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I can hardly keep up with all the new people, turning points, tests, opportunities, changes, and transformations that are affecting my life lately, it seems that everything is speeding forward and it’s exciting and overwhelming all at once. Energy is really up one day and then nostalgic or heavy the next, it’s like a flood gate has burst and events are taking on an energy of their own sweeping me along with them. All of it is pointing to CHANGE, yes that is big change…life changes. I share this with you guys because it is this way for everyone to one degree or another right now. Since we can expect this to continue into June, the best advice is to know your own heart, keep your focus on what is most important, and trust that all is as it should be even when it is challenging.

Saturday the focus will most likely be on being of service to someone else, looking at health matters or work issues, tackling the job at hand, dealing with the small print or details of the subject, finding ways to boil things down to the pure essence and make a clean start or wipe the slate clean. There is love in this and you should be able to reach the goal you set. You may need to rearrange social plans or try to shift something involving a group, friend, charity, or internet matter due to what is going on.

Sunday the Moon moves into Libra and lights up your relationship zone. The aspects are one of stretching beyond comfort zone, opposing or balancing, and dealing with challenges. You can expect to be connecting or disconnecting with someone significant over something heavy or important as you work it through, transform, empower, or make changes. Mercury, Mars and Neptune all meet on the same degree today bringing news or information that is very big, if you know your Rising sign, read for that for clarity.

Three planets are forming a triple conjunction which means new beginnings and marked endings. The news, talk, writing, agreement, or meeting, (MERCURY), will have action, passion or anger, (MARS), tied into it and (NEPTUNE) will bring the nostalgia, sentiment, disillusionment, or deception on the harder endings, or inspiration, spiritual enlightenment, artistic breakthrough, psychic abilities, romantic idealism, or mystical experience on the happier beginnings. Neptune also rules places of isolation so hospitals, retreats or time spent behind closed doors on something may figure in as well.

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Saturday you should focus in on the work or health and the woman on the career front that can help you or putting an image of beauty out there to attract the success you want. Up your profile, charm those in positions of authority and be ready to work it. Communications are a bit under stress today especially with social situations, groups or friends, the internet or charities, so be ready to field issues or stretch yourself here.

Sunday brings the focus to a partner, agent, attorney, competitor, or other significant person in your life. They seem to be in direct line to your goals, career and personal expansion at the moment. What you are doing behind the scenes, at a hospital, on an artistic or spiritual pursuit, is in need of some adjustments where this person is concerned. The big news or talk today is with a friend, group, networking event, at a social affair, through the internet, or involving astrology or charities, take action, move things forward.

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Saturday the focus is on a lover, child or creative project and the positive flow here involves a trip you are taking, media, publicity or publishing you are doing, something involving higher education, or a legal matter you are dealing with. There is potential to reach your goal with the love or income in this. You need to make some adjustments around news or talks, meetings, agreements or writing involving the career, a boss, dad or a father figure, or fame.

Sunday the focus is on someone significant and what you are doing at work, what you are working on, how a health matter is affecting the day, or what is going on with pets. Expect it to be an intense day with adjustments coming into play that involve a friend, group or social matter, something happening behind the scenes, at a hospital or other institution, and a big energy push around changing something with a trip, media, legal, or educational matter. The triple conjunction today is occurring with your career, dad/father figure, leadership, boss, ambition, reputation, goal, or fame. This means you can expect news or talks to be here with the big new beginning or marked ending.

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Saturday the focus is on home, mom, moves, real estate, or roommates. There is work to be done here or health or pet matters coming into view with positive stars behind transforming, intimacy, major financial matters, or divorce. You can attract what you need via love or money here with effort. Talks or news that require adjustment are about a trip, media or publishing venture, education, or legal topic.

Sunday is about a lover, child or creative project and the relationship that is most affecting this for you. There is a need to make some major adjustments on the career front in this or with someone in authority, involving your father or a boss, or your own reputation or fame. You will want to stretch out socially or towards an aspiration of yours and may need to get around the credit cards or some other outside financial resource to make it all happen. The triple conjunction today is all about a trip, ceremony, media event, publishing deal, publicity or marketing matter, or something involving higher education or legal matters, politics, or religious beliefs. New beginnings, marked endings, go.

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Saturday is about talks, news coming in, meetings, agreements, writing, or decisions you make. Siblings may be in the mix or something going on locally you are dealing with but the overview is positive for connecting with someone significant for love or money. You will need to make some adjustments around what is said or written involving sex, divorce, reproduction, death, or major debt/outside resources. Ask with a willingness to work it through.

Sunday the focus is on home, mom, moves, real estate, or roommates and someone you are dealing with in this. The energy is very dynamic so you will be making some adjustments involving some of this around the trip, media, publishing, marketing, educational, or legal matter. It’s a stretch on the career front and change involving the partner or representative is part of it as well. The triple conjunction is bringing news or talks about sex, intimacy, divorce, reproduction, loans, debt, credit, inheritance, insurance, taxes, bankruptcy, alimony, child support, royalties, commissions, or other outside resources. This is new beginnings, it may mark an ending.

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Saturday the focus is on earning money or spending it on work or something that will enhance your work or ability to procure work, or on services, health needs, or pets. This is all aligned beautifully. You do need to have a talk with a partner, agent, attorney, or other significant person about making some adjustments or working it through in another way. If you aren’t talking or meeting with them about it, then write it up or brainstorm ideas.

Sunday is about the talk, meeting, agreement, short trip, sibling, neighbor, or writing project and someone important you are dealing with in this. Look for ways to work around intimacy, finances or divorce and to stretch over the legal, travel, media, or educational matter, changes to work, health or pets is involved. The triple conjunction is about a big new beginning with a possible marked ending involving a romantic, marriage or business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, or opponent. Get ready to take action on what is said or decided.

