Thursday, March 30, 2023



Zippity doo dah, we have a lot going on today! Our Cancer Moon trines Neptune and heads directly into a Void that runs from 9:45am-6:31pm Eastern. So, this part of the day we have good flow regarding our emotional drive towards nurturing, security, home, family, real estate deals, roommates, moves, or history, and what we do artistically, spiritually, romantically, through institutions, or our research. There is a lovely, magical quality to this part of the day because we could feel as though we are floating along, sponging up the ethers and feeling our feels. The Void means it's best not to initiate something brand new but rather to wrap things up, rest, recharge batteries, plan, or act on things already in motion. Mars will be active in the Void from the sign of Cancer so it's likely we will get things done today in these areas or have a lot more passion or motivation about what needs doing while Saturn will be active from Pisces, giving stability, endurance, commitment, ambition, time, or connection with goals or higher-ups in the story with Neptune. This makes for one heck of a solid, dynamic Void! As if that were not enough, Venus meets with Uranus during the Void to bring some fresh-start energy around income, love, beauty, pleasure, purchases, possessions, online pursuits, or social influences. This can be exciting, enjoyable, innovative, or new. We then move into Leo Moon at 6:31pm Eastern shifting focus to lovers, kids, creative ventures, dramas, entitlement issues, or recreational pursuits. This immediately opposes Pluto in Aquarius, so it gets intimate, financial, powerful, or involves another regarding changes, purging of things, transformative moments, power struggles, control issues, sex, jealousy, or triangles. Which side of this will your emotions lead you through Leo? Do your part to choose the transformative and deeply connected side rather than a drama. PRAYER TODAY is 'May we nurture that creative spark and light a path we'd like to follow.'  PEAK TIME is 3-3:05pm Eastern/12-12:05pm Pacific, see you there! If the Daily info clicked for you, consider supporting this work and buying Zoe a coffee, coffee rocks, and please share this post!

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