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Never a dull moment, right? The Sun moved into Pisces on Friday to give you a clue about the next 30 days, what was going to be lit up for you, where your energy was going to be most focused, and although it will have a varying affect on each sign as it beams into different parts of life, we are all feeling it. Pisces energy is about retreat, work you do behind closed doors or behind the scenes, strategies, development and research, investigations, addictions, hospitals, prisons, spiritual pursuits and practices, our artistic inspiration in film, music, fine art, and other expressions, fantasy, hidden enemies, deception, the places where we have no boundaries or where we lean towards self-sabotage, our psychic abilities, clandestine affairs, and dreams.

This week Mercury moves into this realm on Monday followed by Mars on Tuesday. Both of these bodies will meet Chiron already here, Mercury with Chiron on Tuesday, Mars with Chiron on Thursday. So you can expect the Piscean themes to be the topic of news, talks, meetings, short trips, interaction with siblings, action you take, passion you express, anger that surfaces, blood or surgical issues, battles, accidents, looking at the wound that is present and working towards healing yourself and others from your understanding of this wound. It’s a time of faith, inspiration, vulnerability, and personal sacrifice met with understanding and passionate words, as well as a time to shine your light in your artistic expressions or spiritual healing.

The week is about new beginnings in areas that are demarcation points from the past, closing doors symbolically or literally to begin in these Piscean realms. It is a week when it is imperative to follow your intuition, listen and heed the inner voice, to find time in what comes up to go within and find some solitude no matter what is going on around you. For some, a retreat is the best option and you should not consider this a bad thing if you need to regroup. For some this is a time of great make-believe, imagination and the mystic moving straight into the heart of the muse. The energy is overall very open, it should help you find opportunity and harmony this week through the Piscean sea.

ARIES: (Call Zoe to schedule your reading 818-613-6067 or email )

This week begins a time of romantic inspired communications, when you are more poetical or have more invested in speaking on behalf of the art, spiritual work, hospital, or research. Your mind is on strategic overdrive and you can handle more details around what you are developing. You may be retreating or working on something artistic, spiritual or involving an institution behind the scenes. Give some thought to any self-sabotaging you may have done, are you being your own worst enemy? If so you can find ways to heal this, this week. Speak your mind. Audition for the part, take a short trip or reach out to brothers or sisters. Express your magical or spiritual nature, visit the hospital, do something musical, in film, at a museum, tackle paperwork behind closed doors, research. Your career goals, a boss or father/father figure, your reputation, or ambitions are in the mix this week in a big way as powerful changes move through your life.

Monday speak up, write it, express your thoughts, and focus on the partner or representative. Do you need to set limits, take on more responsibility, lean on them to take charge?

Tuesday take action, there is a lot you can accomplish today. Powerful transformation is occurring and the deeper you go in sharing what you are going through the better. Your friends, a group, or the social interaction on the internet or networking, astrology, or charities are beneficial to you in this.

Wednesday is all about the love you are seeing on the career front or around your father or boss, the shared and transforming experience you are having and attracting what you need to reach your goals.

Thursday is another day of action and today it is focused on the wound. Changes are occurring and you are ready to take a trip, delve into something that gets the idea out there through media, publishing or marketing, deal with a legal matter, or handle issues with education so trust your ability to make it all work.

Friday puts you right on top of the artistic project, spiritual retreat, hospital matter, dealing with the addiction, research or investigation, and letting your presence be known. There are a lot of communications today that involve you and powerful moments with career, reputation, fame, father, or goals.

TAURUS: (Call Zoe to schedule your reading 818-613-6067 or email )

This week is going to steep you deeply in a social scene that is tied to film, music or other artistic experience, something spiritual or involving a place of retreat, dealing with addictions or hospitals, research or investigations, and your friends, a group, your aspirations, astrology, the internet, or charities. It is a time to be heard, to share ideas, to talk or audition, pitch projects, meet or make short trips, bring your passions to the table and be fearless in opening yourself up to at least one significant person. The higher mind is at work so you may see this week opening up travel, foreign interests, media or publishing, marketing ideas, educational opportunities, ceremonies, or legal ventures around some of these Piscean themes. Where is your tribe? It’s time to connect!

