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What’s the story morning glory? Got something to say or write, some paperwork to tackle, does the car need tending, or an agreement finessed? How about a short trip, neighborhood project or time with the siblings, can you get it all in this weekend? Gemini Moon reigns supreme so don a few separate personality types and prepare to rev it up, it’s not the sign of the twins and youth for nothing! You might even find time for a bit of flirtation!

Saturday this Moon is opening up personal opportunities and a fresh line of communication between friends, groups, networking, the internet, astrology, or charitable causes. Use this to meet, talk, write, sign agreements, or share ideas. Something is changing today that affects career or status, or involves someone in charge or famous, open up that triangle, deal with the power play or underlying motivations.

Sunday brings more talks, meetings, writing, agreements, and decisions. Today the energy is very supportive here with partners, agents, attorneys, or other relationships as you solidify something, commit time and effort, or mark endings. There is also more great energy with friends, groups, networking, astrology, the internet, or charities, dive in, express your passions, go after what you desire, have fun! Another change is in the wind today, this one coming from unexpected quarter, roll with those punches!

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Saturday is your day to get out there, write, meet, talk, sign agreements, all with a focus on you and your needs, image, identity and the social circle you are building. There could be time with friends, a networking event, something opening up through astrology, the internet or charities, but it’s all good. You do need to deal with a change on the career front, with reputation or ambitions today, look at a woman and triangles, power issues or financially shared matters.

Sunday brings more talks, meetings, agreements, short trips, sibling interaction, writing, or decisions that should go well for you, especially if a partner, agent, specialist, attorney, or other serious relationship is involved. You have tons of great energy behind what you do with friends, groups, astrology, the internet, or charities again and you should find that you are in the spotlight here in some positive way. Changes are occurring through hospitals, retreat, spiritual, artistic, or romantic topics and the way you are thinking about them or news you get regarding them.

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Saturday brings talks, writing, meetings, or agreements regarding income with an opportunity around strategizing or fantasy, hospitals or places of retreat, research or investigations, film, music or other artistic outlets, so pour your energy here. There are changes in the wind today around legal, travel, educational, or media and publishing related matters. A woman may figure into this along with passions or power, be adaptable.

Sunday brings more income, work and career energy all firing on positive energy so again, set up your meetings, talks, write today, sign agreements, and be willing to step up and stand out for what you have to offer. Change comes through a friend, group, the internet, or a charity so be ready to talk about the money here or make a decision based on what transpires.

GEMINI: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is most excellent for time with friends, groups, working on the internet, or supporting a charity event. You can talk or meet about legal matters, a trip, media, publishing, or marketing topics, or education and promote what you are doing, network, sign agreements, or write. All of this is highly favored for you! You need to make some changes regarding a shared financial matter, divorce or sexual attraction today, look at passions, power and triangles that need tweaking.

Sunday brings more positive energy into play for you with more focus on what you are doing through travel, media, publishing, marketing, education, or legal channels and today this means something solid involving creative projects, true love or children in the mix. Again, all good. Something is changing on the career front, with a goal, boss, reputation, or an authority figure so be ready to shift with the flow.

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Saturday there is a whole lot you can accomplish behind the scenes, use the energy to research, work on something you are developing or strategizing over, retreat and focus in on the writing or agreements that are tied to your ambitions or career, make efforts to connect intimately with someone if you are in relationship, and if you are trying to get out of relationship, this same energy will benefit work you do towards the divorce. Work on any changes in relationship or through representatives or competitors, open up triangles and power issues.

Sunday brings more efforts behind closed doors, in research, with institutions, in development, through artistic projects, writing, talks or meetings, agreements you can make, and again the energy is favoring the actions you take to connect intimately, over major financial matters or divorce. There is positive alignment in this towards home and foundations, family and security needs as well so commit to your course and bring your passions. Changes involving travel, media, legal, or educational matters should be tackled as well.

LEO: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday opens the social floodgates so get ready to spend this weekend with friends, groups, networking, at parties or events, interacting through astrology, over the internet, or for a charity, and bringing lots of positive ideas, writing, meetings, and talks into connecting with someone significant and opening up through travel, foreign interests, media, publishing, legal channels, marketing, or education! It’s all good. Change at work, with a co-worker, employee, health issue, or pet is in the mix so be ready to deal with a woman on this or tackle passions, triangles or power plays here.

Sunday brings more of the same, lots of social connection and action with partners, representatives or other significant others. Talk, meet, write, sign agreements, get the ideas out there and share experiences socially, you are a stand-out. Changes today that pop up will stem from intimacy/sexual attractions, divorce or shared financial matters that require some attention and play off of the social, friendly, internet vibe.

VIRGO: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is gearing up career and ambition, status and your place in the spotlight, that is going to figure strongly into your weekend. You are expanding intimately or financially through this today and there is opportunity to connect deeply with another and talk or meet about the work, health or animal matter. All good. Change is in the mix with a lover, child or creative project as you field passions or power issues, triangles or financially shared issues here.

