Sunday, March 12, 2023



Today is day 3 of 5 of our Jupiter/Chiron convergence in Aries and the peak of the 5 days. Again, we address wounds and vulnerabilities, healing and our spiritual guru teacher/healer potential to help others from a personal understanding of said wounds and vulnerabilities. On the world stage I guess we are seeing some crashing banks as part of this going bigger with the wound experience and ending a long story. I'm sure there are other things as well. In our own lives it is the closing of a story that began in 1976 and the beginning of a new leg of our journey. Our last day of Scorpio Moon has it adjusting to Mars and Venus while finding harmonic flow with the Sun, Mercury and Neptune. So, we are in the mood to go deeper, make changes, purge, transform, find our financial or sexual flow, deal with power, control, jealousy, or obsessions, handle birth, death, divorce, or third-party influences, or evolve our story in a powerful way. We'll want to be flexible when it comes to love, income, beauty, or pleasures and the actions taken, reactions to what is happening, passions, anger, or motivating forces (Venus/Mars). We should find flow with artistic, romantic, spiritual, recuperative, research, or institutional pursuits in the mix. The WEEKLY HOROSCOPES will be up later today, check back for them! PRAYERs TODAY are 'May we recognize the vulnerabilities and pain in others as a remnant of something we've been through and do what we can to help lighten their load.' or 'May we rip off the bandaging, look at the wound, and recognize the great courage its formation represents.' PEAK TIME is 4:40-4:45pm Eastern/1:40-1:45pm Pacific, see you there! ~Zoe Moon"     If the Daily info clicked for you, consider supporting this work and buying Zoe a coffee, coffee rocks!                                                                        Buy Me A Coffee

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