Monday is a day of meetings, decisions, talks, writing, agreements, or short trips involving the social occasions, networking, friends, or groups. Look at work, health or animal issues and any limits or responsibilities involved, can you take charge or find someone to report to?

Tuesday is the day to get busy, do it, bring your passions to the table, it’s about motivating with friends or the group, getting the charity or internet project moving, talking about any vulnerable or wounded issues going on here and finding ways to solve them. Do you need an advocate or representative legally, in media, or to transform your situation?

Wednesday brings love or financial opportunity through travel, media, publishing, education, ceremonies, and legal means. You can attract what you need through an agent, attorney or other advocate, or share with a partner.

Thursday helps you open up the wound with the friend, group, aspiration, internet, or charity through actions and the drive you bring to express your passions. Changes and new approaches are positive. If you need to handle a sexual, divorce or outside financial matter involving the above, you should begin your research and talks now.

Friday is all about you in the spotlight with the friend, charity, astrological project, internet endeavor, group, networking event, or aspiration. It is very powerful and under positive stars to come from your truth and promote, educate, broaden your view, make it legal, celebrate the event or ceremony, or travel.

GEMINI: (Call Zoe to schedule your reading 818-613-6067 or email )

This week is pretty major for you with the career, dad, a boss, your leadership, reputation, ambitions, goals, or fame. There is something you are going to be focusing your research on, working on behind closed doors here, dealing with institutions such as hospitals or retreats, handling any addictions or escapist tendencies, staving off anyone who may be working against your best efforts from a hidden position, focusing on the film, music or other artistic element-maybe taking a behind-the-scenes look or showcasing your own talents, bringing your spiritual perspective or romantic twist to the mix, and following your muse. There’s a great deal of work involved here-put in the efforts, they should bring rewards. You may also want to aim a bit of energy on your health or pets in all of the efforts this week. The empowerment that Pluto has been trying to bring your way is well aspected under positive stars so sharing on a deeper level and handling sexual attractions, divorce issues or major financial ramifications will play into the mix as well.

Monday is about opening up the lines of communications on the career front or with dad, the boss, or around a big goal you have. Write it, deal with agreements, take meetings. Do you need to set limits or tackle more responsibility with a lover, child or creative venture? How is love or money being shared?

Tuesday is about taking action on career goals and ambitions, with dad or the boss, expressing passions and motivating over any wounds you perceive, doing the work or tackling health matters through broadcasting, travel, legal, or educational means.

Wednesday brings shared experience financially or intimately. It’s positive at work, with co-workers, employees, over health matters, or involving pets. You should find it easy to attract what you need and women will be beneficial to your goals here.

Thursday is about taking action on the career front, doing something that opens up the wound or shares your wounded experience, you may be dealing with a boss, authority figure or dad in this as well. Bring passions to what you are striving towards and fresh approaches on the career front. If you need to deal with a partner or competitor you can find the way to talk about it or act on it to get it moving.

Friday is all about your moment in the Sun, speaking on something in your career field, with news about a boss, position in the company, promotion, or from dad, an opportunity to transform something financially or in another shared experience that benefits. If you want to ask for back-end perks on the job do it today.

CANCER: (Call Zoe to schedule your reading 818-613-6067 or email )

The week ahead is about your big trip, a media venture or publishing deal, an ideal you are broadcasting or marketing, something you can teach others artistically or spiritually, or handling something legally/contractually. You may be bringing your knowledge of addiction or retreats, hospitals or other institutions, or just shining a light on your film, music or other artistic talents, working behind the scenes to broadcast others talents, traveling for spiritual pursuits or art, and writing, speaking, engaging in all forms of communications, allowing your own wounded feelings in this to surface to heal or healing/teaching others through your past experiences here. It is highly passionate and active with opportunity to empower and transform through creative channels, with lovers or love interests, or involving children. Have a little faith Cancer!

