Friday, March 3, 2023



It's the second day of pouring rain here, ugh, I'm sure our soon to be garden loves it but the pups, not so much. Well, no, the pups dig it too, it's me with the drenched and dripping, mudpie pups not so much, lol. Leo Moon wants to play, create, love, do for the kids, and today this is in adjustment mode to the news, talks, meetings, short trips, writing, sales, or decisions going on, so we'll want to be flexible. Give and take around artistic, romantic, recuperative, spiritual, institutional, or research themes or in how you are dealing with secrets, dramas, entitlement issues, addictions, or the water out there. After 1:01pm Eastern this has peaked and we start to move into a building optimism that should gather steam the further into the day/evening we go, again with a nod to the kids, lover, creative ventures, or recreational pursuits, sweet, we'll take it! PRAYER TODAY is 'May we access the childlike spirit within us in unique and original ways today.' ~Zoe Moon"

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