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Zoe Moon Astrology WEEKLY HOROSCOPES June 10-16

Zoe Moon Astrology

OK, heads up, this week is full of squares and some crazy combinations so it is not in easy flow but is either pushing us to move a mountain or two or testing us with a challenge or two, so buckle up!

MONDAY has some nice flow in part of the day that is about opportunities we find in creative arenas or with our loved ones or recreational pursuits. It’s a good day to talk, meet, write, sign agreements, sell, hear from others, or make choices about these topics.

However, building on MONDAY, perfecting on TUESDAY, possibly felt both days, Mars squares Pluto. This is a highly charged, intense, frictional energy. Some of you may have picked up on it in the buildup on MONDAY, the rest will be feeling it TUESDAY, some both days. Mars wants to make things happen and is coming from motivational drive, passion or anger. Pluto wants to deconstruct and rebirth, change, evolve, and is about the power, control, sex, financials, divorce, reproductive needs, or third-party influences. They are squaring from fixed signs so the idea that anyone is going to budge from their viewpoint today is silly, this is dug in, stubborn kind of energy and playing out around what is valued, money, possessions, aspirations, friendships, groups, freedoms, or online. So, we could really motivate and purge or dig into something and make changes but it could also be a very volatile, destructive, combative energy combo so do be forewarned and take care. Leo Moon squares Uranus, also from fixed energy, bringing lovers or kids into the story or entitlement issues and dramas, or creative ventures or recreational pursuits, and some sudden, unexpected moments around what is going on.

WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY Mercury squares Saturn. This brings challenging talks or decisions about endings, something dissolving away and done, issues around secrets or deceptions, addictions or boundary issues, artistic, romantic or spiritual needs, or something around fatherhood, authority figures, or time, and may be a bit somber or sad in tone. This then brings another person into it and ask us to look at any details, paperwork, hired help, coworkers, jobs, health needs, or animal interests in the story, again with a serious tone.

FRIDAY the Sun and Mercury come together for some fresh perspective around talks, ideas, offers, meetings, or decisions. There can also be renewed ideas around siblings, neighbors, moves, vehicles, sales, or electronics today. Libra Moon kicks in at 2:12pm Eastern and should get us more optimistic today and on SATURDAY when it comes to partners, clients, specialists, representatives, or the balance in our lives. This is now in flow with any powerful changes, how we are evolving our story, what is going on with financial, sexual, reproductive, divorce, or third-party influences, our values, how we are being valued, our income flow, purchases, or possessions in the mix.

SUNDAY is Father’s Day, Happy Father’s Day to all you amazing Dads out there! On the one hand, there is a lovely flow today in our one-on-ones with others via talks, meetings, sales, writing, offers, or decisions. On the other hand, Venus is under duress today so there may be a female who is out of sorts or something going on with love or income needs, beauty or pleasure that is tested at some point today/tonight.

Give yourself a pat on the back for making it through this juggernaut of a week, if you’ve wanted to see something shift gears a bit then this week probably helps that happen or at the very least shows you what is now needed to do so. Next week any adaptations occur, the week after that we get back into flow.

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