Monday it’s time to make the decision, sign the agreement, write it up, have the talk, so is it a trip, media or publishing matter, legal topic, or educational matter? You need to set some limits or take responsibility where home, mom or real estate is concerned, is a partner helping or hindering?

Tuesday is about taking action, getting on that plane, putting the published work out there or sending the manuscript to the publisher, getting in front of the camera or getting into the classroom, standing in front of the judge or attorney. Do it today, your physical presence is requested on this artistic, spiritual or romantic level in one of these areas or you are making a move tied to the institution involved. It’s time to shine with the creative project or loved one in this.

Wednesday is about powerful transformations occurring with a partner, agent, attorney, or other significant relationship and the creative project you are working on, the love in the picture or how a child is involved, all positive.

Thursday is about opening up the wound you have around physically being out in the media, with people far away or in traveling, through legal matters, in the classroom, or politically. You again are doing something physically, moving things forward, helping to heal and bringing fresh approaches how you make it happen. You have to say what is bothering you and be willing to work on it.

Friday is all about your day to shine, talk, be heard, empower yourself through the lens of another, all in the media, trip, publishing, publicity, marketing, educational field, or legal matter. It’s a one-on-one kind of day to share ideas and ideals and transform through these mediums.

LEO: (Call Zoe to schedule your reading 818-613-6067 or email )

This week you really need to get into some weighty topics Leo! First, you will want to tackle any paperwork or have talks, meetings, or deal with agreements involving anything financial. So look at taxes, insurance policies, settlements, inheritance matters, bankruptcy papers, alimony or child support payments, debt, credit, loans, royalties, commissions, or partner finances. Be willing to deal with institutions, look at any wounds or do what it takes to heal them, look for ways to fund or balance the financials with artistic projects, clandestine romances, spiritual pursuits, hospitals, dealing with addictions, research projects, or investigations. A divorce or sexual attraction/issue may be part of all of this as well. You will want to either focus energy at home on these matters or see what can be done about the home, real estate issue, move, roommate situation, family, or mom in the mix. Great empowerment comes through efforts you pour into all of this this week.

Monday is about the news you get, talk, meeting, agreement, short trip, or writing you do involving the financial matter, sexual attraction or divorce. It’s time to start communicating, set your limits or take responsibility, especially around the efforts or work you are doing here or any health issues.

Tuesday is about action and passion getting into the mix so this will put your physically into the financial offices or with the sexual partner or it will stir your passions over the divorce and get you moving. Talk about wounds, heal, bring home or real estate matters into the picture.

Wednesday is about transforming through efforts or work at home, involving property, with moves, health, or pets. There is love or money here if you apply yourself, women are beneficial to your efforts.

Thursday the action opens up wounds in positive ways to help you empower, look at triangles, deal with finances, sex or intimacy, reproductive matters, or divorce, and bring fresh approaches that benefit home or family. Work it today, you will feel better about the lover, child or creative venture if you do.

Friday is about you shining in the financial arena and the news you receive about work, health or pets. Positive changes come through talks, meetings, pitches, writing, agreements, looking at any wounds and bringing intuition and artistry into play. A health matter turns a corner today. Research is on your side in this, analyze and perfect.

VIRGO: (Call Zoe to schedule your reading 818-613-6067 or email )

The week ahead is about one very significant relationship and the role that communications will play in this for you. You are going to be dealing with a romantic or business partner, agent or attorney, specialist or advocate, competitor or opponent and bringing artistic, spiritual or romantic energy into the picture to open up old wounds and begin healing. The week is about the talks, news, agreements, meetings, writing, short trips, actions, passions, healing, and physical moves you make involving this person. Have you been retreating or hiding out from connecting? Is there something secretive that needs to be brought out into the light of day? Is there a film, music project, fine art, or other artistic project you can communicate and act upon in league with this person? It shouldn’t be about the money, there are ways around that later on, you have to look at the wound, come from trust or vulnerability, allow the other person in.

