Saturday, March 4, 2023



It's a good day to get into creative projects or recreate or spend time with kids or lovers. Jupiter and Venus are in good flow to these interests again, bringing love or beauty, income, pleasure, travel, legal, educational, media, ceremonial, religious, or political interests into the fold. The Sun is in adjustment mode so some give and take when it comes to our own involvement or needs and the sleep, rest, recuperation, romance, research, institutions, artistry, or spirituality in the mix is needed. Uranus pops up to shake things up at some point, peaking by 5:54pm Eastern, so last minute popovers, shockers, or changes involving friends, groups, the internet, income, possessions, aspirations, or purchases can rock the day at some point or redirect you in what you were doing. Finally, the evening then gets busy, passionate and/or more dynamic though talks, meetings, short trips, writing, sales, offers, or decisions that link to this creative venture, recreational pursuit, lover, or the kids, in flow, doors open. PRAYER TODAY is 'May we let that which is unexpected and spontaneous influence our creativity, fun and love today by taking our hands off the wheel of control and allowing serendipity to drive.' If the Daily info clicked for you, consider supporting this work and buying Zoe a coffee, coffee rocks!                           Buy Me A Coffee

~Zoe Moon"

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