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Zoe Moon Astrology WEEKLY HOROSCOPES June 3-9

Zoe Moon Astrology WEEKLY HOROSCOPES June 3-9

Mercury moves into Gemini at 3
:37am Eastern and will tour here until June 17th. This period brings a swirl of ideas, news, short trips, writing, sales, talks, and meetings. It may also amp up the energy around flirtations, diplomacy, duality, moves, or what you are doing with siblings, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics. With Taurus Moon also in play we may feel like slowing down, enjoying the pleasures in life, spending some money, or focusing on our possessions, income, or values today.

TUESDAY Mercury in his new placement in Gemini is getting busy with Pluto and Jupiter, both in flow. So, more talks, meetings, sales, writing, information, offers, or decisions in flow with power, transformation, third party situations, financial needs, sex, or evolving stories, as well as with growth, happiness, prosperity, legal decisions, educational pursuits, media, travel, politics, religion, or ceremonies. The Sun and Venus embrace in this same income, purchases, possessions, and products territory so we are front and center at some point today with something here that involves our needs or direction and what is going on with love, money, beauty, or pleasures.

WEDNESDAY the Moon moves into Gemini helping to bring our emotional drive on board with these talks, the news, offers, short trips, moves, vehicles, electronics, writing, sales, siblings, neighbors, or decisions. It looks so inspired, magical, powerful, open to adventure, wider horizons, and truth, make the most of it!

THURSDAY is the NEW MOON in GEMINI. This kicks in at 8:38am Eastern and will be in play for 2 weeks. It is about giving us a cosmic boost forward to help us start something new or take our current situations into what comes next with talks or meetings, sales or agreements, writing, ideas, flirtations, or offers, or with siblings, neighbors, moves, vehicles, electronics, or choices. This is tied closely to Venus so there is potential with love or money, beauty or pleasure involved with this fresh start. There is one obstacle to overcome today or at least take note of and that is any rule, regulation, ending, limitation, responsibility, authority figure, goal, or ambition involving an institution, the research, an addiction, secret, or with something artistic, romantic, or spiritual and this peaks midday.

FRIDAY the Moon moves into Cancer in the morning and will adjust to Pluto so we are more emotional or focused on home or family matters and will need to be adaptive to the powers that be or with financial, sexual or third-party influences. Venus is square to Saturn today which is not warm and fuzzy but rather more cold or distant or perhaps cut off from us through something out of our or others control so don't push for the hugs today.

SATURDAY we wake with the Venus Saturn square fading off so it may take a few hours to comes out of it, but the Cancer Moon then starts to resonate with Saturn in a positive alignment so emotional drives are back in play as we get serious or committed to something solid. This should get us back in swing with the artistic, romantic or spiritual, or with the institutions or research needs.

SUNDAY the Sun squares Saturn so again we wake with this heavy or draining energy and although this dissipates during the day it might be best to pace ourselves and not push things that require a lot of strength or discipline. Mars moves into Taurus at 12:35am Eastern and will tour this sign until July 20th. Mars will want to get things done and will but be aware that he may get a bit sidetracked or slowed down throughout this period due to pleasures lurking, rest needed, or a desire for income, purchases, possessions, or products. On the other hand, if you bring your passions, stay away from the angry or frustrated side of Mars and lean into the drive and determination, you can motivate and make things happen and you may leave this period with more going on with your income, purchases, possessions, or products. Today, however, Mars is squared by the Moon in Leo so something around entitlement, drama, or a lover, the kids, a creative venture, or a need to have fun might stem the tide.

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