Monday is the day to begin talks, make a decision, pick up the phone or write, meet or make the short trip, if you want to involve a sibling or neighbor in pursuit of your goal, do so. You have to set limits or deal seriously with income issues and the woman involved creatively or in love.

Tuesday is about taking action with this person, getting involved physically, you are on the move today to make things happen, a short trip or lots of communications are indicated. The wound is again talked about and what you are trying to teach/heal others with through this connection should become clear.

Wednesday is about powerful transformation in the arena of true love, creative projects or with children. You are in flow with attracting what you need through the talks, meetings, decisions, writing, or short trips you make again today in these areas.

Thursday action and passion take over again, the wound is exposed, you are pouncing in physically with this person to tackle something or fight the good fight, to make some changes that enhance or approach from new angles, writing or talking about what you are doing together. If you need to work through something about the home or move, real estate or family, put effort in today.

Friday you are in the spotlight with this person or they are in the spotlight and it is in some way affecting you in a powerful way. Talks, writing, meetings, agreements, or decisions are again part of the day along with something powerfully opening up creatively or in love with this person. Do you need a partner or a representative? Can the two of you make a splash this week? What needs healing?

LIBRA: (Call Zoe to schedule your reading 818-613-6067 or email )

This week it’s all about your work and health, the art project, film, music endeavor, talent you have to showcase, research or development you are doing, the work behind the scenes that is evolving, any involvement with hospitals or dealing with addictions, spiritual or psychic work, and the pitch, writing, agreement, meeting, and action you take to move things forward. You are going to have a big opportunity to open up any wound you feel here and to find ways to heal or teach others through your work or approach to health from your own experiences. There will be money to be made or spent in this for the good, transforming your current situation and starting to really move towards your goals. You may need to take a new approach at home or with a property matter in this, set things up to support your efforts in the home or with a piece of property that will give you inspiration.

Monday begins talks or meetings in earnest, sign documents, tackle paperwork, write with a focus on the Piscean arts, spiritual pursuit, romance, hidden issues, addictions, or interaction with hospitals. Look at personal or physical limits or leadership issues and money at home/with real estate.

Tuesday is about taking action at work, bringing the passion into play on the job, opening up about the wound with others and helping anyone from your experience. Income or spending on this is favored, the more you put yourself out there the better. You may express this around health issues or animals as well.

Wednesday is about powerful transformation at home, with real estate, roommates, moves, mom/mother figures, or childhood issues. You can attract love or money to your spiritual, artistic, or sacrificing nature.

Thursday the actions on the job, with health or for animals meets strongly with opening the wounds you feel or experience and again through what you DO you will see potential for healing or teaching others. New approaches or innovations are favored, income is possible from what you put into play.

Friday is your day to shine, you are in the spotlight in the work you do, with health matters or animals and talks, writing, meetings, pitches, short trips, or sibling interaction are all working to open things up and transform something from childhood, what is going on at home, with real estate, moves or family.

SCORPIO: (Call Zoe to schedule your reading 818-613-6067 or email )

The week ahead is all about love and creativity, children and your place, physical presence and understanding of who you are through these fields. Spiritual awareness or pursuits involving loved ones or creative efforts, time at hospitals expressing love, opening up about addictions or self sabotaging tendencies, shining your light in areas of artistry, writing, meeting with others, talking about what is occurring, making decisions based on love or creative needs, taking action and expressing passions, and opening up the wounds you feel about being loved, around loved ones, with creative efforts, with children, and offering healing through your own understanding of painful past experience here, teaching others through your personal mastery as it evolves.

Monday news comes in, decisions are made, writing, meetings, talks, short trips, or sibling interaction is all triggered in these areas. You will be setting or dealing with limits or responsibilities at the hospital, in retreat, with the artistic, spiritual, or romantic endeavors, talking about the love or making decisions about spending.

