Tuesday, March 28, 2023



Mercury and Jupiter are still in play as our day gets started, opening up fresh possibilities through legal, travel, educational, media, ceremonial, religious, or political interests, or focusing our minds on what may make us happy, prosperous or bring us growth. So, talk about it, write it up, sign it, sell it, ask for it, listen for it, take a short trip about it, see where it takes you. We also have Cancer Moon now in play, so we are emotionally charged up, ready to get busy at home, with family, about our security needs, or our moves, renovations, real estate deals, parents, or roommates. Some adjustment with the taxes, insurance, alimony, partner's money, or other financial interest is part of the story as is any give and take around online pursuits or social influences first thing this morning. We then link to Mars in harmonic flow, get fired up and busy about what we are doing with our Cancer themes, helping us make things happen. This is also in flow with Saturn today so getting serious, making or meeting commitments, tackling responsibilities, meeting deadlines, following rules, structuring support, dealing with authority figures, or pursuing goals through efforts behind the scenes comes into play. This may involve institutions, research, artistic interests, romance, or spirituality in the story. PRAYER TODAY is 'May we feel our connection to the greater good and find our calling in alignment with it.'  PEAK TIME is 11-11:05am Eastern/8-8:05am Pacific, see you there! If the Daily info clicked for you, consider supporting this work and buying Zoe a coffee, coffee rocks, and please share this post!

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