Monday, March 13, 2023



It's our 4th of 5 days of the Jupiter/Chiron Conjunction in Aries so again we notice how we are wrapping up old stories of wounds, vulnerabilities, healing, or spiritual guru teacher/healer energy and at the precipice of a new story getting underway. I went into this in depth on the Weekly Astro Show, link below if you haven't had time to listen. Today our Sagittarius Moon is moving from a square to Saturn that occurred early in the morning to a harmonic to Jupiter which perfects early tomorrow morning. So, we are focused on the things we belief in, our travel plans, distant situations, educational pursuits, media ventures, marketing ideas, ceremonies, religious experience, legal needs, philosophies, or political interests today. We wake with lots of responsibilities, time, effort, testing energy, drain of energy, or the flip side, a lot of ambition about it, and it is pushing us to get serious about what needs to happen behind the scenes, with our need for rest and recuperation, research, or what's going on with artistic, romantic, spiritual, or institutional needs in the story. However, the further out from the morning we go the more things start to lift and we begin to feel the buoyant energy of Jupiter coming into play, our optimism returns, our sense of adventure kicks in, we find our happy place, and we may find on a physical level we lift a bit as well. So, have at it! PRAYERs TODAY are 'May we recognize the vulnerabilities and pain in others as a remnant of something we've been through and do what we can to help lighten their load.' or 'May we rip off the bandaging, look at the wound, and recognize the great courage its formation represents.' PEAK TIME is 4:30-4:35pm Eastern/1:30-1:35pm Pacific, see you there! ~Zoe Moon"     If the Daily info clicked for you, consider supporting this work and buying Zoe a coffee, coffee rocks!                                                                        Buy Me A Coffee

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