Friday, March 24, 2023



Taurus Moon has an appointment with Venus this morning and Uranus this evening/late afternoon to kick off fresh new potential regarding money, pleasure, purchases, possessions, products, values, being valued, or the things that we are building. With Venus this means new possibilities or fresh perspectives regarding the love, beauty, money, or enjoyment tied to any of these themes. This energy wants to take its time, relax, soak it up, smooth it out, attract, charm, and smile. With Uranus we see some excitement start to awaken us from this vibe a bit and perhaps bring some social activities, online pursuits, spontaneity, originality, or innovation to what we are doing. That's it for the alignments but I do want to note that today is our last day with Mars in Gemini. Back on August 20th, 2022, Mars entered this sign and rather than moving through Gemini in 6+ weeks it has spent around 7 months here due to its Retrograde in the middle of its journey. That is a LOT of time to go back and forth between do I or don't I, should I or shouldn't I, that way or this way, in the duality of the twin's mindset. This is now going to end. Tomorrow with Mars move into Cancer he enters one of the 4 leadership energies where he will be ready to act, although perhaps a bit more emotionally or slowly in that water sign, act he will. So, take some time to think about what you've been debating all these months or to take a look at that situation that keeps going back and forth, I'd bet you are about to see something start to move one way or the other in the weeks ahead. The WEEKLY ASTRO SHOW will go live today at noon Eastern tune in or catch the replay post later today! For those of you who have the Zoe Moon App, I woke up one morning to find the company had run a charge through once every 2 seconds 12 times, managing to get 7 monthly payments out before my bank denied them, because there was no more money in there, so I figured it was a glitch on their side and attempted to contact them be phone and email to no avail over the course of several days, at which point I cancelled my account with them so my apologies for the App not working but I will try to find a different App company soon, until then please bookmark this page for future forecasts. PRAYER TODAY is 'May we send the love we feel out into the world like a sparkling boomerang of hope that lifts others up before returning to us tenfold.' (I need this one today since I'm writing this feeling kinda grouchy this morning, lol, or maybe more coffee 😊). PEAK TIME is 7:50-7:55pm Eastern/4:50-4:55pm Pacific, see you there! If the Weekly info clicked for you, consider supporting this work and buying Zoe a coffee, coffee rocks, and please share this post!

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