Tuesday the action begins, passions are stirred, you are physically motivated to DO things out of love, with loved ones, on behalf of children, or for the creative venture. The wound is shared, written about, confessed, and you are understood, validated, something power transforms.

Wednesday is about the love or money matter you are talking about, the news about this, an opportunity to empower and change through what is said, to pitch ideas, to hear from a woman about something important, or to sign agreements.

Thursday is another big action day, the action meets the wound, opening occurs, you are doing something out of love, for love, for kids, on behalf of the creative project, healing or teaching others, and finding new approaches that benefit. If you have to come up with a solution involving income or spending you can through concerted efforts.

Friday you are in the spotlight in a big way with the lover, love, child, or creative endeavor, you are on spiritual or artistic ground, dealing with retreats or hospitals, addictions or hidden issues, transforming through talks, writing, meetings, the news you hear, the words you choose to say, breakthroughs with siblings or moves are possible.

SAGITTARIUS: (Call Zoe to schedule your reading 818-613-6067 or email )

The week ahead is about the news you hear, the writing, talks you have, meetings, agreements, or decisions made involving home, mom, moves, real estate, roommates, or family. There is something going on here that is coming from artistic endeavors, spiritual approaches, romantic needs, hospitals or other institutions affecting what occurs, addictions or research involved in roots of life, and a wound opening up that can be addressed and healed, a new ability to heal or teach others from experience begins. Actions will spring from these roots, and new ways of doing things will occur to you. Trust your inner voice and intuition, be willing to make changes that will benefit your income here or allow you to spend on what is important to you.

Monday the talks, news, meeting, agreement, short trip, writing, or sibling interaction shows up around the home matter. You need to set or deal with limits going on with a friend or group, aspiration or the internet so that you can find the money you need.

Tuesday the action kicks in and the home, family, mom, real estate deal, or move is going to be where it’s at. You can delve into research, artistic projects, romance, spiritual pursuits, or deal with hospital matter or recovery here. Open up the wounds and talk about them, look for ways to earn or spend in response.

Wednesday is about transforming the money situation and earning or spending on the above mentioned areas of hospitals, retreat, artistry, spiritual pursuits, clandestine love affairs, research, or investigations.

Thursday the action is back on and this time it is about the wound at home, with property, mom, roommates, moves, or childhood issues. Find new ways of approaching the issues, there is so much you can do if you are willing to look at the wound and share through healing others.

Friday is your day to shine at home, with the real estate matter, through earning at home or with home based businesses, to spend on projects for the home or mom, to make empowered choices and write, meet or sign agreements, finding ways to embrace brothers or sisters, neighbors or a move in the mix.

CAPRICORN: (Call Zoe to schedule your reading 818-613-6067 or email )

This week is going to be about a new understanding or way of thinking about something painful from the past. Writing, news that comes in, a meeting or talk, a short trip, or something involving siblings or neighbors may spark this for you. You will want to communicate about what it feels to see this wound and then find ways to teach or heal others from your understanding. There may be something romantic, artistic, spiritual, or tied to hospitals, addictions, deception, or self-undoing that is playing into the wound you are uncovering. Actions or passions will spring from this as you get busy in the local scene and respond. A friend, group, networking matter, social occasion, or charity may figure into what is going on, your aspirations drive you.

Monday the news comes in, the decision is made, you are talking, meeting, taking the trip, or interacting with the sibling and looking at something on the career front or involving dad/father figures or bosses. Set limits or step up taking on more responsibility as you deal with your own needs around love or money.

Tuesday the action begins, you are doing something locally, taking a trip for passion, making things happen through agreements, decisions or talks and a friend or group is part of the mix in positive ways. You will begin to open up about the wound or hear about it.

Wednesday is powerful as something profound is changing for you or within your relationship with a friend, group, aspiration, or the internet. Love or money is in the mix and a woman who is helping you with this or something with your image or body.

