recharge batteries, a clandestine affair, hospital matter, addiction, spiritual pursuit, or something you are feeling nostalgic about. This is raw energy that may well be Karmic in nature for you as you feel something beginning to peak with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, or competitor. Is something going on behind your back? Take action on how this could be affecting work, health or pets. Act to wrap up work, deal with health or pets as you challenge yourself over an agreement, writing project, meeting, talk, or news you hear from a sibling or neighbor.

Sunday is the culmination of yesterdays energy as the Full Moon brings the artistic, spiritual, romantic, or hospital/addictive issue to a head. Research, retreat, investigations, karmic energy swirls around whatever in one of these areas is reaching it’s celebratory stage or ending. Talks, news, agreements, decisions, or meetings are huge today regarding work, health or pets. Be willing to make some adjustments around the creative endeavor and a woman. You may need to deal with shifts in love or income and how kids are being affected as well today.

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Saturday brings intense energy around what you are doing with the friend, group, internet, charity, astrology, or some big aspiration of yours. You are going to feel some excitement, shock or initiate changes around the creative end of things or with a lover/love interest, or child in the picture. With all that is going on you will still need to find ways to deal with the money coming in or going out. What needs to change? Get real about the friend, group, internet, astrology, or charity today, what can you commit to or what needs to end?

Sunday is the Full Moon in this social realm of your chart. Today is the high point with the social occasion, friendship, group affiliation, internet pursuit, astrological interest, or charitable outlet. You are celebrating having reached some goal here or the good luck of an associate, finding recognition coming through these areas or ending something. Talks, news, agreements, writing, or meetings are huge today involving the love interest, child or creative endeavor. Be willing to make some adjustments around home, family, mom, or real estate matters.

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Saturday brings heightened emotions around a big goal you have before you. This could be something personal or wrapped around career, reputation, fame, or ambitions. A boss or other person of authority could figure in as well. Look at what you can put into action or take a new approach towards at home, with real estate, mom, moves, family, or roommates. You are at the turning point in a major personal or physical transformation and must deal with how you are feeling, what is going on with your body, image, or identity at present. Get real about the goal or career agenda and try to find ways to either commit or end something here.

Sunday is the Full Moon in your Midheaven and a peak with the career, boss, father, authority figure, reputation, fame, major goal, or ambition. Something is being celebrated as you reach a benchmark or something is ending. There is a significant person involved in all of this for you and talks today, agreements, meetings, decisions, or short trips will wrap around home, real estate, mom, or family matters. These are big and under protective stars. Be willing to adjust a bit around what is communicated involving love or income, (a sibling may be part of this mix).

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Saturday will bring heightened emotions regarding the trip, legal or ceremonial matter, education, or media, marketing, or publishing outlet. You are going to feel driven to express your ideas about the matter with passion or anger today and most likely you will hear something you find exciting or shocking in the mix. You can really push for some change in your local environment, with agreements, or siblings. Something is again changing intensely that is secret, involves magic, spirituality, psychic abilities, artistic talents or projects, hospitals, addictions, or research. Get real about committing or ending something with the trip, that is long distance, involved education, media, publishing, marketing, ceremonies, or legal matters.

Sunday is the Full Moon in your travel, media, educational, or legal sector. You are seeing a celebration as you reach the goal or find recognition or you are ending something tied to one of these themes. Someone significant is all wrapped up in this scenario and talks, agreements, decisions, meetings, or writing you are doing regarding this is BIG. You may have a brother or sister you are helping or dealing with today as well and if so it looks big too. You need to make some adjustments around what you are earning or spending and how the woman fits into this.

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Saturday brings up intense emotions involving some financial matter, sex, reproduction, someone’s mortality, or a divorce. There is an important person in the mix in this and you are going to feel driven today to really break out of a rut and do something about the income coming in or what is being spent. Changes or powerful transformations are possible with a friend, group, internet project, astrological interest, or charity. You need to get real about commitments or endings involving the finances, sex, reproduction, mortality issue, or divorce today.

Sunday is the Full Moon in this sex, divorce, mortality, and financial realm of your life and you will be celebrating reaching a goal now, recognition that comes from your efforts here or marking an ending. Again someone significant is involved in the picture. Talks, meetings, agreements, decisions, or writing will be about the income or spending today and these are BIG. News may be big as well as it relates to the days Full Moon. You need to make some personal or physical adjustments around what is transpiring with an eye on income or love connected to you.

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