Sunday brings more career and spotlight with seriously positive flow around your image, identity and passions in the work you do and your presence in something that is going to either bring in income or is the result of a sound investment of your money. Again, all energy is supporting your efforts to shine. There is a wild card delivered by a romantic or business partner, agent, attorney, or other significant relationship, change will mean thinking in the moment and reacting on behalf of your goals.

LIBRA: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is gearing up to open up your weekend to the higher mind in a very positive way, this means you can focus in on media, publishing, legal matters, travel, ceremonies, or education with abandon. Write, sign agreements, meet or talk with important people here, expand through a partner, agent or attorney and get the word out about the creative venture. You may meet love or have meaningful talks with children today as well. Something going on at home, with real estate, roommates, moves, or mom needs attention, changes are in the mix.

Sunday brings more in the realm of travel, education, legal, media, publishing, marketing, or publicity arenas and again you are in the drivers seat with support from the universe through your creative actions or the passion you express for kids or with lovers in this. A change or surprise at work, with a co-worker or employee, health matter, or pet will need attention.

SCORPIO: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is going to kick things into gear for you regarding the financials, divorce or sexual attraction and in a big way. You have all kinds of positive energy behind taking on a major amount of work here and accomplishing something or through any writing, talks, meetings, or agreements you come to at home, over property, with mom, about family, or involving moves or roommates. You do need to have one talk or meeting that will require some finessing as attractions are shifting or power balances and triangles are delicately in the mix.

Sunday brings more great energy behind your sexual/intimate expression, dealing with divorce details or handling the financial picture involving loans, debt, joint income, settlements, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, inheritance, bankruptcy, commissions, or other outside resources. You can make long term headway behind closed doors on one or more of these matters, commit, get serious, and make your stand at home where you are in the spotlight. A change on the creative project, with a child or a lover is in the mix, be ready to accommodate the new direction.

SAGITTARIUS: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is going to bring your focus to a significant relationship and keep it there for the duration of the weekend. This can be with a romantic or marriage partner, a business partner, or with someone who represents you such as an agent, attorney or specialist. The energy is fantastic for opening your heart to love, kids or creative ventures involving this person and for talks or meetings you have, agreements you sign or writing. You do need to deal with a money matter here, income or spending, and be willing to make some concessions or adjustments over power, control or triangles.

Sunday is again focusing in on this important relationship and today brings all kinds of opportunity to talk, share ideas, do something locally, write, sign agreements, bring your passions and actions into the scenario in a positive fashion, and align with long term aspirations or social causes and expressions. The surprise or change plays out at home or over property matters so be ready to deal with something popping up here out of the blue.

CAPRICORN: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is kicking off your weekend with a focus on work, co-workers or employees, health or pets, and the meetings, talks, agreements, writing, paperwork, and decisions you have here. The energy is great for expanding at home or through real estate in this and for getting something ironed out with income or spending to your advantage. You do need to make some personal adjustments around what is going on here and a third party or something involving a woman and power, control or triangles.

Sunday brings more on the work, health and pet front and more positive energy to help you to reach a career goal or deal with leadership matters as well as ways for you to forge ahead and make the money you want to earn today by being present and taking charge. It seems you are going to change your mind about something today involving work, health or pets and it may surprise you as it happens, change is good. Do watch out when on the road today, there is potential for accidents in route to work, doing errands or attending to pets or health matters locally.

AQUARIUS: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is all about fun, true love, creative projects, or kids and it is just the beginning of a long weekend of this under positive stars. You can talk, meet, sign agreements, or write about any of this and find happiness or some opportunity in the mix, put your needs up front and ask for what you want. There is something going on behind the scenes or in secret that is going to be a bit out of whack, this could involve passions, power or triangles and demand some adjustment on your part.

Sunday is again about the love, child or creative venture with a lovely alignment to your own personal expressions of passion and action here, taking things forward, going after what you desire, standing out and linking in to something solid through legal, travel, educational, or media outlets. Some last minute change involving income or spending may need to be dealt with here.

PISCES: (Call to schedule your reading with Zoe 818-613-6067 or email )

Saturday is all about home, real estate, mom, family, moves, or security needs and the energy is going to flood the whole weekend in positive ways. You can expand earnings or spend on something here that will make you happy, you can also write or talk about something going on behind the scenes that will benefit you in goals here. You do need to make some adjustments around a friend, group, internet, or charity matter and will do so through passion, power, triangles, or dealing with something transformational here.

Sunday is again about home, real estate, mom, family, moves, roommates, or security and foundations you are building upon. Today there is real support to the divorce, shared outside financial influence or sexual attraction here and you being able to tackle something behind closed doors. You are a stand-out in this and can feel passion and action melding as you move things forward. You may find that you are changing a bit today in a new way and it brings a whole new energy into the mix.

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