Thursday the action is back on and today it is about doing something about the wound you feel from the news, decision, short trip, sibling, move, writing, agreement, meeting, or talk. You are motivated to share the wound and teach or heal others through your experience. New ways to approach your thoughts and what you convey bring luck.

Friday you are in the spotlight physically, your body or identity, what you have to say or a decision you make, the writing or agreement, and powerful transformations that are ready to occur for you based on what you do. Trust your intuition, make the move.

AQUARIUS: (Call Zoe to schedule your reading 818-613-6067 or email )

The week ahead is all about the money you earn or spend, what you value, and the news you hear that affects this, decisions you make or something you write or sign that plays into it. You are going to be expressing spiritual, artistic, romantic, or hospital needs in the choices you make and opening up any wounds you feel around the money or possessions in question here, finally healing or teaching others through your understanding of the situation. Actions will spring from what shifts this week and new beginnings will be under way. Trust your intuition as you launch new businesses, step up on the career ladder or make a major change here. Reputation, bosses, authority figures, and goals are morphing and it’s time to make changes that are about getting real around anything that is not earning enough or spending that is detracting.

Monday the news comes in or you have the talk, meeting, deal with the agreement, sibling, or local issue that is affecting income. Limits or responsibilities must be looked at legally, in media or publicity, involving travel, or educational matters.

Tuesday is a day of action and passion as you tackle things financially and step up to make a difference on the career front, with the boss or authority figure, dad, or a major goal you have. The wound will be expressed involving income/spending and you will learn something about healing.

Wednesday brings transformation around something going on behind closed doors, with clandestine affairs, artistic outlets, spiritual retreats, hospitals, addictions, or self-sabotage. You can empower yourself and reach goals through efforts in opening up or making changes here.

Thursday the action and passion is back on with income and spending but today the wound is in these actions or causes the actions you take in response to money matters. You can find new approaches or make positive changes. Find new ways to approach a friend or group or use the internet.

Friday is your day to shine earning money or spending it on yourself, delving into the hospital matter, retreat, strategy, film, music or other artistic project, spiritual pursuit, clandestine affair, or research project, writing, signing agreements, making decisions, talking or meeting, and changing things for the better.

PISCES: (Call Zoe to schedule your reading 818-613-6067 or email )

The week ahead is about you, your image, body, or personality and the media, trip, legal matter, publishing deal, publicity, political goal, or higher educational matter you are involved in. You will be hearing news, meeting, writing, signing agreements, talking, dealing with siblings or neighbors in this, opening up any wounds you feel personally or physically and finding ways to begin healing and helping others through these channels from your own understanding of the wound. You will find ways to take action, express passion or get physical while a friendship, group affiliation, charity, social occasion, or the internet may transform or empower you on some new level.

Monday is the day to begin making decisions about yourself, what do you want to do about your body or image, your identity or physical needs? You may hear news that affects this, sign agreements, write, or meet with others and it will stem from your artistic talents, spiritual pursuits, romantic needs, or something involving addictions or hospitals. Deal with limits around finances, sex or divorce.

Tuesday is about taking action on your body, image, making a move, being seen, getting out there physically, and again expressing yourself through the media, trip, legal, or educational fields. You are going to open up about the personal or physical wound today and begin to heal or teach others through what you understand.

Wednesday is about major transformations occurring with a friend, group, charity, or the internet that will benefit you monetarily or come through love. The media, travel, legal, or educational field is again activated here with opportunity.

Thursday the action is back on but today it is in response or about the wound, this may be about your physical body, image, identity, or some personal need you have, passions stir, surgery or blood issues may come into play as well. New approaches are beneficial and again media, travel, legal, or educational channels are open.

Friday you are in the spotlight, center stage, it is about you as an artistic, spiritual being, romantic ideal, or something physical going on with you involving an addiction, hospital, or place of retreat. Talks, agreements, writing, meetings, are all about the friend, group, internet, or charity involved here and powerful change is positively aligned for you in efforts taken.

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