Thursday, March 2, 2023



We start our day on the fresh energy between Venus and Jupiter that perfected at 2:36am Eastern giving us potential to kick things off into new directions or chapters when it comes to what we are doing about love, income, beauty, pleasure, growth, happiness, or prosperity. At 9:34am Mercury and Saturn merge their energy for a fresh start involving news, talks, meetings, sales, writing, offers, or decisions and getting serious, putting in time, making commitments, marking endings, or getting ambitious. There could be something about an aspiration finally getting it's shot in the arm, or it could involve friends, groups, the internet, siblings, vehicles, electronics, short trips, or important decisions today. Finally, at 5:52pm Eastern Mercury moves into Pisces where he will tour until the 19th. These 2 and a half weeks will help us focus our thoughts, talks, meetings, sales, writing, short trips, or involvement with siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, moves, or decisions on artistic interests, romance, spirituality, magical pursuits, psychic abilities, research, recuperative needs, dreams, kicking bad habits, secrets, or institutions. Tune in tonight for the Weekly Astrology Show and a look at the upcoming Full Moon and a more in-depth look at Saturn's move into Pisces in our week ahead, link below! PRAYER TODAY is 'May we tune our minds to the messages coming from our inner knowing, our higher power, our muse, and from beyond the veil, finding ways to implement them into our life's work, growth and happiness.' ~Zoe Moon"

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