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Saturday the creative juices are flowing, love is possible and anything involving the kids should go well but you do need to either make some adjustments around the work schedule, tackle a health matter or deal with the needs of pets first. Look for ways to be of service and organize your content, jot down notes about what needs doing so you can get back to it after enjoying your day with the loved one, on the creative venture or recreationally.

Sunday is about the person who is involved with your money making efforts or spending of your income and you can expect it to be a rather intense day here as you step up and partner, deal with the representative or competitor, balance the bigger picture involving major financially shared matters, divorce or sexual attraction, and make changes to the work, health or pets involved. The triple conjunction is about news or talks you have regarding work, health or pets that marks a huge new beginning you are acting upon, any endings in these areas will be part of this new beginning.

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Saturday is all about what is going on behind closed doors, with a hospital or other institution, research or development, a film, music or other artistic project, spiritual pursuit, addiction or clandestine romance. You can attract what you desire by way of love or money at home in this or tied to real estate. Talks about love or creative ideas may require some adjustments or you may need to work around the kids or lover today.

Sunday is about you and your needs, what you are doing for your physical well being, image, identity, or ego. It’s a rather intense day in this so you may feel a bit frustrated or over the top energized as you stretch to do the work, be recognized for your work, deal with health, or handle the pets or animal issue. You are balancing with someone else in all of this and need to also deal with changes at home or with property. The triple conjunction marking a big new beginning with a creative project, child or lover/love interest so expect news, talks, meetings, writing, and the action to be strong here, any endings in these mark this new beginning.

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Saturday the positive energy is flowing for you through friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities. Information exchange, meetings, writing, agreements, it’s all going to bring the love your way through these connections. You may talk with a brother or sister and find love or money topics opening as well. The challenge today is around making efforts to write or talk about home, share info with mom or family, and make any changes to things going on at home or with real estate.

Sunday is about what is going on in retreat or a place of retreat such as a hospital, or what is happening with an artistic project, spiritual pursuit, clandestine affair, or research matter. Your partner or someone representing you will figure prominently into how you approach this. Look for ways to adjust to needs of kids or lovers, the creative project or a recreational affair, rebalance the work, health or pet matter, and deal with something powerful coming through talks, news, or meetings or changes to writing or agreements. The triple conjunction is occurring in your home, property, mom, family, and childhood issues part of your chart so new beginnings and any endings that come into place to bring these stem from information and action here.

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Saturday is about career, bosses, dad, reputation, fame, ambitions, or goals with a lovely flow to earning money through this or to spending on something that benefits in these areas. Put in the effort today and bring the charm to getting the money flow moving. Talks, news, writing, agreements, or something involving a brother or sister may figure into goals and require some adjustments.

Sunday is about the group, social event, network, friend, astrology, charity, or the internet and someone significant involved in this for you. Be willing to make some personal adjustments around the home or with your security needs here, stretch creatively or towards love and kids, and look for ways to change or transform the earning or spending in some powerful way today. The triple conjunction is affecting your writing, agreements, meetings, talks, short trips, siblings, neighborhood, neighbors, or ideas today. This is a big new beginning, an ending may spur this on, take action and speak your mind.

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Saturday brings opportunity to apply your work ethic, approach health or deal with animals through travel, foreign interest, media, publishing, marketing, learning something new or teaching, or legal channels. You will be treating yourself to something lovely in this, you are sure to attract attention and will do well treating yourself to luxurious items, moments expressed in love, or with objects of beauty. Talk or write up what needs to be dealt with involving income or spending.

Sunday is about career, standing in the community, leadership, bosses or authority figures, dad, reputation, fame, and ambitions. It’s an intense day as you stretch yourself personally a bit and either ask for more, make a decision or sign an agreement, write or speak on something that affects you personally or physically. You are going to want to stretch where the home or real estate is concerned and make changes that transform the body or identity in some way. The triple conjunction is all about a big new beginning in earnings or spending that you decide and act on today. Don’t be afraid to close the door on something you are ready to move beyond.

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Saturday is about the efforts you make around financial matters involving outside resources or debt, loans or settlements, or it is about a sexual attraction or issue, divorce matter, or reproductive matter. You can find love or something benefiting income through what goes on behind closed doors in this today. Talking about your own needs will require some finessing however, you may be working around other issues as yet unresolved.

Sunday is going to shift focus to someone you are dealing with over a trip, legal matter, ceremony, media or publishing venture, publicity matter, or involving higher education. Step it up over what you earn or spend, talk about what is in the balance with this person and be willing to transform/change what is going on behind the scenes, involving hospitals or other institutions, art, spirit, secret affairs, or retreat. The triple conjunction is in your sign which means you are ready to start fresh on an idea or decision you have about you, your identity, body, ego, or image and to take action on it, getting physically into the mix.

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Saturday is about the efforts you make with a partner, agent, attorney, or other significant other. There is lovely energy flow from this to a social event, charity, the internet, a group, friend, or astrology, you can attract love or money through this. Be willing to stretch a bit past your comfort zone involving a hospital or other place of retreat, a film, music or other artistic outlet, a spiritual pursuit or research project.

Sunday is about sex, divorce, reproduction, or a big money matter such as a loan, bankruptcy, settlement, insurance matter, the taxes, inheritance, or other shared financial matter. Someone is involved in this with you or you need them to be so be willing to stretch a bit personally, to find a way to balance your personal income or spending and to handle the big changes occurring with the friend, group or aspiration. The triple conjunction is occurring in your house of retreat, institutions, development, addictions, artistic projects, spiritual pursuits, clandestine affairs, and research. This is where big new beginnings are springing from any endings and coming through talks, writing, agreements, news, meetings, and actions taken.

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